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The Droid Life Show is Live Tonight at 6PM Pacific!

After a long holiday weekend away, we are back once again with a new episode of The Droid Life Show. Episode 7 will go live tonight at 6:00PM Pacific, so be sure to swing on back by and join in on the fun. We’ll be talking about the interesting Nexus 4 sale that went on yesterday in Google Play, battery life with the DNA, see how excited everyone is over the Galaxy Note 2 finally coming to Verizon, Android 4.2.1 updates, and more. Even with a short week, last week, we have a full show ahead of us.

Again, we’ll be live at 6:00PM Pacific (9:00PM Eastern). There will be a live video embed and chat.

To catch last week’s Episode 6 or to download audio, hit up this post.

  • I know yall are operating out of Pafcific time clock due to Kellen, but general practice is to refer to start times with Eastern time as a frame of reference. just a thought.

    Yes, I did miss an episode (or at least an hour of one) because i was thinking it was 9pm Eastern.

  • SeanBello

    oh…thoughts on how multiuser support in 4.2.1 has affected the ROM community? it treats SD reading differently, so ppl have lost their backups and major changes have to be made to recoveries to find backups in the future

  • SeanBello

    I actually look forward to this every week. great show.

  • Talk about how crappy the Facebook app is. {{-_-}}

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  • Ya’ll need to export this into a audio only podcast as well! I love listening to Engadget’s and Android Central’s podcast while running, and I’d love to do the same for this show, but streaming a video for that long seems a bit impractical and hard on my battery. Keeping it on an SD card or an iPod is a whole lot better, IMHO.

  • Murphy

    I’m interested in hearing about battery life for the DNA….I played with one yesterday in-store and got a little excited.

    • Don’t you worry, that’s a topic we’ll be covering! 🙂

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    • Alexander Garcia

      I second that! =)

  • Silver Veloz

    Unless I can get out of my pre-arranged plans tonight, I may have to watch this later online. Live is more fun (plus the interaction is cool).