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Samsung’s Galaxy Camera Lands on DailySteals for $450

We are still working on our full review of the Galaxy Camera from Samsung, but if you’re looking to pick one of these monsters up, DailySteals is hosting a pretty cool deal on them. Retailing for $500 here in the States, $450 isn’t all that bad for this 16MP shooter that the Android community is still kind of confused about. If you purchase from the site, you can take it to AT&T and set it up on a data plan or just use it over WiFi if you so choose.

Just remember, if you’re going to spend this much on a camera, make sure to do the research.


Cheers Chris!

  • sillyrabbittricks4kids

    this product is a waste just give us a better camera not a camra-phone

  • Stewie

    One hundred fifty and ninety eight cents too much to be exact 🙂

    I don’t care that it has Android, if you buy one, you are simply put: A sucker.

    • $300 is the right price for something like this. A phablet with a mid-level Point and Shoot cam strapped to it. $500 is looney tunes money…I can get a better P&S cam and a N7 32 for the same money.

  • BigRed4X15

    I have been reading mixed reviews about this. The general gist is the camera takes better pics than a smart phone, but not what you would expect from a $500 dollar camera, that being said the android experience is in line with the GSIII or Note2. The one big negative i keep on seeing though is the battery life is poor. Seems to only get through 100-125 pictures before needing a charge, that is no bueno.

    • vitriolix

      That is a bit low, but just toss a second battery in your bag, it seems to boot in seconds.

  • still too much

  • mike

    no offense you tim, but linking a quick unbox vid is not “doing research”

    • Hey, it’s a darn good place to start! 🙂