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Nexus 4 Availability Sits at 4-5 Weeks for 16GB Version, Over 2 Months for 8GB Version

Yesterday, the LG Nexus 4 went back on sale through the Google Play store for the first time in over two weeks. We were hoping for a seamless shopping experience, but unfortunately, the wave of hungry Android enthusiasts once again proved to be too much for the ordering system that Google has chosen to use. My own personal experience seemed to be similar to many of yours – in other words, it was very frustrating. Before we all gave up, though, Google assured us that they weren’t sold out at all. In fact, they said that they would still be taking orders, but that Google Play was overwhelmed and we should try again later. Try again later, we did.

So where does stock stand now? 

After 18 hours or so of being on sale again, you can still order the Nexus 4 in both 16GB and 8GB versions. The only thing that continues to change is the shipping date which has reached “4-5 weeks” for the 16GB version. If you want the 8GB version, you’ll be waiting 8-9 weeks, or better put, over two months.

At least you can order it, right?

Play Links:  Nexus 4 16GB | 8GB

  • I ordered my nexus 4 16gb and got an email saying “estimated ship 2-3 weeks”. I hope it will be here sooner. I’m looking to replace my aging iPhone 4 with the Nexus 4. I ditched AT&T because of their horrible service and price gouging. However, my iPhone 4 only gets edge data speed on T-Mobile. Drop calls and fail to send text messages are my constant frustration on the iPhone 4 because of its antenna design .

    I have never used an android phone. The Nexus 4 will be my first android phone. I’ve been using iPhone since the first generation iPhone. This will be a new experience and I think there’s no better time than now. My girlfriend already got her Samsung Nexus. So far she has good overall experience with the phone on T-Mobile. I can’t wait for the phone to be here.

  • Hatyrei

    Hi guys….I ordered Galaxy Nexus 4 yesterday….I received an email for order confirmation and it will be shipped 2-3 weeks. And you’ll only be charge once it shipped. Opened my bnk acc. and so the charge was already placed…But I didn’t received any shipping confirmation from Google. Is this to be expected?

  • duke69111

    Well at least its not sold out like they said. 🙂

  • markgbe

    dangggggggg. glad i snagged one the first time.

  • Bob G

    Got it for AT&T! muahhahaha come at me, haters!

    • Jon

      I’ll keep my distance…perv.

  • JDub

    My only concern is the Samsung radios. At our office we have guys with the S3 and Razrs. The S3 is simular to my gnex in the fact it cant keep a 4g signal around the whole building while the Razrs never lose 4g. Same thing goes for around my house with my girlfriends Droid4.

    • Bob G

      Good thing the Nexus 4 isn’t made by Samsung then, right?

      • JDub

        It was suppose to be a reply to the guy getting the note 2. Disqus just threw it where it wanted to. Damn Disqus!

  • EC8CH

    One word:


    • Bob G

      or as Kellen saw it: FADWORS lol

  • Geo

    it says 8-9 weeks for the 16GB version for me

    imagine if you buy it now and they sell a 32GB one for new years

    • Bob G

      Nah, the 32gig will be out around June for $349

  • RaptorOO7

    So I guess Android phones have even greater lead times than the ipwn phone and we don’t need bogus lines outside stores to make it look that way.

  • Noel

    To avoid driving loyal Nexus early adopter insane…they should have just put the thing on pre-order. Instead i wasted about 3hrs on 11/13 and about another 5hrs yesterday waiting for it to go live and spent 2hrs trying to get it in a failed attempt. Was only able to secure one late in the evening like past 7pm Est. Will now have to wait 2-3 weeks or even more for it to arrive. I thought they learned something from the high demand for the N7. Hopefully they will be better prepared for the N5 launch late next yr. Looking fwd to a HTC Nexus 5 ( 2-3GB RAM, 32/64GB int mem, 3000+mAh removable batt, 12+MP/3+MP rear/front cams with improved optics, return of SD card slot 64GB, 4.7-5″ 1080p HD screen on a form factor of <140mm tall, with a Qualcomm S4 pro chip clocked at 1.7+GHz)…dreaming already

    • will never be removable battery or sd card on a nexus

  • They should just say “pre-order” instead.. Though it’s good that people are at least able to order 😀

  • They’re at it again!

    • Droidzilla

      +10 internetz to you, sir!

  • chris125

    Google will never learn

    • Google did learn. Not letting anyone order was a big fault. Now at least people can order and relax.

  • I’m surprised that the 16GB has a shorter wait than the 8GB.

    • Bigwavedave25


      • hkklife

        IMO, they should just EOL the 8Gb already and crank out 16Gb ones exclusively. Then in 2 months or so, drop the 16Gb down to $299 and bring out a 32Gb version for $349

  • Crazydog

    Thank goodness for this.

  • rodney11ride

    somebody please answer me on this… are you guys buying this phone because its a nexus? to actually use? have you not had a 4G phone in past 6 months? are you an ATT customer yearning for a nexus but dont care about 4G? i went to the beach for 10 days here in cali and was on a 3g signal and i about went crazy on that speed… i think its crazythat this phone is in this type of demand with about same stats as my gnex and without 4g capabilty AND with people already saying that the battery isnt what it should be… BATTERY people is now the most important thing to me. all other specs are hitting the edges of tech right now. – signed spoiled 4g user

    • Are you on Verizon or Sprint? If you are, I completely understand, CDMA speends are atrocious. However, the HSPA+ is plenty quick on ATT and T-Mo

      • rodney11ride

        Thanks. Im on Verizon… so is ATT HSPA+ the same thing as ATT 4G lte?

        • 4n1m4L

          Not really. HSpa rarely matches LTE. Also, don’t forget this phone isn’t just for the U.S.

          • rodney11ride

            thanks for the reply

          • atari37

            HSPA+ is not great on ATT but it’s great on T-Mobile. Some users get upwards of 19Mbps. That’s obviously much better speed than Verizon’s 3G. Also why T-Mobile customers love this phone. That’s very good for non LTE technology.

        • S_T_R

          The other guy is quite wrong. There is very little practical difference between HSPA+ and LTE unless you’re uploading HD video, which is close to never. Especially if you’re on T-Mobile. AT&T’s HSPA network is just utterly unusable in some areas, but that’s AT&T being lousy, not the technology.

          • Mike

            this is absolutely correct

          • zepfloyd

            “There is very little practical difference between HSPA+ and LTE ”

            Wrong. Latency latency latency. That is almost as important as the speed itself, and It’s not just about speeds. Also signal distance, loads, and concurrent connections, there’s plenty more than 1 metric.

          • moelsen8

            elaborate? which is better? lte i’m guessing?

          • zepfloyd

            Indeed. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with HSPA+, but to say there’s no practical difference is foolish. We’re only in the first few laps of the 200 in the Indy race here. Carriers are just turning it on at this point, VZ included, no one’s really flexed the LTE muscle beyond saying, gee we have it and it’s better than the last thing. There’s plenty of optimization to go.

          • moelsen8

            ah very nice.

          • anezarati

            AT&T “4G” is really HSPA. AT&T 4G LTE is LTE

          • moelsen8

            thanks, but was just interested in latency specifically. should’ve been clearer.

          • S_T_R

            No. No. No. Verizon LTE pings at around 50ms, T-Mobile HSPA is around 65ms. That is NOT distinguishable to end users, so is NOT a practical difference. Everything else in your list is mitigated with good network planning, so is also irrelevant.

          • zepfloyd

            Get real. My DNA just pinged at 25, and has hit 15 in prior runs. HSPA will never hit that. When you get that low there’s other factors on the other end that swing it too. Collectively LTE will be lower. See my other point about optimizations.

            As for ” Everything else in your list is mitigated with good network planning, so is also irrelevant.”

            Irrelevant? Are you 12? The big key is channel bandwidth is fixed at 5Mhz for HSPA, You can’t mitigate that. it scales to 20 for LTE (no one’s using that much yet but it’s there) Take a saturated tower and it will speak for itself. You don’t have to look far from Tmo to AT&T to see how well HSPA holds up under load.

          • Droidzilla

            I agree with your point, but I have never, ever hit anything less than 35ms on Verizon LTE. Since the iPhone 5 launch, I’m rarely under 70ms anymore (often over 100). Practical differences matter more to me than theoretical ones (though your coverage area might be different).

    • Crazydog

      1) I’m buying it to use

      2) I have no LTE in my city at the moment. Fastest 4G is T-Mobile. VZWs says we’ll have it by Dec. 31st, but I don’t trust ’em.

      3) T-Mobile is cheaper than VZW for my usage patterns

      4) It HAS 4G. T-Mobile’s HSPA+ is rated for 42 mbps up and down, and it regularly gets speeds in excess of congested LTE areas

      • rodney11ride

        gotcha. so this is the device to own if your on hspa+. so if ATT has HSPA+ with great speeds why are they starting to open 4G lte markets?

        • Crazydog

          Because LTE is technically “better” than HSPA+.

          HSPA+ has a theoretical maximum speed of 168 Mbps DL and 23 MBps upload, while LTE has a theoretical maximum speed of 1 Gbps DL and 375 MBps upload. However, at the current state, they’re pretty much on-par in most parts of the country.

          That’s why AT&T is building an LTE network, because as the initialism suggests, it’s meant for “Long Term Evolution”. Right now we’re on the slow end, but it *COULD* get up to that gigabit speed….eventually. HSPA+ can’t.

          An LTE phone will be more future proof, but I doubt if you bought an LTE phone today, you’d still be holding on to it by the time LTE speeds get significantly faster than HSPA+.

          On the other hand, HSPA+ uses less battery, and the chips it uses are less and smaller, so you get more streamlined devices with less battery usage. Again, good, until LTE significantly trumps HSPA+’s speed.

          • rodney11ride


          • Isn’t 168 MBPS enough? Lol

          • S_T_R

            LTE Advanced has a max speed of 1Gbps. LTE is not the same thing as LTE-A. The LTE networks deployed thus far max out at 150MBps with 2×2 equipment.

            AT&T is building an LTE network because they built a lousy HSPA network.

            Futureproof is irrelevant when there is practically zero likelihood of you using this phone for more than 2 years.

          • atari37

            Well, give this guy the award for best explanation yet. Couldn’t have said it better. LTE is a better technology plus it’s future proof. HSPA+ on T-Mobile is good for today’s use but it might not be comparable to LTE 2 years from now. If T-Mobile can give me 50Mbps (real world use) 2 years from now on HSPA+, I’ll be very happy and take that over LTE for battery consumption but that’s just me.

    • rmedved

      Have you actually looked at the spec sheeet for the N4? Double the processing power, double the RAM, and VASTLY improved display and camera.
      Personally, I’m buying this phone, so I can GET AWAY from ATT and move to T-Mobiles $30/month unlimited data, no contract plan. With two lines, I’ll be saving over $100/month. T-Mobiles HSPA network is faster than ATT’s LTE in many areas.

      • moelsen8

        i second this comment. i want off verizon and onto prepaid so i can use whatever phone i want, not to mention save a couple bucks in the process. i’m sick of verizon’s bs with their phones etc. and i’m one of those people that has wifi pretty much everywhere I’m at in my normal everyday life, so LTE doesn’t matter as much to me. i usually end up turning it off when i leave the area anyway since all it does is chew on my battery. i’m so sick of battery paranoia.. i can watch the battery percentage drop as i use LTE. it’s ridiculous. so i can live with 3G for the casual browsing i do during the day off of wifi.

        edit: i also can’t wait to port my number to google voice. since i started using it for voicemails a few weeks ago, i’m really anxious to go all-in with it. been using it for free texting for a year or two now. it’s so awesome.

        • YankInDaSouth

          I am right there with you on all accounts! I just grabbed an N4 for my wife cuz her Verizon line contract ended. Grabbed a T-mobile SIM card last night (killer deal at $0.99 and free activiation (normally $9.99/$35)). My contract is up 5/2013 and I will more then likely go the same route – although I may hang on to my Maxx HD a while longer to see what the next Nexus will be 🙂
          I too am not a huge data user during my daily routine – stream some Pandora on the way to/from work and some quick internet searched here and there. LTE is great, don’t get me wrong – but for my it’s not worth the price Verizon wants for it. And I am not just talking about monthly fee, I also mean the way they handle Android devices in general – slow updates, TONS of meaningless bloat and locking down boot loaders …

        • rodney11ride

          completely understand. thanks for reply

      • rodney11ride

        Yeah i have looked at the specs. i didnt mean to say its the same as the gnex but i consider my self to be a heavy user. 12-15gb a month in data tethering etc.. the 1gb ram is more than enough on these phones and 191 apps i have on my phone. processor hasnt hiccuped once running BB. Display is great for me but im not the “htc display” lover, meaning all bright and washed out. I havent looked at the nexus 4 display but ill agree with you. thanks for the reply

    • The LTE argument is valid. The battery argument is valid. Where you lost me was “same stats as my gnex” Dude those 2 aren’t even in the same league. Dual core OMAP vs a Quad S4 is no contest. 1GB RAM vs 2 GB. 8mp camera that takes MUCH better pictures than the Gnex. A non pentile LCD display. A larger battery (btw my friend’s nexus gets 18 hours moderate use easy. I know that’s not across the board but it can be done)

      • hkklife

        Yup. Only areas where the GNex cleanly trump the N4 are maximum amount of internal storage (32Gb vs 16Gb) and the removable/upgradable battery. LTE vs HSPA is debatable and depends on each user’s spexific circumstances, plan, and finances.

        • Exactly. I’m on Verizon and i’m not sure if its the network or the shoddy radios in my gnex but my friend regularly gets faster HSPA speeds on his N4 than I do on LTE

    • Droidzilla

      I’m currently on Verizon, but I’m selling my grandfathered unlimited plan and RAZR phone so I can get in on this. Here’s why, specific to your questions:

      -I have LTE in my town. I see speeds from 3Mbps to 20+Mbps. I also have T-Mobile HSPA+ 42, which has speeds in my town ranging from 3-20+Mbps. Verizon LTE speeds have been slower since the iPhone 5 release, and their towers tend to be a bit iffy.
      -Battery is reported to be good by all those who tested the final software version. The poor battery tests were from pre-release software given to reviewers (total fail on Google’s part). That said, I have a Droid RAZR (non MAXX) that I run all day on 4G without issue, so I’ll be fine.
      -My wife and I pay $130/month to Verizon before taxes. When we get on T-Mobile prepaid, we’ll pay $60/month.
      -Verizon’s been bending us over with their nonsense and gouging for years, and the OEMs have been screwing up Android with their skins for years. This is a chance for me to make a statement to them in the only way that they’ll listen to: with my wallet.


      Fed Up with Verizon and On Board with Google

      • rodney11ride

        Thanks for the reply… in the past i had toyed with moving to a GSM phone for the reason that you just mentioned. thanks again

      • JMonkeYJ

        how do you sell your grandfathered plan? i have one and am doing the same thing as you. i want to keep my number, tho…not sure if that means i can’t sell my plan…

        • Droidzilla

          Keeping your number is a bit trickier. To sell your plan, all you have to do is get paid by someone and then do an Assumption of Liability. Verizon actually makes it really easy. You call up their AOL department and give them the line number you want to get rid of and the first and last name of the person taking it over. That person then calls up and takes over the line. If you migrate the number right away, though, you’ll incur the early termination fee. If the person taking over the line migrates their number over to it, however, you ought to be able to then take your number back on another plan or carrier.

          • JMonkeYJ

            interesting. i will look into it further and thanks for the info!

          • FLHC

            do you know if this works lines that are on a family plan? I have two other lines on my family plan, but theyre staying verizon.

          • Droidzilla

            Yes, it does. As long as the person doing the Assumption of Liability has an existing family plan, they can take over your lines as is, unlimited data and all, no problem. If they don’t have an existing plan to add the line to, they’ll be stuck going to a Share Everything plan. The exception is if you’re getting rid of the entire plan, in which case a non-Verizon customer can take it all over as is. Once they take over the line, they can migrate another phone number to it. Also, make sure they have a device to put on the line because your device will still be attached to the plan when it’s transferred (which is obviously fine if you’re also selling them the phone, but most people seem to bring their own device).

            Check out Howard Forums or Cell Phone Forums (don’t want to link to another cell phone site on here out of respect for DL) for people selling their plans and looking to purchase lines. The going rate for an unlimited line (the $9.99 line fee plus $29.99 data fee) is something like $50-125. I sold mine for $75; probably could have got more, but I needed it gone.

            I just went through the process, so feel free to ask me anything about it!

          • FLHC

            You are amazing. Perusing through howard forums, it seems pretty straight-forward. Maybe I can sell my plan for 100 + 200 for phone and basically get a free nexus 4.

          • Droidzilla

            That’s exactly what I’m doing. Going to T-Mobile prepaid for $30 a month; I’m going to save $85/month on my phone bill. I just refinanced my house and lowered my interest rate by almost 1.5%, and I’m saving the same amount as my phone bill savings by switching to T-Mo! That’s insane! Really shows me how much these guys are overcharging for mobile service.

          • FLHC

            I thought about doing the pre-paid, but instead, i’m doing a value plan and jumping in with my brother. It only costs him 20/month to add me to his 1000 minute plan with unlimited data. Overall, it drops our verizon bill by 70 dollars (parents still on it) and the way we worked out t-mobile, adding me actually saves him 7 dollars a month. Overall 77 dollars a month savings here!

          • Droidzilla

            Boom! Take that, Verizon! I really hope this shakes up the whole subsidized phone with a crazy monthly the carriers have been monopolising us with.

    • Mike

      you obviously have never used DCHSPA+ on T-Mobile because if you did, you wouldn’t have made this idiotic statement

  • moelsen8

    anybody’s else’s order from Nov 13 ship yet? I have a tracking # from yesterday morning but it says it’s still waiting to receive the package.

  • deltatux

    At least you guys get to order in the States, while everyone else in the world are still waiting for our chance to even place the order.

    I rather get the chance to order and wait it out than not have my order in at all! It’s a shame that Google didn’t let us Canadians order yet.

    • Droidzilla

      ‘Murica! F yeah!

  • TheDrizzle

    When I ordered mine it said only 1-2 weeks. So I think the earlier you got your order in the faster it will ship. So hopefully me clicking around on my computer for 2 hours was worth something.

  • wes

    Luckily I got my order in when it was at 1-2 weeks to ship. I feel bad for the 8-9 week shippers. Anyone know why the 8GB model takes longer to ship?

    • TheDrizzle

      Probably because it was cheaper so more people bought it.

      • NexusPhan69

        Or Google forecast demand incorrectly thinking more people would go for the 16GB. It’s impossible to know unless Google releases sales numbers.

      • Droidzilla

        ^This. Hard to resist a sub-$300 price tag (even if it is by only a dollar).

    • Pedro

      I’d guess that the vast majority of production is dedicated for the 16GB version. I’m not sure if the 8GB is simply a de-populated version. If it is, it shouldn’t be that hard to convert. If it’s a different part, then the supply chain may be the bottleneck.

      Oh, and I bet that Google/LG makes more money off the 16GB version. $50 for an additional 8GBs more than covers the price of the part.

  • Bionic

    Obviously LG sucks at mass production.

    • NexusPhan69

      Doesn’t LG make all the displays for the iPhone? I could be wrong but I think that would be mass production. I blame Google for poor demand forecasting.

      • Stryker

        Samsung still makes some of the iPhone displays

        • zepfloyd

          so does Sharp…

          • Bob

            And the hell are we talking abut iphone in here!! its android fellos….

  • Completely defeats the purpose of getting a new phone

  • moelsen8

    this is much better than being in limbo like the first situation. at least you know where you stand here.

  • summit1986

    Hopefully Google gets it together in the future and uses this as a learning experience.

    • Trueblue711

      I agree, but how many times can that be said for a company as large as Google? It seems that every Nexus launch has had at least one major screw-up.

      • summit1986

        At least it’s not the same screw ups though…

        • Droidzilla

          Man, talk about seeing the glass half full!

  • Teng Taing

    Woot 1-2 weeks over here

  • Google was clearly not prepared for the total global demand for this device compared to the previous Nexus devices. I surely hope they take this as a lesson learned for next year’s Nexus phone launch. However, this is fairly close to what happened when Apple released the iPhone, they were completely overwhelmed by the demand, though I don’t recall their order system completely crashing, so kudos to them.
    All in all, the fact that there is a long wait for shipment only bodes well for the Nexus program as a whole.

    • DanWazz

      I have to agree. I was hoping the Nexus 4 would succeed because I want to be able to buy a $350 phone off contract directly from Google the next time I get one. This bodes well for this sales/pricing model.

      • iamjackspost

        According to supply and demand, they should have raised the price, if anything.

        • Hopefully this will get other companies to stop going under the carrier to sell… I’d pay 400 off contract for a phone from HTC or Samsung…. 600 and 700 is just a bit much I’d rather go on vacation for that chunk of change

  • tyson184

    Nexus 5 will be out in ‘over 2 months’ – start the rumor mill!

    • Bionic

      Yup. Made by Motorola under the code name “lunar”

    • Nexus 4, 32 and 64..Make it plausible. Nexus 5 too big a baby step.

  • DC_Guy

    I gave up on the Nexus 4. My Verizon Note 2 is on the FedEx truck scheduled for delivery today!

    • Droidzilla

      That thing’s a beast; played with one at the T-Mobile store and I was sorely tempted.

      • RaptorOO7

        Yup, mine is on its way as well from Verizon, sadly not until tomorrow 🙁 but in time for Angry Birds Star Wars Hoth segment.

    • Mike

      enjoy your Verizon branded home button. I wanna puke every time I see that hideous monstrosity

      • DC_Guy

        That’s quite alright with me. FedEx just delivered it so I’m enjoying Verizon’s superior network coverage and blazing fast LTE speeds as well. I’ll live with the branding. The trade off is worth it.

        • Mike

          superior? at what? ripping people off? If you have T-Mobile hspa+ coverage in your area then its really a no-brainer to dump Verizon and their ego maniacal ways

          • DC_Guy

            No thanks. I enjoy small things like being able to get a consistent signal you know even when I’m inside buildings. I’ll stick with Verizon.
            ——– Original message ——–

          • Some of us enjoy small things like our money 😉

          • Eric Richardson

            Seriously. TMobile HSPA+ 42Mbps is nuts. I dropped VZW a while ago and haven’t looked back.

            LTE isn’t worth it. At least not this generation. Maybe LTE-Advanced, but we’ll have to wait and see.

        • Mack

          If you’re interested, I’m pretty sure one of the guys from Android Police said the logo on the home button was removable. Might be worth looking into if it starts to bother you. Either way enjoy that beast on big red.

        • oh no, he said the whole “blazing fast LTE speeds” line from the commercials >.<

          • DC_Guy

            Well it’s true!

            Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Smartphone

            ——– Original message ——–

      • Sam’s Son

        I think he’ll enjoy his Verizon branded home button quite well. I doubt the ugly button will effect the phones performance.

    • michael arazan

      How Long Is The Wait For A Replacement Nexus 4 Back Glass?

      And will they sell them in 3 packs?

  • r0lct

    They should have done a soft launch the day before to try and avoid the website problems. As people noticed it was for sale the traffic would have built over a few hours instead of everyone pounding it at the same time.

    • moelsen8

      i’m pretty sure that when a few people noticed it was launched, the whole interwebz would have been alerted pretty quickly.

      • r0lct

        Yes, but even if the initial demand was spread out over a single hour I bet things would have been different.

    • Droidzilla

      “would have built over a few hours instead of everyone pounding it at the same time”

  • shamu11

    I ORDERED MINE!!! ONLY 2-3 weeks I have to wait!!! CHRISTMAS BABY!!!

    • Droidzilla

      Got mine when it was 1-2 weeks; here’s hoping sooner rather than later. I have no phone right now; feel like I’m in the Dark Ages!

  • Wow.

    • Ihatenexus

      The reality is that they keep telling you lies. The system was not overwhelmed, the fact is they do not have enough phones. Which is why you have the long shipping lead times. Keep telling yourself that there is a huge demand for such a sub par phone with numerous issues. The fact is the microcosm that is the “Nexus Fanatic” does not even register a blip on phone sales data. This whole release was a major blunder and disaster. It is funny to see the “Nexus Fanatics” lining up to buy what is probably the worst phone to be released this year!!! Truth hurts fanboys.

      • Dave

        Butthurt much?

      • So.. you didn’t mention which model Iphone you use.

        • moelsen8

          the shiny one

        • Droidzilla

          The one with more geebees.

      • rodney11ride

        im a Gnex owner and i think im with you on this one. for the price… i understand. for the price THATS IT. other than that you have a 4g lacking, memory lacking, network lacking phone. has anyone had 1gb RAm be not enough? not likely. faster processor is hardely noticeble over the Gnex. mid range release. however. maybe all these verizon hoppers going to ATT and T mobile will tell the Big Red something. lol

    • Ihatenexus

      Ha……I have an Android. I just think it is ironic that the very thing you “Nexus Fanatics” complained about the “Isheep” is what you have become, absolutely amazing. Nexus can do no wrong, the blind leading the blind to the “Kool Aid” stand.

      • The “hate” stands out in your name.