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Angry Birds Star Wars Update Drops Tomorrow With Planet Hoth

If you have already gone through Tatooine and the Death Star levels of Angry Birds Star Wars, then you’re just like me and are patiently awaiting news for when we could see Hoth finally arrive. Well, Rovio just announced that it will be arriving tomorrow as a free update on Google Play! In true form, they also released a video to pump up the launch which you can view below. 

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  • michael arazan

    Lucas Arts needs to take all the Games they have made and port them to Android, the games are there, easy money.

  • Some game levels are stupidly hard to get 3 stars on

    • poolgod10

      Patience my young padawan learner

  • RaptorOO7

    Classic video, very nicely done. Looking forward to this and my GN2 on Verizon tomorrow.

  • Steve

    Unless you have a Droid DNA, which means you paid $3 and can’t play a single level…

    • zUFC

      I know!!!!!! How come? The regular Angry birds plays but comes up small. Why can’t the Star Wars one. I’m jelous reading about everyone waiting for levels when we can’t even do the first one!

  • poolgod10

    once you have 3 stars on every level a “secret level” is available…….path of the Jedi (essentially training with Yoda)!

    • EvanTheGamer


      • justincase_2008

        Isnt that the level people can pay to unlock?

        • poolgod10

          why pay when you don’t have to?

          • justincase_2008

            That’s what I was thinking

      • poolgod10

        My bad, sorry

        • EvanTheGamer

          Naw, I was only partially kidding. 🙂


          Honestly though, I didn’t know that you could also pay for that level, so it’s helpful info…in that now I will just keep earning them stars so I don’t have to pay for it.

    • zmancbr

      Correct. If you go get 3 stars on the Death Star and Tatooine then you get Path of the Jedi levels to unlock without having to pay $1.99 for them! So go get your stars people!

  • hkklife

    Still waiting for the OG Angry Birds piggies levels 2.3.0 update to hit the Amazon App Store. The Ad version has been updated for months yet Amazon continues to drag their feet. Rovio, please release ad-free versions of ALL your existing games onto the Play Store so I can jettison the Amazon App Store once and for all! I feel sorru for anyone who bought AB:SW from Amazon, as it is likely to be months before they can get their Hoth fix!

    • Step one, don’t buy games from Amazon Appstore. The end lol

      • BSweetness

        A lot of us got the ad-free version of the original Angry Birds for free when it was the free app of the day from Amazon. If I buy an app, I buy it from the Play Store. But if Amazon is going to give me a quality app like this for free without adds, I’ll definitely take it.

        The Angry Birds games through Amazon usually get updated right along with the Play Store, but for some reason, the update mentioned by hkklife hasn’t hit the original there yet. It’s annoying when I update apps in the Play Store because it wants to update my ad-free Amazon version with the free, ad-supported Play Store version.

      • Sparxx2k7

        On many occasions, Amazon offers better prices for the same app. I got SW cheaper through Amazon than I did with Google Play.

      • SD_Scott

        The Ladyslayer has spoken!

  • Abhijeet Mishra

    Finally. Angry Birds Star Wars I enjoyed despite not being a fan of the series, been waiting for more levels ever since I finished it. Bring it on! 😀

  • r0lct

    Just trying to go back and get 3 stars on every level while waiting for Hoth.