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Nexus 4 on Sale Now! (Updated: Sold Out…or Not)

LG Nexus 4 Review

If you missed the first batch of Nexus 4 devices that went on sale a couple of weeks back, now is your chance to try to snag one before they are all gone, again. The device is available in Google Play for $299 (8GB) and $349 (16GB), so quickly, hit up the link below.

Update: ย Gone in seconds. Process filled with errors and checkout failures. What a mess.

Update 2: ย Google has added a notice at the top of the Play store page, assuring us that the Nexus 4 is not sold out. They are simply experiencing a spike in traffic and cannot keep up.

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  • Juan Sabas

    i just ordered one at 5:47 pm (pst) it was successful!

  • Gil137

    Finally, after 2.50 hours of errors adding to cart, cart being emptied, can not process order errors. Kept hitting process order button repeatedly and finally got though to check out.

  • joejoe5709

    Apple fanboys stand in line on the sidewalk. We order online. Love it.

  • TheDrizzle

    Mine just went through. Got two of the 16gb. Still haven’t gotten the confirmation email and my order status is pending. I’m still skeptical until I have the device in my hands.

    • TheDrizzle

      Just got the confirm email, status is still pending though.

  • sam

    We have all invited to hunger game on nov 27 noon PST time and what you expect millions of hunger on play store.

  • Bar81

    Nothing is sold out. They have plenty of stock. Going to the website now displays the following:

    “Google Play is currently experiencing very high traffic. Nexus 4 is not
    sold out and will still be available for purchase. Please try again
    shortly. Thank you for your patience.”

  • C-Law

    Kellex, what is ur wallpaper? Is it live?

  • StormFreak

    Google now has a statement on the Play Store: Google Play is currently experiencing very high traffic. Nexus 4 is not sold out and will still be available for purchase. Please try again shortly. Thank you for your patience.

  • Izzy

    after refreshing the page 100 Times in the denial of it being sold out, it said Add to cart again and let me buy it ! It only took 500+ tries but i got it

  • I got 2!!! YAY!! 3 parts luck – 1 part skill. Awww yeah! Sorry guys…

  • Bar81

    Shipping is high but I think it’s 2day. Anyway even with that and tax the 16GB is still 1/3 cheaper than similar phones.

  • duke69111

    I’ve only counted a handful of the commenters who actually got one this time.

    As a side note, are they really charging $14.00 to ship that thing. Jeez.

  • Reuven Goldenberg

    Google = Amateurs in sales…

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    Is Google making 10 at a time or what?…this is ridiculous

  • MttFrog13

    i don’t think it’s sold out. I think the servers are just crashed. If you refresh it will allow you to add it to the cart, but then errors come up and won’t allow it to go through. From what I’m reading, noone has actually gotten an order in. Can anyone confirm that they ordered one today?

  • KewlRobD

    Just got one, you just have to keep trying. Their checkout is extremely flawed when being flooded.

  • IanYarborough

    Heh. Funny. The play store just started letting me add a Nexus to my cart again, but I refreshed so many times due to “high” demand errors that it made me complete a Captcha to prove my non spam-bot status. When I did, the Nexus had gone back to ‘sold out’. Great.

  • Jose

    DONT GIVE UP !!! keep refreshing and trying, i just landed the 16GB version, after trying for 30 minutes

  • Harsh Karn

    It still shows up to add in cart. But as soon as you try to pay “Due to high demand, your order could not be processed. Please try again later.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rob

    I still see both versions available.

    • Rob

      Just checked again and I still see both versions….. Refreshed several times too and every time I see both….

    • Rob

      Still seeing them…I can add both to my cart and get all the way up to the actual purchase.

  • Rob Catalano

    Google – I’ll give you this fix for free.

    Run a simple lottery page over the next 2 weeks that collects an email address and how many units they want.

    Pick a random set of winners that equals your on hand inventory count and send them a purchase invitation based on their last name.

    All the a’s purchase on day x, c’s on day y, d’s on day z.

    It’s not rocket science. Your pissing people off and not creating positive pr.

    • IanYarborough

      Agreed. Google even already has my address from the “I’m interested in a Nexus, here’s my email” page. You know? The one they didn’t use until today? To inform me of a device I’d be unable to buy? Yeah. That one.

  • IanYarborough

    I’m curious as to how many devices Google is allowing to be sold per transaction, because if I go on eBay later today and see a bunch of Nexus 4’s auctioning off for six hundred dollars or more, I’m going to lose my sh*t. Not very friendly towards those of us who are clearly Android’s biggest fans and evangelizers, Google. Also: to those commenters in this thread who are laughingly “just trying to order a second one” or more than one or two while the rest of us are unable to get our first one? Suck it.

    • TheDrizzle

      Its two per customer.

  • Bar81

    This is really weird. I was able to order one and when I go to the site both models have been in stock since 12PST consistently for me???

    It seems that they are limiting 8GB orders to 2 pieces and 16GB orders to one piece. Although if you get in multiple orders and they are no cross-checking, I guess it’s unlimited.

  • Engadgetnerd

    I was waiting by the computer hitting refresh till it went on sale. The. I hit add to shopping cart. Just to get into my shopping cart say that it couldn’t process request and that my cart is empty. I did this at least a dozen times. And now I have no phone to show for it. This is probably the sloppiest online shopping experience I’ve ever had. I know apple sucks sometimes but google really blows at customer experience when buying their stuff. I’m pissed!

  • God damn Google, I’m starting to get pissed.

  • WickedToby741

    This reminds me of the Touchpad fire sale. Moral of the story: people love great gadgets for cheap.

  • does anyone know if they are limiting it to one per customer? If they are not, I bet that some people are just buying these in bulk to resell them..
    It is pretty bad that google hasn’t been able to get a hold on supply for these, they should be making millions of these phones, seems like T-Mobile is probably getting a big chunk of the supply.
    Apple just tells you straight up, hey ships in two weeks. Google just take orders and put a wait on the order processing, and get their act together.

    • TheDrizzle

      Two per order/customer.

  • wes

    I highly doubt it is actually sold out – Nobody has actually been able to order one.

  • iProcreate

    Anybody have that wallpaper that’s shown in the pic?

  • Whenever you PROCEED you just get Oops, we had trouble processing your request. We’re working on fixing the issue. Please try again later. or the High Demand error

  • Coachsage

    I had it in my card twice, both times when I hit “Proceed” to checkout, got the infamous “Ooops, something went wrong” line.

  • Bar81

    btw, if you get the high demand, just refresh and click proceed; rinse and repeat until it goes through.

    Sucks that there are no bumpers though.

  • horrible… kept trying to add a phone to cart, which worked maybe 5x out of 50! But each time would error when trying to checkout. Come on, google, Amazon knows how to handle this type of limited stock transaction (like Lightning Deals) – just sell the Nexus 4 through them!

  • Teng Taing

    got as close to adding in my cart but wouldnt proceed.

  • mike

    I saw 10 minutes. Sale opened up at 255pm on my clock, and was out by 305pm

  • eastbaycali


  • Bar81

    Got in right away but couldn’t process for about four minutes due to “high demand”. Don’t know what you guys are seeing but I still see that both models can be added to the cart.

  • jerflash

    i was not going to buy it…i just wanted to see if they still had stock problems and they do! I love the idea of a cheap phone straight from google but i think i am just going to get the GS4 when it drops next year…love my verizon unlimited 4glte and still loving my galaxy nexus

  • This is ridiculous..

  • Shadow808

    Hope someone got thru. I was able to add to cart but then it told me “Due to high demand, we cannot process your order, try again later”. Sucks!

  • And it is back, but im having trouble completing checkout, only one in my cart

  • Daniel Clifford

    I’m still seeing them available….and can add to my cart.

    • Daniel Clifford

      I lied! Whoops

    • cabnt check out though

  • nitsp

    Due to high demand, your order could not be processed..

  • ddevito

    Apparently brick-and-mortar retail is hard.

  • Patrick Hollenbeck

    Just got 2! Wew!

  • nitsp

    What the heck… would let me add to the cart… and then can’t proceed….

  • Scott Breitbach

    Just keep clicking between the 8gb and 16gb. They seem to change from SOLD OUT to SHIPS SOON at random. Probably server issues; just keep trying!

  • moelsen8

    kellex – it’s not sold out. the status is bouncing back and forth, keep refreshing. i was able to get another in my cart in the last minute or so.

  • Shaunwin

    Sold out?! What do they sell 100 at a time. Google get your act together!!!

  • Radgatt

    Another example of how supply is not meeting with demand.

  • Sai

    Is it me or does apple not seem to have these same kinds of stock problems…

    • Is it me or has apple been doing this for years?

      • Sai

        I agree with that sentiment as well. Still, it is somewhat embarassing that Google, a company that I think is of comparable size and resources to Apple, is unable to accomplish the same by learning from Apple’s success in retail.
        I’m mainly just frustrated with how poorly handled sales of the Nexus 4 have been. It’s starting to get to the point where I’m losing interest in getting it because of the difficulty of trying to get one. It’s even worse than trying to get San Diego Comic Con badges.

        • How are they supposed to know how many people will be wanting this phone?

          It’s a totally different case with this particular phone compared to any other. (Unlocked and so cheap).

          I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt on the Nexus 4, and I would expect the next Nexus to be handled much better.

          • Sai

            I understand that for the first time around when they sold out of the 16GB model within minutes. This time around, though, I would think they’d understand the amount of demand for the phone given all the complaints of server issues from last time and how quickly they sold out then. Not to mention the fact that last time they even oversold the device.
            What I wish they would’ve done was open up sales as a ‘2nd batch’ preorder in a sense where they let you put your reservation in for a device and a hold on your credit card. Once the preorder period is over, then they just put in their order to the factories so they can fullfill them.

          • James

            They pay people a lot of money to know this and get it right…. which tells me there might be a purpose behind it.

          • I’m sure they do, however, there’s still a lot of grey area. Look at the Nexus One. They tried to sell online before the play store and it failed miserably, which was probably due to 0 brand recognition because no one had a Nexus at that point, obviously. The US G-Nex was a Verizon only deal for a little while so it didn’t sell well via the play store in the US. Their background in retail handset sales is still relative limited.

        • Stevedub40

          I think they extremely under estimated the popularity of this device. See, apple knows that their zombies are going to purchase the phone every year, so they have a pretty good idea on what they need to stock. With a new Nexus device, especially one of this caliber, I can’t imagine trying to predict what sort of stock you would need or how well it will be accepted. Remember, the Gnex did not sell very well ( I do own one currently), so I think they just simply were not expected this sort of attention. If this becomes a more annual occurrence, I think they will be better suited next year.

        • Well this is the first Nexus phone to have such a huge demand. They we’re nor prepared for it. Yes they should but I don’t think they have enough supply for the demand. I have a feeling LG has alot to do with this since they are not a HUGE mobile market player yet. Im waiting to get mine until i sell my macbook pro. If anyone wants to buy a macbook message me on twitter. ๐Ÿ˜‰ @fr8cture

  • Derek Haneman

    As far as I can tell it was up for less than 30 seconds

  • That sold out in under 20 seconds….

  • Sir Robin

    Shows that its sold out already… Womp womp

  • nits

    hopeless google.. can’t event order phone

  • I can’t seem to

  • QuadNexus

    tmobiles etf is $200 uhhhh hmm

  • YankInDaSouth

    This is a complete cluster F!! Had the damn thing in my cart and could not proceed with the checkout … refreshed paged and BAM! All gone again! WTF, they get 10 back in stock!!! x-(

    • capecodcarl

      Google’s shopping cart application must emulate Black Friday shopping. One minute you have something in your cart, the next minute someone snatches it from your cart as you’re going to check out. I suppose it is fate telling me to save my money and be happy with my Rezound.

      • YankInDaSouth


  • Update: Already sold out. Glad I got mine on the first round. xD

  • Droidzilla

    Sheesh. Blink and you miss it.

  • Sai

    Not even 3 Minutes…I was refreshing since 11:59 and got it in the cart and it errored out at 12:01….

  • moelsen8

    they’re both bouncing back and forth between in-stock and out. and i love the “Ships Soon.. in 4-5 weeks” haha

  • RicoDelicioso

    It took all of 3 minutes to sell out. Google doesn’t want me to get this phone, I suppose.

  • FrankBoston

    Does it really say ‘Add to cart – ships in 4-5 weeks’!! LMAO!!!!

    • moelsen8

      actually it was “Ships Soon – ships in 4-5 weeks” hahaha

  • Looks like they (Google) are having the same issues as last time. Long load times and quantity issues. Both models, 8 & 16gb are showing “In Stock” then “Sold Out” upon refresh. I’ve already got mine, I was just looking to order a second. Guess I’ll wait, lol. Have fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • lol…

  • That was fast…

  • Chris

    No thank you. Played w/ the Note2 a few hours ago. Wowza!

    • same here, get my note thursday

    • Love my note 2, have had it for about a month now. No regrets on my purchase!

    • hfoster52


    • polioman

      I don’t know how you people can stand being on Verizon. Their rates and policies aren’t worth LTE. I’m going to T-Mobile for this thing.

  • jerflash

    server error instantly LOL…google cant get this phone right or this launch right

  • already went from live to sold out for me (USA, only tried the 16GB)

  • Google, why have you foresaken us?

    Sincerely, Canada

    • TheCheapGamer

      They don’t want you using LTE!

      • I promise I won’t! *crosses fingers*

  • cgalyon

    Wow, 3 minutes? That’s impressive! Either there’s a short supply, or this is one very popular (and thus well-supported) phone!

    • GreenLime

      I would love to see some sales numbers..

    • Ibrick

      Or everyone who purchased one on launch day are purchasing their second due to looking at the glass back wrong.

  • Rob Miller

    Love the message I got: Nexus 4 (8GB)
    Ships When Available

    • JoshGroff

      I would hope it doesn’t ship when unavailable.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    For the love of God where can I get that wallpaper?

    • hahaha tersus icon pack, comes with it

    • its one of the wallpapers bundled in the “tersus” icon pack from the play store. great icon pack, horrible wallpapers…but if you like it, that is how to get it. If you dont want to pay for it, i can pull the wallpaper for you and mail it to you or something. just hit me up on twitter. will take me like 2 minutes.

  • That was a bigger fail then last time…

  • Zach

    not so fast

  • gallyjh

    Already sold out in like < 1 min

    • Nah, it just wasn’t live yet. Go now!

      Edit: Never mind. Gone now.

      • kretz7

        kept clicking back and forth between 8 and 16. Saw the 8 was available, clicked on 16 – nope, clicked back on 8 – sold out again…wow

      • gallyjh

        I’m still trying. It’ll let me add to the cart, but as soon as i try to pay, it disappears.

        • gallyjh

          Wow and it looks like it went through now… I just kept clicking continue.

          • gallyjh

            So I got a google receipt which is good, but something tells me I’ll be receiving a cancellation notice at any point now.

  • Aaaaaand it’s gone.

  • moelsen8

    come on! ….. no bumpers!!!??? damnit