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First Look: Andru “Dark Edition” Charger [Contest Too] (Update: Winners Picked)

Andru Dark

Remember the Andru, the handsome little Bugdroid USB charger with glowing eyes? We took a quick look at the original green version back in February, loved it, and then proceeded to give a few away. As you may recall, a new “Dark Edition” with glowing red eyes surfaced on the Andru site a couple of months ago, getting us excited all over again. Unfortunately, it went through a bit of a delay as they fine-tuned the build quality. As promised, though, it’s back and hopefully better than ever. 

Thanks to the Andru team, we have one in our possession to give you a more detailed look (and a few to give away in a contest down below). Similar to the original, it’s arms move in circles, the eyes glow while plugged in (red this time), its black antennae are rubber and flexible, and the stand and cord that come with it are matching black. The build quality seems top notch to me, but then again, my two Andrus aren’t traveling across the country and are always stuck in a wall.

To buy one today, head over to the Andru site.

Also, the Andru Chill is one week away. It’s the white version, if the name didn’t already give it away.

[nggallery id=6]


Update: We have emailed our three winners. Go check your inbox!

Prize:  3 (three) Andru Dark Edition chargers

How to enter:

1.  Like Droid Life and GEN (Andru creator) on Facebook.
2.  In the comments, tell us how many microUSB cables you have gathered over the years.


Tomorrow at 10AM Pacific, we will choose 3 winners randomly from the comments.

  • Too many to count…between numerous phones and computer devices, I am sure I could probably mummify my cat with them…

  • Jerry Menser

    I did a quick search and found 5 cables. Not as many as I thought.

  • Jason M

    At least 5

  • [email protected]

    i must be to poor kid on the block, i only have 3 micro cables ..L0L..

  • Rob

    I probably have 6 or so from the last couple of years. Mainly from cell phone chargers but I have bought a couple online just to put in various places.

  • geez im up to round about 15-20 some where in there but i also sell phones so its almost like me bringing in strays but that charger is super rad im going to get one if I don’t win.

  • I would say around 20 to 25 but none of them are as cool as Andru.

  • DanThompson87

    I have 6. However only 2 of them work well :/ That charger looks awesome!

  • In my household alone there’s about 15 of them. Mainly from phones, but a few from Kindle devices and random accessories like a FitBit Ultra and bluetooth speakers.

  • Christian

    How many usb cables have i collected over the years you ask, lets put it this way i could have a usb cable in every outlet in the neighborhood.

  • dylan84

    I did a quick look around my room and found 6. I would guess that over the years probably 15 or 20. I’m usually pretty good at not losing things like that.

  • Sean Misa

    Over the years, and all the phones in this household that use the same plug, let’s see. I have one…….times 25!!

  • 5, off the top of my head.

  • Kent Burton

    I think i have about 5 or so

  • The thing I hate about MicroUSB cable that come with phones/tablets is that they are always so short. At least its been the standard for non-apple phones for ages, all my friends with the iphone 5 are crying right now with their new connector

    I think I have at least 10 total with 4 of those coming bundled with devices (Samsung Intrepid, Motorola Photon, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7). Then I’ve easily bought 2-3 more longer ones so I can actually put my device where I want to when I’m charging & gotten another 2-3 from replacement phones. So yeah a lot!

    Always have 2 in my backpack, gotta have battery

    Love the Andru chargers hopefully I can win

  • David Imel

    7 Over 2.5 years. Not too shabby!

  • Chris

    I want to say about 6 or 7. Most of them come from the used phones I have bought!

  • Stephen Morrow

    Only about 6 of them. Unfortunately everything changed from mini usb to micro usb a few years ago and I have tons of the mini ones collecting dust now.

  • Johnny S.

    Over the last 2 years since I began my love affair with android, I’ve collected 7 microusb chargers.

  • Paul Pottle

    Atleast 30 or so…I don’t care to try and count them and there is now way I could actually remember.

  • I’ve accumulated 12 micro USB cords over the past 3 years and used them exclusively for charging my android phones and some file transfers.

  • Well I think that around 53, like every normal geek has gathered!

  • I have 3 cords in my dorm room but 2 more I left at my mom’s house that I don’t use.

  • OG Droid x2, Droid 2 x2,HTC Thunderbolt x1, GN x1, N7 x1, VZW wall wart x1, OEM cords x2 = 9, Nook Color counts? x1 = 10. Yay! Plus my co-worker game me 5 of his today… :-/

  • Jeremy Deagan

    I have 3 around the house for daily use, car and work make 5.

  • i have 3 different mircoUSBs

  • nightscout13

    I don’t use Facebook. Zuckerburg can take your private data if he wants, but he wont have a drop of mine!

  • Nicholassss

    I have 3 micro USB cables and 5 wall warts to go with them.

  • Right now I have about 9 usb cables from HTC/Samsung and 5 plug adapters..

  • Erik

    I only have like 4 or 5. Could use another one!

  • Brian Rothschild

    6 functional ([email protected]′, [email protected]′, [email protected]′), one dead one (3′).

  • Way too many microUSB cables. Definitely more than 10

  • hoboy

    thankfully, just 2 :p

  • Lori Priebe

    47-48. I think. I haven’t kept them all.

  • one. I just kept reshaping the adapter to fit my current phone. Then I took all the included cables and weaved a wicker style chair to relax in.

  • 17

  • I have one for 4 different computers, 2 wall outlet charging locations, and an extra in each car. So 11 total.

  • 14!

  • robertlwalters

    Over 10 plus other random ones. Always room for an awesome one like this. It would be king.

  • I currently have 7 that I can find. Lord knows how many more are buried in closets and drawers. Funny thing is…when I realllllllllllly need one I can’t find one to save my life..lol

  • Joe Ewbank

    I think I’m actually down to only like . . . 7 MicroUSB cables. I’ve given a few away to friends.

  • Erick R

    I have 4 micro usb cables, I thought I had more

  • …crap… I lost count…

  • Probably no more than 3 or 4. I don’t go through gadgets constantly (poor student is poor) so the ones left over are more or less from old digital cameras.

  • baldypal

    I swear I got at least 50 in the bottom drawer in my computer cabinet.

  • Goodriddance183

    I have about 7, but this would be the ultimate!

  • androidaw

    I’m up to 5.

  • abqnm

    Just MicroUSB? I probably have 20+

    Counting all USB cables, I could probably stretch them end to end from LA to Las Vegas.

    And this black Andru looks SWEET. I even have plenty of cables to match!

  • IlanAlpert

    More than i care to count right now, but I would estimate around 15-20 scattered around house’s, work and cars.

  • Doug Plowden

    I now have 4 micro USB cables. Hoping for a 5th! 🙂

  • Eddie

    I currently have 7 working cables, and have thrown away at least 3 that broke.

  • I have managed to save exactly 41, as we speak! I ask all of my family and friends who don’t really need that much to pass it on to me. So, now I have a collection of them – Samsung, Sony, HTC, Huawei, Blackberry, Motorola, Asus, LG …. I think this Andru will complete my collection!

  • Lets see, 3 cameras, 5 android phones, and a nexus 7. And a German Shepherd that loves to chew apart micro USB cables… about 50 or 60, I buy them in bulk off Amazon.

    50* 1.65 on Amazon= $82.5, enough for a low-end microwave.

    50* 19 (“Lightning” Cable) on Apple.com= $950, enough for a plane ticket from DC (where I live) to Florida, two nights in a hotel, and a bus ride back.

  • schmaltzy

    I am up to 5. Never need to search for one….there is always one close by!

  • shehippie

    I don’t know if I can count that high!!! I have seven on my desk alone. LOL

  • Hmm i actually only have three!

    One i got with my first android phone(droid 2)
    One i got with a case i bought for the droid 2, its only about a foot long.
    And a six foot long one that i acquired before i knew what they were used for, but now it has a short on the micro usb side and only works half the time :/

  • Tony Byatt

    At least 20 in the past eight years…

  • knightracer


  • Claire

    At least 10 USB cables, but my fav is my green Andru

  • TravisHannon

    I have enough to charge all my devices, my girlfriends phone, and any guest that I have over

  • Tom Dwenger

    i’ve accrued enough to power a small army of cell phones

  • Trevor

    I think I have around 10 microUSB chargers, not counting the two car chargers.

  • Aakash Patel

    How many have I gathered??? Not many because I keep having to replace the damn things after they stop working!

  • gk08

    I think I have 8 now…

  • I have about 10 right now.

  • Well lets just see here….
    1…2..5…8…10….24…..1949859….. yeah that about accurate.

    but in all seriousness just around 10. Give or take.
    Hope I can win just one contest? But if not then ALLONS-Y!

  • a lot it seems like everything uses them these days, I have at least 20.

    Also they should make an ICS blue version as well

  • kselby

    I only have 5 microUSB cables, I can only afford to get a new phone every couple of years and I have no reason to get a tablet so I have no reason to gather up a lot of cables. I just get one that I really like and stick with it.

  • ChuckDz3

    Probably about 5 or so but none as cool as this one 🙂

  • paul vu

    how many cables?

    lol how many devices have i got? ahahaha

    just ordered another 10 cables off deal extreme for 59c each, lol just to place all over my work place so i can charge my phone wherever i go

    id probably have about 20 or so cables

  • Hector De Haro

    I must have about a dozen micro usb cables in my desk drawer.

  • I have a cable for every room in the house! I have the green one of these and it rocks.. would LOOOVE a black one!

  • 497.

  • will

    too many to count

  • Robert MacDonald

    Too many to count. LOL. But probaly 30 or so micro usb.

  • luisrb7

    I’d say about 5

  • I think I have 10 or 11 in my home desk drawer right now. Why can’t I just throw things away?

  • I have 2 for myself, 3 for my mom, 2 for my dad, 2 for my sister, 3 for my other sister, and 3 extras in case we lose the other dozen.

  • violator702

    I’m going to say 10, because they are all intertwined together in a box with various other cords.

  • Abdallah Hirbawi

    I have only like 6 I dont see needing many mroe than that

  • Only 1. For my poor Droid X

  • Kevin Dahlstrom

    I have lost count. I keep finding more of them around the house from phones I have had from years ago. I have about five that I use regularly though.

  • Kevin Raymond

    I have around 12.

  • tlspatt

    4, I think, so I could use another–please 🙂

  • wtm1417

    Sadly one, I’ve had numerous phones but always seem to misplace the chargers.


    If car chargers are included… still have some from the BB Storm before saw the light and went to Android, probably 30ish. I <3 Android and need Andru to keep my robot/android ears going!

  • I have only two.
    Poor college student 🙁

  • Oh gosh, I’ve gathered many!
    My favorite are from the Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus, but I have to give props to HTC, they have some nice chargers!
    Too bad usb cables never last in my possession :/

  • quiklives

    Well, I can see 4 from where I’m sitting. There are two more (one long, one short) in my messenger bag, plus the one that comes with the external battery. I have one packed up with the phone I’m trying to sell, three in my car (thanks, Ingress), and at least half a dozen spares in boxes and drawers somewhere.

  • too many. I’ve got it down to about 2 that I use on a daily basis

  • I have about 6!

  • Tyler

    I have had 2 but lost the cord tot he one therefore leaving me with 2 outlet to usb things and 1 cord.

  • JabroniUNM

    I work at a Verizon indirect retailer… I have countless micro USB charging cords…

  • Daniel

    Enough to have them in multiple bags, at work, at home, and also some to lend to my wife when she can’t find her’s…but none as cute as this one!

  • currently 6 to charge my GNex and N7!!!!

  • I have around 8.

  • Gabe

    I’ve gathered about 3 of them

  • Zach Jacobs

    9 and a half if you count the ones my dogs have chewed.

  • I have at least a dozen now. but have given them away and sold them as well might have had as many as 20 at one point.

  • I only have about twelve-ty. In all actuality, I only have like 3 because my wife keeps on taking them and I have no idea where they go from there.

  • I have about 4, I’m still relatively new to android. First phone was the bionic, that didn’t last long :p kept going through phones until I got a gnex:D

  • 12 at work, 14 at home and 4 in the car… Never realized I had that many,

  • Bethlyn184

    Enough to hand them out as parting gifts…….

  • Big_EZ

    2 at work, 7 at home , 1 in my truck and probably several more in my box of cables my wife is trying to get me to throw away.

  • Rachael Hedden

    1 since I only own 1 android, sadly, but I am getting a phone this christmas from my boyfriend 😀

  • Daniel Zhao

    3 MicroUSB Cables

  • Too many to count.

  • Jesse Priest

    I have one in my car, one in my office hooked up to the computer and roughly around 4 in the house!

  • Keyan X

    If I could count all the microUSB cords that I received just last year then I could give you an accurate number, since I can’t here’s my best estimate:

    6065150asdfdg95160 and 2 regular USB cords

  • ~15

  • tagrzadz

    I’m up to about 12 currently, though I’m sure there are a few that have been lost over the years

  • I think I have eight or so. I keep giving them away to family members who lose theirs.

  • Theo

    I’m confident that, in a world ending, “Day After Tomorrow” situation, I could knit myself a blanket capable of keeping me warm during the apocalypse with my micro USB cables.

  • cool

  • Way to many to count!!!!

  • Is that like “how many licks does it take to get the Tootsie roll center of a Tootsie Pop?”
    My answer is 3 cables.. and 3 licks!

  • I would guess about 5, but my junk/misc drawer would probably say otherwise. I would pay to watch you go through it!

  • Inquizitor

    Between my Droid, GNex, my dad’s Nexus S and One X, my mom and sister’s Blackberries, and a few other extras from various places, I probably have 8-10 cables. Adapters? Maybe 5-8.

  • Travis Faulkner

    I would say at least 7 but it seems like they are multiplying. Everytime I dig down into a box of old electronics I find another one or two.

  • Garrett Snelling

    I have at least 15 between my wife and I, haha, would love a few more though

  • Seth Arrazola

    I’ve definitely accumulated quite a few over the years. Maybe 15-20 I tend to narrow it down though when I sell my old phones.

  • I only keep one spare laying around… The extras that I had might have ended up in a Goodwill box. I love to give to the needy! They might need to plug in their new Obamaphone?! Who knows???

  • Beelow319

    i have gathered well over 10 microusb cables over the years as well as usb extension cables since they ones that come with the phone are never quite long enough.

  • Brandon Sikes

    I have like 20-30 around my house, the girls house, and work.

  • I have collected only 5 microusb chargers over the years, starting with the enV Touch to the Nexus 7!

  • At least a dozen including extension cords

  • N8shon

    I have 7 that I know of among all the gadgets and musical instruments. I’m sure there are more lurking around somewhere haha. Gimme dat Andru!

  • eclect1c


  • Lets me remember: Two each for my last couple of phones, One new one for my brother, one more tiny cable for portability sake – may be not that many but again I’d have one more with Andru (If I get it)…

  • Thomas

    I used to only have 3 with my OG droid; one home, one car, one in my bag for work/ travel.

    Now with my LTE GNex, I have one for each room of the house (9 with garage) plus one strategically hidden at all my regular hangouts (4) and one for each of my battery backups that get me through the day (2).

    So, 17 or so.

  • Jason Brown

    only 4. 2 for the og droid, 1 for the gnex, and one that came with the zaggsparq.

  • If I had to guess I would put the number around 15, a lot of which are spread out between work, home and the girlfriends, one at the parents. You name it I’ve got cables everywhere.

  • 5 within this past year.

  • monsterenergy22

    I know I have at least 10 in my room + 3 or so car chargers.

  • drathos

    I’ve got 8 just within eyeshot. I’m sure I’ve got a half dozen or so more.

  • Hmm… I must have at least 12 of them right now, not including retired (broken) cables. I just ordered a 10-footer as well and now I don’t need to lean off the edge of the sofa to stay plugged in.

  • Ravi Rao

    I’ve probably picked up about 11-12, but snagged and broken quite a few.

  • hmm.. just looking around in my bedroom, I already have 5 in use. then theres a box of them stored up in the closet.. I would say a total of 25

  • Surprisingly, I’ve only gather about 15 over the course of around 5 or 6 years. But I tend to toss the ones that are broken or too short.

  • KingKondiment

    I’ve lost or given away more than I currently have in my possession.

  • lets see….
    3 moto micro’s
    3 car chargers (1 broke)
    one samsung charger from my nexus
    one misc micro
    one convertable tipped usb cable

    so nine

  • picaso86

    I can probably now start my company selling MicroUSB’s .. that’s how many I own.

  • IcerC

    40 would be my guess, currently 12

  • masterdarkyoda

    I have gathered since the OG about 23

  • Cam

    I tend to confiscate cables from my workplace when I have lost mine. Then I immediately find them the next day. So, probably 30-ish.

  • antwonw

    Currently, I’m at 11. But I have 6 devices to charge. Got the other 5 at monoprice.

  • I have 3 right now but so many have been lost/given away/quit working over the past several years.

  • Mark Traverso

    I have at least 10 cables, first phone that had one was the nexus one

  • Christian Chew

    I probably have something like 5…

  • I think I have about 5 lying around the house, old ones have been donated to my cousins who lose their cords.

  • Steve Wroblewski

    I have 2 microusb cables. 1for my Bionic, one for my Nexus 7

  • shdowman

    I have about 7 lying around. But this would be my…number one….guy!

  • about 3 for each phone ive had in the past 2 years so about 18. ( 3 droid inc., 2 Gnex, 1s3) If only i had a droid that could use all of them to connect all the galaxies together to form a galaxy nexus. That would be incredible right? (Saw what i did there?)

  • TylerChappell

    On the 5th day of xmas my Andru charged for me:
    5 Android Phones (Droid Eris, Thunderbolt, Bionic, Galaxy Nexus, LG Lucid)
    4 Android Tablets (GalaxyTab10.1, Acer A500, Acer A100, Nexus 7)
    [from] 3 Manufacturers (Samsung, Asus, Acer)
    2 Nexus 7’s (16GB and 32GB)
    One H-T-C (Thunderbolt)
    Actually I don’t have an Andru charger :(, but would love to have one!
    Between all of the devices, car chargers etc, I have over 20 microUSB cables! D:
    But no cute ones. ='[

  • about a gazilion…

  • FarmerTechno

    I have a 2′ x 1′ x 1′ basket full of them. So a lot.

  • chris420o

    I have gathered 19 since my og…yes ive actually counted…shocking i have only three left and now one less bc my boss just stole one from me…smh

  • Daniel Rosseau

    I’m actually pretty low on my microUSB cables….probably only 6 between work and home. I feel like most people I know have like 20 haha.

  • well i first started with my droid x, then x2, then razr maxx. microusb cables…and oddly enough combined they are still not longer than my s3 microusb charging cable 🙁 i kid but seriously moto would it kill you to make longer microUSB cables..and a few ive ordered via amazon so total 7

  • coggy9

    I’ve gathered too many to count. I might make a rope out of them or something.

  • Probably like 11.


    I have accumulated a box full of them so about 20-30 I would say, and I never seem to have enough around when I really need them though!

  • Jeremiah Zohner

    I’ve gathered more than my fair share of microUSB cables, yet none of them seem to be long enough…

  • will bartlett

    ive gotten a lot but they stay with the phones so right now i only have 2

  • thedanks

    It has been 17 microUSB cables. Glad you didn’t ask about miniUSB! that took a lot of thinking.

  • Edwin M

    Does countless count as a number? Probably over 10. So many have gotten shredded by my chair and my son tripping over it. God bless Amazon and eBay for having them for cheap.

  • Aaryn Kruger

    At last count it was over 25 O.o

  • Clayton Ball

    I have 15 usb chargers laying around my house

  • I’m sure some more economical types could do something useful like make bracelets and necklaces for their kids… me, I screw the environment and toss them in the gargabe all too often.

  • Corey Loughrey

    About 25

  • tiptoptommy

    I total about ten on average

  • David H.

    42. such an odd number

  • Brian Aispuro

    Shoot…..I would say roughly, I ave about 60+ chargers now…NONE AS COOL AS THE ANDRU CHARGERS!

  • andyu11

    i got one each for my phone, tablet, external battery, n’ then two more from warranty replacements.

    it’d be sweet to give some character to them with Andru 🙂

  • JeffPodwats

    I have enough MicroUSB cable to circle the Apple 50 times!!!

    Seriously..about 15.

  • Joshua Casey

    I keep it somewhat organized by placing one at important locations so I never have to go searching around. Five total: One at home pc, one at work pc, one in the car, one by the couch and one in my travel bag!

  • michaeluchikado

    hmmm. only 6..? Somehow I’ve ended up with 3 car chargers and at the moment I don’t even have a car. Then a few other chargers.

  • I have collected over 10.

  • Hmm, I think I have enough cables to build a 5′ tall fence around my house lol

    Probably about 20

  • Rafael Gonzalez

    I’ve gathered 4-5 cables over the years, but i’m down to 1 now.

  • jesterz

    I have 15 micro USB cables…

  • I have two. I hate having clutter so anytime I lose use for one or it quit working I throw it out.

  • Tania N

    I have all of…2. One for home and one for when I’m out and about.

  • I have 16 cables I have gathered over the years for many different devices.

  • Joe Minarik

    I have at least 5 laying around the house, 1 for work, 1 for my car, 1 for home, and my wife has 1, so…..around 9.

  • Parker Landau

    With friends leaving cables over my house, multiple phones purchased, and multiple car chargers purchased I believe my microUSB chargers add up to about 7

  • About 12.

  • David Cosme Jr.

    2 for each car, 1 for each laptop bag, one for my camera bag, 2 for work, two-3 for each floor of the house. So, at least 12 – maybe 15. But this one is way cooler than any that I have.

  • the eyes of andru dark are orange? i thought it was red?

  • I have a draw full of cables over the years for various phones and other devices

  • Rob

    I would probably say that I have about a dozen between android devices and a couple of Blackberry phones.

  • Mastabrozif

    I have about 12 microusb cables now from all the feature phones I had prior to getting smarthphones.

  • I have quite a few, but the problem is finding one when I actually need it since the wife can’t stand so many cables and cleans them up.

  • mplacido9

    5 that I use regularly. I have a handful stored in the closet as backups if needed.

  • Jon Youngblood

    I’ve got at least a dozen… and none have broken. Can’t say the same for those fruit cables.

  • CN

    As least four.

  • Mike

    i probably have about 7-10 cables.. enough to have one in each room, in a travel bag, and at work so i never have to remember to bring one!

  • tumatos

    now that’s a good question. I believe I have about 6.
    2 phones, 1 hotspot, 2 tablets, 1 nano router.

    I guess I won’t go in shortage soon

  • Semur

    Just 3 of them.

  • i have 18 microUSB cables collected over the past 7 years

  • I probably have about 10 now, but I’m sure I’ve thrown away dozens.

  • I’d say probably around 9 MicroUSB Cables. That includes the shorty cables I’ve gotten with bluetooth headsets.

  • Michael Wilson

    Literally, a kitchen drawer FULL of them. My wife constantly hounds me to get rid of them, but that drawer seems to get dipped into at least twice a week.

  • I’ve never had an issue with cables. I honestly only have the 3 that came with my phones.

  • Nole Lilley

    6 and I still have trouble finding one sometimes.

  • aheiden82

    Lets see
    1 – living room
    1 – bedroom
    1 – bathroom
    1 – truck
    1 – duffel bag
    1 – work
    and probably another 3 or 4 roaming around
    I will say 10

  • Mashhood Asalkhou

    I have seven working microUSB cables. Two of them for my Galaxy Nexus and one for my Nexus 7. I also have two for my two OG Droids. The other two are missing the usb wall adapter so they are used with my computers to transfer Roms, APKs, and other misc stuff. Also, I have three chewed up cords courtesy of my buddies doberman, Samson.

  • I guess only 2 🙁

  • Bill Georgen

    3 per device I have owned which probably amounts to 48, yes 16 devices that came with 2-3 cables each based on package deals over the years.

  • probably about 30 or 40…

  • TheWenger

    Just three cables (four if you count the one I threw away because my cats chewed through it and it would overheat, causing my computer to crash).

  • Around 8

  • DO I have microUSB cables…I have no less than about 5 at work, for various phones and people that borrow them. I also have one in almost every room at home, so another 5 at home, not to mention drawer with several more from over the years, i lost count of how many.

  • jsn

    I am a bit of a phone and tablet whore so I have more cables than outlets. Nothing would be finer in my collection than this!

  • Paul Sheble

    Mine go back to Blackberries. So many phones with so many chargers. Currently on the GNex which now holds the record for the longest time I have held a phone. I sure they never change the cables *wink*

  • breadable

    I’ve probably bought 20 or so micro usb cables, gotten many extras with phones and acquired several more from friends going over to the dark side.

    Somehow though, whenever I reach in my extra cable box I only find Mini USB cables. ERRG!

  • sakebomber77

    I think i have about 10 Micro USB cables. in car, at work, gym bag, work bag, and so on and so on.

  • Way too many I thought, but good because there is always one lying around to use when we need one.

  • Chris Brunetto

    hmmm…..about 6

  • How many MicroUSb cables? My goodness it must be a googleplex(sic).

    knuck knuck knuck.

  • faganm24

    I probably have about 6 or them from all of my Motorola phones. I’m so glad they standardized, because the old Motorola cables were terrible.

    • breadable

      I almost didn’t buy the OG Droid because of the hell I experienced with the old Motorola clip connectors

  • Ive gathered many MicroUSB cables but always tend to lend them to Friends in time of need!

  • Jeffrey Harris

    About 15 I think

  • i hve around 6, and they are starting to show there age (shorting out)

  • justincase_2008

    Well i have to many chargers, cables, extender cables and types of usb cables its to the not even funny mark. I think i collected about 30+ extenders have about 13 mini usb cables 8 micro and 5 usb B cables. I also have a extension cord that is only 5 inches long. Doing cable system work for years these things adds up.

  • one for every room in my house (including bathrooms) one in my truck one in my work truck and at my office and at least one in most family’s houses for when I visit

  • chris125

    I have more than I can count. I am constantly finding MicroUSB cables that I didn’t know I had. On a side note, I will never be without a charger during a family gathering if anyone needs to charge their phones lol, well except for those iphone toting family members lol

  • Daniel Clifford

    7…that still work. Cat killed a couple and a few “went missing” through customs.

  • I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count them with, that’s for sure…

  • docnok

    I’ve had so many, I’ve given a few away to friends when they lost theirs.

  • Owen Harvey

    I have roughly 10 micro usb cables.

  • villian1998

    I only have two, but now I have no phones to go with them.

  • xzombiex66

    I have about 11 Micro usb cables

  • orion11

    i lose them equally fast as i gain more so i seem to sustain an amount of 5 cables at any given time

  • rocco2640

    i would say about 5 without counting the car charger that just decided not to work anymore

  • ProfessAndObey

    I had 8, but then someone stole one of mine.

  • gp126904

    I probably have about six all together. I am sure I have at least three more somewhere around the house.

  • I’ve only got 5 or so.

  • Svonavja

    I only have 4 “good” chargers now! Some when to the girlfriend and family members and others in the trash. All in all I’ve had at least 20.

  • Rich Dross

    about 7 of them

  • Jtay23

    i dont have that many maybe 3 or so which is why I would love to win the most epic one of all!

  • NolBi-Wan

    lucky number 7

  • William Peterson

    How about +1 or share on G+ and forget the FB crap? Did that anyways but do not want to open my FB account back up for a give away when the whole purpose was to get away from it. As for cables, to FRIGGEN many of them, for sure. Yet when I need one they seem to vanish. When I don’t, their everywhere!

  • I can’t even begin to count how many micro USB cables I’ve had over the years… I kinda collect them now.

  • Damian

    I’ve got at least 3 or 4 two of them are cheap crappy ones *sad face*

  • Jack Paleczny

    forutnately only about 5 or so! thank you standardization!

  • Between my BB storm and the many chargers that I bought with that, my Droid X, and now the Galaxy Nexus, I’d say at least 40 (including my fiance’s chargers, who had the same phones)

  • bitpimpin

    Around 7 of them… Only 4 of them still in service today (they always seem to fail at the strain relief on the micro USB end)

  • Bigwavedave25

    Sitting at 4 currently. All my Android related cables are doing just fine. My wife is on her second set for her iPhoney…

  • Amazingly few actually. Right now, I think I only have 1 at work and 1 at home. I know I’ve lost a couple though.

    Chargers on the other hand… I have 1 at work, 2 in my car, at least 3-4 at home, and 1 in my cargo pocket.

  • CodeToJoy

    I have at least 5 that I know of… three at home, one at the office, and one in the car.

  • I have at least 4 microUSB cables; My Nexus 7, Wife’s Nexus 7, My G-Nex, and Wife’s Galaxy S3. Sure there is many more I’m missing.

  • I have about 6 microUSB cables for wall outlets (including 2 from old BlackBerries!), and 3 or 4 car chargers

  • roswellraygun

    I think around 7 or 8

  • I have one in every car my family owns, every room in my home, at my desk, extra bases and cables for traveling, enough to charge 10+ devices simultaneously. So .. quite a few.

  • Ryan

    How many micro USB cables? heh Probably about 20, at least. Bought quite a few cheapos from chinese deal sits like meritline and similar, of course the cables are crap quality and tend to have larger ends on them which makes it difficult to use in many cases. Of course the cables tend to fail when you put any stress on them near either end.

  • Have three total (hopefully four if I can snag a Nexus 4 today^^) from my OG Droid, VZW GNex, and unlocked GNex. Cheers!

  • MSlab

    I think I only have 6 so far. Proprietary connectors like on the Transformer help to keep that number down.

  • evltwn

    I have 4 usb cables right now.

  • Kidqwik

    I’d say around 10 or so. I gave a few away and then had some to bring to work to charge my phone on various computers and one for my desktop, my laptop, and I keep one in the car too if I’m traveling.

  • about 12

  • A.J.

    I’m honestly not sure, but my wife and I have 2 Android devices a piece as well as some accessories that take them. The sad part is that I probably have just as many mini USB cables because I don’t like throwing cables away.

  • onDroid

    Currently I only have 4, 5 if you count the one that I lost the plug adapter for. None of them are as cool as Andru though. If I will it I will have to find someplace with a socket in my house that isn’t hidden behind a piece of furniture so that I can admire him in all his glory.

  • Masterminded

    Only 3, I just use other people’s that are around the house

  • Justin W

    I have no clue where they all came from, but I currently actively use 3 (N4, N7, N10), and have about 9-10 extras lying around… Two from when I had the OG droid, one from the Bionic, and the others… I have no clue.

  • brandito

    I have three.

  • I probably have 100

  • I have gathered upwards of probably 20 micro usb cables over the years between tablets, phone chargers, work phone, etc… Too many to count! But I always have one handy 🙂

  • I have 6 of them. 2 work, 1 in my car, and 3 at home.

  • I’ve got 4 or 5 cables lying around, for various devices.

  • Raven

    Hmm, counting by distance, 3 at work, 1 in my car, 3 in the family SUV, and so many at home I could never be sure, but I would say at least 10. Just ordered 2 brand new zip-link retractable ones. They are very handy while they work, but tend to wear out and go bad.

  • carluverdrm2004

    I have probably 5 or so. One from an enV Touch, one for my OG Droid, replacement for Droid, My original G-Nex cord, a crappy walmart cord that didn’t work with my G-Nex very well, and a cord from verizon that works fine.

  • i have 4 microUSB cables

  • I would say at least 5 cables.

  • Waaaaay too many!

  • Eldorath

    Oh.. god… how many cables… lets see.

    I have at least 4 in each car.. so that’s 8… I carry 6 with me in my backpack (so that’s 14 so far), 3 in my camera bag,(17) 2 in the kitchen (19), 2 in the bedroom (21) 1 in my daughter’s room (22) 4 in the family room (26) and 5 here at the office… (31)

    Now.. that’s JUST the micros.. I also carry Mini’s with me as well as have a few of each of those at the same locations…

    Holy crap.. I need to get rid of some cables I think.

  • Todd Rosencrans

    I have so many that I can’t even count. I think I might have a USB cable plugged into every outlet in my house and even more in storage.

  • James_Kernicky

    I have one plugged in at home, one it my suitcase, one in my car, one plugged in at work, one in my laptop bag, and probably 5 more in my box of cords that hasn’t seen daylight in a few years.

  • Diego Diaz

    Thats hard to keep track….definitely a couple of dozen, as others have mentioned…they tend to disappear randomly into oblivion

  • BikerBob1789

    I think 5. 3 of which I can find.

  • Only about 8 or so actually, but that’s still more than I need.

  • let’s see, I would have to say that I have about 7…4 at home, 2 in my car and 1 at work…

  • H2Oyeah

    I actually only have 3. One from my droid 2, one from my Galaxy Nexus, and one a buddy at work gave me when he got his Iphone. They functional but that is all that I can say.

  • BAoxymoron

    well lets just say I can’t count it on two hands…

  • Charles Eger

    Only about 3, surprisingly. Gotta love the universal aspect of them though. Take that Apple!

  • 12 at home, 1 in the car, 6 MIA, and 2 fallen soldiers.

  • Ross Sanchez

    8. My 1 year old daughter likes to chew on cords. So were have a few just in case. The rest just don’t work.

  • Three, short to long.

  • hfoster52

    I have about 7-8 but always can’t seem to find the ones that I have designated floaters in the house.

  • Keith Johnson

    Surrounded…by….USB cables…the horror…they’re all….around me…. (sorry got carried away for a sec.) The answers two.

  • Bobby Cornwell

    From all my devices, I have about 11

  • DroidCzar

    At least ten, wait make that twenty… No wait…over thirty. I have two in each car, four at work,a few by the bed, a few more in the office, a couple tucked away by the couch, and now my kids have some too.

  • Tac

    Over the years I’ve gone through at least 8 or so. But I like to keep things clean so I’m down to 3 now.

  • Humberto Cortes

    I have around 6 micro usb’s and about 9 miniusb’s o_O way to many but always come in handy…

  • Oh God, microUSB throughout the years? Theres dozens between all of the phones I’ve had, and thats not counting tablets, iPads, iPhones (sorry), and Playstation accessories.

  • I am going to say at least 50.

  • kkanemt

    i have about 9 chargers accumulated over the years

  • 4n1m4L

    Let’s see. 3 stand alone battery chargers(2 for my wife 1 for me), the pogo dock for my gnex, the 7, the one hanging off the computer for adb work, the one at the TV for my HDMI dock, car charger, work charger. 9 then.

  • richard gurska

    I haven’t gathered many……with children around, they all seem to dissappear

  • Right now I think I have about 5

  • eazyean1

    i have about 10 ! and for some reason they all stopped working so hopefully i can win this and have a reliable charger !

  • zmancbr

    Well like most users here I have a TON of them. Definitely more chargers than I have devices. I tend to keep them scattered throughout the house, car, and office to have a charger handy when needed. My guess is I have around 10 scattered about

  • bonanzalarry

    I have enough to stash every place I sit at for more than 5 minutes regularly. probably around 12.

  • Bweiand

    I have gathered about 15-20. I will gather a lot more in the future.

  • ryanwv24

    8 the number is 8

  • Bradley Ruiz

    Got 6 at home and 2 at work 🙂

  • Michael Forte

    Probably at least ten.

  • Im up to 7 Micro USB cables!

  • I have a small box of micro USB cables so in total I have Luke 45 cables total

  • Christopher Mann

    gestalt guess is going to say 14

  • B J Books

    17….that I can remember

  • at least more than 10 micro usbs!

  • Rich Hamilton

    On my desk alone I see 5. 2 busted ones I need to throw out.
    2 in the bedroom for my wife and my phone,
    2 in our living room for same devices,
    1 in our sons room for their media player (my old Sony x10)
    1 in the car as well.

  • gimlet72

    I have about 6 micro usb cables and I use all of them

  • Adam Staggenborg

    Too many to count!

  • timmy13

    I have at least a dozen starting with the OG Droid and my 3 and 5 year old boys are starting their own collection with their new nexus 7’s that they love and are on their way to mastering. They would love a little droid to charge their devices.

  • DanSan

    i stopped counting after i made a giant bin just for them. probably like 20-30

  • Joshua Dudash

    I have tons… more than I could ever use. I have atleast 4 for every room so that wherever i am, im not hunting for socket.. with phones like the GNex.. its hard too keep a full battery.

  • i think i have four or five at this point…

  • At least a dozen… or two? Maybe? It’s all a big knot!

  • Matt Kelley

    The amount of Micro USB cables i’ve collected are enough to bungee jump off of the grand canyon.

  • Josh Parish

    2 in bedroom (each from our phones for overnight charging)
    4 in living room (1 from my wife’s Nook, 1 from bluetooth headset, 1 spare)
    2 (1 in each of our cars)
    1 in my laptop bag for charging at work

  • I must have at least 10 microUSB cables by now. How many are functioning properly at this point may be another story entirely…

  • BigLa

    Probably about 20, yet I still can’t seem to find one when I need it.

  • Brent Cooper

    At least 15

  • I had 10 (bulk buy from Asia). Then my kid got a Nexus One. Now… I have one cable left and I’m guarding it with a baseball bat! 🙂

  • I’m going to guess about 10 or so. I lost count. But the real question is…what am I going to do with all the miniUSB’s??

  • I’ve gotten ~ 7+,my old blackberry, Htc something, 2 for my epic 4g 1 broke, a xoom, a galaxy nexus, and a note 2

  • JMac726

    Not enough. Never enough.

  • Well, I’m guessing I’ve gotten one with every phone, tablet, mp3 player & camera I’ve gotten over the last couple years, so probably ~15! Now if you include mini USB then that number jumps even more!

  • Probably at least 10. Definitely more cables than I have devices now.

  • ericcpc

    I have 4-5 micro USB cords but countless mini USB cords. To bad we don’t use those anymore. Just kidding.

  • KB26

    If I didn’t lose them? (LOL)

    Let’s say if I wanted to pull the sun closer to earth (or the earth closer to the sun?), I could. Actually, no, I couldn’t. Still would be cool though.

  • QQpayne

    Well, as my new puppy keeps chewing them up, I am down to two cables at this point. I was considering buying more, but if I win one of these that will save me some cash that can be used to buy dog toys.

  • nyr2k2

    At least 10. If you add in USB mini, then we’re up to about 30. =/

  • Countless. Of course those aren’t all “working” cables. Can’t tell you how many Wal-Mart brands have broken on me :/

  • In my dorm I have at least 3, whereas back home theres at least 7 per person… I’d say around 40

  • I think I’ve accumlated 6, most which no longer work(needing to be put at a certain angle to work)

  • James

    only about 10!

  • Jeff Broders

    Jeeze…. I usually have more cables than battery capacity it seems. 6 I believe…

  • chey023

    About 7. They are becoming the new RCA cables.

  • Dale Bloom

    Wow…ummm….at least 6 or 7

  • I have 3 in my room and 2 at work. I’d have more but I’ve lent them to people who have never returned them.

  • Hunter

    If I count personal as well as work micro cords I probably have a dozen.

  • EvanTheGamer

    I’ve gathered more than I care to admit. Seriously, over the last several years, over 20 probably. These MicroUSB cables have a tendency of disappearing for some strange reason.

    • Justin W

      I hoard them for this reason. In fact, I hoard all cords/cables that come with products that I don’t use in the off-chance that I actually need them one day.

  • moelsen8

    I have a bookbag half-filled with them. Some from phones, most of them impulse buys on daily deals and amazon etc. for cheap ones, so that I can leave 2 or 3 wherever I’m going and never have to worry about not being able to recharge.

  • Beau Dailey

    i have 6 microUSB cables altogether.

  • Christopher Temples

    I think i’m up to a good dozen or so.

  • I have accumulated four MicroUSB cords over the past three years

  • SD_Scott

    I have no clue how many I have acquired as I generally give them away with my old phones… But I can tell you I desperately want to win this one!!!

  • SubMatrix

    I probably have around 5 microusb cables: the two android phones I’ve owned, a cable I keep at work, my car charger, and a spare one.

  • Kevin Jones

    I have one charger in each major room of my house. At my desk at work, I have no fewer than three MicroUSB cables, one of which my phone is always plugged into.

  • KRS_Won

    FOUR! Four micro-usb cables.

  • Tim Buchanan

    I’ve got a basket full.

  • PhantomPtI

    If I didn’t keep on losing my cables, I’d have about 4 by now.

    Somehow these sneaky things keep on disappearing everytime you don’t pay attention to them!

  • Damien Garbett

    Lucky 7!

  • Between Work my car and my house i have about 15 of them laying around in various places im never with out.

  • T4rd

    It’s hard to find a USB cable to last a long time. I still have the 3′ cables that came with our OG Droids (had two for me and wife) and they work great after 3 years. I’ve bought at least 4-5 different ones on Amazon and had them crap out in a few months (connecter no longer makes a connection). I think I have at least 8 functional ones at the moment now though; 3-4 at home, 3 in the car (one is wearing out) one at work, and one in my backpack in case I need it at school.

    USB fast charge kernels FTW B-).

  • Micro USB Cables..3. One each for my Droid Incredible, Galaxy Nexus and Touchpad..

    Mini USBs..now that is another story..

  • Rafa Sandoval

    … six.

  • Andrew

    10+ easy.

  • John

    I’d say around 8 or 9. Only 1 that I can actually tell you where it is =P

  • Joshua Russell

    I have about 13 USB to Micro USB cables, and about 11 Micro USB to Proprietary port chargers (Think Samsung/Motorola). I also have more than a few other forms of charging cables from way older phones (Pre-OG Droid).

    I would love this charger for my desk. The only way it could be better is if it somehow incorporated Doctor Who!

  • Tom Cavey

    Black Loyd going to call him Floyd Because he is noyd&coyd&his uncle is Freud and this is now null and void:)

  • SysWiz

    Probably over 10. (But I can only locate about 3 at any one time.)

  • My first android phone was the OG Moto Droid, still one of my favorite phones. I have probably collected over 10 cables. One for almost everywhere and some spares just in case…

  • Oh, geez. How many cables? I don’t think I can count that high. At least a dozen. I have more mico usb cables than I have RCA cables.

  • I have at least 10

  • I counted how many I have a couple days ago and I was surprised to only find 9 cables with matching ac adaptors

  • Ethan

    I’m going to have to go with 7. Four from phones, one extended, one replacement, and a backup. Now I just plug them in all over the house to have when I need!

  • MikeD675

    I probably have 10 cables lying around.

  • Scott Breitbach

    Probably a dozen USB cables of varying sizes and ends, plus three USB “extension cords” for lack of a better term.

  • I have two cables and I would love this charger!!!!

  • Let’s see, 42 of course!

  • beng8686

    At least 20.

  • Frank Urbanski

    I’ve had 3 Android Devices (Xoom doesn’t count for this) and 2 sets of “travel kits.” So I have 5. Oh, 6, I bought one for work.

  • InyRules

    I’ve only accumulated 4 over the years. My first came from an old Nokia stainless steel slider in 2007. I have one in the office, one in the car, one at home, and the last one I keep on me just in case.

  • fajitatt

    I might have gotten to double digits, but I have lost a few throughout the years. I have about 7 right now. 🙂

  • At least four. One with OG Droid, one with Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, and at least one of my hard drives enclosures.

  • Joseph Pojunis

    I’ve got about 12 micro USB chargers.

  • I have two cables and would love a charger!!

  • 2 in the bedroom, 2 under the coffee table, 1 at my desk, 2 in the car and I’m sure a couple more some where.

    *note: cheap retractable microUSB cables from ebay only work for some phones; good thing they were only $1 each*

  • Kevin Rees

    I have quite about 6 micro usb cables along with 4 more mini usb cables with mini to micro conversion tips. Would love to have this little guy on the end of one of them!

  • donthateme13

    i currently have 8 usb cables at home, and 2 cables at work and one in the car…christ they should just stop including these things

  • nsauce7

    maybe about 10. few from phones, few people have left few i have found here or there.

  • ToddAwesome

    I have 10 microUSB cables. I have a problem.

  • I have collected so many its hard to even count but that’s mainly because I have lost so many ha ha

  • I’ve built up at least 7-8 over the past few years. What kills me is when a phone seems to really be picky to have a specific charger (razr maxx, from what I’ve heard).

  • I have collected about 10+ micro usb cables over the years of owning so many different droids lol. and i keep finding more! all of different lengths

  • Probably 10, few from phones, few from amazon.

  • bobbymay1

    I have about 6, one of them being a retractable one that I keep in my backpack.

  • Sven Enterlein

    I think half a dozen maybe.

  • I think I only have five cables. I must just be unlucky, I keep having them break on me. I don’t know how they break but they all just stop working eventually. Perhaps Andru is luckier?

  • JoshGroff

    2 at work, 2 at home, one in my car with my mophie juice pack.

  • I’ve got about 30 chargers and I am first!!!! 🙂

  • sweatychocolate

    I say about 8.

  • TomStieger

    I have a bout 5 micro-USB cables, but what am I going to do with all my mini-USB cables?

  • Nick Hurlock

    I only have two, one for my ipod, other for my phone. I had a lot, but they keep breaking…

  • PhillipNorris

    i have about 5 micoUSB cables. One of which always stays in my car or on me.

  • I believe, at last count, we have 10 microUSB cords, but only 5 working wall socket adapters. And I totally lost track of the miniUSB cords we have for other devices, like cameras, hard drives, etc.

  • I gather only 1 microUSB charger.

  • ssjnimma

    all I can say is way to many…. but you cannot never have to many USB cords laying around! never know when you may need that “one” cable 😛

  • Jeff Torres

    They carry weapons and they know if you’ve been bad or good…

  • LGT

    Surprisingly I’ve only collected about 4-5 micro cables so far. Its just enough to have some at work, home, bedroom, and spare for travel. They are all different power outputs though so some are much better than others.

  • Bauce40

    I am currently using about 4, so that plus all the extras at least 10 over the years

  • beng8686

    At least 20 cables. Can never have enough I guess.

  • How many MicroUSB cables have I gathered over the years?

    I could charge more devices than I have outlets.
    I could jump rope with them.
    I could fill a room with them.
    I could probably actually lasso the moon with them.

    … so I have a few.

    • EC8CH

      …but can you charge an Apple device with them?

      • James_Kernicky

        Yes if that “thin” apple device has the thick extended battery/case that uses microUSB…the thing is hideous

      • Jason Brown


    • T4rd

      I just want to say (if you’re the real MKB), that your vids are awesome. I’m only subbed to 3 channels on Youtube, you’re one of them ;-).

      Keep up the great work!

      • EC8CH

        I second this. Very well produced high quality stuff. I also give him cred for being a DL reader.

    • you should write a dr. suess book about it..

  • I have about 6 MicroUSB but still about 15 MiniUSB from old devices

  • Chris Batson

    3 or 4 broken ones, 3 that still work.

  • Adrian O.

    I have about 4-5 in my house at this moment. Not that many. (I hope it’s not US only)

  • Probably 4. Gained some, lost some. You know how it goes.

  • duke69111

    I have 4 or 5.

  • Not too bad, I only have around 3 or 4 I think…

  • Hazadriel

    Somewhere around 10 cables or so over the years.

  • I have honestly lost count on how many usb cables I have acquired over the years. I feel as if I could build some sort of crazy house with them all. haha

  • I was up to about 15 but I started handing them out. I’m down to about 5 now.

  • I have like 6 or 7 cables.

  • to be honest, i dont think there is a way to count the amount of microUSB’s i have had. i can say atleast 3 in the past 6 months. ill go with a strong 10 since my OG Droid

  • Roughly between 30-40.

  • JSK

    I am up to about 4 or 5 active cables. Mainly because I sell them when I get rid of old phones. Rarely can you have too many however

  • Fredy Nativi

    I think I have like ten.
    Pick me for once though.

  • About 10