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Samsung’s Global Galaxy Note II Sales Exceed 5 Million Units

Samsung’s products continue to meet and exceed their own sales expectations, with the newest being their ginormous Galaxy Note II. In two months alone, five million units were sold globally, which as you may recall is still quite limited in terms of market availability. Now that the U.S. is able to get their overly-sized hands on the device, you can expect even more units to ship and their numbers to bulge.

I’ve been spending more time with the device, and I must say I’m becoming more accepting of its size. Yes, I have to frequently two hand it, and yes, I look silly in public, but the display is gorgeous and the speed is incredible. If you’re on the fence still, check out our review and maybe it will help you decide which phone is right for you.

Via: Samsung

  • Joe

    The Galaxy Note 2 is the phone to have this year bar none hands down. It is the best mix of device and all of the other phones look like children’s toys compared to the might of the Note 2!

  • sam_evans7

    For Verizon?!? chirp… chirp…

  • wm snyder

    mine is being shipped the 27th so by mid week i should have it

  • JWellington

    I’ve had this phone on T-Mobile for 2-3 weeks now and it is a fantastic phone. This is the first phone that can truly keep up with me. I must say though, I do miss AOSP, but I am working arduously to port CM10 to this phone.

  • Jon

    I can see this device in my near future. I want to wait till I can get it for a decent price on craigslist though. I’m talking $400 range.

    • wm snyder

      i see December 2013 in your $400 future

      • Jon

        No way. I say more like July.

  • cgalyon

    I was torn between this and the Optimus G. In the end I went with the Optimus due to price and the GPU (though I doubt I’ll play many games). It was a really tough decision and I’m still not confident I made the right one. I bought off contract and am prepping to use T-Mobile. I’m hoping the Optimus will be unlocked soon, but I suspect the Note 2will end up with better dev support.

    • Jon

      Well…if the GSIII is any sign of how the Note II will be supported by the dev community, you may have backed the wrong horse.

      This is ultimately why I think I would also pass on the HTC DNA. And the Touchwiz features Samsung brings to the table are actually quite good. Enough that I keep returning to TouchWiz based roms for my GSIII despite plenty of other choices that are more stock.

      Side load the new 4.2 camera on samsung devices and your all set for a great experience.

      • cgalyon

        Indeed, judging by the number sold thus far, the Note 2 is likely to have a large enough user base that it will be well supported. On the other hand, stores are doing extremely little to advertise the Optimus G. Based on that and the prospect of having a shattered back, I’m not sure there will be much Dev support. Plus I’ll have a phone with a shattered back. I think a return trip is in my near future.

  • Aaron Fredricks

    i’m legitimately surprised every time i see someone on the street with this device, and ive seen it A LOT. i always figured that there wasnt a big market for phablets but it looks like i was seriously wrong.

  • KT

    I’m definitely getting it as soon as VZW releases it.

  • Going for the Note 2 when it comes out on Verizon! Cannot wait! Glad to hear you’ve gotten more used to the size of the device.

  • Nicholassss

    Do these numbers include verizon presales?

    • Think like last time they’re going with actual amount sold.

  • Bionicman

    cant wait to get this. i’am soooooooo ready.

  • Can’t wait for mine to ship from vzw.

  • jonathon johnston

    I will probably be picking this up this week when it arrives in stores. I am 95% positive I am going with this over the DNA. The DNA screen alone cannot win out over the additonal benefits of the Note 2 (sd slot, battery, TouchWiz>Sense)

    @DL, can you all please do a mini-review of the Verizon version this week, as mentioned in the original review?

    • KT

      I agree. Although the DNA’s screen is REALLY nice.

  • Immolate

    Verizon said it would ship by the 27th, so we should see the emails soon. I’m pretty stoked. I’m a little jealous of the folks on the other carriers for getting theirs early, but Verizon knows they are the best network, so they feel safe abusing us.

    Which other carriers have the split window feature already? I understand that will ship with the Verizon version.

  • blootzm3

    I’m waiting for the Nexus Note,

    • wm snyder

      lol no back glass pls.!!

  • nightscout13


  • Steve Douglas

    Looking forward to my pre-order!!

  • zUFC

    Quick question for you guys. I was in a Verizon store the other day and saw a LG big phone. I think it’s supposed to be similar to the Note2. Do you guys know which one I’m talking about? And if so, is that how big the note is? I’m not making fun of it or anything but that LG was huge!!!! I couldn’t see myself talking on it. But maybe the Note is more sleek (narrower).

    • Teng Taing

      Note 2 is not as wide since the LG one is a 4:3 display so its not widescreen

      • zUFC

        Thanks all of you. That phone was hideous. Thank god the Note has a more normal aspect. I could not see using Anything that looked like that. I knew the Note looked better in pics but I haven’t seen one yet and wanted to make sure it didn’t look like that thing. They can’t sell any of those, do they?

    • Cjl1092

      You were looking at the LG Intuition. It’s got a screen as big as the Note but it’s a different aspect ratio. The note 2 is narrower the intuition. Screen size wise they are comparable but the aspects are completely different.

      • Immolate

        The Intuition is ponderous and unwieldy due to its strange aspect ratio. It actually has more square inches of screen, but is unfortunately hideous.

    • droidsung

      LG intuition has 4:3 screen ratio. that’s why it looks so huge and wide. Note 2 has 16:9 ratio, so it feels much narrower.

    • wm snyder

      just turn your head the other way to see yourself talking on it in the mirror….lol see a private conversation no one can see you talking.

  • hkklife

    What would be even more incredible is it the retarded US carriers offered 32 or 64Gb versions of this beast!

    • Nicholassss

      At least it has an SD slot, so mine will be 32 whick is just the right amount for me, and more than a lot of less nerdy people I know would use.

      • hkklife

        Remember, a 16Gb S3/Note2 has only ~10.6Gb or so usable out of the box. Throw 4-5 modern 3D games on it and a standard load of apps and you are approaching full capacity. Also, keep in mind the Touchwiz camera app mandatorily saves to internal storage for burst mode. I would be fine with 32Gb internal + 32Gb card for media and documents.

        • Nicholassss

          I have a 16 gig RAZR and 16 gig SD card. And I’ve got about 15 gigs total so personally I’m not worried, but I understand where you guys are coming from

      • ceejw

        That SD slot is compeletly useless for people who want to use Google Music cloud sync to store music locally. It will only save to internal storage.

        • Jon

          why not just store music locally the old fashioned way? copy the MP3 files to your SD Card, and then rely on Google Music for the extra stuff you don’t need to have at the ready?

          You can also just buy a 64 Gig SD card and probably easily store all of your music.

  • MotoRulz

    I cant wait to double clutch this baby in my hands..

  • DC_Guy

    Still (not so patiently) waiting for my shipping notification from Verizon. Waiting sucks!

    • michael arazan

      Verizon, screwing up phone releases since 2010!
      [Days of Customer Satisfaction : 0]

      • DC_Guy

        Lol well they charged my credit card yesterday so I assume it’s shipping today!

  • interstellarmind

    size is one thing, but for me the exynos, micro SD card, 3100 mAh battery, and stylus support are what make it the best phone around.

    If I were t base my decision on price alone, though, it’d have to be the Nexus 4.

    • Jon

      I still think if you just put AOKP or Cyanogen mod on the GSIII…you basically have an excellent equivolent to the Nexus 4. Plus you get LTE and SD card slot and removable battery.

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  • Kevin Rees

    I’m still loving mine.