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Nexus 4 Available From Daily Steals for $499, Still Sold Out Everywhere Else

The LG Nexus 4 in both 8GB and 16GB versions is still sold out through Google Play and T-Mobile’s website, yet somehow, Daily Steals has enough inventory to feature the device in one of their “deals.” For $499, which is $150 more than Google is selling it, you can pick up the 16GB version for the next few hours. Seems a bit silly, but hey, this is your option at the moment if you can no longer live without Google’s hot new phone.

Via:  DailySteals

Cheers Brad, Jon, and everyone on Twitter!

  • Simon Belmont

    Ha, $499. That sure is a steal, from anyone that buys it, if they’re that desperate.

    Just be patient and you’ll be rewarded. I was rewarded with a 32GB Nexus 7 for my patience.

  • LemonSKunnk

    HSPA+…42 Mbps! will never run on verizon sprint as well as a few other, will only work on sim card companies supporting HSPA+ and GSM…c’mon all you have to do is read the specs folks.

  • Shaggy723

    Patience is truly a virtue.

  • moelsen8

    FYI – the time it takes them to process and ship their items is horrible.. just plain horrible. by the time they get around to actually shipping it to you (a few weeks to a month from today) the play store will likely have been restocked (hopefully). this is a stupid “deal”.

  • Sucks they don’t have comments or reviews for people to laugh at this price and warn people that its not a deal at all.

  • I’ve heard they take your money, hold you in limbo until they can purchase the phone, then send you the phone.

    • JusMe21

      This is VERY true! Went through EXACTLY (^^THIS^^) when I purchased a Galaxy Nexus from them. ALL who are reading the comments, DAILY STEALS IS THE WORST! DO NOT BUY!

  • rdnrvn

    Does it really have 4G as mentioned in the title?

    • Depends on what you call 4G. It will not (and never will, despite rumors) work on Verizon’s CDMA/LTE band.

    • Yes it has 4G on At&t and TMobile’s networks but it doesn’t have LTE (outside of unofficially in Canada with alittle tweeking in the settings)

  • John Simonelli

    Haha $799. Sorry for the fella that believes that.

  • jldleo

    Ohhh sooo tempting but the Note2 is here this week on Verizon and i really have to have that phone.

  • Syrio35

    I will stick with my clunky old TB for now. It’s silly that a 2 yo phone can do things that this one can’t.

    • S_T_R

      Okay, I’ll bite. Like what?

      • Work on Verizon and LTE is likely coming

        • Are you saying this because of what happened in canada or Googles really working on it? Not trolling just really want to know haha.

      • BillMilton

        4G . . . have you been living under a rock?

        • S_T_R

          1) No phone has actual 4G, it’s all differing flavors of 3.5G masquerading as fake 4G.

          2) There is very little user difference between T-Mobiles fake 4G DC-HSPA and Verizon’s fake 4G LTE. LTE has higher uploads (what are you uploading from a phone that needs that bandwidth?) and lower latency, DC-HSPA doesn’t eat your battery alive. AT&T is a different story, FOR NOW. Rest assured that their LTE network will run as poorly as their HSPA and GSM networks in due time.

          3) Regardless of where I have been living, last time I stuck my head out, the TB was a POS. It appears to still be true.

      • Syrio35

        The new phones coming out don’t play flash, right (it’s not available or something along those lines)? If that’s the case then it’s another thing my phone can do that a Nexus 4 can’t, on top of the 4g thing.

        • nhizzat

          It’s not difficult to install flash on any Android device…

        • S_T_R

          Google “Adobe Flash APK”. Adobe hosts the last version on their website for download and sideload. Flash works on Dolphin and Firefox on Android 4.1+.

          • Syrio35

            Ok, expandable memory.

        • The internet switched to HTML5. The only thing that truly needs flash is annoying ads and desktop porn sites..

    • nhizzat

      There’s certain things this phone can do that the TB can’t: last a whole day on a single charge and get software updates. How’s ICS? Oh wait, there’s still no OTA.

      • Syrio35

        2.7k mA battery fixed that. Uglied up a handsome phone but considering the heavy casing (always a worthwhile investment if you don’t have the cash to get a new phone monthly) it’s not a big deal.

  • JDub

    Daily steals indeed.

  • its not even $799 in europe lol

  • Daniel Clifford

    Still cheaper than Ebay

  • sc0rch3d

    but it’s a 38% discount!!!!

  • Chris

    They list it at $799…. Seriously LOL