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DROID DNA Owners, How’s Your Battery Holding Up?

There have been many who question HTC’s placement of a 2,020 mAh battery inside of the new DROID DNA. Reviews from all over the web have shown nothing but mixed feelings toward it – some giving it terrible marks, while others gave it rather good ratings, including ours. What reviews sometimes lack is real world experience, which we know we can rely on our community for. 

If you are the owner of a DROID DNA, let us know down below if your battery is getting you through a day of activity. If it can withstand a holiday weekend, we are sure it can hold up to anything. Feel free to go into detail on usage and if you would recommend the device to fellow readers. For some, the battery life is essentially the only thing that could hold them back from snatching it up.

Cheers D!

  • droid owner

    Awesome phone overall but the battery life is terrible.

  • lucas

    I am a sophomore in highschool and this phone gets me though about 2 days with the juice defender app

  • dip

    100% went to work at 8. Bored at work and left at noon so texting facebooking with WiFi. Now 2pm and at 35% . Thinking a phone shouldn’t need to be charged twice in one day. Not impressed but like phone. Only negative is battery.

  • Jamilack

    Easily getting through an entire day (and then some) of normal use. Not worried about the battery one bit! Confused why so many reviewers said it was awful.

  • soopahK

    I have the DNA and compared to my Galaxy Nexus the battery life is incredible. It lasts at least twice as long.

  • monica

    I love this phone. And the battery life is amazing. It lasts all day and night.

  • Proud owner here. Mine lasted for 1 day and 7 hours when I tested it. This was under normal usage for me. I had the screen brightness turned down, wifi on, and gps and blootooth off.

    I watched a few videos, texted my girlfriend, sent emails to my friends, and played Trainyard for a while. There were about 7 hours where I was asleep.

  • TJWaterskier

    Now that I’ve had it a week I feel I can fairly judge the battery life

    LTE: 10 -14 hours of “heavy” use (4 out of 5 bars)
    WIFI: 16 -17 hours of “heavy” use (Wireless N)
    3G: 9 -10 hours of “heavy” use (1 maybe 2 out of 5 bars)

    “Heavy” Use: For >50% of phone being powered on, screen =100% brightness, active in-use data connection. (Use varies between Netflix, Google hangout video-chatting , general web-browsing)

  • steve machowsky

    MEMORY PROBLEMS ?! DNA MIGHT SUPPORT USB OTG! (usb flash drive solves that problem !) Currently doing research seeing as I dont have DNA yet to test it! ANYONE HAVE SUCCESS?

  • Rich

    Using for business….so very little surfing/music/vids….heavy email/txt’g…so I’m getting a FULL day with no re-charge til bedtime for next day.

    • cocamoxb

      I, as well, am using for 90% business and have the same experience.

  • Saul Hudson

    For regular usage it’s the best battery I’ve ever owned (previous phones were Galaxy Nexus, Photon 4G, and HTC EVO 4G). I’m at 5% right now after 42 hours off the charger. That’s not just sitting in the drawer the whole time, that’s real usage with gps, wifi, 4g, speakerphone, texting, camera, web, gtalk, tapatalk, etc. I know there are phones with better batteries but all the reports that talked about how HTC “blew it” with this battery were way off base in my experience.

    • dannyboi492

      What is your screen time like because mine only last 12-14 hrs