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A Few Cyber Monday Deals to Check Out: Galaxy Tab 10.1 for $299, Kindle Fire for $129, Cheap SD Cards, and More

The long Thanksgiving weekend is over, so that can mean only one thing, time to shop online. “Cyber Monday” is upon us, with some decent deals already arriving at the usual stops like Amazon, Best Buy, and Office Depot. We’ve gathered the first batch for you below, but will ask that you post up as many good deals as you can find in the comments throughout the day. There are bound to be some sneaky ones out there that we haven’t found. 


  • Kindle Fire ($129 when using promo code FIREDEAL)
  • Tablets (Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) $179, Acer Iconia Tab A700 $349, and other random tablets)
  • microSD Cards (SanDisk Ultra 64GB $42, 32GB $18, 16GB $12)
  • Google TV (LG 47″ Cinema 3D 120Hz Google TV $948)

Amazon Phones:



*All require new 2-year contracts

Best Buy:

Google Play:

Office Depot:

If you run into any other great deals, be sure to share them in the comments!

  • Sale has ended on the 32gb n7 at ebay. Drat!

  • wirefly has the droid dna for 149

  • the s3 on amazon for verizon , 74.99 for upgrading customers also and they all have been on back order since saturday when they dropped the price

  • What tablet would you get? Nexus 10 or Note 10.1?

  • Google offer, $18 for this from newegg


  • EvanTheGamer

    There should have been better Android games on sale today, not just bloody IAP bs.

  • Amenemhat1

    Just picked up the Nexus 7 32GB for $229 on eBay. Actually $205.67 with my accumulated eBay Bucks! Sweet!

  • gpzbc

    Does anyone know if buying a phone on Amazon forces you to change to the shared plans? Or can we just stay on our current (non-unlimited) plan?

    • Amenemhat1

      Yes you can stay on the current plan, read the options very carefully though; you don’t want to make a wrong selection that will send you down the customer service line hell hole to get everything fixed again. The only prerequisite is that you are eligible for an upgrade

      • gpzbc

        Cool. Thanks

  • Paul

    Walmart online is giving out $100 eGift cards with all smartphones. You don’t get it right away but it’s still a good deal. I decided on the Note 2 and ordered it from them so it essentially was only $200.

    Note that for some phones (like the Note 2 and DNA), you have to search for the phone – they don’t show them when browsing through categories.


    • Steve Douglas

      I saw the note 2 listed , but not for Verizon… Were you able to find the note 2 for verizon?

      • Paul

        Just search “Note”. The verizon one doesn’t seem to show up when you add “2” to it (which is stupid). Also, be forewarned that my current status is “Approved – Awaiting Inventory” so you might not get it this week. I’m not sure how many are back ordered or how many they can get from the manufacturer etc.

        • Steve Douglas

          Thanks! I just ordered mine as well!!

  • Be weary of the 64GB cards, will NOT work in Moto phones and some others, but it does work in the SGSIII

    • BSweetness

      While Motorola says that only up 32GB cards are officially supported, 64GB cards do in fact work. I had a 64GB card in my RAZR MAXX, and I know people who have 64GB cards in their MAXX HD and RAZR M. They all work just fine.

  • DanWazz

    I remember when Cyber Monday meant something completely different.

  • PuzzleShot

    For Virgin Mobile customers, the HTC EVO V 4G (EVO 3D) is on sale for $149, the One V is $89, and the Samsung Galaxy Reverb is $99

  • Mack

    Droid RAZR M is $0.01 for new customers AND upgrades now on Amamzon.

    • Anyone know if there’s a way to get an upgrade on Amazon and still keep unlimited data? (I’ve got one smartphone line and one basic line in a family plan, both off contract currently.)

      • I’d also like to know this as well. I have 2 smartphone lines 2 basic lines. The two smartphone lines are off contract still sporting unlimited 3G. I’m ok being without 4G at this point if it means avoiding data caps.

        • If you move to 4G and don’t pay full price for a phone, you’re SOL

          • If I were to buy a 4G enabled phone without subsidy would I be able to get unlimited 4G as well as 3G? (again, my current phone is non-4G) I kinda doubt I can get unlimiited 4G at this point, but I figured I’d ask anyway.

        • r0lct

          Go to a Verizon store and say you’re only willing upgrade if you keep unlimited. Depending on how long you’ve had the upgrade (longer = better) they are still working one-off deals. I know of someone who did the same going from DInc2 to DNA.

      • ToddAwesome

        I’m assuming you’re referring to buying a subsidized phone off Amazon? Then the answer is no. You can only keep unlimited by paying full price for the phone or buying it elsewhere (Craigslist, friend, etc) and activating it.

      • Are you planning on using it on the unlimited line you have now? If so you can buy it on the basic line then when you get it call and cancel the new data and switch it to the unlimited line you have now and put the basic phone back on.

        • Yes, planning to use it on my unlimited line. I *do* plan on also renewing the basic (no data) line to a newer free basic phone at some point too, if it matters. I’ve thought of what you mentioned here. I confirmed in the past that I won’t get hit with an ETF, but that the ETF for that basic line will stay up at the higher ($350) rate. Doesn’t Amazon have a term like Wirefly though that states that you have to keep whatever plan you chose for 180 days or else you get hit with $200 fee?

          Edit: Ah, just answered by 1001400ex, above. If anyone can think of a way around this, I’m all ears.

          • Guest

            Ah, just answered by 1001400ex, above. If anyone can think of a way around this, I’m all ears.

          • bogy25

            I bought the Razr Maxx HD right out – $699 on Amazon Wireless – when I received it I called Verizon from the phone and activated it keeping my existing Unlimited Data plan and I still have my upgrade available too. It was the only way. I had points on Amazon that applied towards it and 12 month financing. The phone has been worth it but I do wish the camera was better. Coming from the Thunderbolt (which I still have) this phone is better in every way but the camera. Good luck

      • Nits

        Yesterday I got my wife new Droid DNA on my upgrade of unlimited plan. The representative told me he can do it without losing my unlimited. I did not trust him and was watching every screen he was moving to transfer the upgrade. Happy to say I was able to keep my unlimited and wifey got a new phone. I would say try at the local store than looking information online.

        • This was in your VZW store, yes? That’s what I originally figured would be the only possible way, but hoping I can figure out a way to do it on Amazon so I’m not spending $300 for the maxx hd.

          • 2001400ex

            When I called Amazon, they said you have to keep the phone on the activated line for 180 days or pay a $250 penalty. I paid the $300 as that was the only way to keep unlimited data.

          • Bah, this was what I figured. Curious if there’s a way to work around this. Thanks.

      • I know you’re not *supposed* to be able to keep unlimited. I’m talking about a workaround. You know, using a little creativity (that’s why I included my situation in my original post).

        • matti861

          stop with the unlimited nonsense. You probably dont even use enough data to warrant keeping it

          • enigmaco

            I use enough for it, and my bill is cheaper compared to the shared everything plan.

          • FYI smart ass- if I move into tiered data, I’m really going to be shelling out some dough. Plus once I have 4G, I plan to use it more. Such an angry little elf…

          • Mack

            Dude, do what you have to and keep it, although the only solution really is to just buy a phone un-subsidized. I’ve been learning this week just how much faster I chew through data with an LTE phone and I’m beyond glad I kept unlimited. 2GB would definitely not be enough for me as it would have been on my 3G phone. I’m pretty sure I’ll even go a bit over 4GB of data by the end of the month, haha too much YouTube.

          • matti861

            it doesn’t make a data consumption difference if you’re on 3g or 4g. The page or movie you are loading is the same size regardless. I bet you avg less than a gig a month

          • Bryan7737

            Actually I average 8

          • Exactly Mack, you got the point. I already go well over 2GB on a regular basis and that’s the equivalently priced plan. I’d use more if I wasn’t switching to wifi to get better throughput. But let’s not keep feeding the hate monger…

          • matti861

            Ok shut me up then. What is your avg monthly data consumption? Don’t worry I’ll wait because I know you don’t know off the top of your head

          • Dorian Brooks

            3.8 GB but have maxed out @ 8.1GB…. I’m just saying

    • Told my girlfriend’s mom about this little deal. She was on the fence between an iphone 5 and GS3, and I gave her the best of both worlds with this suggestion (compact and android). She can’t put it down now, and it was only a penny!

  • Which one of those sdcards is going to be the fastest? I seem to remember reading something that indicated that the random r/w speeds are the most important. I also feel like I remember hearing that contrary to what one might think, higher random r/w speeds are found on lower class cards (ie. a class 4 would have a higher random r/w than a class 10)

    • They are all Class 10 cards. Should be fast.

      • Sounds good. Thanks.

        • Go with Samsung pro edition of micro SD cards and you can’t go wrong.

  • ssjnimma

    New Egg has some pretty solid deals on SD cards as well…