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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) Available From Verizon for $499

This morning, Verizon and Samsung announced that the Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) with 4G LTE was available starting today for $499. The device packs a 1.0GHz dual-core processor, 10.1″ HD display, 1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage, 7000mAh battery, dual cameras, and 4G LTE. It’s mid-range, if there is such a thing in the tablet world.

If you are interested in picking one up, understand that $499 is the full retail price, meaning you don’t have to sign a contract to buy one. Verizon eliminated tablet contracts when Share Everything plans went live. Now, you buy a tablet that has 4G LTE capabilities and simply attach it to your shared data plan for $10 per month.

Via:  Verizon

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  • kokorico
  • Ancyker

    Specs on this page are wrong. It has a 1.5GHz dual core CPU.


  • What happens if you bought this and tried to “add” it to your unlimited data plan? Would they force you to get a new plan, or because you bought it off contract, let you get unlimited 4g on your tablet as well?

    • Ancyker

      You are not allowed to modify/add anything 4G to unlimited data plans. Some people got reps that didn’t know this though, but that was for phones. You can try it, can’t hurt.

      • So if they said no, then I’d get this and a whole new share data plan just for the tablet in addition to my current unlimited plan? SUCKS

        • Ancyker

          They have tablet-only plans too. I think they are $50 for like 4 or 8GB. I forget, but it was mentioned when I got mine.

  • strider_mt2k

    Thanks for reminding us what a price-gouging cash grab the share pogrom is.

    • Ancyker

      I don’t know about you but my bill went down by nearly $50 when they switched to the share program. And my bandwidth went up to 8GB instead of the 6GB I was getting.

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  • Eldroid

    Question? Don’t most phones now have a Hot spot feature? If I have the share everything plan can I just use my phone hot spot and save the 10 dollars a month?

    • Ancyker

      Yes, I considered this actually. I don’t know about your phone, but my phone dies very quickly with the hot spot active. The tablet lasts literally hours with the screen active and playing games/movies. It’s rated for 10-12 hours of screen-on constant use and it seems to get actually get that which surprised me.

  • ShangTsung702

    *********************************************************************************You can get this on Samsung.com today (Black Friday) for $299.

  • Shawn Goede

    It is wifi correct?

    • chris125

      no 4g lte

  • In other news, you can pickup up a Xoom for about $199, with almost identical specs

    • hkklife

      Xoom actually has 32Gb internal storage which is a HUGE improvement. Other then possibly having a better screen and cameras, there is almost no reason whatsoever to buy this Samsung. Certainly not at this price!

  • Anon

    “Now, you buy a tablet that has 4G LTE capabilities and simply attach it to your shared data plan for $10 per month.”

    Wow, sounds like a bargain!

    Or not.

  • vikings football

    with the galaxy tab 2 7.0 (original 349.00) going for 99.00 (basically 250.00 savings) on verizons black friday, why didnt verizon just add the galaxy tab 2 10.0 to their inventory starting on black friday and adjust the pricing and match the 250.00 discount off of the tab 2 2 7.0 and apply it to the tab 2 10.0 for a black friday price of 249.00?

  • Idiotic pricing.

  • Jim

    What a deal!!

  • RaptorOO7

    IF, it was the Galaxy Note 10.1 on Verizon for that price then maybe but its last years tablet with 4G. This just goes to show Verizon is WAY behind the times.

  • Craig

    This tablet is way over priced. The wifi only version can be found for $280. Since most already have a smartphone why not use the hotspot feature to avoid the additional fees.

  • Whats the point of this?. People never buy tablets on any carriers.Your bill will go up so much that will regret buying it. All of those extras bills will be put to waste when you could’ve bought something else that is actual useful.

  • Yay now I can blow thru my data cap quicker!!! 😀

  • joejoe5709

    Unless you need a 4G LTE tablet or an SD card slot, the Nexus10 has much better specs for slightly cheaper. Duuuumb.

  • rich

    So can someone tell me why a Note 2 with a smaller display is almost twice the price as this??? WTF???

    • baldypal

      I’d have to assume its because the note 2 makes phone calls. Maybe. You think?

      • rich

        The tablet has a 4G chip in it.its basically the same as the note2.

        • baldypal

          So you’re saying you can root it install phone.apk and then make phone calls on the tablet?

          • papi

            yes you can because i jailbroken my ipad and now i make & receives calls from it now

          • baldypal

            Nice. I bet you look good walking around with the iPad to your ear. JK I know you use a Bluetooth device. I’ve always wondered why phones cost so much off contract too.

    • chris125

      probably because that exact reason. Smaller space so the components are smaller and therefore harder to make and drives the price up. Plus they can’t sell it at the nexus price otherwise nobody would ever sign a contract with the carriers for the “subsidy”

  • LegalAmerican

    The Nexus 10 and the Note 10.1 would be either cheaper, or this same price. The Note 10.1 has better specs than the Tab 2 and it has the added S-Pen functionality. I’m struggling to grasp how this is still over $200.00.

  • Why get a Nexus 10 when you can pay more for this.

    • tyguy829

      bbbbut this has the four geees!

    • Steven Dinsdale


    • To help line the pockets of Verizon shareholders of course! What a silly question.

    • Ancyker

      Because a Nexus 10 is a brick when there is no Wifi available. If you only want to use your tablet when there is Wifi or you only want to use apps that don’t need internet, sure, get a Nexus 10. If you actually want to use the internet when not at Starbucks or McDs then you’ll need something with mobile internet.

  • mustbepbs

    Wow, what a great deal.