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Rockstar Game’s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Coming to Android on December 6th

Back in October, Rockstar Games gave word that we could expect to see Grand Theft Auto: Vice City released for Android sometime this Fall. This morning, they have given an official launch date of December 6, just a couple of short weeks away. The game will sell for $4.99, not a bad price at all for one of the world’s greatest games of all time. Yep, I said that without hesitation. As many will wonder, Rockstar has posted which devices will initially support the game and it’s a pretty good list. And yes, the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S3 are on it.

Now all we do is wait.

Via: Rockstar

  • cizzlen

    I’m excited but I never really played GTA III on my SGN as it is. 15 minutes of playing, 35% battery gone 😐

  • Follower

    I want GTA 1&2.

  • S2556

    Awesome!! I loved this game so much back in the day.
    getting it for sure

  • Sweet! Hopefully cheat codes will work like they did in GTA III.

  • FAL_Fan

    My day after my birthday present to myself…hopefully along with the Note 2…

  • Corey Foltman

    and hoping for easter eggs about GTA:V

  • PhillipNorris

    I’m very surprised that the Toshiba Thrive is listed. But at least I know I can play it when it comes out.

  • Dr_Buttballs

    10th anniversary already? Thems was better days.

  • KennyVeltre