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FCC Chairman Publicly Supports Dish Network’s Plan For a Mobile Network

Somewhere, Google execs are excited with today’s news that an FCC chairman has come out and supported Dish Network’s idea that they want their own wireless network. Before Dish can do any actual building of a network, the FCC has to sign off on almost every part of it. Having a chairman support you is a good sign, but doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a done deal.

There are plans for the FCC as a whole to rule on Dish’s network by the end of the year so we might not have to wait that much longer. If the rumors are true that Dish and Google have plans to work together on this venture, you can bet they want to hear sooner rather than later.

Via: The Verge

  • master94

    woo, more competition in the wireless market is always a good thing. Cant wait for Google Wireless and dump VZW and their high price tag

  • sign me up…..my Google phone on a Google network

  • coolsilver

    Get me as good if not better service than Verizon for less than them per month, Unlimited Data. I’ll port. I already have a discount from my work for Verizon. But I’d be happy to pay for better everything. Plus no worry about Nexus phones and LTE. Though I’ll lose data for my Galaxy Tab. It may be worth it.

  • Travis Williams

    First of all, I must state, though Verizon and AT&T will feel pressure from this new Google venture (should it come to fruition), they will not necessarily be in trouble. Verizon and AT&T are smart enough, if just barely, to know when they are in danger of losing customers and adjust accordingly. And as far as nexus devices go, Google is far too smart to stop selling the other carriers their devices.

    Secondly, if Google and Dish do partner into this venture, know it would not have to be a true mobile phone network, thus the VoIP protocol that could need to be implemented. And even if it were a full mobile network, they could have problems getting started (considering the possibility of new construction for the network, and new software implementation.)

    I will say, however, that should this come to pass, it will put the much needed pressure on Verizon and AT&T that consumers need. These two control almost 70% of the mobile services in the US, and thus nave no real competition beyond each other T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular. Should Dish and Google enter this game (especially with the availability of unlimited data plans) they could end up forcing the others to follow suit, or at least lower the premium for tiered data plans.

    Additionally, the only possible downside to this occurring would be for those of us who are data speed freaks and long to keep the high (25-30 mbps average in my case) LTE speeds to which we’ve become accustomed. This would, be the Verizon and AT&T’s hook that keeps us affixed to their service. If however, the new Dish/Google service offered the snappy HSPA+, as one would expect, this would be of little consequence.

    Finally, if Dish/Google were to offer some network changing incentive i.e. a price drop for changing carriers, payment of severance charges, or anything to that effect, coupled with the aforementioned data speeds and full-featured voice services they would undeniably be a force to be reckoned with in the eyes of Verizon and AT&T. This effect would be multiplied two-fold should Dish/Google offer pre- and post-pay plans on their service.

    In conclusion, though this would undoubtedly be a pro in the hearts, minds, and wallets of the average consumer, it could also come with much benefit to those how stick with their current providers and wait for the possible changes in their own rate plans. Add to that the possible array of opportunities that could await those who switch and the imagination can run wild with anticipation. So basically, however you look at it, if this wonderful venture should take place, there is very little chance it will not work out for everyone on the consumer side.

  • Steve Mackliet

    I could see them wanting to merge with T-Mobile. Google has proven with their last nexus 4 that they want to build devices for the world not just America, T-Mobile’s international GSM network would help them achieve that goal fairly quickly. And the near merger between T-Mobile and AT&T proves T-Mobile is for sale.

  • Mark

    Is Google’s network traffic tracking an opt-in or an opt-out?

    • ECH

      We’re talking about a Google here. There’s no way it’ll be a dumb pipe.

  • ddevito

    Does anyone know what cell radio band this would be? Any spectrum insight?

  • EC8CH

    I hope this just doesn’t make it even less likely that we’ll see Nexus devices on Verizon in the future.

    • MikeCiggy

      Even if Google is involved the FCC will want them to make sure they keep the businesses separate just like with Motorola. They can’t only have Nexus devices for their own network it would hurt them.

      Still not expecting a Nexus on Verizon anymore. 🙁

      • Pedro

        If Google can sell a phone that works on 90% of the networks in the world, I’d guess that they could build a network that just MIGHT be compatible with that phone.

    • I think Nexus devices on Verizon again is a dream at this point.

      • tyguy829

        eh you never know. once voLTE is activated and their closed cdma networks is out of the way, an LTE-only nexus could definitely end up on verizon’s frequencies because of the open network policy on their spectrum

  • EC8CH

    This would be awesome for the small number of people who would likely be covered by their service.

  • DanWazz

    This is what I really want for Christmas.

  • QQpayne

    I live in a rural area, a google network would be amazing, but will probably never reach me.

    • It would eventually.

      • Pedro

        And may even come with a Muffin!

        Or maybe a Peanut Butter bar.

      • QQpayne

        Even if it does, I manage a small Verizon retailer so cant turn down the cheap employee plan. Unless I could manage a small Google retailer that is.

    • lgreg64

      but this should put pressure on vzw, att and the rest to lower prices

      • michael arazan

        The FCC Chairman must be a customer on Vzw or ATT to be so hyped about this new network endeavor

    • Dish works in rural areas so maybe this will be the same

    • Stnkycheezman

      Don’t forget about the story of a little town called “Kansas City”. Not unlike Dorothy, Kansas City folk don’t even think they’re in Kansas City anymore.

  • mustbepbs

    Please oh please oh please oh please.