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ASUS Transformer Pad With Lapdock Available Through Woot For $300

Who wants to wait until Black Friday to start getting deals on Android stuff? Not me. Today, the online sales site Woot!, has an awesome deal on the Transformer Pad for only $299.99. For the price, you’re getting a refurbished tablet coupled with the lapdock that is usually sold separate for another $100. That’s a pretty sweet deal. The tablet is powered by a Tegra 3 processor, making it a dream for gaming. Additionally, the tablet has a strong developer following and if you love tinkering, it’s a great device for that as well.


Cheers Steve and Jason!

  • master94

    Too bad its sold out.

  • feztheforeigner

    For another hundred you could get a Nexus 10…

    Or for $50 less you could pick up a Nexus 7…

    It sounded like a great deal and I was excited, but then I remembered just how cheap Google has made its offerings, love ya Google!

    • Aaron

      Just don’t forget that price includes the keyboard dock. That’s not saying the N10 isn’t superior or the N7 isn’t an awesome deal for the money. Just saying that for me, my OG Transformer feels like more than a tablet because of the dock.

      • feztheforeigner

        Yeah the tossed in keyboard dock is great, maybe just great enough to balance out the Transformer being a refurbished model.

        This is a good deal, but I still hold to the Nexus 7/10 being better deals.

        • Aaron

          Given the beautiful display and horsepower of the N10, I can’t argue. And if I were buying my tablet now vs. 18 months ago, that is what I would buy. But I would miss the dock…sometimes.

  • T4rd

    Can anyone comment on this tabs display visibility outdoors? My wife is really wanting a tab to help her with photo ideas (getting into pro photography) and puts little pic collages together to print out and take with her. She wants a tab to help her with this so she doesn’t have to print these out and keep with her outside while she’s taking photos. So the tab will have to have decent visibility in sunlight. I keep reading that the Prime has a much brighter display, but that this one isn’t bad and is still somewhat visible outside. Maybe I could just get a cover/flap and she could use that to shield the display and help with visibility..?

    Thanks in advance for any input!

  • Higher_Ground

    That’s a great deal – the tablet is basically $200 when you throw in the dock. I love mine – only flaw is that the browser (at least the stock one and chrome) stutters on occasion, but much less often now on the newer updates.

    That being said, I wouldn’t buy this simply because it’s prett

  • Question

    Haven’t they had this same version with the dock for 300 on living social and groupon for a while?

    • Joshhud


      • Question

        Thought so. In that case, they should drop that bad boy to 200 now.

    • Yep. And the one on Groupon is champaign color and it’s new not refurb.

  • Finire

    I picked one up very shortly after the deal went live @ 1am… It’s going to be a present for a friend who is totally not expecting it.

    • YankInDaSouth

      WOW! Wish I had friends like you!!! LOL

  • kretz7

    Hey, now Jason. 🙂

  • All the problems i’ve seen w/the ASUS tablets.. I’d pass in a heartbeat. HOWEVER, this is non-updated knowledge of the current status of their devices. The Nexus 7 has its issues, but nowhere near the TF101, TF201.. I never looked into the Pad though. Definitely left a sour taste in my mouth.

    • epps720

      I have no issues with my Infinity

  • Sqube

    If that was a 32GB, I might have had to make the jump even though I’ve got a TF201 already.

    • Velmeran

      Same question I had — turns out it’s the 16GB model:
      From Specifications:
      – Storage:16GB eMMC
      From In the box:
      – Asus TF300T Transformer Pad 10.1″ 16GB Tablet

    • Jon

      I don’t get it? There’s a micro SD card slot and also the keyboard has a full SD card slot. What does it matter how much on board memory there is if you can easily expand it?

      • Raven

        Depends on what you need the memory for. Having an SD card slot is great for music, movie files, and pictures, but it is no help for large games and Google Play or Flixster movies that have to live in the primary memory. I have 16GB N7 and I have it full up and I also have a 32GB TF101 that I have about 3/4 full in the main memory plus another 32GB MicroDS. Several large games, several downloaded/pinned Google Play movies, and several downloaded Flixster movies for travel. I will never buy another tablet with less than 32GB internal.

        • strider_mt2k

          So don’t tie yourself to apps that limit your options.

  • come on guys, i’ve been trying to talk myself out of this all morning.

    • Jon

      I have a friend who is itching for the Nexus 10, so I offered him $325 to take his Transformer Prime and Keyboard dock off his hands. Otherwise I would be all over this deal. And there is a SquareTrade warranty available for less than $60 for one year. Not bad at all.