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Get Your Hands on a Nexus 4? It Qualifies For 50GB of Free Storage From Box

If you have your hands on a Nexus 4 already we have something that will make your day a bit better. Last year, way back in November, LG and Box got together for a nice little storage promotion. Every LG phone that installed Box before December 31, 2012 gets 50GB of storage for free.

While it may be a Google Nexus, LG definitely manufactured the phone which means you’re eligible for that free storage. Now it’s in Google’s hands to try and get all the back orders filled before the end of the year so people can claim their free storage.

Any Nexus 4 owners planning on using this promotion for their cloud storage needs?

Via: Box

  • Ray

    Just got mine. 50GB on my Nexus 4.

  • Kellex, what wallpaper is that in your picture above here? Mind sharing? Thanks man.

    • TheDrunkenClam

      I’d love to know as well. Anyone?

      • Terry Levitt

        Would love to know as well!

  • Justin W

    signed up yesterday and got my free 50gbs of storage. Now I have more storage than a lot of competing phones.

  • Adam

    I tried it but I didn’t get the extra 50GB. Maybe it’s because I already used an offer like this like a year ago when I got an extra 50GB with my iPad.

    • Steven Kielbasa

      That’s how it works; the 50GB offer doesn’t stack. I have 50GB from my TouchPad, so I’m not too worried about getting my nexus 4 before the end of the year.

  • rekem

    Still doesn’t make up for the lack of microSD or a 32GB option.

  • James

    I like box

  • itznfb

    Who else has like 10TB of free storage from Box by now? How the hell does this company make any money?

    • JoshGroff

      I have no idea, but I love the free storage space, now with box sync it might be able to compete with Dropbox. 🙂

    • fixxmyhead

      uhmm not me. my digital content life is not TBs of storage. couple gigs and im fine

      • JoshGroff

        I have 50GB of dropbox storage, of which I use ~10GB, just because I haven’t filled it doesn’t mean I don’t have that much free storage.

    • michael arazan

      Box gives away 50 gb free, but you can only upload a small amount of mb’s at a time which sucks. I use box purely for storing pictures and music only, I use GDrive to save HD videos. Box needs to let you upload any file size you want or need.

  • I’m ALLLLLL over this! Thanks LG and Dropbox!!

    • itznfb

      Dropbox Box

    • jerflash

      its not “dropbox”….its a different service…call box