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Verizon’s Black Friday Ad Lists “Cranberry” DROID RAZR, Galaxy Nexus, and LG Lucid for Free

Verizon’s Black Friday ad is out and includes a couple of decent deals. First, as you can see in the image above, Verizon and Motorola are releasing a special edition “cranberry” color for the original DROID RAZR. No, this is not the new RAZR HD, but the same RAZR that was released a year ago. As you may recall, they did something similar last year with the Incredible 2, so this could be a new trend from Big Red.

But speaking of the “cranberry” RAZR, it’s free, along with the Galaxy Nexus and LG Lucid (with a new 2-year contract). The Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) is $99, however, we thought Verizon had done away with contracts on tablets, so we are a big confused at this price. You will also find some decent accessory deals this Friday, including a Jambox for 50% off (after you buy a new phone).

Oh, the DROID DNA also made an appearance as it goes on sale Wednesday.

Via:  BlackFriday

  • erin

    All the phones in here say you need a 2 year contract.. the TAB doesnt say that. so who knows.. maybe you won’t need a contract with it after all. Doesn’t make sense if you can just go over to best buy and get it without a contract for $79 more.

  • Matthew Merrick

    $99 for that tablet? OFF CONTRACT? =O i just might have to get that, even if it is in icky white.

    • iamme

      on contract

      • Matthew Merrick

        so… they’re bringing back tablet subsidies/contracts just for this? >_> that’s BS.

  • Spider210

    So a 2 yr contract on a tablet that normally is $349 with no contract, such a good deal….

  • chris125

    Just what everyone needed another color razr…

    • barbiebakes

      I got my tablet at Best Buy for $179 and that includes a $20 gift card.. That’s much cheaper than paying $99 and adding on a two year contract. We ordered it online so after taxes it came to $200.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kevin-Luther/505140669 Kevin Luther

    still no galaxy note 2

    • DC_Guy

      I feel your pain. I’m waiting too, and rather (im)patiently.

    • http://www.facebook.com/nivan.mal Nivan Mal

      damn been waiting for that device for ever, was waiting for GN 1 and then they announced GN2 and now waiting, in about 8-10 days it’ll be mine 😀

  • thronez

    Nothing good. Here’s to hoping Amazon ups the ante…or lowers the ante I guess.

    • Droidzilla

      Amazon always does a $0.01 sale for every phone they carry. So, RAZR HD or SGSIII or DNA (if it’s on there) for $0.01.

      • thronez

        Is that typically only for new contracts? I’m on the upgrade tip.

        • Droidzilla

          I think it is. If your contract is up, though, you can always get a new contract and then cancel the old and migrate your number.

  • fatalysis

    Is the Galaxy Nexus still the best unlockable phone on Verizon? My wife’s contract is up soon and I’m looking to get her a new phone.

    • http://www.keithbluhm.com/ Keith

      In my opinion, yes. If you don’t care as much about build quality, lack of LTE, or the elevated specs offset either or both… go with the Nexus 4. FYI: I own a Galaxy Nexus and will not be upgrading… due in large part to the lack of CDMA/LTE support and it being the best built phone I’ve ever owned. FYI #2: If your wife is a “non-junkie”, get her an extended battery!

      • jak_341

        Absolutely. The only thing close is the S3 and soon to be released GNote 2. Everything else can be ignored.

    • XerOGravity

      no, the galaxy nexus isn’t unlockable (in the GSM-world) sense. Might want to take a look at SG3 if that’s important to you. Unless you mean an unlocked bootloader.

      • http://twitter.com/NotAnotherTW Jordan Friedman

        So I wouldn’t be able to take an Gnex abroad? Bummer. How about the RAZR Maxx?

        • capecodcarl

          HTC Rezound has GSM capabilities if you need to take it abroad. The Verizon Gnex doesn’t have a GSM radio in it.

    • tyguy829

      the galaxy s III’s bootloader has been unlocked, and has cm10 ready for it. i’d go with that

    • Paul

      The DNA is the best.

      • Wrong

        No, it’s not.

        • Paul

          What unlocked phone is better then?

          • Wrong

            I merely say that because the battery life is abysmal and so is the storage. Also, nobody is even sure if this “unlocking” will stick after launch. The Incredible 4g had a similar outcome. I highly doubt Verizon will allow a Droid phone to stay unlocked. Oh, and this on battery life. Ha


          • Paul

            The battery life is about the same as the GS3 according to all good reviews I’ve seen.

            The verge is a horrible review site, the DNA is ranked lower on battery life than phones that had less in their tests etc. Their ranking system means nothing.

          • Wrong

            Whatever helps you sleep at night. I can point to plenty of “good” reviews that say the same as The Verge. “Good” reviews are all subjective though.

          • WCDave

            Many people wait for more than one review to judge battery life. I’ve heard stories both good and bad, so I need a bit more to go on before reaching a conclusive decision on battery life…

    • EC8CH

      I was in the exact same situation as you…

      Just bought my wife a used G-Nex on eBay for a little over $200 to replace her 1st gen Droid Incredible in order to keep her unlimited data plan.

    • ddevito


    • Mack

      If she has unlimited data pick up a new Galaxy Nexus on Ebay off-contract but if she doesn’t or just doesn’t need unlimited go with the Galaxy SIII as an upgrade for sure. The SIII has a fully unlockable bootloader and CM10 runs like butter.

    • michael arazan

      In vzw eyes, the Galaxy Nexus is technically the only unlockable phone on their network, officially

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=756477896 Sammy Aleman


    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=756477896 Sammy Aleman

      holy carp!!!! my first, first!!!
      on the subject at hand…not impressed with this line up…