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RadioShack Partners With Carriers to Offer Galaxy S3 for $99 Plus $50 Play Credit

Through the holiday season, RadioShack is teaming up with carriers to offer the Galaxy S3 for $99 on a new two-year agreement, but are also throwing in a $50 Google Play credit. If you have looked to pick up the device through either Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint, then you’re in luck. On top of that deal, RadioShack has a special holiday promotion going on where you earn $10 back on every $50 you spend in-store. So, if you’re picking up an S3, that’s definitely the place to go.

Now the question for some may be, do you pick up the DROID DNA or Galaxy S3?

  • Rdesigns

    Target is offering a per thanksgiving sale right now on the Verizon S3. Best deal so far but it is online only, $99 for the phone with 2 year and you get a $50 target gift card plus no tax in California and free shipping. This is better than the SAMs club .96 deal because you still need to pay tax of full retail. Just picked mine up and I don’t have to worry about standing in line. Yay! Go get it now people before you miss out.

  • jedidubya

    Sprint is offering the gsIII for $50 on black Friday.

  • avanthomme

    Better promotion is at Sam’s Club (if you’re a member and Ok with supporting Wal-Mart)….96 cents for Galaxy S3 on any carrier…

    • KT

      are you sure it’s on any carrier? at my local Sam’s, they said it was AT&T only.

  • Stevedub40

    This is a great promotion, and one that I have been saying is needed for quite some time. Many iphone users are stuck with iOS because of all the apps they bought (at least the ones I talk to). This $50 credit should help get them back on track. Good move Sammy 🙂

  • Mrbobdobalini

    I’m seeing the 16gb SIII in white or blue for $49.99 with new 2-year on Sprint…with the $50 google play credit, a $10 radioshack coupon and a $36 Sprint credit for the activation fee. I will be purchasing this next friday if it is still available.

  • do we know when this promotion starts? is it now? after thanksgiving?

  • Michael Clark

    I’m seeing $199.99 (Verizon upgrade) for the 32gb and $179.99 for the 16gb.

  • Victor

    I picked up one off contract from eBay for $300. It’s the 32gb one. I wanted the DNA but I think that Verizon is going to offer one with more memory or a bigger battery later next year.

    • Mack

      I’m assuming you got a used Galaxy SIII. I’m not a fan of buying used phones and I couldn’t find a new one for less than $450-500.

  • derek connolly

    right now its showing the sprint version as $99 and the verizon as $199

  • jldleo

    The question is the Droid DNA or the Note 2?

    • JoshGroff

      Note 2 will likely have the best multitasking, especially with the multi-window feature. Also, they do have more experience in the phone/tablet hybrid market and probably have more productivity features baked in.

    • Dan

      No question, Note 2 is the beast to own. Barely containing myself waiting.

      • DC_Guy

        I was secretly hoping that Verizon would surprise us and ship them early (this week instead of next). IIRC they started shipping the S3’s early so I was really hoping they’d do the same for the Note 2’s. Waiting sucks!

        • jldleo

          I agree waiting does suck. I was always taught “patience is a virtue”. Why can’t “hurry the fck up” be a virtue? just askin..

          • DC_Guy

            Lol agreed!

      • I am dieing to get mine.. I shattered my GNex screen and I have been back on my OG Droid for a month now and its killing me.. haha

        • michael arazan

          I’d like to replace my gnex with an sg3 or note 2, how about a discount for those of us who have to pay full price for a phone

    • carlinscuderi

      Picked up the Note 2 yesterday, and I haven’t put it down since. No room on my desk for something that big.