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Let’s Just Get This Out of the Way Now: LG Nexus 4 Drop Test


New phone is released to the world. YouTube guy uploads a multi-angle drop test video. World reacts, uses words like “painful” and “makes me cry.” We shake our heads at YouTube guy for ruining a perfectly good device. World is entertained for 2 minutes. YouTube guy decides he should probably do this every time a new device is released, thanks to YouTube hits. World, for some reason, continues to watch. And here is the LG Nexus 4 drop test.

Via:  Phandroid

  • Mark Mann

    so, guy is like 7 foot tall? he holds it at eye level, and claims that it’s 6.6 feet(6 foot 7.2 inches) off the ground?

  • If they are going to do real world drop testing then they should include the way I seem to find my phone on the ground: Putting the phone between my legs in my SUV then forgetting it’s there when I get out. No noise is worse than when you hear something drop on the pavement as you are swinging your legs and scooting your butt out of the car. It takes about a fraction of a second to realize it’s your phone! lol

  • Hatyrei

    that guy is hawt :P,. i can’t stop looking at his skinny jeans 😛 lol

  • Batman

    But will it blend?

    • michael arazan

      At least if he breaks it open or blends it he’ll be safe. Apple devices are made with hazardous toxic materials, and aren’t recyclable which is why the US Government won’t buy any apple device. Also if you break open an apple product you are not to breathe in or touch anything, I guess that’s why they lock up there products so bad.

  • The only drop test I am looking forward to is dropping Verizon for Google service

  • Am I the only person that thinks the drop tests are a waste of time?

    Phones aren’t meant to be dropped, yes every phone will break.

    • MikeCiggy

      Phones aren’t meant to be dropped but being a handheld device that you carry every day IT WILL be dropped. It’s nice to know if a phone can take a few drops from the pocket or lap so we have peace of mind owning and carrying a $300 device everyday and every where we go.

      I wish they were built more to be dropped and I would not longer need a case.

  • duke69111

    I like when the text says dropped from 6’6″ and he drops it from his ear. No way that dude is much more than 6′.

    • efrain ramirez

      HA,I was thinking the same thing.

  • picaso86

    These videos are so pointless. PEOPLE! most of these new smartphones will break with a drop like that so why even bother with these “TEST”…. perhaps a giveaway will be more suitable.

  • I can’t believe I watched the whole thing.

    • Justin Swanson

      You, Sir deserve a medal!

  • Lucky Goldstar. thats the proper name. luck still holding on!!

  • s9779

    next time just give me 300 bucks and i will tell you glass breaks when droped. cause i figured that out a long time ago.

  • itznfb

    Wow. If you keep dropping it over and over it eventually breaks. Shocking.

  • I imagine he his saying something like “this is the LG Nexus 4 and I am going to drop it”.

  • Stnkycheezman

    Did you see at the 2:11 mark, when the phone was laying on the ground and a little green android walked out of the phone and said…”Man screw this guy”

  • Lord_Vader1941

    I like the part where he said “heintz oof gloofens doofenshmirtz” absolutely informative.

    • Barry Taylor

      use google translate.. ha

    • Chris Malkiewicz

      THIS!!! LOL

    • DrewNusser

      I was waiting for Perry the Platypus to come and put an end to the madness.

  • spickle

    this was by far the worst drop test video i’ve watched. bad camera work, non English and he didn’t even drop it on the screen which is what i was waiting for.

    • Droidzilla

      Seriously. First WWII and now this? Thanks for nothing, Germany.

      • JoshGroff

        German beer, Volkswagen, sauerkraut?

        • Droidzilla

          VW is the Apple of the car world; underwhelming, but overhyped and overpriced. You may have a point with the beer, though.

        • trumpet444

          German beer sucks, no interest in the “folks wagon”, and sauerkraut is nasty. But a Mercedes is German right? I’ll take one of those though

          • Mark Mann

            so’s bmw

      • Yes, but everyone knows that Germans love David Hasselhoff.

        • Droidzilla

          Fair point. One really ought not hassle The Hoff.

    • kretz7

      Ya, for 4:39 I couldn’t believe he only dropped the phone twice. What a terrible effort made here…The only thing this proves is that the guy behind this should be dropped, drop kicked to the face.

  • TechTitan

    Well that was 4 minutes and 39 seconds of my life that I can’t get back. How educational. I hope they didn’t pay $600 for hits.

  • Droidzilla


  • Jroc869, Cool story bro

    This dude should be held off the ground 6 ft and dropped

  • Chris Malkiewicz

    The worst part is hundreds maybe thousands of us couldn’t get our hands on this device and this dbag just smashes it….

    • Droidzilla

      They always do this. They’re an insurance company; it’s just advertising for them.

      • Chris Malkiewicz

        Oh I seen them before… still pisses me off 🙂

        • mjmedstarved

          You seen them?

          • Sounds like he’s from the Midwest, possibly Michigan.

            I seen this, I seen that. It’s like the word saw doesn’t exist.

          • mjmedstarved

            Could be a honky or a Mexican, too..

          • ToddAwesome

            a honky? exactly what specific region do you find a honky in?

          • mjmedstarved

            You really can find them anywhere, Todd. : ]

          • Mark Mann

            at the honkytonk? what about playing honkeyk…wait that’s donkey kong

          • Chris Malkiewicz

            Sorry I didn’t realize the grammar Nazi plagued this blog as well… I’ll be sure to do my best and give you something better to do! 🙂

          • mjmedstarved

            Grammar Nazis are everywhere; beware!

          • Dave

            You can be a moron or a moron, too

          • mjmedstarved

            I don’t see what you did there..

          • Chris Malkiewicz

            California… Close enough