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Pandora, Twitter, Hootsuite Receive Updates – Grab Them in Google Play

This morning, three very popular Android applications received updates that are completely noteworthy. For the music lovers in the crowd, Pandora got a major bump to version 4.0. Included in this version are a ton of new features like viewing station details, ability to edit your shuffle from the device, and integration with other social network sites.

For all you tweeters, both Hootsuite and the official Twitter application were updated as well. For Hootsuite, there is now an added Action Bar and drawer navigation, as well as the ability to AutoSchedule posts. As for the official Twitter application, tweets that are rich with content (pictures, videos, article previews) now appear right in the stream, photo streams through search, and a whole lot more.

Go grab them all if you haven’t already.

Play Link: Pandora | Twitter | Hootsuite

Cheers K and Dylan!

  • duke69111

    Did twitter fix the crap they screwed up with the October 16 update?

    Edit: It appears so.

  • Gr8Ray

    Pandora still crashes when Bluetooth is disconnected, instead of just stopping playback like EVERY OTHER MUSIC APP.

  • Pandora needs lockscreen controls and ability to change tracks/thumbs up in the pull down.

  • Liquidretro

    I have been using plume for ever. Is the official Twitter client worth trying again?

  • Dr_Buttballs

    I see Pandora still looks as ugly as ever.

    • JoshGroff

      I know, why can’t it look more like Slacker?

      • Dr_Buttballs

        Not sure if you’re being facetious or not but of both apps I think Pandora’s UI looks better than Slacker’s hah.

        • JoshGroff

          Eh, it looks too blue and white, just like facebook (probably why I hate it.)

          Out of the two, I prefer Slacker’s UI, but that’s also because I’ve used it more and have gotten used to it I guess.

    • Gr8Ray

      Still miles better than Spotify’s UI. Landscape anyone?

      • Dr_Buttballs

        I actually like the overall look of Spotify’s UI. As far as landscape goes I never use landscape much on my phone. For tablet owners (which I am not) however I can see your point.