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Next Sony Xperia Flagship Phone to Compete With Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and Apple’s iPhone 5

In a recent interview, one of Sony’s marketing executives Dennis van Schie, said that the next Xperia flagship phone will be coming to CES and Mobile World Congress in 2013. Whatever this next step in the Xperia line is, Schie says it will easily be able to compete with the Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5

Sony has a pretty decent music service and a large HD movie catalogue as well, and the hints that Schie dropped seemed to point to content being a big piece in the next phone. The question is, are they just playing catch up at this point? We will probably be hearing Galaxy S4 rumors around that time, but we’ll have to see what they have up their sleeve.

Can Sony win you over with any new features?

Via: Xperia Blog

  • chris125

    So when it comes out in 6 months its going to complete with those? That’s why Sony is losing.

  • ray01000101010101

    Should they aim at Galaxy S IV and IPhone 5s?

    • TylerChappell

      Precisely my thoughts lol, Sony is just playing catch up.

  • Jared Nichols

    bring it to VZW, more choices VZ

  • Dan

    The Xperia T can already compete with the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3… Especially with price, screen, design and camera. From the rumors I’ve heard about the Xperia “Yuga”/”Odin” it destroys the Galaxy S3 all across the board:
    S4 Quad-core processor
    5.0″ 1080p display
    2GB RAM
    Glass unibody
    12/13 Megapixel camera
    32GB Internal with SD slot
    2300-2400mAh battery
    Splashproof and dustproof

    Which is more or less what everyone is expecting the Galaxy S4 to be… Except the S4 will be uglier, have memory options, probably a bigger battery and/or thinner and won’t be splashproof and will probably have a worse camera.

  • LegalAmerican

    If Sony wants to succeed, they probably ought to release a flagship that will compete with the Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5s. It isn’t impressive that they will have a phone that will finally compete with devices that have been out for 8 months (come MWC).

  • Gr8Ray

    Haven’t they basically made similar statements with EVERY Xperia phone they’ve released? And yet they always disappoint.

  • Al

    >_> ….and?

  • mustbepbs


    Sorry, sorry..


  • PalmerAdam

    You can’t compete in the US if you aren’t on verizon

  • Sporty

    Sony. A name synonymous with quality electronics. I’ve had several Sony products the last 30+ years and nearly all of them were quality built items. At one time I would have never considered any other TV than a Sony. Now? Sony is a dinosaur. A very big one but still a dinosaur. They move at a snails pace. They used to be THE electronics master. Everyone else was second fiddle. But their development team is very slow to the ballgame. I’d bet the phone they eventually come out with will be stellar quality,but they’ll be late to the show. Samsung is clearly passing them up as are a few others, LG being another. LG TV sets are becoming quite good. All this while Sony sits on their hands, relishing the past. If they don’t soon get motivated to once again be at the forefront of technology, they WILL be the past….for good…..

  • androidome

    sony has gone way off the track to compete with the front line. They have to bring in some kind of droid DNA like device to get things right now..

    • JetBlue

      So they have to put a 2020 mAh battery in it? /s

  • Joshhud

    Glad it will compete with phones that will be updated by then and better. Good job Sony

  • Verizon, Unlockable, Vanilla AOSP, they will sell trillions

  • Verizon, unlockable, I will consider.

  • Michael33704

    Good Luck with that…!

  • Dog on It

    Didn’t Sony release some other phones earlier this year? How’d they do?

  • cooksta32676

    Samsung accounts for 60% of all new Android phones sold currently. Good luck Sony.

    • JoshGroff

      I wonder why…

      Is it because they actually market them aggressively? Possibly.

      • Diablo81588

        And sell in every market across the world.

        • JoshGroff

          That too!

  • k.naka

    CDMA/LTE on Verizon and I’ll bite

    • Droidzilla

      If it’s on Verizon, it’s automatically CDMA/LTE.

  • chris

    Maybe they meant to say Nexus 4 and not Galaxy S3.

  • Who else would they compete with ?

  • Jacko1

    Do a stock asop and unlock boot and maybe

  • Xperia Nexus would make for a pretty cool phone. Or is that an oxymoron?

    • JoshGroff

      Well, considering Sony barely does anything with stock to begin with, I’d consider them one of the best candidates.

  • Doubt it.

  • Droidzilla

    Sony also says that this phone will be very competitive against the StarTac, and that Edison had better watch his back.

    • zUFC

      Since i just watched The men that built America. I’m gonna go with “Tesla better watch his back” instead…..haha

      • JoshGroff

        Sony has nothing on Tesla, I’ll stick with Edison having to watch his back.

        • zUFC

          ha ha I love it. I can’t beleive I’m so stupid that it took a TV show for me to learn proper history. the schools I wnt to taught it all wrong.

        • Edison had JP Morgan watching his back, Tesla had Morgans knife stuck in his.

      • Droidzilla

        Sony could never compete with Tesla. Since you know a bit of the history, you’ll understand when I say that Apple is the modern day Edison.

        • JoshGroff

          So Google’s going to create something to show how unsafe Apple products are?

        • zUFC

          haha I undertand 100%. good one!!!!

        • More like, Apple is J.P. Morgan, they buy up everyone’s patents and then create monopolies with technology they didn’t create.

          • Droidzilla

            That’s what Edison did, but then he claimed that they were all his inventions. When someone would invent something better than what he had and he couldn’t steal the idea via patent (because he would patent other people’s ideas, too), he would launch a negative marketing campaign against his rival’s better tech so that his inferior tech would be adopted. And he had masses of adoring fans that thought he was brilliant and an innovator. Sound familiar?

          • I’ve watched the specials =P I’m just pointing out that as bad as I thought Edison was (Because of how he completely screwed Tesla), J.P. Morgan/Rockefeller were even worse at creating monopolies and destroying companies. Not to mention, Westinghouse is who screwed Tesla, baited him into giving him his patents, then sold them off to the highest bidder and gave away the Niagra falls contract (Which would have cemented Tesla’s name into history) to J.P. Morgan to prevent going broke.

  • r0lct

    Translation: “Oh, wait, don’t forget us! We’re going to do it this time……seriously.”

  • stevethepirate

    That is par for the course for Sony. Come out with a device that competes with older devices. How is this any different? It will come out with 4.1, say it is getting 4.2 and never deliver on that promise.

  • Trevor

    They probably should set their sights higher than releasing new phones to compete with ones that are months old. I used to LOVE Sony Ericsson phones, but that has changed quite a bit the past few years.

  • Damian

    On-screen nav keys!!

  • Sony still has the problem of moving at the speed of a glacier. They release phones that can compete with the current Apple/HTC/Motorola/Samsung generation just as that generation is about to end. And while the prices for those older phones are already dropping, they try to sell their product at full price.

    Get faster, Sony, then you’ll have success as well.

    • Paul

      This, along with the problem that unlimited data is disappearing making music and HD video streaming a lousy reason to get a phone.

      • Cowboydroid

        Fallacy. It is not disappearing. The two largest networks dropped it months ago, but Sprint and T-mobile both still have unlimited, as do many smaller carriers and pre-paid networks.

        • Paul

          Don’t be surprised if the others followed. Sony using streaming as a means of making their phones stand out is not a safe one for them.

    • Jonathan Bunch

      Shouldn’t their next phone be able to compete with GS4 and Iphone 6 ?
      Why build a phone that competes with phones already out, instead build one that will compete with phone that are going to be out.

      • michael arazan

        Right? Announcing you’ll be competing with phones that released 9 months ago? Man, talk about forward thinking. Let me guess the name will be the Sony Xperia De Javu.

  • Tommy Thompson

    If it’s only released on only AT&T it won’t be.

  • BTLS

    if you’re not 5 min early… You’re late!

    • Jarred Sutherland

      No kidding. How long has the S3 been out now? iPhone as well?

      Hey Sony, ummm .. what?

      • JoshGroff

        Our new phone will be able to compete with the Droid X!


        Still, I’m interested to see what Sony has coming our way.

        • cooksta32676

          And then it will lay the smack down on the droid incredible.