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Chadwick Lets You Follow NBA Games and Scores Through Reporter Twitter Feeds

NBA season is here ladies and gentlemen, and sometimes it gets hard to keep track of all the games going on. There are a variety of basketball and sports apps out there, but I’m always on the hunt for something new. Since most of us are accustomed to getting our news these days through Twitter feeds, why not do the same for our basketball scores as well? Chadwick is the app for that. It brings up the list of games going on for the night and if you select one it will dive into the combined twitter of all the reporters and teams’ Twitter accounts as the game goes on.

The app is still a little rough around the edges, but has a lot of promise. It’s also made by Nikolai Yakovenko, who was a software engineer for Google not too long ago. If you’re looking for an interesting way to stay up on your favorite hoops team, this is definitely something to check out. 

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  • Ross

    CBS SportsCaster does this already and it’s 100x better.

  • fritzo

    good but needs an update. had the winners of games wrong (example Nuggets Def. Heat). lost a $5 bet today because of it. ah well.

  • S2556

    Dope I was trying to remember what this was called. thanks eric!

  • MikeSaver

    Just follow CelticsLife.com!

    • That’s right! The only basketball team that matters, baby!