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ShadowGun: DeadZone Exits Beta, Introduces Multiplayer Voice Chat

Today is November 15, the day when Shadowgun: DeadZone exits its beta phase and becomes an official multiplayer juggernaut on Android. Nothing has changed too much since the last update, although there is one major feature, which is a multiplayer voice chat. Now, instead of just yelling to yourself that the guy you killed is a no0b, you can say it right to him. I haven’t tried it yet, but you can bet that I will be later tonight. 

Go grab it in Google Play right now.

Play Link

  • CrazyHecticLife

    How do you use voice chat?

  • chanstar

    The games appears to be constantly consuming battery when going to Settings > Battery. It doesn’t show the app is running even on Settings > Apps > Running or in Avast > Application Management > Running Applications. I attempted to turn off all Auto Starts and disabled Background Data for the App. Uninstalled/Reinstalled with the same issue. I am not configured to Log In Automatically. Anyone else seeing this?


    AWESOME on my nexus 7. side-note: I have a game controller connected and I am smoking other gamers (Apple-gamers)LOL!!!!!!love it!

  • D

    Anyone else’s account fail verification? I haven’t played for 3 or 4 days, just got the update now my account doesn’t seem to be recognized. Forgot Password feature not working either 🙁

    • Alex Williams

      They wiped all beta accounts.

  • I LOVE that when you first enter a match, it shows what device the person is playing on. My first server was all Android’s and 1 Apple.

  • mecevans

    Not compatible with Razr Maxx, yet reviews from people with same phone?

    • Downloaded no problem on my Maxx, try again.

      • mecevans

        I can only install from web browser. Odd.

        • Yeah that’s what I did first. That is weird, oh well.

  • Madfinger has ruined this game. If you were playing the beta and having fun more than likely you will hate the final release.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Today is also Xbox LIVE’s 10th Birthday!!

    Just saying. haha

    • AND Luke married Laura 31 yrs ago today! THE COINCIDENCE!

      • EvanTheGamer


  • Mack

    Something tells me I need to get this game for my Nexus 7.

  • YAY

    IAP model sucks so hard.

  • JetBlue

    The level of awesomeness is too much that no words can be said about it.