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HTC DROID DNA Receives Root and Custom Recovery Before Launch

Last night, we broke the news that the bootloader of the HTC DROID DNA can be unlocked using the bootloader unlock tool over at HTCDev. But before the night was even over, ClockworkMod Recovery, root, and an unsecure kernel had been released, giving plenty of hope in the custom ROM world to future owners of HTC’s latest device. 

To gain root, the process looks something like this:

  • Unlock the bootloader using HTCDev’s bootloader unlock tool
  • Flash the unsecure kernel to allow you to gain root (done in fastboot)
  • Flash ClockworkMod recovery (done in fastboot)
  • Flash the root .zip file (done in recovery)

We know that none of you have the phone yet, but once you do, jump back to this post and then hit up the XDA thread below to make magic happen.

We mentioned this last night, but again, assuming nothing changes in the next few days up until launch, this is great news for those that are planning to pick up the DNA. Just keep in mind that Verizon could always change their mind on leaving this phone semi-open and lock it all up with an OTA update. Cross those fingers.

Via:  XDA

Cheers @Ben82379!

  • kdsmanu

    Here are complete instructions on how to root it – http://mobilityupdate.com/phones/htc-droid-dna-root/

  • RachelFleming

    wow. This might be my next phone! Just wish it was on AT&T’s 4GLTE network. Thought about a Galaxy Note II but it’s expensive. But this phone doesn’t have the writing app I’d use to jot down notes for haircuts I do at my San Francisco salon. decisions, decisions!

  • Jim

    I will be pleasantly surprised if Big Red doesn’t get this phone pulled from HTC Dev and locked up tight before launch. Same thing that happened with Inc 4g, but this time it has been Unlocked prior to launch giving VZW more time to fix it. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • DNA future owner

    Is this a permanent unlock our can we revert if need be.

  • michael

    looks like this phone will have a lot of dev support. that makes me happy 🙂

  • ozo012

    The RIL is going to be a b!tch on this phone for AOSP roms to function… (edit: first Qualcomm quad core & LTE… Rezound was the first dual-core Verizon Qualcomm phone and that was a royal pain)

  • Symbiotx

    Alright, I’m getting this phone. Gonna have to keep unlimited data though.

  • James

    This is the emotional roller coaster phone!

  • Unlocking the bootloader doesn’t increase the battery capacity or expand the storage. Still a pass for me.

  • this makes the phone significantly more appealing to me coming from a gnex

  • zepfloyd

    This is all well and good until someone cough:verizon:cough pulls the plug on HTCDev and then the music stops….hopefully hopefully not.

    • Yeah, this happened with the Incredible 4g LTE. I think anyone who is getting one should get it quick and unlock it first thing.

    • michael arazan

      Verizon has stopped the HTCDev before, I’d wait a week or so to see what they do.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Also, even with unlocked bootloader and S-off, in the case of the Thunderbolt, there are still no Jellybean Roms because HTC does not release source for the radios. (Please correct me if I am wrong)
    My little brother is looking to get the Verizon Galaxy S3. Will he be in the same boat with that?
    I did notice that both AOKP (Jellybean) and CM10 are available, but beyond that, not much else. Though willing to settle for either of those Roms, he prefers a bone stock Jellybean Rom. Any suggestions?

    • azndan4

      I have an S3. Both roms run 90% well on the phone. But there are so many little bugs here and there and the reception, while adequate, is not great. I would stay away from the Galaxy S3 unless you live in an area with incredible reception. Also, in my subjective experience, HTC phones hold 4G reception far better than Samsung devices do.

      • TheDrunkenClam

        But beyond AOKP and CM10, there aren’t more options are there?

        • ozo012

          I’ve been switching back between those 2 and ParanoidAndroid (hybrid tablet mode) on both my Rezound and Nexus 7.

      • zepfloyd

        That’s my first reminder to everyone that’s zOMG Note II <3 <3. Samsung's radios suck. Though I haven't had catastrophic issues with the GS3, still not as good as others.

        • So far I have had great service on my DROID DNA.

    • Dog On It

      I’ve had zero issues with my radios on the G3. I live in the bay area in California so maybe that is why.

    • The radio lockdown is all Verizon’s request I’m sure. As is the S-on, Verizon doesn’t want people messing with the radios.
      Too bad too. It would be nice to see pure AOSP on this beast

  • Mr ilheis

    It’s a step in the right direction but you need s-off to really have fun!

  • WynterEnd

    Wow. I think this just tipped the scales for me. Going to pick one up on launch day now!

  • Spider210

    this is going to be a top dev’d phone

  • Korey Page

    So far it’s at the 85% buy range for me lol. Wonder what wonderful news will sell me on the last 15%….battery life probably.

  • Tom

    Damn I love you developers……Picking this up on wednesday

  • Yep decision made, this WILL be my next phone #hateonit

  • Gotta love developers

  • Justin W

    Dam, that was fast. Good work, devs who made this work.

  • Travis H

    really… an unlocked phone gains root before release??? O. M. G.