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Box 2.0 for Android Introduces In-app Previews of Files, Offline Folders, and More

I love Box. The app. Mind out of the gutter, people, I’m talking about the cloud storage app, which was just updated for Android. In version 2.0, users can preview items from within the app, so you no longer have to exit to a 3rd party application to see what you are working with. This new version supports 75 different file types of previews including Word docs, PowerPoint presentations, Photoshop files, and PDFs.

Along with new previews, the Box team tossed in offline folders, so that as you venture into the desert looking for Thunderdome, you’ll have access to all of your files. There is a transfer manager to help keep track of file transfers as well, plus the ability to click on Box links in an email or webpage and load up the Box app, rather than the browser.

It’s a solid update to one of our favorite cloud storage services.

Via:  Box

  • LGSpecialist

    If you create an account on any LG device with BOX you get 50gb of storage space for free for life. and its also transferable to other devices.

  • panicswhenubered

    The screenshot of ‘Probability Distributions’ on that Nexus 10 is from the accompanying publisher’s Powerpoint slides from my finance textbook. I looked at that exact same presentation slide a couple months ago during my Financial Management class. lol

  • i wish they would do like dropbox and add autoupload feature to photos. Backing up photos is so convinient in google+ and dropbox

    • BTLS

      If you delete pics from your phone, does it automatically sync & delete pics from the cloud too? at least for the camera folder?

  • Tim Buchanan

    I got 50gb free on Box when I got my HP Touchpad. Haven’t used it for two reasons:
    1. At this point, cloud storage is a joke. Period. (That includes what Google is trying to do by only offering 8/16gb options on the N4, IMHO.)
    2. Box caps your file size at something ridiculous like 0.5GB or something like that. I wanted to upload some videos, and couldn’t.

    • michael arazan

      i only use box to store pictures because of the small upload requirements , which is total BS, and I use my GDrive for storing HD videos

    • TheDrizzle

      Why is cloud storage a joke?

      • Tim Buchanan

        This is so simple, it confuses me as to why more people don’t feel the same way. Cloud storage is a joke because it requires a data connection. I’m not always connected. Sometimes I’m on an airplane. Sometimes I’m in a foreign country that doesn’t support my network. Sometimes I’m on a long drive and go out of service. Sometimes my signal sucks. So many ways for me to be unable to access the cloud. It’s like playing roulette with my ability to access data. Onboard storage fixes the problem easily. I’ll always take a phone with sufficient onboard storage over a fancy feature phone that demands the use of cloud storage.

        • trumpet444

          While I completely agree that phone storage is better than cloud storage, as in its reliability, I still use cloud storage a lot. The reasons you gave against cloud storage make a lot of sense but the vast majority of people that use it don’t have your same problems. Most people stay in their general coverage area the majority of the time and aren’t flying to areas where they lose coverage. One other problem with people using cloud storage is that not everyone has unlimited data plans anymore. One couldn’t use Drive or Dropbox to its full potential then.

          Cloud storage is nowhere near 100% useful 100% of the time, and may never be, but its convenient and useful enough for me that I’ll never go without it

  • I can’t see myself migrating to Box without a free desktop sync app.

    • Jeffrey Tarman

      which they have

  • fallsgable
  • FunTr

    I love that you have to clarify Box because you know your audience!

    • TheDrizzle

      I guess I’m uniformed. What is the reference there?

  • FunTr

    I love the fact that you have to clarify Box because you know your audience!