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T-Mobile’s Galaxy S3 Receiving Jelly Bean Update Today, Where You At Verizon?

Samsung looks to be pretty dedicated to pushing out updates to their prized Galaxy S3, unfortunately for most of the readers here, Verizon has yet to approve theirs. Today, T-Mobile has signed off on their update and it is rolling out to customers in stages as we speak.

We all know that Verizon is notorious for their long update testing schedule, but this puts Sprint and T-Mo ahead of Verizon and AT&T in the update game. If you can’t wait to have Project Butter and Google Now on your S3, try checking for the update in Settings>About device>Software update. If that doesn’t work, you should be able to get the update through Kies.

Via:  Samsung [2]

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    Verizon is trying find a way to make money off it first.

  • jnmigr

    4th quarter of next year.

  • Yay! The update works for Solavei too!

  • Hatyrei

    Stupid Verizon should be regulated by FCC to push updates on time. There should be a law about this. And sanction them for not doing so. Leaving customers unsatisfied by their lack of support and services. 🙂

    • James

      That’s the dumbest thing I have read today.If you are an unsatisfied customer, well there’s the door.

      • Hatyrei

        Tell me what’s dumb about it? I’ll tell what’s dumb about your comment. FYI. If you’re a unsatisfied customer you can’t leave right away….! Because you’re bounded by a contract. Unless you pay ETF. Dumbass!

  • mini-me

    Verizon bringing up the rear as usual. They’re like Florida on election day.

  • SexciiP

    Can someone please explain to me as to how you’re suppose to update your phone through kies???

  • You want change, you create it. Start by showing it w/ your wallets. You dont have to be subject to their overpriced plans and captive services and products.

    I switched back to Tmobile and got the Gnote 2 for this exact reason. I will no longer support VZW and their tyrannical ways !!

    • yarrellray

      Yes sir kicking Verizon to the curb June 28th of this year for Tmobile was the best thing I have done… More people should do it but they are stucksucking that LTE stem ..

      • ‘Tis great to finally have access to any unlocked and/or international phone !! Best part is w/ their Value Plan there is a small loop hole. GNote is $20/month for 20 months added in the plan. However, once you have paid off your device via the installments, which you can pay off or make payments towards at anytime, you are automatically eligible for an upgrade!!

        I foresee the next great wave of phones coming our around May. I will have the GNote paid off before then, and will subsequently be eligible to pick up whatever the new hotness is out even though I will still be on contract!!

        That is amazing!! No more waiting for 2 years to get a new phone when the phone lineups change every 5-7 months.

  • StockGS3er

    Obligatory Note II home button logo comment.

  • tech

    did anyone lose their adobe flash with this update?

    • Adobe flash is not available for Android 4.1 and up.

  • xraytedjim

    For those of you who are rooted/unlocked, you get get Jellybean on your VZW phone now. Works wonderfully! http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1792499

  • Nw_adventure

    Wake up ATT – Dont make me come down there !

  • “We all know that Verizon is notorious for their long update testing schedule, but this puts Sprint and T-Mo ahead of Verizon and AT&T in the update game.” – and US Cellular. I mean USC has used Sprint, VZW’s update files for their updates. Our LG4 update for USC had VZW in the filename of the tar.md5 for cryin’ out loud…so if they use other’s firmware files, well Sprint’s out there, go on, do you thing.

  • Tony Byatt

    They’re busy putting their logo on Note II home buttons…

  • Alexander Garcia

    They spent all their money and efforts placing that stupid logo on that G-Note II home button…

  • MunchMouth

    pretty cool update…..Jelly Bean!

  • My phone works fine but droid life says I should complain.. so waaaa @Verizon..

    • TheOiulkj

      You’re in the wrong place, the line for apps is one post up.

  • Honestly, am I the only one who thinks this “OH OH OH MAN I HAVE GOT TO HAVE THE LATEST UPDATE RIGHT NOW!!!!” thing is a bit silly? You liked the phone when you bought it, right? It was what you wanted, right? So why do you have to have it changed and updated every other damned day? I mean really, most of the updates are a total joke anyway, giving us stupid features most people are never even going to use anyway. Just saying…

    • Brandon Woods

      Clearly you’re not as into your phone as some people. Your logic therefore doesn’t make sense. It’s like saying “I don’t understand all you people complaining about Starbucks. I like my folgers just fine.” clearly, you’re not into this as much as many others are. And demeaning other people for having high standards for their products doesn’t make you look like someone who should be reading a site called “Droid Life”.

    • nightscout13

      Battery optimizations, updated LTE radios, smoother UI, would be just a few vital things that come with an update. Have fun with Froyo 2.2

      • fartbubbler


        • nightscout13

          Might as well eat a Donut while I’m at it 🙂

      • See, that asinine froyo comment? Yeah, that’s why you never get laid. But hey, you’re really, really into your phone, so who cares?

        • nightscout13

          WOW, you really see a link between Froyo and getting laid? Did you just come across a scientific breakthrough in human sexual attraction? Bravo!

          • No, I see a link between “really being into your phone” and not getting laid. Because people who are “really into their phone” are generally dorks. Dorks…do not get much ass.

          • entendu

            For someone who “isn’t really into their phone,” you sure post a lot of comments on Droid Life. Talk about a self-hating “dork” (your words).

            Oh…and I bet you get so much “ass” (again…your words) with that attitude.

          • That all you got, geek?

          • nightscout13

            Well I’d like to congratulate you for thinking that being smart, and intelligent prevents you from having seks. You still fail.

    • Because an update makes it BETTER. Updates always improve things, ESPECIALLY 4.0 -> 4.1, Android finally became smoother than iOS at EVERYTHING with that update.

  • Me

    I used to hate when people would say this, but……
    Already running the update on my VZW GS3. CleanRom 4.5, baby.

    • Ken Bosse

      yea i use to hate the argument, but if your on VZW, i mean there is no point of waiting.
      I’m running the Light Edition of CleanRom. Love it

    • fartbubbler

      4.5 is the best rom I’ve experienced.

  • I updated one today on display @ T-Mobile lol. The guy asked me how I knew they were getting an update, I said I have my sources lol. I was subsequently offered a job at the store lol.

  • Verizon does updates? Ughhh my brain, my brain……is this the line for apps?

  • satsmine2k4

    Verizon is busy finding ways to print more logos on their phones and uglyfying some beautiful hardware latest example: Droid DNA

    • Thomas

      Am I the only one that finds the name Droid DNA perverted ? 😉

      • Yes.

      • fartbubbler

        am I the only one that wants to have fun tonight?

  • Lorena

    Verizon should get it by Friday

  • La2da

    They with update it after Christmas so they can sell moar Droidz!

  • Dan

    WHERE ARE YOU VERIZON. Sucks to have one of the bet phones out and not even have Jelly bean

  • mar_ar

    what does it mean that you can download it through kies-air? how do you do that?

    • Buckoman

      Assuming you’re not on VZW, go to Samsung’s Support page and download “Kies”. It’s a sync software similar to iTunes (but much better) that can pull the update straight from Samsung’s servers instead of waiting for the OTA to roll out.

      • mar_ar

        i have kies, it came with the phone, my question is more specific. how do you actually check for updates using kies? do you just scan for devices and if there is an update you will get it that way? thanks for your help on this.

        • Buckoman

          Wait, on your phone? You mean the Kies Air application?

          • mar_ar

            yeah, thats what i mean. is that what they are talking about?

          • Buckoman

            No. Kies Air is a halfway application for browsing your phone’s storage (such a music, pictures, ringtones, etc.) without the need of a USB cable.

            The full version of Kies (the one I linked to) is an application for your PC or Mac. Requiring a USB cable, it can be much more in depth, including checking for software updates as soon as it’s released instead of waiting for the OTA.

          • mar_ar

            great. thanks for your help.

    • nightscout13
  • interpol818

    Last like always. Verizon lame. Give me my update now.

  • “Where You At Verizon?”

    They are too busy swimming around in their money bin to push out any updates.

    • KB26

      They’re too busy putting their verizon home buttons on their note 2s

    • yarrellray

      Pretty sad conclusion isn’t it Verizon customers?? This is the same reason NO LG NEXUS 4 exist on Verizon today. If they took 6months to update the stock Verizon Galaxy Nexus from 4.0.3 ice cream sandwich on December 15th 2011 to 4.0.4 ice cream sandwich on June 5th 2012 then yes another Nexus will never arrive on Verizon and i applaud that 100%. Afterall that’s exactly why I kicked Verizon to the curb for Tmobilein jJune of this year. Tmobile is kicking Verizon’s ass up and down the tech block. The little guys Sprint and Tmobile looking out for their Galaxy S3 owners that’s a great thing.My update ararrived at 6:49am early Wednesday morning and that gave me all to enjoy jellybean on my Galaxy S3. Tomorrow morning I am off to my favorite Tmobile store in Manhattan to purchase my Galaxy Note 2. Big smile big smile…

      • Mack

        Once verizon phases out their 3G CDMA network in a year or so phones will be LTE only with VoLTE. Verizon will become a GSM carrier and this problem will no longer be an issue.

        • DC_Guy

          I can’t wait for the day! I’ll stick with Verizon as long as they let me keep my unlimited data. If they yank that, I’m gone!

      • michael arazan

        It was 4.0.2, they passed on 4.0.3, and waited for the 4.0.4 update. Then it took 2 months (fastest update ever for verizon, still sad) to get the 4.1.1 JellyBean update, and still was the last carrier on the planet to push the update, even canada and australia got the update before verizon and they’re always last in the past..

        And it sounds like Google thinks Verizon is still in a Beta phase for their LTE network, and it sounds like even Verizon is still worried about the network still but pushed forward with it anyways. Google still said they’d consider it though in the future.

  • MunchMouth

    Updating now!!!

  • Famouz Starz

    and thats why i went back to my gnex got me jelly effin bean!