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Google Fiber Goes Live in Kansas City, Delivering 700Mbps Downloads On Day One

It’s a beautiful day in the Fiberhood, it’s a beautiful day for Fiber! Yesterday, Google flipped the switch on Google Fiber in Kansas City, Kansas. Needless to say, the DL offices are in the middle of packing and getting ready to move on out for the crazy high download and upload speeds that have hit the Midwest. The first to get Fiber were some local start-up businesses that are reporting 700Mbps downloads, faster than any other ISP’s speeds, by over 100x.

If this is the first you are hearing of Fiber, allow me to catch you up. Google is lining the streets of Kansas City with fiber optic cable, which for a price, is then wired to your house. Early adopters are receiving very good pricing, as for just $120/month on a two-year contract, Google gives you 1Gbps download/upload speeds, a TV box with full channel lineup, a network box, 1TB of Google Drive space, a DVR box, and a Nexus 7 tablet to control it all. From there, the plans get cheaper, but all still offer the 1Gbps Internet speeds.

Naturally, everyone wants this to be in their town. I wouldn’t hold your breath though, as Google has given no word or even hinted that they’re looking to start thinking about bringing this to other parts of the country.

Congrats, Kansas.

Via: Fox4

Cheers Duke69111!

  • Moving to kansas city. yep

  • Justin Evans

    YAAAAAAA Im moving to kansas city next month. Im so excited.

  • CHRIS42060

    Well this is officially the first (and I’m sure last) time I am really pissed I don’t live in Kansas City, Kansas!

  • Wyveryx

    $120….I think I just might kill myself 🙁 I pay almost twice that and doubt I get even a 100th of that speed…. or bundled service…

    Google, where do I sign my soul over to you to bring service to where I live?

  • why isn’t this the verge

    “are reporting 700Mbps downloads, faster than any other ISP’s speeds, by over 100x.”

    Pretty sure Comcast and Verizon offer 105Mbps and 150Mbps (respectively), so Google would have to have speeds reported of 10500Mbps and 15000Mbps if your math was correct (it isn’t).

    Oh and plenty of tier 3 ISPs offer 1Gbps if you live in the right city.

  • Hatyrei

    I hope it will arrive in Houston :),. Because Verizon Fios sucks! 10MBps upload/ 2Mbps download for $67/month. What a Joke!

  • I hate Kansas.

  • burkett375

    Here in fios land, we pay ~$120 for tv and 30/30mbps, wouldn’t know what to do with 700mbps!

  • nightscout13

    :O SO……MUCH….. P0RN……

  • joejoe5709

    I pay a lot less than $120 a month for my cable service, but that’s a pretty flippin competitive deal. I wonder if they’ll give you a discount on your cable service if you own an Android phone – especially a Nexus. One thing though… Ummm… I’m pretty sure Google will rule the universe by 2020. They seriously have their hands in EVERYTHING now don’t they? Our phones, YouTube, Google Search, file storage, and soon our autonomous cars and cable/TV services. And I’m sure there’s a lot more that I’m missing. Crazy.

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    Toto is rolling in his grave.

  • DroidJ

    I’m jealous of my KC friends getting this kind of service. I’m stuck paying $145/mo for 300 channels and 12/1.5 service (U-verse).

    • CHRIS42060

      They have a data cap too don’t they?

  • SD_Scott

    I’m drooling just thinking about the Usenet speeds over there…

  • Tyler

    /jealous of Kansas City

  • Google, I am throwing money at my screen. Why won’t you accept it?

    In other, unrelated news, big ISPs to lobby a law to stop Google.

  • zUFC

    Did you hear the reporter say “instant”. I’ve been waiting for those days. Somday we will all be instant. Imagine that!!

  • Bionic

    Where is the link for pricing info?

  • Joe

    I hope they stick it to the current providers. In my area it’s about $118 a month just for 25/15 internet and regular cable channels. We definitely need more competition.

  • Bionic

    Oh my god all that for $120 a month? My Directv bill is 110 and that don’t include Internet.

  • RoadsterHD1

    WOW, The highest I get is 32Mbps at my house just two blocks from a tower. Can this be for phones too? Can phones handles this? I hope so.

    • CHRIS42060

      1Gbps the was the original low mobility average download speed required by the ITU to be considered 4G. Looks like we’ll have to wait for LTE Advanced to see that.

  • holy crap. the highest i can get is 24Mbps…please go national with this haha.

  • gian

    everyone needs fiber to prevent constipation

  • GeoMan!

    Kansas City, Missouri… not Kansas…. No one noticed that? Wow…

  • Mike

    I hate Kansas so much right now.

  • Alex

    NASA called, they really want their Internet back.

    • michael arazan

      I think it was the CIA and/or NSA that started the internet, so spies had a secure line for delivering intelligence.

      • jb

        It started at Stanford and UCLA in 1969, they created a network for rapidly exchanging data. Many other Universities got connected and then the National Science Foundation opened it up to additional universities. Then the High performance computing bill of 1991 (Gore bill) opened it for public use and funded creation of the first web browser.

  • holy snap thats what im talking about, just tried getting AT&T business and got 800kbs for 30$ a month lol nice try..

  • I live in the burbs of Kansas City and think it will take forever to expand to my area. They started in an area that has all utilities on poles instead of underground so it is easier to wire that area. I hope it comes sooner than I think it will.

  • duke69111

    I don’t live in the KC area, but I hope this pans out and Google can make a run with it.

  • Please Google, just take my money and allow me this. 2 TB of storage for the DVR? Please, PLEASE.

    Said a Floridian!

  • Savan Ghetiya

    for $70 / month for GB speeds .. thats chump change considering what verizon charges for basic 30mb/s DSL

  • droidify

    I literally just wept tears of joy and envy

    • enob

      I was literally going to post the same thing

    • R Axel

      BFD. Chicago Comcast is running 1 Gpbs.

      • michael arazan

        Here’s praying St.Louis is next, crossing fingers.

        I think my nexus might explode if I could hook it up to Fiber, considering how slow my vzw 4g is here in st.L with 12mbps down average.

      • Matt

        Are they offering it for free or way less than Comcast? Didn’t think so.

  • Total bs congrats to kansas but how u not going to go to other markets like florida, new york, dmv area and California what a bumber

    • JoshGroff

      Maybe they wanted to try it with a smaller roll out and see how it goes once they get a few people on.

      • Ekho

        Actually they had a sign-up a few months ago. They closed that and now you’ll just have to wait.
        And they chose Kansas city because lining New York City per se with fiber optic cable would be a bitch, its all concrete. Think of this as a closed beta test. The full release is coming, just wait for it.

        • JoshGroff

          I was considering population/density, but that’s another problem.

  • 1bad69z28

    In my Mike Tyson voice NNIIICCCEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Richard

    One of the options you can get is a one time fee of $300 and you get 5 mbps of free internet for the rest of your life? Am I reading this right?

    • JoshGroff

      Yes, yes you are. Still, $70 for 1 Gb is pretty legit. My friend’s paying like $50 for 50 Mb from comcast. O-o

      • I pay $100 for TV and Internet and only get about 1-3mb up and .5 down!

        • JoshGroff

          Dang. O-o

      • Jason Bittner

        I pay damn near 50$ for 1.5 mb from frontier, unfortunately where I live it is either that or satellite, and it is the same price but more latency.

      • mustbepbs

        What the hell. I pay $50 for 12 Mbps speeds. I hate where I live. All we get in New Hampshire is snow :<

        • One An9ry N00b

          Im up here in Central Maine, and all we get is snow, and crappy Time Warner speeds, I think I’m paying $60ish for 15Mbs down, 3Mbs up, at least thats what I pay for…..speedtest says something different though….Im getting hosed…….I wish google would come up here.

          • mustbepbs

            Ouch. I hate Time Warner. I feel sorry for you 🙁

          • kenny

            I feel sorry for you. I’m here in Los Angeles and get 20mbs from time warner for $30/month.

      • Teng Taing

        I have FiOs in Utah and i pay round $59 for 100Mbps download/upload with a 2TB monthly cap. I can complain but i still envy the folks in KC

      • I pay $71 for 8mb down and 1mb up in Puerto Rico. Currently, the fastest speed in Puerto Rico is 50mb for $160

    • Gr8Ape

      yes, that is the bottom package they mentioned in the vid. you pay the install fee with that one, the other two include it

    • duke69111

      From what I have read, it was for life as long as Google is still going it. They are guaranteeing at least 7 years.

  • Kevin

    If you move here find the right area. I am still waiting to sign up in Kansas City North, should be able to do it this summer. I can’t wait!!!!

  • kixofmyg0t

    And YouTube STILL has to buffer there…..

    • Umm.. a good connection doesn’t speed up YouTube servers.

      • kixofmyg0t

        I know. It was a joke.

  • markgbe

    got dang…..

  • Justin W


  • theentropic

    I really wish they would have chosen PA as the place to test out the waters. Want this so badly.

    • ostensibly

      Yeah, we were pretty gutted here in Ann Arbor when they chose Kansas.

  • I’ve never wanted to live in Kansas as much as I do right now.

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    That’s it, I’m moving to Kansas City.
    I would be going out of my way to find some big files to download. We needed this when downloading movies was a thing.

  • mmoreimi


  • Eric Markson


  • Jonathan Bunch

    To bad we don’t know when or if they will expand to the masses that is the rest of the united states. :/

    • Gr8Ape

      this is why Google makes so much money. they offered this initial offering to the entire US and went with the area that had the most demand. it makes perfect sense for them. go test the system in the area with the most guaranteed subscribers. hopefully they repeat this process. CA and others may have to wait a bit.

  • want

  • “I explored all of the internet in one day” – G Fiber user… I seriously don’t know what I would do with that much bandwidth.

    • Savan Ghetiya

      set the world record for filling up a 1TB external HDD with torrent downloads in blazing speeds …thats one thing you could do

      • JoshGroff

        At that point, you’d be limited to the write speed of the external drive. 🙁

        • PyroHoltz

          Not with USB3.

          • USB 3.0 gets 124.12 MB/s on a good drive, Google Fiber gets 1Gb/s which is just barely faster so you would have to wait

    • Savan Ghetiya

      download the extended bluray version of the star wars saga … a whopping 150GB or so

    • Cowboydroid

      It’s not about what you could do with it right now. It’s about what the future holds. It’s about how websites and interaction evolves.

  • Greg Morgan

    I really hope this goes well and they start expanding quite rapidly. I really want!!