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Employee Special Editions of the RAZR HD, RAZR M, DROID DNA, and Windows Phone 8X Coming Soon to Verizon

Remember last year’s special edition RAZR MAXX that was created for Verizon employees? Similar special editions are on the way, only this time for a handful of devices. These exclusive color schemes will likely be kept to employees only, just like last year, with jealous enthusiasts like us hoping they pop up on eBay. 

According to sources of ours, the RAZR MAXX HD and RAZR M will arrive November 15 with a similar black and red color scheme to what we saw last year. We are assuming that the kevlar will see red lines in place of the light grey on the back of the retail device. There is a chance that the metal band around the side of the HD turns red as well.

But beyond Moto products, we’re also hearing that HTC is getting in the mix with a special edition DROID DNA and Windows Phone 8X. The DNA is said to sport an all black front (like the retail version), but the black back will be swapped out for a red back, similar to what the global J Butterfly has (pictured above). These two HTC products will come with free wireless charging pillows as well, and will be available in December.

I’m jealous. You?

Cheers ___ and  ___!

  • Lauren Krauth

    grrrr hate the red back >: l

    It would be better in white for girls. It’s more fashionable. Even though you are going to put on a case, it still would be more appealing.

  • Spider210

    oh did i mention i’ll be getting this phone and keeping my unlimited data 🙂

  • gmx

    Since you have half the info anyway I will give you the rest there is 4 VZW employee editions the HTC 8X grey and green color for 99.99 with charging pad Razr M Red accent with moto flip dock 49.99 the Razr Maxx HD red accent with moto flip doc for 199.99 and HTC DNA Red back with Fat boy charging pillow for 99.99

    • vzftw

      amazing info gmx. When can I order the maxx? I heard it was Nov 15, technically it is. haha.

    • DDr33

      When is the Maxx Hd EE available for purchase? I’m buying it asap.

    • Kurtis Tamez

      Those prices are on contract I assume?

  • I am a former employee and I still have a Limited Edition Razr Maxx. Love that thing! I think it is awesome when they release things like this for employees. It’s a nice gesture from the company. And a little extra bonus to know your phone is different than every VZW customers

  • Ziyad Meeralam

    nooooo , RAZR HD Special edition ..? not again >.< i just bought my RAZR HD MAXX

  • angermeans

    Best part is I get one of these DNAs for $99 with the charging pad. Gotta wait until December but it will be worth the wait.

  • Pastadude

    I will be purchasing the DNA for sure. Can’t wait to get that red to replace my aging Incredible! Gotta say, Big Red really was looking but for us this time. I was going to pre order mine but then i got this email, glad I waited.

  • Hatyrei

    That is so unfair.

  • nfamouscj

    I’ll be ordering two for myself of the DNAs spec edition tomorrow.

    • adam223

      and how will you do that exactly? lol

      • yuupers

        really it would be too hard for to use logic and assume he/she is an employee?

        • vzwlover

          yeah the special edition dna doesnt come out till december soooo

    • angermeans

      I will be getting me one but I don’t think they are available tomorrow as my internal email said early December. I do rather prefer the black back but I can’t not pick one of these up especially being only $99 with the charging pad.

      • Kurtis Tamez

        How much is the DNA off contract for you? I have one of my employees wives maybe getting one for me, just want to make sure they’re not doing me dirty, She’s saying she could have it tomorrow (overnighted today the 20th)

    • gmx

      they do not come out till december

  • Aaron Fredricks

    im sure it costs them to do this and im damn sure theyre not doing it because they love their employees. i wanna know what the motive is

    • droid

      tell me more about being a conspiracy theorist…

      • Well it all starts with two shots of tequila and 12 lb of weed then your inner spirits will show you the way.

    • This! This is their motive…..envy…..and its…..working!
      Fight my droid Vzw brothers Fight!!! But don’t forget to pay the bill lol

    • laffingrass

      Verizon employees get treated fairly well. Competitive wages, coverage and 401(k)/IRA contributions from day one…

    • PeopleRidiotz

      Why are you “damn sure” ? Cause mommy doesn’t love you?

  • Kurtis Tamez

    If an employee were to get one of these and sell it could it be used by a non-employee?

    • vzwlover


    • Josh Nichols

      I believe the ones that were sold last year were blocked. Don’t know.

    • Yes, its like any other phone just pop in your Sim card. People asked the same thing about the Vzw droid RAZR. Which some lucky employees made bank! Lol

      • Josh Nichols

        It’s more than just “popping in your sim card”..

      • angermeans

        I think you are wrong. From what I’ve seen they are only able to be activated on an employee account.

    • gmx

      yes just needs to be activated on employee acct initially

  • ChrisI

    OK come on……considering how bummed the DL community is with this release of the DNA, is this not the ultimate in flipping the bird by Verizon to paying customers? Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like VZN sees that the DNA wasn’t quite as perfect as consumers wanted, so they’d just kick you a little bit while you’re down anyway and give cooler color schemes to execs and employees while “F”ing the actual customers. Crap battery? No SD slot? No kickstand for a media heavy phone? Sense? Locked bootloader? Power button on top? Might as well give the cool colors to non-customers while we’re at it.

    • Josh Nichols

      What? They did this starting last year. It’s to give their employees something nice. If you actually read the article there is more than just the Droid DNA in the list of phones. And yes, it is all Verizon’s fault that the 2020mah battery is the same size in this phone as the one it is based off of. Because Verizon has so much to do with HTC designing phones. It’s also all Verizon’s fault it has Sense and a locked bootloader, because none of HTC’s phones have those things.

      • Diablo81588

        I agree with everything you said other than the locked bootloader. This is 100 percent Verizon, as evident by past experience. They’ve made it clear many times that they want locked bootloaders on their network.

        • Josh Nichols

          Every HTC phone has a locked bootloader when you buy it..

          • TechPro1993

            Every Nexus has a locked boot loader. It’s a matter of unlocking.

          • Josh Nichols

            All HTC phones are unlocked through HTCdev.com…

  • I will be trying my hardest to get Verizon to give me a special edition razr m!

    • gmx

      cant can only be ordered through employee accounts and can only be activated initially on a employee acct.

  • Nexus

    I would prefer for them to release the DNA with an SD card slot instead of these circus colors.


    • i am hoping they will release a 32 gb one in a few months

      • Nexus

        I would too. But I would just like for them to get things right the first time.

    • michael arazan

      I wonder if they’ll be Hiring Temporary employees for the Holiday season? Hmmm

  • Verizon must have a ton of costumers because for them to do this astonishes me. I understand Celebrites but Employees?? FML

    • vzwlover

      over 100 million 😀

    • Guest

      FUL LOL

    • JolleyMan

      Costumers? Celebrites? Are these hipster ways of referring to customers and celebrities?