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Call of Duty Elite for Android Updated, Black Ops 2 Support In The House

It’s painful trying to pull myself from the TV this morning, as I’ve been paying Black Ops 2 non-stop and loving every second of it. Today, the official Call of Duty Elite app for Android received an update, bringing support for the newest title. With the Elite app, you can customize your classes, look over past games, and also see what your clan is up to.

Since Elite was made free, if you play CoD, but don’t have Elite installed, then you’re doing it wrong. Go grab it now.

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  • PS3 – HoosierDaddy2442

  • slightly off-topic but I have to mention that the new Xbox Smartglass app works amazingly. My favorite part is finally being able to type without diddling around with the joysticks for half an hour

  • Guest

    Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a droid life COD event? Play CoD with the DL community

    • That is kind of neat. Hmmmm. Brainstorming.

    • battlefield 3…..

      • Guest

        or that, they should host a different game every week for those that arent fans of BF or CoD

    • Matthew

      Halo 4?

    • michael arazan

      DL would have to start a dedicated server, like the old days of CoD United offensive

  • David Narada Brown

    i think i will pick this up today since i have to wait for a nexus 10 tablet!

  • ckeegan

    Wish I had time to play video games. Must be nice.

  • Confession time….
    i picked up black Ops 2 yesterday and played it pretty much non-stop for as long as i possibly could. at the same time i was checking the forums and flashing 4.2 to my Nexus 7 and getting root to work and restoring and setting it all back up ect. and flashing 4.2 to my galaxy nexus..

    .i haven’t done much class customization in BO2…so this app will allow me to take my afternoon dump and customize to my hearts content…..Droid-life to the rescue again!!

  • It’s actually pretty handy to have, I like being able to mess with custom classes even while I’m at work 😀

  • Add me for xbox, we can rip it up! :]

    Gamertag: B4tnam

  • Bionic

    my wife is forcing me to wait until christmas to get black ops 2

    • Divorce

      • Bionic


      • thats too far….just buy it now, hide the case, play it at will, tell her its the old game, return new BO2 after you get it for christmas, Profit

        • lgreg64

          sounds like a plan.

      • Mike Gall


    • Robhimself79

      My wife’s parents are staying with us until Monday. I was not thinking this through when I put a ring on it.

      • Bionic

        we each need to bring 30 bucks and find a place to hunker down and play the game. maybe get some strippers to dance while we’re playing the game. now that would be a good time, lol.

    • TheDrunkenClam

      Pretty clear who wears the pants in that marriage.
      Sorry bro.