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Android 4.2 Quick Tip: Drag Down in Photo Editor to See Original Images While Editing

Ever wanted to quickly look back at an original photo while you were editing away in the Android 4.2 photo editor? Even with all of those “vintage” filters, snazzy borders, and tweaks splashed atop one, there is trick to allow you to see how bad the interesting job you have done editing. Simply swipe from the top or left side of the image and it will show you the “original”. The video below explains it much better. 


Cheers @bedoya999!

  • maguiz

    How to send the pictures inside camera app after you take with camera on 4.2. The 4.1.2 has these quick steps at the top.

    • maguiz

      Found it myself. Swipe right to left it pops all options like the old way.

  • Mack

    Kellen, what is that wallpaper at the end of the video!?!

    • Search google images for `bokeh background` or `bokeh wallpaper` and you will find a million nearly identical.

  • found this out by randomly doing it

  • Jeff “Big Red”

    I was trying this on my G-Nexus and it kept closing my gallery… Then I thought what the hell… Kellen just did that in the video… Then I realized that’s the nexus 4… Google please make the phone different looking for the nexus 5…lol

  • Kyle Chow

    I wish I hard android 4.2 on my phone 🙁

    • Kyle Chow


    • if you have 4.1, you can flash the 4.2 Gapps.

  • ddevito

    No photo sphere viewer in the gallery. Another fail. Seriously 4.2 sucks.

    • NowOrLater

      Yes there is. I’m looking at a photosphere photo right now in the gallery. You just have to hit the photosphere icon under the photo to get the viewer to pop up.

      • ddevito

        on the Nexus 7?

  • ddevito

    New crop tool is epic. Fail.

    • I thought so too… but its actually nice. Click ‘original’ to change aspect ratio or select none for free crop

    • panicswhenubered

      lol sounds like you haven’t taken the time to figure how to use it. The new crop tool is awesome. Read Jason Downing’s comment if you think features are missing.

      • ddevito

        yes, but still requires an extra step. Not a fail but still not an upgrade.

  • Christopher Chin

    Nice…just give me back my DOODLE option in filters!!

  • You can also place your finger on the picture and the slide right to view the before/after vertically rather than horizontally.

    • Larizard

      Yup, just tried swiping left to right and it worked as well. I’m running the 4.2 Gallery App on my 4.1 Bugless Beast GNex.

  • nice, if google keeps adding stuff like this with newer releases then android is just gonna get better and better. man it feels good to have an android phone right now!!!

  • Tyler

    I noticed this in the leaked camera application that i have installed on my phone. Didn’t notice that it wasn’t in 4.1.

  • discovered this last night… pretty sweet little hidden feature.

    Also another one I found, swipe from right to left to bring up the filter/effect history.