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Yes, Folks, the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 Go On-sale in the Play Store at 9AM Pacific

LG Nexus 4

Well, if you follow us on Twitter, then you knew this late last night, as we were the first to report the 9:00AM kick-off for sales of the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10. Since our sources reached out, Google has updated their Google Play support line to reflect this time. That means you have less than 2 hours to wait before making one of or all of these devices yours. We should probably warn you that they are selling out overseas within minutes, so if the N4 or N10 is on your list this morning, get your credit cards ready.

  • gk08

    I can’t believe Google was not prepared to scale it’s store. I had the 16gb in my cart and then check out would not work and eventually it disappeared from the cart. Tried to buy the 8gb model and ended up with three. SMH.

  • cory h!

    Got MINE!!!

  • I just ordered one… store is up!

    • LionStone

      Really? I don’t see it…

  • mw630

    Nexus 4 on sale earlier than 11 AM – I just bought mine from Google Play store. HURRY!!!!!

  • Salam Zebian

    I need to lern to timezone…. fail on my part

  • Salam Zebian

    9’0clock what the hell google

  • mw630

    Any idea why the wireless charging dock wouldn’t be available at launch?

  • I’m on Verizon… Should I try and get a Nexus 4 and sell it?

  • Hey kellen I wanted to know why on the nexus 10 the tablet UI looks different from my Xoom? Its only on 4.1 but I like the interface. But the nexus ten looks like an oversized phone interface.
    If you could explain it to me that would be fgrat. 🙂

    • JoshGroff

      Google wanted to unify the UI. Also, if you’re on 4.1, it should be the phone UI as well. O-o

      • moelsen8

        pretty sure 4.1 on the xoom still has the old school tablet UI..

        • JoshGroff

          That’s interesting.

          • moelsen8

            yeah, i remember reverting to stock to take the update and this was before all the tablet changes happened. granted, i haven’t really touched my xoom much in a long time other than to update it, but pretty sure it’s still that way.

          • 4.1 only will have the “oversized phone” UI if it’s a 7-inch tablet (and the manufacturer didn’t change it to the tablet UI). On 10-inchers, it’ll still be the tablet UI.

          • JoshGroff

            Care to explain the Nexus 10?

          • Sure. The Nexus 10 is on 4.2 (still called Jelly Bean). Google decided to unify the UI (as said before) this time around. So, the “oversized phone” UI will now be a standard on tablets (at least Nexus ones)

          • JoshGroff

            I’m pretty sure as of 4.1 they were unifying the UI, apparently I was mistaken. Thanks. 🙂

  • Greyhame

    What stores has Google partnered with to sell the N10?

  • Dr_Buttballs

    My body is ready.

    • itznfb

      Is your mind? And credit card?

  • Prox

    Stuck between 8GB and 16GB. I don’t use the space on my phone and don’t need 16GB. Is the $50 worth that much more resale for a 16GB over a 8GB?

    • itznfb

      Probably. I’m going with the 16GB just for the resale value alone.

    • I would do it if you can, especially since there is no microsd. I paid the extra $50 for the extra 16gb on my phone now (32 total), and have filled it.

      as far as resale, it should be about $50 more, so it’ll be a no-gain. if you really aren’t close to using 8gb, then it’s up to you i guess.

      • itznfb

        You may not get a larger return on resale but the 16GB will be easier to sell.

    • JoshGroff

      Also, if you’re going to do any sort of gaming on it, definitely go with the 16.

    • Prox
      • r0lct

        From the description it sounds like a Asus/hardware issue. Not necessarily indicative of all devices running 4.x.

      • NexusMan

        it’s true. I’m experiencing that.

    • Jeff Stewart

      after the issues with the 8GB N7 i wouldnt give it a second thought. 16 all the way. of course im a VZW customer so i dont get the option at all.

    • r0lct

      As someone who also doesn’t use much space either (20 GB free on my Gnex) and has a N7 with 8 GB and 16 GB you really should get the 16 GB. I saved the money on the 8 GB since it was for work (no media, less gaming) and it was a mistake, you get to 8 GB easy.

  • Guesthelp

    Nexus 4 = trash. Waste of money.

    • Dr_Buttballs

      Thanks for that insightful opinion.

    • Prox

      Must be a Apple/VZW customer.

    • Mack

      Just because you’re locked into an iPhone 5 for two painful years doesn’t mean you have to hate.

  • moelsen8

    browsers open, logged in, reminder set.. bring it on.

  • Wanna bet the servers go down at 9:01?

    • itznfb


  • kretz7

    Funny you mention “credit card” because I was just saying how I don’t want to take money out of savings for this purchase….which means I probably shouldn’t be buying it, lol. sigh.

  • John
    • itznfb

      This is rather hilarious. Might not want to open at work though due to language.

    • itznfb

      Nexus 4 16GB is ON SALE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I think I just purchased 2 or 3 by accident! lol

      • John


        I can take one of them off your hands if you want. Honestly, I don’t mind.

        • itznfb

          I’ll wait for the confirmation email but I hit refresh a couple times and definitely got several confirmation numbers pop up on the screen…..
          According to my order history two orders went through and one was automatically cancelled.

      • itznfb

        I can’t purchase the Bumper… it says there is something wrong with the way the merchant set it up..

  • Jroc869, Cool story bro

    im ready now just like i was at 3am this morning

  • TheWenger

    I’m heading to Wal Mart right at 12 EST today to see if they have the Nexus 10. If not, Play Store GO.

    • I don’t know if that would give you enough time if they’re selling out in minutes…

      • itznfb

        I doubt the Nexus 10 will sell out in minutes… the Nexus 4 will most likely.

      • TheWenger

        I feel better about it lasting a little longer in the States. Lots of iPad tools here.

        • JoshGroff

          And VZW fanboys.

  • Qbancelli

    I’m ready!

  • markgbe

    i can not wait. understatement.

  • MikeSaver

    Pacific? Didn’t you know that the world revolves around the East Coast? Pssh.

  • derek connolly

    installing the OTA 4.2 update on my Nexus 7 as we speak!!!