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Video: First Look at the HTC DROID DNA


The HTC DROID DNA is official. Here is the first look at it.

Below, we also have HTC’s first promo video for the phone, which is awesome. 


  • What’s the grills on the sides for? Besides to get junk stuck in.

  • Daistaar

    On a relate note, does anyone know if VZW stores have dummy units yet? Would like to get a feel for it.

  • Daistaar

    You seriously have to watch the video on top and play the Friendly Fires “Skeleton Boy at the same time. Makes this phone look awesome LOL!

  • BigFonz

    damn, I was really hoping for a kickstand

  • Damn. I was really looking forward to this, but the lack of SD card is a deal breaker. No removable battery I could live with, but 16GB of storage?! GTFO…I will be sticking with my X2 a while longer, it looks like.

  • Will Best Buy have it on launch day? 11/20 is day 58 of the 60-day return period on my Galaxy S3.

  • I will say that was the best DROID commercial I have seen.. Its actually showed how badass the phone was (not badass enough to get me to buy it over the Note 2) and not some dumb superhero commercial that doesnt show the phone at all..

  • Spider210

    preorder is live!

  • Ohiwastedmylife

    This phone will be great as long as we all go back to playing board games, listening to our music on walkmans, and reading newspapers/magazines!

  • Sqube

    Can you confirm the microSD slot?

  • homelesshobo

    To bad its only has 16GB of storage and no micro sd slot

    • Paul

      I might end up having to go with the Note 2 because of this. A phone that’s got an amazing processor and 1080p screen that can run HD games well and make HD video look really good, and no storage for said videos and games.

  • 2001400ex

    Terrible. How could HTC muck this up that bad? Only 2020 and no sd? This isn’t the days of 3g. I guess maxx hd here I come. Battery life more important than sweet screen. I just wish the maxx hd wasn’t 6 month old tech.

  • jonathon johnston

    I came away disappointed…rumor had a 2500mah battery but instead it is much less. I do get about 3 hours of screen on with my DX extended battery (1800mah) but with a larger screen and LTE this will not compare.
    And really, took away the micro sd slot on the US release? Guess I will be waiting on the Note 2 unless the official specs or in-hand feel of this phone grab my attention again.

  • Will Stager

    “Keep your friends close and your [charger] closer”…

  • Tyler Casilio

    I mean I want this phone, just the battery life…..

  • DanWazz

    First Droid phone that’s interesting in a long while.

    • LiterofCola


  • Nice videos. Looks like I’m buying again. Ughh!

  • Mike Yost

    That bezel is way too damn thick for me!…. #Sarcasm

  • Steven02

    Had this been out when I got my Galaxy S3, this would have been my new phone. I love my Galaxy S3, but Touchwiz isn’t very good. I much prefer Sense, which I know is blasphemy around here.

    • everyone has their preference. Mine is Moto-not-Blur>Sense>Stock>TouchWiz.

      • Verizon

        I have to say that I highly support and agree with your preference. I really like what Moto is doing now and I still like Sense to a certain extent. I’ll take stock any time and I would rather switch to an iPhone than deal with TouchWiz ever again.

    • Verizon

      There is nothing wrong with saying Sense is better than TouchWiz. Now, if you said you preferred the old version of Blur, then we would be calling for a psych evaluation.

  • Tyler Casilio

    How long do you guys seriously think the battery will last for?

    • steve0617

      Total guess? Til about mid afternoon based on that lots of people can get a full work day on an S3 with a smaller screen and bigger battery and a dual core versus quad core chip..

      I can’t see how you’d ever get 6am to 10pm on a single charge with just 2020mAh.

  • john

    boycott htc, they sold out to crapple

  • michael c

    wait so how big is the battery?!?

  • Butters619

    I would Verizon would change the branding on those ugly ass Droid wallpapers.

  • Bionic

    Another HTC fail.

  • Ohiwastedmylife

    Does this really not have an SD card ? The Butterfly J does! If it does not have one I think I have to go with the note 2 sadly.

    • BSweetness

      No microSD card slot. That along with the non-removable battery and the 2020 mAh battery make the Note 2 the obvious choice for me.

      • Ohiwastedmylife

        Who the hell lives off of 9 GB of space when new apps are 1GB or larger & continuously save new data. And why would a photographer only rely on 9 GB of space, a good shoot can use 10’s of GB’s.

  • Tyler Lawhon

    Well done commercials for sure. I mean, I haven’t seen something from Droid that nice looking in a while.

  • Okki125

    Interesting…. no phone functionality visible in the entire PHONE commercial. No video chat, or data during voice… and no standby and talk time indication… Now why should I buy this again?

    • Verizon

      While Moto was developing the best battery and HTC was developing the best camera Samsung was at night school taking a marketing class or two.

      • Paul

        There are a ton of people that would buy this over the Razr HD and other phones because of the camera though. The commercial isn’t geared toward people like us, it’s good for what it’s supposed to be.

        • Verizon

          Oh, I agree with you. This thing will sell a ton for the camera alone, if Verizon pushes it.

    • 2001400ex

      Did I read that right? No data while talking? Is that 4g and 3g? Cause my tbolt does both just fine.

      • Okki125

        Nop.. you didnt read it right.. I was just commenting that all those features are not present in the commercial.

      • zionlion

        Think it’s because of the separate LTE chip right? Same prob that iPhone 5 has? GNex has one chip, not two, I think that’s why it can do it – also part of why it gets terrible battery. But, someone can correct me if I’m wrong there.

        • Diablo81588

          The gnex has two radios, one for CDMA and one for LTE. That being said, it cannot do simultaneous voice and data on 3g like HTC devices. Those use SVDO for that, and the gnex doesn’t have that capability. It can however do it when connected to LTE, because they’re two seperate radios. The battery life is also affected because it has to power two radios at the same time, unlike most new devices.

          That being said, the iPhone 5 can’t do it on either radio, not because it only has one chip, but because of the lack of antennas.l

  • fartbubbler

    battery size??

    • 2020 mAh

      • fartbubbler

        dang, really?!!! Is that official? If so, that’s really pathetic and poorly thought out.

        • yep. LTE+1080p 5 inch = death to battery

          Otherwise it looks really nice. (excluding bootloader)

    • Lesser Version

      2020 mAh non removable

      • Rob

        How do you know it’s 2020 mah and not 2500?

        • BSweetness

          Because it’s in Verizon’s official press release.

    • Tyler Casilio


  • Verizon

    @ HTC We want Motorola like battery life in our phones.
    @Mototola We want HTC like camera quality in our phones.
    You guys work it out and outsell every phone on the planet.

    • bogy25

      So true – just ditched the Tbolt for the MAXX HD and I like it but the camera is just plain awful – I mean the TBolt had a better camera – Geez!

    • @Verizon We want unlocked bootloaders without a ton of bloatware

      • Verizon

        The unlocked bootloader is really needed. If he bloat can be removed natively then it doesn’t matter, to me anyway.

        • Nicholassss

          Even if the bootloader were locked, why is bloatware undelete-able in the first palce, if they were quality apps we’d use them, but their not, so we dont.

          real talk: why does my RAZR ask me if i want to use VZNavigator every time I click a link ?

          done being frustrated about this right now.

          • Verizon

            If you are running ICS then you can disable all of that bloat and be done with it. In the app tray simply long press an app > drag to top of home screen (more options) > App info > disable or uninstall. Done. The app won’t run or show up on the phone anymore.

            Even with a locked bootloader a phone can still be rooted and bloat can still be removed or frozen by apps like Titanium Backup. The locked bootloader only prevents specific customizations like kernels and radios to be installed. Every other good thing about rooting is still available.

          • Diablo81588

            Why don’t you just disable vz navigator..

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      i would not be surprised to see Samsung do it first. They already did a great job with the note 2.

      • Verizon

        Yea, the main problem with that is that it is Samsung. Shaky radios on Verizon and TouchWiz just make me run in the other direction. I prefer and trust the hardware from both Moto and HTC. If Moto would really work to develop an amazing camera for their next phone it would be hard to beat. If HTC would put larger batteries in their phones they would be hard to beat too.

    • Jake

      @ Google We want LTE in our Nexus phones.
      @ Verizon We want timely updates and unlockable bootloaders on our phones.

      • Verizon

        Google will be forced into using LTE before too long. They need to start looking at battery life now. There is no reason that a phone should last less than a full day.

        As far as the Verizon offering timely updates I’m hopping the Razr M update is the start of a new trend. I’m starting to think unlockable bootloaders is a lost cause on Verizon. I think they are still pissed about the Galaxy Nexus.

  • castortroy45

    And only a 2020mah battery….I’ll pass.

  • Stevedub40

    I gotta say, that HTC Sense sure makes it look dated. They really need to do something about that.

  • Mack

    Nexus 4 seems to be available now

    • LiterofCola

      Wrong thread

  • sdny8

    I want! But that f@$king battery. Why? Why can’t they make one phone for the people who don’t wear Steven Tyler designed jeans.

  • Pretty cool.

  • The DNA also features an hour and a half of battery life.

    • Lesser Version

      That was funny!

    • Butters619

      I get less than 3 hours of on screen time with my One X, so you probably aren’t as far off as you may think.

    • No..it has a s4 pro…

      • With a 1080p display, and a 2020 mAh battery.

      • Butters619

        And a 5″ 1080p LCD screen. The One X has an S4, but not great on screen time. (less than 3 hours) And this has more pixels. More pixels = more processor to push those pixel + more backlight to push light through those pixels.

        • Paul

          But this phone’s newer technology LCD is supposed to be a lot better on battery.

          • BSweetness

            “Supposed to be.”

            A lot of things are supposed to be, but in reality they often turn out to be somewhat different. This is just something that we’ll have to wait and see on. But I have serious doubts about the longevity of a 2020 mAh non-removable battery to power a 5″ 1080p display and LTE, even with a more efficient processor and display. It would be great if HTC has managed to pull off a miracle with the battery life here, but when you look at everything that battery has to power, it doesn’t look too likely.

          • Butters619

            That is what they said about SLCD2. I just don’t see it. One of the issues with increasing the pixel density is that you have to increase the amount of backlight behind it to get the same visible brightness.

            Take for example the iPad 3/4 (yeah boo hiss, but good example). They increased the pixel density by about 130 ppi. They also increased the battery by a whopping 70%….and it gets worse battery life. More ppi == more processing + power more light == much worse battery performance.

  • I have to say, the phone looks awesome – want to see a side by side with the S3, but this could be my next phone

  • leenephi

    Turns out I really liked that video. XD Looks like a pretty sweet device!

  • Ron_Swanson

    Looks better than I expected, really like the design. Now I’m contemplating axing my GN2 preorder…..decisions, decisions.

    • leenephi

      Quite the decision; good luck!

    • BSweetness

      I love the design as well, and the display should be amazing. I know the Snapdragon S4 Pro is a very efficient processor, but a non-removable 2020 mAh battery to power a 5″ 1080p display and LTE? When that gets added to the lack of a microSD card slot, there’s no way I can pick the DNA over the Note 2 (and that’s not even counting the large amount of extremely useful software on the Note 2 and the S-Pen).

  • Where can we pre-order this bad boy?

  • Daniel Clifford

    Considering that was all CGI, I will wait to see a video review of the build quality of the actual phone before getting too excited.