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Verizon HTC DROID DNA Pre-order is Live

The DROID DNA from HTC is now live and available for pre-order through Verizon’s site. Priced at $199 on a new two-year agreement, this device will likely be met with quite a bit of optimism. It has insane specs and could be just what HTC has needed to boost their US sales figures. It packs the new quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, a brilliant 5″ 1080p LCD 3 display, 4G LTE, 2GB of RAM, and amazing 8MP camera, Sense 4+, and Jelly Bean.

Picking it up or is this not the DROID you’re looking for?

Pre-order Here

  • Frank

    when Sharp announced the new 1080p 5-inch LCD panel, they claimed that it would reduce power consumption. So it’s understandable HTC went for the 2020mAh on this phone. Obviously, it’s probably not going to do as well for real usage in battery usage. Some mixed reception. Some reviewers say 6 hours others say 4 hours, yet some even claim 10 hours (as the HTC reps claimed at the event). I would think it may have similar battery life to the HTC One X (which isn’t that great, but consider that this phone is 1080p and has a newer quad core compared to the Tegra 3).

  • sk3litor

    ” not the droid you’re looking for”. Ha ha that’s awesome. How long have you been waiting to say that?

  • RaptorOO7

    So Verizon can get this phone pre-ordered and out the door in a week but they take a month to pre-order and ship the Galaxy Note 2. Are they expecting more GN2 sales or less? Are they simply pushing the “Droid” crap first. Sense for me has been the worst UI next to LG’s and I am not getting this sucker. I’m getting the GN2, I want external storage for music, movies and whatever else I want on it.

  • DC_Guy

    Why the HELL is this shipping before my Note 2?!?!!! WTF Verizon?

  • JJ

    Is there any way Verizon lets customers upgrade early?

  • cjeff

    i have 23gb in music now and 2gb in movies so 16gb is definitely not for me and the butterfly j has a 16 & 32 gb varients so we will see what the future has to offer in not i will get the next big thing……

  • TechTitan

    Live? More like Preorder is D.O.A. Too much? lol #IneedMObattery

  • SMP

    still getting the Note 2

  • MichaelFranz

    No SD still makes the GS3 cream of the crop in my opinion, i mean 16GB is fine and all. But for developers and people who root and rom, how are you supposed to work with that without always having 3-4GB left….the phone alone will take up 2GB

  • 2001400ex

    I was there until they said 2020 battery. That wouldn’t even last a full day for my wife. My 2750 on the tbolt isn’t sufficient, but I travel a lot so I need he bigger battery. Sorry HTC, your loss is Motos gain.

    • TylerChappell

      What ROM are you using that the 2750mAh battery isn’t last long enough? I am running the leaked ICS ROM and the battery life is horrible but it still lasts me most of the day, with the Thunderstick Full Blown Sense ROM I was using prior, id still have 40% at the end of the day.

      • 2001400ex

        No Rom, I have my work email on my phone. But I get about 5 hours of use between screen and talk, which when I am traveling is about the day. Most days I am fine, but irritated if it doesn’t last. 2020 won’t do.

        • TylerChappell

          Yours sounds defective.

          • 2001400ex

            I am not saying it only lasts 5 hours. I am saying it dies after I have either screen time or phone time of 5 hours. When I am traveling, my phone is on all the time.

  • brad

    As a HEAVY battery consumer I’m worried. As soon as I see a few reviews that show me I can get through 8 hours of HEAVY screen, phone and internet usage I’ll buy this in a heartbeat. I never go more than 8 hours without a charge anyways.

    The Camera, Screen and pure speed of this phone makes it the best thing out there (well on paper so far). I don’t care about the 16gb of storage. I don’t store that much besides pictures and videos on my phone, and when that gets full I’ll put them on a free 5gb on Google Drive.

    • SA

      Totally agree on the battery concern. The other thing about a non-removable, which I haven’t heard anyone mention with regards to the DNA, is that batteries lose their potency over time. After a year, isn’t the one inside the DNA going to be significantly weaker than it initially was? That’s most definitely been the case with my GNex, which is exactly why I’ve replaced both batteries (I usually carry a spare).

      • Twilight Sparkle

        You are correct, and this is what bugs me greatly about phones without a removable battery. This is especially important with these devices which charge quickly, then proceed to drain a lot of power. Both of those things will negatively impact the lifespan of your battery. I’d say a year (for devices such as these) would be a reasonable time to start considering a new battery. Considering contracts are two years, I feel like companies don’t really have our best interests in mind. Not that I doubted that for a minute, though. It would, at the very least, be nice to have a way to change these batteries, even if it was only once a year. They’d probably overcharge for it, but, even so, it would probably beat the price of a new phone

    • C-Law

      I’m predicting similar results to my gnex with the extended battery. 3.5 hour screen time

  • Ron_Swanson

    I’m looking forward to checking one of these out in person, if nothing else to see the screen. Probably still all in on the Note 2 though…..

  • Dan

    Looks pretty awesome, but I’m still getting the Note II.

  • Floyd

    I wonder who sat in the design room with the knowledge that they needed to boost their US sales and decided to have some of the best features on the market; and then choose to not put a larger battery of at least have the option for larger storage?

    Two of the biggest features that can make or break a phone and you exclude them from what you want to be your flagship device to boost your sales. Personally, I want to know the reasoning behind this. Because, my decision was b/w this, the SIII or the Note 2. Looks like in either case, Verizon is going to get my money for a Samsung device…

    • RaptorOO7

      They are all chasing the “thin phone” award which to me is the stupidest thing to do. I owned an iP5 and it was a worthless POS, easy dropped, easy damaged, and thin is not the best thing when it item costs $650-850 and you break it your screwed.

  • Is the phone waterproof?

  • randompsychology

    I can’t believe this thing is only $199 when I paid $299 last year for the Galaxy Nexus. That’s just ridiculous. I think I deserve some money back…

    • C-Law

      Bc Verizon is the definition of an evil company and they knew they could get it bc there was nothing comparable on other networks at a lower price

  • Dave

    Will be curious to see real world usage in terms of battery life (as in when it gets into the hands of the general consumer). The “smallish” battery with a huge screen seems like a concern.

  • My upgrade date is on black friday. Should I get this for 199 or the SIII from Sam’s Club for .96 cents? I have a Thunderbolt now and feel very leery about getting another HTC phone. 😕

  • chey023

    $.96 Galaxy S3 on Back Friday or $199 for a non removable battery and no sd? I know my answer.

    Giving up unlimited is stink but I have yet to go over 2gb the last three months.

    • chey023

      opps. Small battery, got confused.

  • Damian

    If nothing better comes out by February and the battery life is decent I’ll buy it

  • Verizon

    I guess I’ll need to order 4 of them to have enough battery life and storage.

  • motta2003

    I have a Thunderbolt….nuff said.

    • Apostrafee

      This isn’t a Thunderbolt though…it’s the Droid DNA

      • RaptorOO7

        Thunderbolt = HTC = craptastic device . . . SO . . . Droid DNA = HTC = Not being a sucker again!

      • TylerChappell

        It’s the new Thunderbolt, an otherwise great device that is given a totally crippling battery.

  • ddevito

    it has a retina RETINA display

  • Mack

    No, this is not the Droid I am looking for. I’m done with the Droid brand and basically anything that isn’t a Nexus. At the very least any device I buy from here on out will have an unlockable bootloader.

    Even if Verizon somehow allows HTC to offer a bootloader unlock through their HTC-dev website it still won’t have S-Off.

    • isnt the nexus the same as this when it comes to storage and non removeable battery

      • C-Law

        Smaller screen, less pixels=better battery life

      • Mack

        I’m assuming you’re talking about the Nexus 4. Yes, specs wise the are pretty much the same but the Nexus is in a whole other league due to the fact that it is completely unlockable and will always receive updates straight from Google. On top of that I can’t stand HTC Sense, IMO it’s just as bad as Samsung’s TouchWiz.

        I guess I’ve been spoiled with CM10 but I can’t go back to using a phone that doesn’t AOSP or an AOSP based rom like Cyanogenmod or AOKP. I definitely don’t see the Droid DNA seeing AOSP roms anytime soon.

        I just picked up a new Galaxy Nexus to use for the next year in hopes that the next Nexus phone will be unlocked multiband LTE only and I can grab it to use on Verizon.

        • Thanks for the reply, but only comparing the battery and storage, and because many people are didn’t have issues with either of those two when it came to the nexus 4, and but yet many people consider this a failure for those same reasons….

  • thedonxr

    If it gets unlocked maybe….

  • Got mine ordered, can’t wait to get it! Almost everything I have is in Google Drive of Google Music so 16gb won’t cause me issues in the least.

    • Detonation

      Too bad the battery will die in an hour when you’re streaming it

      • Apostrafee

        You know this because you own one?

      • Several sources have stated under medium to some heavy use it can last 8 hours, and I fall into the medium category at best. Have chargers were I need them and wireless just about everywhere, so shouldn’t have any issues on that.

        • brad

          Can you link to those sources please?

        • brad

          Can you please post these sources

        • ObviousNinja2

          if you have a galaxy nexus….anything is better when it comes to Battery life.

          • RaptorOO7

            The battery has to be able to handle the constant 3G to 4G to 3G to 4G, repeat, repeat, repeat where it just chews the battery up. This has been a problem with LTE on previous Verizon phones and certainly not being swappable is an issue for me. I will happily carry a spare in my bag.

    • Verizon

      I make fun of it because it doesn’t fit my needs, but I’m jealous of the camera. I hope you enjoy it.

  • duke69111

    Why do we always have to pre-order. Whats wrong with it being available on announcement day,

    • capecodcarl

      Because when you don’t pre-order you get results like we have now with the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10… sold out in 2 minutes. If you pre-order they can have some idea of the demand and ramp up production accordingly. Nobody wants to be left with a huge stock of unsellable phones.

      • duke69111

        I can live with that explanation. I just wish that you could buy one on announcement day.

      • RaptorOO7

        Yeah the N10 sales were a joke. Either Google under planned or they are simply stupid. Nexus is no longer a developer brand, its a hardware enthusiasts brand and we want the latest and guaranteed greatest (OS updates).

        I could have ordered mine today, but I am holding off until I hear more real world users and its in stock at a store for me to test out.

      • michael arazan

        What’s wrong with listing the full price with the subsidized price for the thousands with unlimited data and will have to pay full price for our phones for now on?

        DNA $599 full price for unlimited users

  • QQpayne

    Once DL does a review telling this is not some pile of crap, I will probably be getting this phone.

  • Art Holguin

    16gb is def not enough for me with no expandable storage. I will waiti to check it out at the store.

    • RaptorOO7

      That is a big reason for me to get the GN2, I want external storage to carry my music, podcasts and ditch my last iDevice . . . my iPod. I want only Android mobile devices with me.