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Google’s Nexus 4 Sells Out in 25 Minutes

According to Google Play, the Nexus 4 16GB and 8GB versions are either sold out already or have been pulled for other reasons. As of right now, both variants are completely gone and the only option is the “Notify Me” sign-up box. We first noticed them go live at about 8:38AM Pacific, and by 9:03AM Pacific, they were out.

Were you able to snag one?

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Cheers K!

  • SeanBello

    the good thing about them seemingly botching this release too is that they may realize that they don’t have a choice but to hop into bed with the carriers, which would be great for us folks on verizon

    • Stewie

      oh noooooooooooo it wouldnt. Believe me.

      • SeanBello

        well not for updates, but it’d mean we’d actually get the phone. I think most would at least like the option to get the phone

        • EC8CH

          Exactly… sell me a N4 on VZW with an unlockable bootloader. I don’t care if VZW never sends out an OTA update, I can take care of that myself with the help of the developers.

          • SeanBello


    • I doubt they see it as botched at all. They sold out in 25 minutes, I’d say that’s pretty damn successful. It’s not their fault that their website was misbehaving a bit when it was probably getting tens of thousands of requests per minute. I’m sure it’s just a mySQL database behind it all, and even the best server farm on the planet can’t make that clunky crap PERFECT.

      • SeanBello

        I know for a fact they don’t think they botched it. I’ve called the Nexus customer service line multiple times. They don’t take responsibility for anything.

        • …of course they don’t. When you call a support number based in the US, nine times out of ten you are getting an 18 year old just out of highschool making 9 or 10 bucks an hour to sit there and listen to you complain. They’ve got some scripts to read and aren’t allowed to hang up on you unless you get really offensive. That’s about all you can expect.

          • SeanBello

            I mean regarding escalation. When you ask to talk to a manager or somebody that you can talk to above them and they say “there’s no person that you can talk to”. there’s ALWAYS somebody

          • No, typically when you ask for a manager you’re going to a “lead” who is just a more senior person sitting right next to them (and senior in a call center means they made it 6 months without walking out). You’ll probably never talk to an actual employee of Google as opposed to an employee of Callcenter XYZ.

            I’ve been in management at a couple of different call centers. This is a universal fact. You’d be shocked at some of the clients that are based here. 99% of rental car companies, the IRS for calling about your tax return, State Farm, Progressive, Farmers, a billion different frozen food companies, Colgate, Crest, Microsoft, McDonalds, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T (both phone & DSL support), I could go on for hours. With absolutely none of them will you ever talk to an actual employee of the company you are calling for unless they specifically call you back after the fact. With extremely irate customers we were able to contact the clients, but usually it took them days before they’d call them back personally, if ever.

            Sorry for the rant, just a touchy subject 😉 I’m extremely happy to be out of that industry finally.

  • So awesome. I can’t wait to get mine. 🙂

  • Roxybu

    It was a completely disaster!!, in my cart i had 2 and suddenly an error appear, and now i dont have any of those.

    • SeanBello

      they just can’t get it right

  • TonyJ

    I got one but it was a real pain to get the site to work properly. I had been hitting refresh and never saw the 16gb change to “Add to Cart”. On a whim around 10:40 CST I came back out to the Play homepage and went back in through “Shop Devices” and it was available. Then I had to do that again about 7 times to get a 16 gb added to a cart and processed. So I got the phone. Then I realized I needed the bumper. I went back in, and it started throwing errors the second I added a bumper to the cart without a phone. After multiple tries, I got it to where it was trying to process my credit card and it failed again. Went back in, bumpers all gone. $28 is a lot for a bumper anyway. I might just be careful and wait for better options via 3rd party.

    • EC8CH

      exactly… ordering their crappy case with the N7 was nothing but bad news too.

    • taylor banasiak

      100% now i have another order 4 orders coming to me

  • SeanBello

    there’s no way they’re sold out due to crazy popularity. they either didn’t have a lot or this is another huge blunder with the Play Store ala` the N7 release date.

  • Pancake345

    I never got a confirmation dialog but my AMEX card was charged and the purchase shows up in Google Wallet, it did take about 20 minutes for a confirmation email.

  • i kept getting an error when pressing proceed . then it kept saying my cart was empty . i pretty much gave up when i saw that it changed to notify me , then my dad said keep refreshing so i did lol THERE IS A GOD ! a 16gb N4 happened to stay in my cart , clicked proceed , and now I have an order number 🙂 i feel like i just won the lotto

  • taylorb

    so it kept saying it had a problem with my order and it did not process now im getting emails from google left and right how all these orders have been shipped. So as of now I have 2 nexus 10 tablets and 1 nexus 4 phone omg

    • SeanBello

      if I were you I’d call them right away. took them over a month to refund my money when I returned an N7

    • Colin Huber

      Hahahahh! Sorry man, but that’s wild!

  • Ron_Swanson

    The power of the Nexus.

  • I got two 16gb orders in somehow (I thought I’d only gotten one through). Ah well, I’ll flip one of them on ebay for twice the price.

    • Thank you for your community service.

    • Thanks for taking a N4 that i could have possibly gotten.

    • JoshGroff

      I doubt they’d go for over 500, but if they do, I will sell mine and buy another when they have stock again. (anything less than that after shipping, listing fees, etc isn’t really worth my time.)

      500 is just over $50 profit after paypal/ebay/shipping, like $80 with Swappa if you feature the listing.

  • Kurtis Tamez

    Damn, some of you guys sound like you should bring your sleeping bag to an Apple store.

    • Daniel Clifford

      This made me laugh

    • LiterofCola

      I lol’d

  • RW-1

    Let’s just say this is true, how does that fare compared to the sellout of the iPhone 5? EU sold out quick, now the US, how many were really available and did they go through it that quickly? Of course knowing Apple makes sellout announcements way before they actually do, just to drive sales …. Hey VZ, if true, look at what you missed out on dumba$$es.

  • moelsen8

    wait, i hit refresh and it had “add to cart” on the 16gb one again. then i refreshed and it was gone.. what the hell google?

  • Colin Huber

    Anybody’s transaction in Wallet just sitting as “pending?”

    • danofiveo

      Yes; it probably won’t go to completed until it ships.

      • Colin Huber

        Alright, cool. Thanks for the response.

    • Brad Powell

      “payment will complete momentarily”..over an hour now…

  • jc

    Had to refresh my cart for ten minutes because I kept getting an error, but finally my order went through. After I saw that tax and shipping weren’t included I was seriously tempted to back out and get the 8gb, but decided against it. November 15 here we come!

  • Anonymous Coward

    More than likely sold out. I tried to order one around 8:45 and kept getting page page errors when trying to add it to my cart. It eventually did take me to my cart but I had 20 of them in there – 1 for each attempt I made. By the time I got it sorted out so that I had only 1 in my cart it told me I couldn’t order any but could be notified. 🙁

  • read on engadget that the servers are just down, the device isn’t sold out yet

  • Hunter

    I installed 4.2 on my N7 and called it a day….

    • JoshGroff

      How long did it take system to send and write? Seems like it’s taking forever.

      • Hunter

        Wasn’t paying very close attention, whole process couldn’t have been longer than 5 mins.

        • JoshGroff

          Yeah, mine just froze so I had to hard reset it. Took about 5 minutes the second time.

  • Steve Thornton

    you’d be lucky if it was available for 25 mins. Took me 15 to even get to the payment page for the nexus 10.

  • Play store shows I bought one Nexus 10… Wallet shows I bought two…. And I’ve received zero confirmation emails….

    At least I didn’t accidentally get three

    • guna15

      my order for 8GB N4 went thru…but got two email confirmations with two different order numbers and time stamps. hope its all ok.

    • The other will show up it might take a bit. confirm that and cancel it before they ship it (I had to)

  • NexusLvr

    How many?

  • Nope, it wouldn’t let me check out. =[

  • Erik Meyers

    any guesses on how many they had for the US total?

  • blee

    how many u think they even had for order? 25 min?.. they have like a couple dozen in stock only?.. jeez.

    • Justin W

      I would be willing to bet a few thousand. There are several websites reporting on this and several thousand people read each and every one of them (myself included). Many of those people are willing to wait until they get one, but still will try and order it the second it’s released. I’ll agree, I tried for about 15 minutes, got an error when completing the checkout, and then 20 minutes later I had an e-mail confirmation and it showed in my GWallet.

  • Joe Levin

    I still have it in my cart. is it worth it to keep trying to hit proceed?

    • Joe Levin

      Somehow my order went through. 8 Gig & bumper. Got the confirmation e-mail & my card was charged.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    For those getting this phone, what carrier and plan will you be using? Also, if I were to get this on one of T-Mobile’s prepaid plans, do they have HSPA+ in Washington DC?

    • Prox

      T-mobile, i live in NYC, great coverage. I was in DC last month, great coverage. Leave the City, GL

  • John

    Son of a bitch

  • This has to be one of the worst product launches by a major company. I was trying for 20 minutes to buy it, getting error message after error message. I got all the way to the last step once, and when I clicked “buy” I got an error message.

    And they only have enough inventory for 25 minutes of purchases? How many could they have sold in that time, considering I had 30 unsuccessful attempts to buy it?

    • Try getting a ticket for Google I/O and then come talk to me 😉

      • Just got my confirmation email from Google Play for the 16GB N4! I guess it went through when I clicked “buy.”

        Woo Hoo!

        I’m glad I didn’t get to that stage 8 times.

        • mw630

          As long as it wouldn’t max out your credit card, you could have sold the other 7 on ebay for a pretty nice profit.

          • JoYu

            Well if you were having problems with the checkout that is probably why they pulled it… To fix the checkout. I doubt it sold out that quickly

      • guna15

        yeah, I don’t even try for google i/o anymore.

        Google has a hire a retail expert to help with these things.

      • JoshGroff

        I’m shooting for I/O next year, hopefully I can snag a ticket. 🙂

    • I wouldn’t say this is the worst but it is pretty bad.

    • SeanBello

      the worst would have to be people getting the N7 before the people that preordered it months beforehand without a release date even mentioned

    • Joe

      Pretty successful to me. They got a whole bunch of sites reporting on it. Great advertising.

    • ddevito

      get faster bandwidth

  • Orders probably went live around 11:30, I placed mine at 11:32 and it went through albeit slowly.

  • killa

    what carrier will the N4 work on?

    • Pretty much any GSM carrier around the world.

    • DigitalDK

      AT&T and T-Mobile in the US.

  • got 2 nexus 4 16gb and one bumper, the wife wants a different color on her bumper so we could tell them appart.

  • Erik Meyers

    I think I got the first

    • JustTrollin69

      Probably not

  • I just got an order in a minute ago, right AFTER everyone started saying it was out of stock. I just wildly refreshed the page and it came back up for a second. My card was charged twice, but Amex will take care of that if Google doesn’t. Hopefully we see some shipping info later on today!

  • I snagged a 16GB N4!

  • moelsen8

    this pisses me off so much. google should’ve had their crap together before this happened, whether they made sure their servers could handle it or made sure they had enough inventory. those 25 minutes were a sh*tshow. they open orders early, in the middle of the day.. my cart deleted itself about 6 times, errors galore everywhere, i must’ve refreshed and hit the proceed button somewhere around 40-50 times. just unacceptable. you can only hope they have more stock coming in very soon.

  • Matt

    managed to get one pretty much instantly without issue. happened to refresh twice within a 3 minute span and suddenly it was availble. ordered without any site lag which was nice.

  • J450NM

    had one in my cart..couldnt check out then it was gone..sigh..uber fail google uber fail

  • I was not able to snag one. Came to work a couple of hours before they became available and refreshed the page every two minutes until they were. Tried for 20 minutes and kept getting hit with technical errors, sold out. I never even had a chance

  • I was verifying py payment and then got a error. This is such BS.

  • Bill Mitchell

    What’s the point of signing up for an email notification if they don’t even send you one? I’m pretty ticked.

    • DigitalDK

      Completely agree, I signed up for the Chromebook email and low and behold it’s available for a bit now but no email.

      • ToddAwesome

        Same thing happened with the GNex launch, I owned it 2 days before the email arrived.

    • Damu793

      i guess i will get the note2

      • ThatsHowISeeIt

        The Note 2 is actually a better phone. I doubt you’d have any regrets.

        • Ken Bosse

          yea the thing is a monster though. A coworker has it. I was intimidated by its size lol

          • summit1986

            Thats what she said…

          • Ken Bosse

            lol thanks. Was hoping someone would pick me up on that lol

          • Noel

            Wish THE HTC DLX came unlocked and able to play nice with the major carriers especially Tmo. Despite the large 5” 1080p screen the phone is not extra large as first thought. Wish HTC can make an unlocked pure Android 4.2 JB variant.

        • JoshGroff

          Better is subjective, both have very similar specs. What I want to see is a side by side benchmark test. (not like benchmarks mean much, but whatever.)

    • mw630

      I was just coming in here to ask if anyone actually got the e-mail notification. Why even offer it if you aren’t going to send the message?

      • Zach Armstrong

        Same here signed up for the email and never got it.

      • Kevin Olson

        I never received my notification email

        • mw630

          Sorry misread your comment – thought you said you received it

          • Derek Duncan

            you guys seriously thought the email signup would let you know? WHEN has that EVER worked, EVER. In anything. It’s just a marketing email list.

          • mw630

            No, I was on the page with Chrome easy refresh and was able to get one. But the e-mails went out to the people in the UK right when the store went live. I’m just saying if you aren’t going to do a pre-order, your e-mail notifications should work.

      • Patrick Blackwell

        I received mine about 20 minutes after purchasing it. It was weird it showed in my google wallet then disappeared for 20 mins.. It came back once I got my email. I would say be patient the server is overloaded..

        • Justin W

          Notification of the item being available, not of an order confirmation.

  • Joe B

    No. I was there and had it in cart before noon but could never check out. I’d get a couple errors then it would disappear from my cart. I added to the cart and tried to check out 30-40 times and never got it.

    • Pandalero

      Same here.

  • Nicholas Vettese

    google should have done a preorder. I had it in my cart, went to pay, and it was gone, and then there were no more left.

  • Bill

    I got an error three times while order processing, only once was my credit card authorized for $1 and that was the furthest I got before getting my third error message. Didn’t get one, bumpers sold out too. 🙁

  • thronez

    I know people are probably mad, but this is great for the android community.

    • S_T_R

      No, godawful launches aren’t good for anyone.

    • ThatsHowISeeIt

      Yes if you are a masochist who likes to waste time.

      • JoshGroff

        No time was wasted, I checked on droid-life to see when they’d be launched, set my timer for noon EST and bought one. I had to refresh the page once or twice, but whatever.

  • snagged a 32GB Nexus 10, but WHAT A MESS trying to get it. Then they said my order wasn’t didn’t process correctly, but they had taken the money out of my debit card anyway lol. Finally it all resolved

    • danofiveo

      Have you received your confirmation email? After about 20 minutes, I was able to order the Nexus 10 32 GB as well, but haven’t received the confirmation email.

      • RadOD

        I got a confirmation about 30-40 minutes after order. In fact that was the only way I knew my order went through. I was still trying to order one when the email went through.

        You can check your order status on google play. Scroll down to the bottom

        • danofiveo

          Finally got the email. Thanks.

  • blee

    im so pissed.. i had it in the cart.. had my google wallet cc info in.. got to checkout.. clicked purchase… it was processing…… then.. nothing… and now its sold out…. this is amateur hour.. this is pathetic… apple wouldnt have done it like this..

    im about to go buy an sgs3.. or even an iphone5 right now.. ugh… such a long wait for this f’n phone… ugh.. frustrated google…

    • blee

      really.. sold out in 25 min.. i hope they sold a couple million.. wat kind of flagship launch has inventory that sells out in less than 30 min?… and no definite start time made clear either.. only droid-life was able to tell me 9AM PST.. which was off by like 30 min apparently…

      why does it have to be an easter egg hunt to buy a product from google? never ETAs.. never have clear numbers.. ugh.

      /rant (for now)

  • Jigga_Z

    8GB shown as coming soon too!

  • Casperthegreat

    8 and 16gb with no SD card = to small. I think there is conspiracy with ATT and verizon to minimize phone storage and suggest cloud storage to make people eat up more data, therefore getting more ripped off by “share everything” ripoff plans.

    • abhele

      shut up i know u want 1 still.

    • trbasil

      yup, it’s a Verizon conspiracy that a non-Verizon capable phone doesn’t have enough memory for you

      • TheDrunkenClam

        I think he was referring to the trend of many other phones in general making a move towards internal storage only. It actually was a valid point.

        • internal storage only is used in nexus devices because of the user experience associated with not having to choose your “save to” location. the small storage options were chosen to keep the cost extraordinarily low. To assume this is a conspiracy (especially one from at&t or verizon is a bit ridiculous.
          This is even more crazy when you factor in the hspa+ radio. Faster speeds = more data consumption. If Google was working with a cellular company they would have bit the bullet and found a way to include an LTE radio.

    • Verizon

      Hey, don’t blame me. The phone won’t even work on my network.

      If you are going to point fingers, look at the guys with the cloud music site, cloud document site, cloud book site and cloud movie site. They might even be selling the phone too.

      • JoshGroff

        Their cloud services are free for media?

  • Jroc869, Cool story bro

    Not happy about this. Google took 760 from me and I have no email confirmation so I dont know wtf is going on now

  • Kevin Olson

    I snagged a 16GB N4

    Looks like the 8GB is sold out now too