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Google Posts SDK for Android 4.2, Wants Developers to Use Shiny New Features

It’s been a big day for Android already and it’s only getting bigger. Just a bit ago, the Android Developers team posted the Android 4.2 SDK to encourage other developers to take advantage of all of the new goodies that 4.2 has to offer. Along with increased interaction with external displays and increased performance, this SDK will be integral in making apps that make use of all the update’s latest features.

Head over to the developer blog if you are interested in making some sweet applications.

Via: Android Developer Blog

  • D241

    Does this means roms are coming?

    • Source meant roms are coming, this is for developers to update apps

  • NickAVV

    Already updated my app to support a 4.2 feature. You can add my clock widget to the lock screen now! http://i.imgur.com/njsj0.jpg https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nickavv.cleanwidgets

  • Anon

    I once heard that the best way to gain developer support was to make sure the OS you were pimping was on as much consumer hardware as possible…or something like that.

    Just sayin’.

  • moelsen8

    just wanted to drop a line in the most recent post here.. anyone still trying for a Nexus 4, keep refreshing. they’re going in and out of stock. i just got lucky on the 16gb model @ 3:59PM EST, NYC area. it worked best when i started frantically refreshing for a while with the F5 key (not that it matters much, I’m sure it’s just pure dumb luck going on right now).

  • What if I am already working on an app in the 4.1 SDK? Do I need to upgrade and if so how?

    • Is this a serious question? I don’t mean to flame you, but if you are asking this question I don’t think you should be developing apps….

      to answer your question, you only need to update your sdk if you are going to use features from 4.2, otherwise don’t worry about it

      • Thanks for answering my question and sorry for posting such a noob question (I’m new to developing for Android)!

        • Booyah

          Don’t feel bad for asking. That’s what these boards are for.

        • evileclipse

          Don’t be sorry for asking a question you don’t know the answer to. There is no stupid question. He was wrong to react like that. I don’t know the answer
          myself, but it looks like you got the answer you were looking for. Good luck with your app! Always remember that a little extra design will go a long way.

          • bassman418

            Actually there is one stupid question………..
            Which is better, iOS or Android? ;). LOL

        • You might want to start with app inventor, it is a good way to get your feet wet before getting in to hardcord android development. It’s free and easy to use with lots of support available, http://appinventor.mit.edu/

          If you stick with the SDK, you’ll want to become familiar with http://www.stackoverflow.com, you’ll find answers to a number of programming/environment issues there.

      • Timothy McGovern

        Is this a serious reply? I don’t mean to flame you, but if your going to reply like this I don’t think you should be in the comment section……

      • Tone down the douche. This ain’t Apple.

  • kfath1978

    Want now for GNEX!!

  • I want 4.2 for my Galaxy Nexus now!!!

    • michael arazan

      I hope 4.2 fixes my “YouTube has stopped” every 5 minutes

  • ddevito

    How ’bout sending 4.2 to OEMs and carriers, then follow it up with a swift kick in their asses!

    • How about deploying 4.2 to all Nexus’ now and telling Verizon to suck it…

      • evileclipse

        I really like your idea! I bet Google could push the update without Verizon having anything to do about it. I’m sure they wouldn’t, but I can’t imagine there is any real recourse for their actions.