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CyanogenMod Releases CM10 M3 Build For Supported Devices, But Don’t Call It “Stable”

With so much excitement filling the air, the CyanogenMod team decided to throw in their hats as well and release the newest builds of CM10. The team goes into great length through Google+, explaining that these new builds aren’t “stable” builds or “M” builds – rather, that the build is completely daily driver ready, but still vulnerable to bugs. The way they see it, if they call these builds stable, that would imply the last builds weren’t, so they’re trying to save everyone the headache.

Also, the team mentioned 4.2 and said that they are patiently waiting for it to hit AOSP. Once it does that, they will see what is new, what needs to stay and what needs to go, then start building. It will be CM10.1, and not CM11, for anyone who might have been curious.

Grab the newest build of CM right here.

Via: CyanogenMod

  • Jacobm001

    I don’t understand why they don’t support the Galaxy Tab. It’s an incredibly popular device and they never even got around to giving it a stable cm9 with camera support. I found a cm10 version on XDA, but nothing official 🙁

  • Jeremy Martin

    Here is a working link to the explanation directly from CyanogenMod:

  • chuckleb0ne

    10.1 is in the makes everyone! Maybe end of the week?

  • Um, actually there are several stable cm10 builds posted today, including for the VZ Gnex

    • smh

      • adb.push.Freedom

        lol … but I do agree that if you don’t want it to be called stable then you shouldn’t list it under the “stable” downloads section or create a “daily driver, kinda stable” download section 😉

        • So the builds that are in the stable section are not actually stable. Nice, that makes sense. Its not like they have other sections they can put them in…

          • adb.push.Freedom

            But I guess when your Steve Kondik you can do whatever you want with your baby that is Cyanogenmod

          • Amen!

          • Yeah, I think they intentionally set out to confuse people.

        • EraserXIV

          I think people are misunderstanding the post. They’re saying the most recent build is STABLE in every meaning of the word, if not MORE stable than the M builds, but they don’t want to give the impression that the M builds weren’t stable before so that’s why they’re trying to shy away from saying today’s build is now finally stable.

          Think of the M builds as being plainly stable while the build released today is stable(italicized for emphasis).

        • michael arazan

          Catagories: Stable/ “Stable”/ Probably Stable/ Roll the Dice

    • DroidJ

      About time.

  • MikeCiggy

    Love CM10. Love the automatic updater and love the simplicity and the additions they’ve added to the stock rom. It runs great!

  • moelsen8

    i don’t get it. if they’re calling it cm10.0.0, that would imply a final release. there’s no organization now, unless they’re going to increment the number by a decimal for each build or something..

    • MikeCiggy

      its 10.1 because its a new version of android…

      Im running CM10 but may be running a different built number then you. But its still CM10 and so is yours.

      You know?

      • moelsen8

        no, i didn’t mean it like that. i meant the status, like nightly, M build, release candidate, stable. they just went from nightly to what they’re classifying as stable. i know the nightly builds are pretty damn stable. it’s just weird.

        • MikeCiggy

          Understoon, I agree I use nightlies.. and the nightlies are very stable if I flash a nightly and it has problems i revert back to a back up

  • The CM10 downloader keeps giving me error codes. Is a changelog available?

  • I’ll call it “Shirley”

  • Rickerbilly

    Installing it now. 😀