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Live – Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 Hands-on a Day Early

With the LG Nexus 4 and Samsung Nexus 10 now in hand, and a day before they both go on sale, we thought we should take you on a live tour of each, just in case you were still deciding whether or not you should buy these devices. I haven’t even had a chance to open them yet, so together, live, we’ll walk through an unboxing and a brief tour, field some questions, and have fun.

We’ll begin at 12:15 Pacific. Don’t worry if you miss it though, as the Hangout will be recorded and posted immediately to YouTube. 


  • danofiveo

    BTW, Google updated the product page for the Nexus 10. It now says “Exynos 5 Dual” in the CPU section.

  • Zach Armstrong

    Boo couldn’t watch it live.

  • edgar cancela

    So if i buy a nexus from the play store would i be able to activate it on verizons network

  • Nazzi_Muhammad

    Nice dog you have there….

  • Trevor

    I assume I’m late to the party on this one, but 5-icon rows in the app drawer? That’s new vs the Galaxy Nexus.

  • justaddh3o

    Some constructive criticism, Tim should try to use the vocal fry less http://www.fastcompany.com/1834461/verbal-tic-doom-why-vocal-fry-killing-your-job-search. He doesn’t use it all the time, which is good, but he should try to eliminate it altogether.

  • Gnex Dude

    Kellen, great reviews. Quick question. How is the speaker on the Nexus 4? I have a GNex and the speaker volume is horrible and it’s way too low. I’m wondering is this is an issue on the N4.

    • Kevin Olson

      I too would like to know about this

    • JMonkeYJ

      androidcentral has a really great sample of it in their review, showing that it is much louder and higher quality than on the GNex:

  • Kellex, the reason you could not pull down the 2 finger quick settings panel was your forefinger was hitting it first and it only counted as a one finger swipe down. Both fingers have to be at the same level and pull down from the notification bar together. Just thought I’d point that out.

  • Since when was opening boxes so hard? My grandparents bought the Nexus 7 and had no problem. noobs

  • Christian

    Did anyone else notice that the 4.2 camera has to refresh its whole UI when you change between landscape/portrait? Seems like a downgrade from the old camera app.

  • Eric Franca

    Would it be possible to see a direct comparison to the TF700 transformer infinity? Trying to decide between the two tablets…

    • Danrarbc

      Easy, if you live and die by a keyboard then Transformer. In all other cases Nexus 10.

  • absolut

    I woud like to know how faster is the speed camera of nexus 4.

  • absolut

    I would like to know how fast is the shutter speed camera of the Nexus 4. Is very important to me.

    • JACK


  • LionStone

    Hmm, Unsupported Video Format on Nexus 7…? I wanted to watch the N4 on the N7, but had to use DROID Inc4. I like the looks of that N4!

  • Hatyrei

    Nerdgasm rofl. 😛

  • the pull down on the nexus 10 creeps up because there is nothing to notify

  • Hatyrei

    How do i record my Google hangouts video conference? :).

  • Can we get a nandroid of the N4?

  • No 4’s or 10’s were hurt in the unboxing or demo, props. i launched my 7 when i opened it up the other day. I didnt know that 4.2 camera had HDR, eagerly waiting for asop. thanks for showing the 10 and 7 height/width comparison.

    • *aosp

      • wow that was a mistype. 😛 thanks, apparently i am eagerly waiting for some fables from aesop. and he knows his fables.

  • Colin Huber

    Will be ordering the 10 asap.

  • James Collyer

    will older tablets like the xoom switch the ui layout when they get 4.2?

    • zmberven

      I would almost guarantee it, considering it’s all software based

      it would seem silly to NOT do that given the unification route they’re going

    • Danrarbc

      The Galaxy Tab 2 JB 4.1 update already looks to make the switch, and you can force the tablet UI on fairly easily if you’re building the OS.

      Safe to say the Xoom will use this UI.

  • Show a magazine next to the Nexus 10!

  • situman

    Any 10bit mkv files you can try to play?

  • How is gaming?

  • SeanBello

    Miracast is LG only

    • Danrarbc

      I’m thinking it’s more because it’s because you can’t mirror that screen to 1080p. It’s too high res?

    • I don’t think that is correct. I think it is an Android 4.2 feature.


      • SeanBello

        it’s not on the Nexus 10 and LG is the only manufacturer stated to support it.

        • Well lets count how many devices have Android 4.2 (1…2). Just because one (or half) of the devices running the new Jelly Bean happens to not be an LG device, does not mean LG will be the only manufacturer to support Miracast.

  • Guest

    it’s a 4.2 update

  • Josh Flowers

    does google plus look stretched out on the N10 or actually formatted for the screen size?

  • paul romero

    review prices

    for us please

  • nhlpreds98

    Were are we going to be able to buy it?

    • SeanBello

      through the Play Store

      • JoshGroff

        Staples and Game Stop will probably have it too.

        • Danrarbc

          Doubt it, they stayed away from the 7.

          • JoshGroff

            Both had the 7. O.o In fact, both were selling them before Google started shipping preorders to individuals.

        • SeanBello

          true, they both have the N7

    • zmberven

      I think tmobile is going to carry the n4 for 200….but why anyone would do that……

      • I’ll prob buy the n4 as a pmp and let it and the n7 tether off my LTE GNex. A Walkman/vid/game on the go, n7 as a get work done and resign the GNex to making calls and nav.

  • Josh Flowers

    casing easy to scratch?–and the front speakers grill look solid or breakable?

  • i want your jobs

  • Yokleezy

    What are the chances that there are still other Nexus devices launching in the next couple of months?

  • Josh Flowers

    how do caller profile pics look on the screen?

  • Christian Chew

    What do you think of the color reproduction? People say it’s very natural looking while others say it’s washed out. What do you think?

    • Danrarbc

      Generally a properly calibrated display seems washed out to the masses.

      • Christian Chew

        Hmm, that makes sense actually. AMOLED displays which is what I’m used to have very contrasty displays so, again, that makes sense.

        • Danrarbc

          Contrast is good. The AMOLED seem tuned to be saturated and have color calibration issues. Both can be fixed when you root.

  • Josh Flowers

    how fast does Googlenow pull up on this? it seems to get slower on my gnex

  • 3M4NU31

    +1 for using “jank” in the review Tim

  • situman

    Let’s move on the the N10 already.

  • Sam

    Really ppl? Its not on any network, not just Verizon. Get over it, I don’t remember this many ppl bitching that the nexus 7 didn’t have LTE

    • The N7 isn’t a phone. The majority of people buy tablets without data (Wi-Fi only). Phones nowadays are expected to ship with 4G LTE. Tablets are not.

  • wish i could get this for verzion…

  • Chris Malkiewicz

    Maybe we will all get a holiday surprise and they will release a Verizon version probably won’t but that’s just me dreaming again

  • 320ppi or 318ppi? (precision counts 😛 )

  • Markus Ikea chairs are de bist!

  • Mike Petty

    Are these the review units (old software, no tablet multi-user support, not working Miracast), or new software units expected to be delivered tomorrow? I expect the old software still?

    • zmberven

      It was the old software.. OTAs out tomorrow-ish

    • Yeah its right out of the box packaged weeks ago. Always update on a nexus not like it’ll block root

  • MotoRulz

    A live unboxing, raw and uncut.. It goes without saying DL is the best Android site period.

    • fixxmyhead

      moto rulz? your biasism is showing

      • JoshGroff


      • Droidzilla

        How dare he be a fan of a certain phone manufacturer! Motorulz has vowed to run through the internet in only the most open and objective manner, I’m sure.

      • MotoRulz

        Thanks for catching that.. and I thought that I zipped my pants up this morning.. 🙂

        • fixxmyhead

          u didnt check again

        • As long as its no a something about Mary zip you’re good

  • DER

    I understand wanting to do whatever is takes to lower the cost of the unit, but I still can’t believe they left out the LTE radio……such a step backwards……very sad.

    • Buckoman

      I’d pay $400 off contract. Just add the LTE radio.

      • Benjamin Sicard

        You wouldn’t be able to activate it on Verizon, so what’s the point?

        • Untrue, so long as it’s on their frequencies they are required to activate it.

          • Danrarbc

            Not just the frequencies. The right frequencies implemented in EXACTLY the right way.

          • Josh Nichols

            It needs more than just an LTE radio to work on Verizon.

          • Danrarbc

            For now. A Nexus late next year may be a different matter. Their LTE network will match the 3G footprint and VoLTE might be a go. At that point the SIM should be able to swap in to a compatible phone.

      • JoshGroff

        Try 600+…

    • sc0rch3d

      i’m not so sure…been on LTE for at least a year and it hasn’t been a “game changer” for me. there were only a couple of times i need to stream some music or download a ROM or create an AP for my laptop. Overall, I could probably live without since WIFI is in so many places.

    • sadfdsafdsa

      They didn’t do it to save money. They did it to save battery.

      • Droidzilla

        Actually, that was a secondary reason. They did it because LTE is currently part of a proprietary system (CDMA providers), and Google wanted full control over the device. The Verizon GNex is why it has no LTE; Verizon had their dirty mitts in Google’s Nexus cookie jar.

        • Danrarbc

          It’s not limited to CDMA, but in the US alone the big three LTE rollouts are all incompatible with each other – and Sprint won’t even sell you an LTE SIM.

          • Droidzilla

            That’s true, but the major GSM carriers have yet to roll out their LTE network in a meaningful way. Google wanted full control, so it had to be GSM. Very few people would take advantage of LTE on AT&T, and T-Mobile’s isn’t really rolled out at all, yet. So an LTE radio on a GSM device (for the US, at least) would simply be a cost increaser and a battery reducer. Besides which, areas with HSPA+ 42 (which this is supposed to support) are just as fast as LTE (20+Mbps).

          • Josh Nichols

            HSPA+42 is only for T-Mobile though.

          • Dragonetti Surprise

            Hence, the reason Google decided to abstain from LTE this time. It’s actually a very wise choice, for the time being. At least until Verizon takes its out of its arse and stop pushing their gaudy agenda.

            He’s right. Right now, LTE is seemingly commensurate with aging the CDMA standard because of a lack of maturity on GSM networks. And we all know how problematic the CDMA venture was for Google. Even Google’s chief release engineer, Jean-Baptiste, said the VZW Galaxy Nexus (toro) seems to always be a few steps behind the GSM G-Nex (maguro). And naturally so.

            So yes…I’ll take an HSPA+ Nexus 4 for $349 off-contract and sacrifice my DROID Razr HD’s LTE for a just a minor step down–if it means moving forward with the tech itself.

    • Josh Nichols

      Most of Europe doesn’t have LTE.

  • lDEMON

    I want the Nexus 10 sooooo bad!!!

    • Yup but 10.1 is bulky for travel. I’d need my 7 as a daily driver and the 10 for performance.

  • SMP

    10 min.. XD

  • Gimme that sweet tablet and phone