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Bootloader Unlock Released for HTC DROID Incredible 4G LTE

Today, the world is a better place for HTC DROID Incredible 4G LTE owners. Since release, “un-official” development on the device has been slow due to its heavily locked bootloader, but thankfully, that has now changed. Thanks to some persistent folks over at XDA, Incredible 4G owners can now start diving into custom ROMs and everything else the community has to offer, once they’re actually made. 

The process is no laughing matter and should only be attempted by people with quite a bit of adb experience under their belt. In the picture below, it looks like S-OFF has not been achieved yet, however, this is still a great start. It also doesn’t involve exposed wires and tools like we saw with the HTC Rezound.

For full instructions on how to unlock the bootloader, please follow the via to the original thread on XDA. And please, before you attempt these tasks, make a backup.

Via: XDA 

Cheers Azra!

  • romma

    The pic above indicates s-on. However, I think some devs were/are days away for true s-off. Much better than dev-unlock.

  • Tony Allen

    So it’s still S-On though right?

  • Yoderz

    Was that picture taken with a droid razr?

  • jak_341

    You should NOT have to go to this extent to unlock, let alone pins and wires. We, as Android owners, really need to stand up to Verizon.

    • Verizon

      What the hell did I do to you?

      • jak_341

        Bootloader locking, endless ‘testing’ of updates, neutered phones, family sharing of data, paying for functions that our phones can do natively, $30.00 technology fee for training, no Nexus 4…

        Good network coverage though

        • Verizon

          Ok, I’ll give you the overcharging for tethering, but we corrected that with the new share plans. Everything else is done with the customer in mind.

          Shared data, people asked for that. We had a focus group and over 500 people agreed that it was a great idea and really wanted it when they had guns to their heads.

          The testing is so that the phones work properly. Look at the Thunderbolt. If we didn’t test that as much as we did then the phone would have performed poorly and the battery life would have been horrible.

          Locked bootloaders are for your own protection. If we allowed the bootloaders to be unlocked then a single phone could be updated by a community of developers forever and you wouldn’t want the next best phone. Then where would you be? You’d be out of your contract and have more money in your pocket. What good would that do you?

          The Nexus 4 was Google’s decision. You can’t blame us just because we forced our own software on a Nexus device and then delayed updates to the phone repeatedly. Besides, everyone knows that was Samsung’s fault.

          The phones aren’t really neutered. This is another case of us being able to offer you a better product. We took some functions out because they just weren’t up to our standards and we knew we could provide a much better option. Yes, by standards I’m referring to them being free and by better option I’m referring to one that cost a crap load of money.

          Lastly, the fees are once again for the customer. We could never provide such great advice as “I don’t know, buy an iPhone” or “Use a task killer to get your 3G working” or “Do a factory reset” without those fees. All this stuff costs money and we certainly aren’t going to pay for it.

          • HaHaHa. ^ This is a win.

  • C-Law

    What is s-on/off exactly? S stands for security right? But I thought once you had an unlocked boot loader on a phone, that was all u needed for custom kernels and roms? This is some sort of security on top of the unlocked boot loader?

    • If the phone is s-on it won’t let you flash radios and some other things like flashing kernels through recovery.

  • zepfloyd

    Now let’s starting working on the DNA….

    • michael arazan

      Given the history of htc with minimum support for their phones, people are going to have to update android on their own to keep their os up to date.

  • Pandalero

    I was one of the lucky ones that got HTCdev Unlock to work before VZW and/or HTC shut it down for this phone about 2 weeks after release. I’m glad others will be able to enjoy it now. It’s a solid device for those that love the smaller form factor. I’ll be saying goodbye to my Inc 4G soon though as tomorrow I’ll be ordering my unlocked Nexus 4.

  • Joe_Cool

    Breaking news, the two people who purchased this phone are thrilled.

  • droidify


  • thedonxr

    Love those devs!!!