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Pulse News Updated to Version 3.0, Allows For Unlimited Pages and a New Widget

Yesterday, the popular Pulse News application received an update to version 3.0. Included in the update is the ability to add unlimited pages (feeds), swipe from off the screen to view your stories feature, and a brand new widget for viewing important news right from your homescreen without the need of opening the app.

If you haven’t tried Pulse before, it’s a very well-made application that has been on Android for quite some time. It looks especially good on tablets, so if you’re in the market for a free news reader, check it out.

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Cheers Jeremy!

  • michael arazan

    I couldn’t stand it for not allowing you to follow who you want, even popular blogs or whoever. Pulse sucks and they’ll need to allow more add ons to follow before I ever use it again. For now I’ll just use flipboard, and it allows twitter following

  • Droid Burgundy

    HOw does this app/service compare to simply using Greader + GreaderPro on android?

  • sr_erick

    Actually making the switch to “Taptu” after this update. It seems much more customizable. I use (used) Pulse daily but this update really slowed things down and removed a lot of the functionality I did actually use. Time to move on I guess.

    • Kie

      Huge fan of Taptu. I find myself trying Pulse again every time there is a new update, not because I have any problems with Taptu but because it is just SO popular I feel like I’m missing something. Taptu does Pulse better then Pulse does. Always confused me why it doesn’t have more recognition.

      • We often wonder the same as well. 😉 We are glad you are finding Taptu useful! Just want to add you can indeed put in any URL into the Android version of Taptu and follow the site/blog you want. And thx for using our app.

  • Feedly is where it’s happening.

  • RaptorOO7

    Well its about time. I closed out my account given the limited nature of the pages you could have. Now its worth it.

  • DjDonFrancisco

    I’m also having mixed feelings about this update. Having your categories at the top in tabs, was very useful for quick navigation. I also miss the pop-up menu with Save and Share settings. Selecting a menu in order to save an article to be read later is not intuitive. This version does not feel nearly as snappy as the previous and thats pretty much due to the UI.

  • Mack

    Can anyone who has tried FlipBoard chime in? I’m thinking of trying a different news reader and Pulse just doesn’t impress me like it used to.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      More and more I use Flipboard, but I kind of look at them as different tools. It seems like you can make Pulse more specific to topics from specific sources, whereas Flipboard is more general info pulled from many sources. Both have usefulness, I use both, but more often I am checking Flipboard. Also, Pulse seems to require to use the feeds they want in their search selection. We use to be able to use a URL or feed of choice, but that stopped that a while back which sucked.

  • EC8CH

    Pulse has always felt more laggy than Taptu for me

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      Left Pulse long ago for Taptu… didn’t care for the limited number of streams that Pulse could carry and that you couldn’t merge slower streams (been awhile, maybe it’s changed)… I’ll probably give them a second look as I liked the way they the full story.

  • Mack

    Loving the update.

    Not a huge fan of the new icon though and I kind of miss the bar at the top that had the titles of all your pages and allowed you to switch between them quicker.

    Maybe it’s just me but the app seems to run even smoother now.

    • Buy This

      Definitely snappier, and agree with your sentiments on the tabs being gone and new icon.

  • Don’t forget it finally introduces the rich notifications! Been waiting for that!

    • Buy This

      Agreed. Dig that for sure. They seem to be less intrusive too. Instead of constant updates, you get less frequent with more content.

  • Buy This

    Not sure if I don’t like or just was used to the old version. I definitely dislike having to press the side button to open my pages and select one instead of having all the tabs at the top. Also the way it has you set up sources basically forces you to create an account. For someone especially like me that has to wipe data every now and then for ROM flashing, it’s difficult to just set it back up like you had it before. It became much easier to just make the account and then sync it with my phone which was already set up.


    • I’m right up there with you about the two taps to change pages. Also changing everything from a dark black theme to a gray annoys me, no more ever-so-minor power savings on my Galaxy Nexus, but mostly I just think it looks bad. The accounts I don’t mind, I just sign in with Facebook and I’m all done.

      • Buy This

        ah so they did change the color scheme! I literally just got my N7 yesterday so I wasn’t sure and it did seem a little off on my G-Nex. Agreed, the dark black went way better with Eclipse ROM.

      • JustTrollin69

        Even “ever-so-minor power savings” is an overstatement. It won’t effect your battery life at all.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      also dont like how they took away – a while ago – the ability to add your own custom feed or URL and you must use their offerings. And how can they not have a “mark all as read” function? I plan to stay on my older version.

    • ChuckDz3

      You can also just swipe to the left and it will access your pages that use to be labeled at the top. I like this a lot better imo just because it was hard to thumb up to the top sometimes with the bigger phones that they are making.

      But for your account reference… when you flash a new rom how do you back up your apps? Just curious because if you back up using TiBu just restore the app+data and your pages will all be aligned like you had them before no problem at all. You won’t even have to log in again to your pulse account.

      Just thought I’d throw out some tips.