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Google Shopper Updated to Version 3.0, New UI and Image-centric Search Results

Google is trying to make the task of holiday shopping a bit easier today, with the launch of Google Shopper version 3.0. Inside the update, you will see a newly re-vamped user interface which focuses more on images than it does text or icons. Also in the update is a search feature that also relies on imagery and not so much text.

To round it off, Google Shopper is full of online promotions and deals that should have you saving money all over the place. Can’t argue with that, right? You can go pick up the update in Google Play starting today.

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Via: Google Commerce

  • michael arazan

    i never even knew there was a google shopper app, must not be great if no one I know of has ever mentioned it and I’ve never even read about it ever on any of the mobile/ tech blogs and news sites

  • Mchl496

    Why did this app get neutered? I use to be able to price match bestbuy and walmart. Now it just says call for availability.

  • “Can’t argue with that, right?”… I can.

    This app rework is a disaster (crashing, slow loads, less useful information in my opinion). You’d be better off with opening Google Shopping in a mobile browser tab.

  • zzzzZzz

    Wow ! Slow day at DL huh