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Has This Random Purple Discoloration Happened to Your DROID RAZR HD Screen?

A few moments ago, I reached for my DROID RAZR MAXX HD, tapped the lock/wake button, and was greeted with a not-so-exciting purple and green mess on the display. I have no idea what caused it other than maybe, because the phone had been plugged into a wall for an extended amount of time. Thankfully, a simple sleeping then waking of the phone returned it back to normal.

I originally posted the picture to Twitter, and a couple of you responded, having run into the issue as well. No one seems to know what’s causing it, but if it starts happening on a regular basis to you, you may want to try and capture it on camera, so that you can think about getting a replacement.

Anyone else?

  • This is happening to mine too 🙁 Verizon so called “hasnt heard of this issue”

  • Guest

    this has been happening to mine and Verizon is so called Not hearing about it! wtf!!!

  • I’ve had my Razr HD LTE for a little over two weeks now and the same thing happens to me constantly. Turning the screen on and off fixes it, but it is worrysome. I am going to take it in and get it changed ASAP.

  • Stinker

    My Razr Maxx looked just like that when it got cold. I took it in and they replaced it.

  • All of these wonderful devices are still the vanguard of things to come and as such are prone to hiccups. I believe that we consumers are but de facto field-testers. Only a decade ago phones were getting their first cameras; measly little things that they were. However, some of my favorite photographs were those taken in the nascent days of phone photography and I saved as many of them as I could and appreciate them for what they are.

  • Mark Christian

    I’ve had a similar thing happen to me with the RAZR, where the screen was a really dark tinge of blue. Sleeping and re-waking would correct the issue though.

    I’ve had my phone for over a year now though and it only occasionally happens (actually hasnt happened in a while) and there have been no other issues.

    I think it’s just a bug/quirk and that it’s not really a hard stop issue, but that’s me personally. I’ve been more than happy with my RAZR and if that’s the biggest quirk I have to deal with, I’m a happy user.

  • Daistaar

    I feel as though the distortion is an issue with 720p screens. Similar thing happens with my Rezound on wake. Have to lock and re-wake and it’s normal again. Minor Nuisance involving two clicks of the power button to resolve.

  • darren

    it happened to my nexus 7 while it was plugged into my macbook

  • Mordecaidrake

    I’ve had it happen, but I figured it was because it was too cold. Had to sleep in my car last night after the midnight showing of Bond and it was the first time it’s happened.

  • Lbox88

    Hasn’t happened to mine, had it since release day. This website is getting harder and harder to visit with all the Nexus, GSIII, etc fanboyism. Samsung owners are getting to be just as bad as iPhone users anymore.

  • I had that same issue and called VZW they sent me a new Razr Maxx HD. It had happened about 3-4 times since I had my phone. VZW said they had not seen this issue yet and said they documented it.

  • TheOiulkj

    Looks like too much instagram.

  • I had that happen often on my droid 3… never figured it out. happened on 2 rplacements too… it must be hardware related to Motorola!

    • Diablo81588

      So you think two phones that don’t share any hardware other than a name just so happen to be defective? Its obviously a software glitch.

  • Namrepus221

    My first GNex did this one day. It gave a weird white screen and began fading to white and I finally pulled the battery. FOr some reason the phone would lock graphically some times and then reboot like once a week some times not for a month. I finally had to use the warrenty when I started to notice the section of the screen where the soft buttons was permanently discolored cause the pixels were always off when I held the phone.

  • Had my Razr HD Maxx for 2 weeks. Absolutely love this phone. Came from DX and this is next gen from that. NFC, Isis ready when it comes to this area. Love the build, fast. Battery is out of the park. Have had it last 2 full days before with medium use. Always get thru full day to 11pm and still have at least 50-60% left. Not sure why more people are not on this phone. Had been looking hard at the SGIII which is a great phone but I just loved the looks of this one better. To each his own. You will not go wrong with this phone. Not even worried about the thing going on here. After all that is what the insur is for. Will prob be corrected on update. Oh and JB coming by holidays.

    • michael arazan

      Let’s pray verizon doesn’t stall the update when Moto is done.

    • brad

      Too bad the camera on it is downright horrible. Hardly a step up from my droid X.

  • D8labs

    happens to my rezound sometimes when rotating the screen in youtube..

  • snevetSffeJ

    It happened to me the last few days with my Bionic. It had been previously charging for a short time.

  • Bill Boguniecki

    Bit the bullet and bought the MAXX HD right out to keep my Unlimited plan – coming from the Thunderbolt – this phone is AMAZING – I have yet to see this happen but I have only had it for a week now. DROID FTW!

  • Maveric144

    This happened to my wife’s RAZR MAXX HD shortly after getting turned over on a Polaris Rzr four wheeler in to a 18″ deep mud puddle. We assumed it was due to getting wet and have gotten a replacement through insurance.

  • Just had this happen today. I thought cause it was on my holster and i carried it to class in the cold weather. I put it to sleep and it went away. No problem since.

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    Had it since day one and haven’t seen this….

  • Didn’t realize there were so many people that had motorola phones. I think it is time for another poll to see who has what phone now Kellex.

    • kixofmyg0t

      Around 10k people visit the site, around 8k had a Galaxy Nexus the last poll I remembered.

      That was last year though.

      • Diablo81588

        So, pretty much everyone who bought a gnex visits this site? Can’t imagine they’ve sold many more than that.

        • kixofmyg0t

          No, pretty much everyone who visits this site bought a Galaxy Nexus. I have only seen 2 people with a Galaxy Nexus in person. One hates it the other is ok with it.

          The Galaxy Nexus didn’t sell all that well, but a site like this really pushes the Nexus so it’s only natural that the people who visit this site have one. I think if a poll was done now about 40% would have the Galaxy Nexus, another 40% have a GS3/Note 2 and the rest are people who own something other than a Samsung.

  • Terence Jackson

    I haven’t had that problem, but I have had slow screen redraws and home screen force closes, and like 30 second delay when I press send before the phone call is processed. Any ideas?

  • cooksta32676

    Samsung is killing other OEM on the android side right now.

    • jak_341

      Top 3 phone are/will be Samsung: GNex, GS3, soon to be released GNote 2. Everyone else is FAR behind.

      • LiterofCola

        you’re an idiot

      • Diablo81588

        Moron, the gnex is the worst selling smartphone in Verizon history.

  • bassman418

    My co workers Gnex did the same thing today after I flashed jellybellys 4.1.2 release 9.4 on it today. The screen wouldn’t unlock so I pressed the power button and pressed again to wake up and it went back to normal. Never seen that before and I’ve had my Gnex since last December.

  • Bethlyn184

    Happened to my Maxx HD and I thought it had something to do with an app named “Color”. I had just installed it and opened it when it happened. I wasn’t sure so I uninstalled it – and no problems since. Glad to know that others have seen it so I will take a pic if it happens again.

  • jer85008

    My Rezound did this a few times when it was new, hasn’t happend in 6+ months.

  • That can happen on any digital device with video acceleration. It’s usually an indicator of a defective memory module or GPU chipset. Just a heads up. I’d swap it.

  • CivilDroid

    Its sort of related but I noticed my Razr screen will bug out a bit on the bottom when its cold out. Goes right away if I warm the phone up in a pocket though.

  • j__h

    Yup, friend said they saw this on thier RAZR HD MAXX.

  • Yeah, I’ve seen it as has my son. It’s a quick annoyance that I hope gets fixed eventually but it’s not too troublesome

  • Alexander Garcia

    Hmm… Could be a defective batch out in the wild. Mine hasn’t experienced that problem so far. Crosses fingers. Haha.

  • Droid Burgundy

    D: hard to believe a moto phone would be made poorly

  • Sean_Maloney

    That happened to the lower half of my Droid X screen after the battery expanded. When the fuzzy stuff goes away, I can see a little dark spot on the screen where the ‘hump’ in the battery was.

  • Trueblue711

    It’s probably a software glitch. It being a Moto phone makes this 3x as likely.

    • fixxmyhead


  • moozicmon

    I’ve seen two (RAZR and RAZR MAXX) do this after only a few months. Granted, they were not the HD models, but still odd.

  • Happens to my Gnex sometimes but when it does happen it freezes and reboots.

    • This happens to me if I OC too high. Scared me to death the first time I saw it.

  • Liderc

    Insert Moto build quality joke.

  • Glad I bought my gs3 over this. I was a huge Motorola fan but this is pretty unacceptable.

  • happened about once every other day on ICS. don’t recall it happening since i switched to the JB leak

  • What theme is that?

  • “Moto build quality” they say. I remember seeing instances of this happen too with early phones, X or Bubonic I think it was?

    • Diablo81588

      Never happened on either of mine.

  • azndan4

    Motorola “build quality”.

    • cooksta32676

      The phone feels no different from any other plastic phone around.

    • LiterofCola

      Insecure much?

  • QQpayne

    Nope, my Gnex is still running smooth as ever.

    • How are those photos looking?

      • lookatmyjunk

        Take pictures of my junk! just fine.

      • TheCheapGamer

        Like the Razr HD screen problem 😛

        • uneedhelp

          Photos lol who cares about photos nerd

    • That is NOT the phone to brag about when it comes to build quality.

    • jak_341

      So much for that good Motorola build quality. Lol. GNex is still running great as well.

      • LiterofCola

        You’re an idiot

    • Diablo81588

      You’re comparing a gnex to this? Lol

      • uneedhelp

        Another nerd with an old ass g nex

    • NotANexusOwner

      Ahh, the never-ending comments of Samsung GNex fanbois who continually answer questions that have nothing to do with their phone like this. If the GNex is so great, why the insecurity that requires this sort of response? Or are the owners just that insecure?

      • Beezey

        apple/android war has gotten rather dull and repetitive, it’s time for a civil war

        • michael arazan

          Bad enough Apple thinks it is the first Galactic Empire, and now the rebels have to have a measuring contest of who’s light saber is bigger

    • Greg

      That is because your Gnex battery is dead.

    • LiterofCola


  • ace

    Verizon says its a bad app that’s causing it.

  • Circushair

    I’ve seen that a few times on my E4GT.

  • droidify

    Its the motoblur screensaver

    • Hah 😛

    • a.youth.in.Asia

      Looks like someone took a picture of the lock screen with an innovationPhone 5 and sent it to you. Now you’re looking at it in your gallery. Purple flair issue …happens all the time

      • itznfb

        They were just holding it wrong.

  • LOL sucks

  • I think its a kernel issue. my galaxy nexus will have a similar issue when im running a alpha kernel,

    • why voted down…? are people just downvoting for the hell of it

      • LiterofCola

        You mentioned the nexus with possible negative connotation, that is unacceptable


  • ayyy

    Haven’t seen that yet on my MAXX HD. Better not either…lol, insurance!

  • droyd4life

    That happens sometimes to my Samsung Vibrant.. But my phone’s over 2 years old.

  • Tim Schall

    It happened today on my Razr M but it was more gold in color than purple.

    • Oh on your M. Running stock ICS or the Jelly Bean leak?

      • kixofmyg0t

        It happened to my M once. Running ICS. It’s a display driver bug.

      • Tim Schall

        The Jelly Bean Leak

    • klouf

      I also had something similar happen on my Razr M a couple weeks ago – the phone actually went into a state where the screen looked like old analog TV static and was unusable…couldn’t put it to sleep, turn it off, or do anything…luckily was able to somehow power cycle it with Power and Vol+ buttons – freaked me out for a sec!

      • Billybobjon

        I work for an indirect Verizon and I have seen that “tv static one other time on a reg razr. But yeah power and vol down reset it.

      • Tim Schall

        That is exactly what happened to me.