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The Droid Life Show: Episode 4

The Droid Life Show returns tonight for episode 4! Last week, it was all about the new family of Nexus devices, but this week it’s back to the day-to-day grind. We’ve got DROID DNA madness to talk about, a couple of interesting polls to toss around, and a Google Wallet credit card to argue over.

To spice things up even further, we do have two (2) tablets with docks to give away, thanks to our friends at NVIDIA (@NVIDIATegra). How does a brand new Asus Transformer Pad Infinity with keyboard dock sound? Two members of our amazing DL community will be chosen as winners tonight! In order to enter, you’ll need to tune into the show and listen for instructions. Don’t worry, it won’t be difficult.

Update:  Our two winners have been chosen and contacted! Be sure to check your email.

The show kicks off at 6PM Pacific. A live video embed and chat are included below. Be sure to join in on the fun! 

YouTube Preview Image

*Note – We are working at getting a more stable chat client, but if you’d like to really get into this IRC thing, feel free to check out XChatColloquy (Mac), or mIRC. There are also Android IRC clients, such as AndroIRC.

  • Spirit.

    Favorite game currently is Modern Combat.

  • Taylor Levesque

    Need for Speed.
    Just best most wanted on my n7. Probably will go back to Shadowgun: Dead zone or Dead trigger. Six axis controller ftw!!

  • Michael Forte

    Kellen mentioned Zombie Wood. My favorite game right now is Major Mayhem.

  • Nole Lilley

    Spirit! Loved the show tonight guys, had to catch it late but enjoyed it, I’ll be back for future episodes, thanks for taking the time. I’ve been playing Bad Piggies lately with my kids help, they love it.

  • Shad

    Zombie Wood was mentioned and my favorite game at the moment is Temple Run.

  • Brent Cooper

    Granny Smith. I know I’m late to the game but I finally bought it after all the hype about it and its pretty addictive.

  • Angry Birds Star Wars, Kingdoms of Camelot

  • Need for Speed was mentioned, and I play Wind Up Knight sometimes

  • Tony323

    Granny Smith was talked about. I am playing Angry Birds on Android.

  • Benjamin Oram

    I like Spirits too.. blowing in the wind is nice. Need for Speed I am really enjoying on the Vita & my favorite android game right now is still Wheres my Water

  • leomomva

    Angry Birds-Star Wars! Need for Speed is a winner too.

  • Bionicman

    Angry Birds: Star Wars and loving Granny Smith!

  • JetBlue

    Need For Speed

    Current favorite is Granny Smith after it kept getting talked about on the show from previous epsidoes but my phone is getting too slow to run it (LG Revolution) so a tablet would be really nice especially the Infinity due to it’s specs.

  • bratliff

    You guys mentioned need for speed. But I would hope if you have an Xbox you have tried Dishonored.

  • need for speed

    its all about Pinterest! 🙂

  • carluverdrm2004

    You guys mentioned Spirit, which I bought back when it was on sale in the past, and you encouraged me to pick it up again. Currently playing Grabatron, as it dropped to free on the Play Store, and, as always, Words with Friends.

  • Cyn

    Kellen – Zombiewood

    My fave game atm is clouds and sheep! it’s strangely addicting!!

  • Zachary F

    Zombiewood. But I’ve been playing a bit of Jetpack Joyride on my Touchpad.

  • TheCraiggers

    You mentioned zombiewood, and the game I’ve been playing a ton of the last few weeks is Rebuild.

  • Mark

    Angry Birds star wars =) but Zombie Wood’s good too.

  • Royal2000H

    Angry Birds Star Wars is indeed a game! 🙂

  • cloutist4

    Gotta side with everyone else – Angry Birds: Star Wars! Love how they keep it alive with these different twists.

  • will

    angry birds starwars need for speed

  • Angry Birds Star Wars was talked about… and I was really into World of Goo recently, until I finished it, and I don’t have a new game yet.

    • TheCraiggers

      Never been able to get past that “build to the top really fast” level that is early on. I think I’m just unwilling to waste that much goo building a wide enough base.

  • Mentioned Granny Smith. And I’ve been playing Tiny Bang Story thanks to Tim’s review. Love it! Great episode guys!

  • rocco2640

    Angry birds star wars edition. My favorite game right now is one that Tim mentioned last week which is infinite monsters

  • christopher seaman

    Recently heard about your podcasts and I am now sold – going to be an avid, dedicated listener from now on…

    Need for Speed looks great, but the kiddos are excited for Angry Birds Star Wars – it’s great to see a new generation loving light sabers and The Force!!!

  • Need for speed was mentioned, I play it on my friend’s n7 and its gorgeous

  • Zombie Wood my favorite game right now is actually granny smith

  • M3D1T8R

    Tiny Bang Story, just got it but looks great.

  • Ninja Nick

    Need for Speed!

    I’m loving that game as well! Good choice!

  • Larry

    Zombiewood. maybe I’ll check that out.
    I’m still enjoying granny Smith and cut the rope.

  • Angry Birds Star Wars

    My favorite right now is Cogs, from the 25c app sale. It’s a sliding tile game in which you also build machines. Just finished the rocket ship level, which was crazy!

  • ryan buky

    You did mention spirit. I have to try it out. You guys give great game suggestions

  • kevtrinh

    One of the games that was mentioned in the show is ANGRY BIRDS STAR WAR. One of my favrorite games is Minecraft Pocket Edition.

  • Trenton Wilson

    Angry birds star wars

  • Angry Birds : Star wars !! My fav

  • You talked about Spirit HD, for $1.99. My current favorite is Hill Climb Racing 🙂

  • Zombie Wood; My favorite game is Puzzle Quest 2

  • TheWenger

    Angry Birds, Need for Speed, Zombie Wood. My favorite game at the moment is probably N.O.V.A. 3.

  • ryan buky

    Zombie wood is now my favorite game!!!!

  • Bigwavedave25

    ZombieWood was one of the games mentioned. I will say Major Mayhem is more my speed at the moment.

  • sciwizam

    Granny Smith.

    Playing WordHero

  • EMcTx

    I picked up Granny Smith a few weeks ago for 25 cents.

  • Tom Purple

    So, from the webshow, games mentioned were Angry Birds Star Wars, and Zombiewood. My favorite game right now, on my phone is Let’s Golf 2.

  • Granny Smith, zombie wood, need for speed, spirit. Currently my favorite games is ski safari.

  • Jawbone

    Spirit………Trial Xtreme 2 Winter

  • thomwithah

    G smith…I’m playing it now, thanks K!!!! For helping me discover it

  • Angry Birds Star Wars……playing Shadowgun currently

  • Avery Pelle

    Zombie wood. fruit ninja might be old, but its a classic.