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The Droid Life Show: Episode 4

The Droid Life Show returns tonight for episode 4! Last week, it was all about the new family of Nexus devices, but this week it’s back to the day-to-day grind. We’ve got DROID DNA madness to talk about, a couple of interesting polls to toss around, and a Google Wallet credit card to argue over.

To spice things up even further, we do have two (2) tablets with docks to give away, thanks to our friends at NVIDIA (@NVIDIATegra). How does a brand new Asus Transformer Pad Infinity with keyboard dock sound? Two members of our amazing DL community will be chosen as winners tonight! In order to enter, you’ll need to tune into the show and listen for instructions. Don’t worry, it won’t be difficult.

Update:  Our two winners have been chosen and contacted! Be sure to check your email.

The show kicks off at 6PM Pacific. A live video embed and chat are included below. Be sure to join in on the fun! 

YouTube Preview Image

*Note – We are working at getting a more stable chat client, but if you’d like to really get into this IRC thing, feel free to check out XChatColloquy (Mac), or mIRC. There are also Android IRC clients, such as AndroIRC.

  • TrueGentleman


  • Ohiwastedmylife

    Dosbox Turbo – I can play countless old school MS DOS games for hours. Not technically a game but an amazing emulator to relive some of the best games ever!

  • Mentioned Angry Birds Star Wars. I like Where’s my Water

  • Angry Birds Star Wars may revive the title a bit but my heart lies with Minecraft. I just started playing- so fun!

  • Angry Bird Star Wars

  • Need for Speed. Fav game is playing Shadowgun: Deadzone on my Nexus 7

  • Mack

    Angry Birds Star Wars!!

    Would love to get one of those transformers for my mother for business use.

  • giovanny

    granny smith was mentioned and talked about! i am currently playing zombiewood and its good

  • ndog21

    Need for speed most wanted my favorite games are GTA 3 and Need for Speed most wanted

  • Masta Marc

    lol you mentioned Halo 4 a LOT… but if you’re referring to mobile games.. SPIRIT! And the game for 1.99 now…

  • Kazu Omori

    mentioned zombiewood, angry bird star wars, and granny smith. i love granny smith! its my favorite.

  • Zombie Wood. I’ve been playing the Jaws game alot.

  • JustTrollin69

    Angry Birds Star Wars was one of the games mentioned, which Tim is anxiously waiting for. My favorite game is Granny Smith. Kellens love for the game swayed me to buy it and it now consumes my life. More levels please!

  • Angry birds starwars

  • Travis Brown

    Angry Birds – Star Wars!!!!

  • Angry Birds : Star wars .. my fav

  • Scranton Royal

    Angry Birds Star wars
    My favorite is Granny Smith

  • angermeans

    Zombiewood is actually a pretty good game. I like it

  • Angry Birds Star Wars

  • Mentioned: Zombiewood
    My fav: Plants vs Zombies!

  • Angry Birds: Star Wars

  • EvanTheGamer

    Dead. Trigger.

    The Bard’s Tale.

  • Drummer62

    Angry Birds Star Wars

  • Zombiewood……….Strip Teas Holdem Alexis Texas is where it’s at

  • Adanti

    Cautiously optimistic: Angry Birds – Star Wars
    Now playing: Granny Smith = great!

  • Ivan92116

    Angry Birds: Star Wars
    Dead Trigger is my current fav.

  • zombiewood
    My favorite App is still Plague Inc

  • Plants vs Zombies!

  • scott gillespie

    Yours – NFS, spirit, zombiewood. Mine – plague inc.

  • Pablo Bravo

    Zombie Wood,
    Playing Dungeon Village

  • Byron Galvez

    Angry Birds Star Wars and I’m playing Where is my Perry

  • Jerry Barrett

    Angry birds star wars. Angry birds is my favorite

  • KeyLimeDreamin

    Spirit was mentioned, but my favorite addictive game is SongPop

  • Arsenal1204

    Stick tennis has to be my favorite

  • James Nusraty

    Zombie Wood; and my favorite game is Temple Run

  • Ibrick

    Need for speed and just finished up the space levels on Granny Smith.

  • Neal Kendrick

    Angry Birds Star Wars. And my Fav game is Bad Piggies to be honest. I’m addicted to the pigs. Lol.

  • You guys talked about Need for Speed! Favorite game at the moment is Tiny Bang Story.

  • Conartist

    Zombiewood. My favorite of the moment is Bit.Trip.Beat (or any from that series anyways)

  • ChuckDz3

    Need for Speed – Tim. I cant get enough of bad piggies!

  • Stephen Zimmerman

    zombie wood was one of them and right now i am playing a text based game called zombie exodus

  • Franz

    My current favorite game is Super Stickman Golf. I am a sucker for easy, and great golf puzzle games.

    This game gets really hard and challenging in the later levels. Very fun from top to bottom. I also love the 30MB file size.

  • Matt Schepp

    Current Obsession is Granny Smith.. just like you guys 🙂

  • dqw

    Zombiewood ive been playing the heck out of robodefense the past 5 days

  • pd240

    Zombiewood! My game of choice right now is in line with Tim. Granny Smith. Although at midnight it might be angry birds star wars

  • One of the game mentioned was zombiewood.

    Favorite at the moment is Need for speed

  • George

    To enter for the tablet, Eric mentioned the game ‘Spirit’. My favorite games on mobile are probably ‘Air Attack HD’ and ‘Age of Zombies’

  • droidinmind

    Granny smith!!!!! It’s OK but I like KungFu Warrior!!!! Good luck to me!!!

  • bideming

    Discussed need for speed, favorite is GTA-3. Can’t wait for vice city!

  • zombie wood. I’ve been playing the EA Theme Park game. Its fun and runs a lot smoother then I would expect from an EA game.