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The Droid Life Show: Episode 4

The Droid Life Show returns tonight for episode 4! Last week, it was all about the new family of Nexus devices, but this week it’s back to the day-to-day grind. We’ve got DROID DNA madness to talk about, a couple of interesting polls to toss around, and a Google Wallet credit card to argue over.

To spice things up even further, we do have two (2) tablets with docks to give away, thanks to our friends at NVIDIA (@NVIDIATegra). How does a brand new Asus Transformer Pad Infinity with keyboard dock sound? Two members of our amazing DL community will be chosen as winners tonight! In order to enter, you’ll need to tune into the show and listen for instructions. Don’t worry, it won’t be difficult.

Update:  Our two winners have been chosen and contacted! Be sure to check your email.

The show kicks off at 6PM Pacific. A live video embed and chat are included below. Be sure to join in on the fun! 


*Note – We are working at getting a more stable chat client, but if you’d like to really get into this IRC thing, feel free to check out XChatColloquy (Mac), or mIRC. There are also Android IRC clients, such as AndroIRC.

  • Need for speed most wanted. I’ve been playing guns’n’glory

  • mjames176

    Angry Birds Star Wars and Angry Birds Star Wars because who wouldn’t want to play Chewbacca Bird

  • thors1982

    Need for speed and still a sucker for muffin knight

  • Eric talked about Spirit. My current favorite is (don’t hate) Angry Birds Space.

  • darthdroid

    Angry Birds Star Wars – haven’t played it yet, but can’t wait

  • angry birds star wars, playing hill climb racing myself

  • Mark

    Eric was talking about Spirit which is a great game on its own

    But i’ve been playing Jetpack Joyride recently, incredibly addicting.

  • vonny571

    Angry Birds star wars is something I’m about to check out myself.

  • Niick

    angry birds space, playing hill climb racing myself

  • WCM3

    Great show guys! Specially like Tim’s dogs battling it out in the end.

    Need for speed. Great game! Very excited to play the new one.

  • Roberto Mejia

    One of the games that Interested my in your list was Zombiewood.

    My current favorite game is Blod and Glory: Legend, but I am mad at them because there is a bug that will not let it go online.

  • Fattie McDoogles

    Eric was talking about Spirit which is awesome. But my favorite game right now is Jetpack Joyride

  • Granny Smith, and I am playing Angry Birds Space and Hill Climb Racing.

  • JoshGroff

    Eric mentioned Spirit.
    Still have to say Wind-Up Knight for my favorite. No matter how many times I play it, it never seems to get old.

    (Angry Birds Star Wars is out??? Hope it’s as good as Space was.)

  • Sam

    Spirit, and right now I’ve been playing unhealthy amounts of bad piggies

  • TwistedWrister

    Somebody mentioned Granny Smith.
    What the heck is Granny Smith?

    • JoshGroff


  • Need for speed. hopefully 9 AM PST 🙂

  • ohshaith55

    granny smith(mentioned by tim, not kellen for once) i’ve been using the g+ app a lot lately. just looking at ‘what’s hot’, i almost always find something cool to go read or watch

  • jb

    Where’s the announcement about the GS3 whooping the Iphone for total global market share?!? Com’on DL, give us the red meat! http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/technology/samsung-galaxy-s-iii-passes-iphone-in-popularity-but-it-may-not-last/2012/11/08/2842b67e-299e-11e2-96b6-8e6a7524553f_story.html

  • jb

    Need for speed, I’ve been playing Star Colonies (closest thing to MoO on android).

  • Endless

    Spirit, NFS and Zombie Wood were the games of the week. Lol I’ve mostly been playing super stickman golf.

  • Edgardo Rios

    Spirit was one of the games mentioned. I really like Gunman Clive.

  • Fred

    Need for speed was mentioned… Goo Granny

  • chris

    Angry birds star wars sounds fun. I am enjoying flow free.

  • Steve Benson

    Need for Speed

    Still playing Plague Inc

  • Taylor Levesque

    Need for Speed: Most wanted was mentioned.
    I just beat Most Wanted so it’ll probably be back to playing Dead Trigger and Deadzone with my N7 and ps3 controller.

  • DanThompson87

    Zombiewood xD and my game Order and Chaos

  • mike

    Angry birds- star wars….. Game im still loving is the Quell series. Im waiting for more to come out. With all that being said…. I still dont have power from Sandy….so i could use a tab to watch stuff on 🙂 thanks.

  • Chris Wilkey

    Need for Speed
    I am currently going through my 5th or 6th run through of Airport Mania 2 HD, sad i know but it’s a great game.. I also have been playing Reckless Racing. Angry Birds Star Wars will be consuming my life as well.

  • michael arazan

    need for speed, my fav right now f-18 carrier and attack mission

  • Kevin Mills

    Zombiewood, I’ve been plaing Hill Climb Racing a little to much, but it’s just so good.

  • JL2075

    Need for Speed. Currently playing Dead Trigger.

  • Steve Douglas

    You guys talked about need for speed.
    My favorite game right now is… Granny smith

  • Need For Speed Most Wanted. . . The game that i play the most is Little Empires.

  • Jesse Dick

    Zombie wood , game I’m playing now is nova 3

  • SupSup

    Angry Birds Star Wars!!!

  • kevg73

    Talking about zombiewood, need for speed, etc.

    lately i’ve been addicted to hill climb racing. its honestly not a great game but i just have to win sometimes haha.

  • fromo

    I heard need for speed

  • Angry Birds Star Wars for sure!

  • 人生多风雨,快乐常相伴!

  • Mike

    Need for Speed. Fav game right now is Genesis Chess Beta!

  • jhjr24

    Need for Speed, Spirit, Zombie Wood. And my current favorite is Hill Climb Racing lol.

  • bartclantrash

    Need for Speed was mentioned and my favorite game right now is 250+ Solitaire.

  • You guys talked about Granny Smith, and while I have been playing that one, I have still been playing GTA 3 on my N7.

  • LynchPin

    Angry Birds: Star Wars was mentioned
    I just can’t wait for Bad Piggies: Spaceballs edition. May the Schwartz be witcha!

  • papajohn

    angry birds star wars… i am playing angry birds, looking forward to star wars!

  • Hank42

    Spirit…I am playing alot of Doodle Jump

  • Benjamin

    The android Games Mentioned were Spirit, Granny Smith, Need for Speed, Zombie Wood and Star Wars Angry Birds. The game I have been playing the most lately is Wild Blood.

  • Scottyb112

    Tim talked about “Need For Speed- Most wanted!” So one of my favorite games that Droid-Life turned me on to is Rise of Glory, pretty fun game! I get sucked in dog fighting for hours!

  • Jared Madru

    Need for speed most wanted! And my fav game has been Bad Piggies

  • Benjamin

    The games Mentioned were Spirit, Need for Speed, Zombie Wood, Angry birds space. The game I have been playing the most lately is Wild Blood

  • Breakfast4Dinner

    Need for Speed: Most Wanted

    Cool show btw.

  • Bobby A

    You talked about angry birds star wars and my favorite game is dead trigger

  • rogue05

    Games mention was Zombiewood & angry birds: Star wars which both i’m interested in. The game i’m currently playing is Major Mayhem, still trying to unlock everything.

  • Alan Paone

    Tim sounded stoked enough about need for speed that I might check it out. Right now, I’m hooked on Minecraft on my nexus 7, I built a flying glass house and blew up a mountain.

  • rumthin


  • Damian

    Tim is loving some Need For Speed!!
    My favorite game is Ski Safari!

  • Need for speed most wanted! And my fav game has been Asphalt 7. But thats because I havent bought Need for speed yet!

  • Dillon Brown

    need for speed and bad piggies

  • Austeeezzz

    I’ve been in triple town a ton still… Bought asphalt 7 and it sucks… Always liked need for speed and so i need a decent tablet for it… I constantly don’t buy one because i always wait for better stuff. Had an og Droid before my Droid RAZR maxx

  • Need For Speed, although my current favorite is Bad Piggies.

  • Michael LoCastro

    Zombie Wood was mentioned , my current favorite game is DeadZone beta.

  • Kal5el

    Need for Speed. I’ve been playing Army of Darkness Defense.

  • Need for speed is awesome…but I’ve been hooked playing blood brothers… ALOT…lol

  • Mark Ward

    Angry Birds Star Wars Edition and Yukon Gold Solitaire

  • Angry Birds and my favorite game is Super Falling Fred

  • Christopher Virgin

    Angry Birds: Star Wars! Go Chewbacca-bird!

    I am loving the simplicity of BlocksClassic! Thanks Droid-Life!

  • Spirit.

    Favorite game currently is Modern Combat.

  • Taylor Levesque

    Need for Speed.
    Just best most wanted on my n7. Probably will go back to Shadowgun: Dead zone or Dead trigger. Six axis controller ftw!!

  • Michael Forte

    Kellen mentioned Zombie Wood. My favorite game right now is Major Mayhem.

  • Nole Lilley

    Spirit! Loved the show tonight guys, had to catch it late but enjoyed it, I’ll be back for future episodes, thanks for taking the time. I’ve been playing Bad Piggies lately with my kids help, they love it.

  • Shad

    Zombie Wood was mentioned and my favorite game at the moment is Temple Run.

  • Brent Cooper

    Granny Smith. I know I’m late to the game but I finally bought it after all the hype about it and its pretty addictive.

  • Angry Birds Star Wars, Kingdoms of Camelot

  • Need for Speed was mentioned, and I play Wind Up Knight sometimes

  • Tony323

    Granny Smith was talked about. I am playing Angry Birds on Android.

  • Benjamin Oram

    I like Spirits too.. blowing in the wind is nice. Need for Speed I am really enjoying on the Vita & my favorite android game right now is still Wheres my Water

  • leomomva

    Angry Birds-Star Wars! Need for Speed is a winner too.

  • Bionicman

    Angry Birds: Star Wars and loving Granny Smith!

  • JetBlue

    Need For Speed

    Current favorite is Granny Smith after it kept getting talked about on the show from previous epsidoes but my phone is getting too slow to run it (LG Revolution) so a tablet would be really nice especially the Infinity due to it’s specs.

  • bratliff

    You guys mentioned need for speed. But I would hope if you have an Xbox you have tried Dishonored.

  • need for speed

    its all about Pinterest! 🙂

  • carluverdrm2004

    You guys mentioned Spirit, which I bought back when it was on sale in the past, and you encouraged me to pick it up again. Currently playing Grabatron, as it dropped to free on the Play Store, and, as always, Words with Friends.

  • Cyn

    Kellen – Zombiewood

    My fave game atm is clouds and sheep! it’s strangely addicting!!

  • Zachary F

    Zombiewood. But I’ve been playing a bit of Jetpack Joyride on my Touchpad.

  • TheCraiggers

    You mentioned zombiewood, and the game I’ve been playing a ton of the last few weeks is Rebuild.

  • Mark

    Angry Birds star wars =) but Zombie Wood’s good too.

  • Royal2000H

    Angry Birds Star Wars is indeed a game! 🙂

  • cloutist4

    Gotta side with everyone else – Angry Birds: Star Wars! Love how they keep it alive with these different twists.

  • will

    angry birds starwars need for speed

  • Angry Birds Star Wars was talked about… and I was really into World of Goo recently, until I finished it, and I don’t have a new game yet.

    • TheCraiggers

      Never been able to get past that “build to the top really fast” level that is early on. I think I’m just unwilling to waste that much goo building a wide enough base.

  • Mentioned Granny Smith. And I’ve been playing Tiny Bang Story thanks to Tim’s review. Love it! Great episode guys!

  • rocco2640

    Angry birds star wars edition. My favorite game right now is one that Tim mentioned last week which is infinite monsters

  • christopher seaman

    Recently heard about your podcasts and I am now sold – going to be an avid, dedicated listener from now on…

    Need for Speed looks great, but the kiddos are excited for Angry Birds Star Wars – it’s great to see a new generation loving light sabers and The Force!!!

  • Need for speed was mentioned, I play it on my friend’s n7 and its gorgeous

  • Zombie Wood my favorite game right now is actually granny smith

  • M3D1T8R

    Tiny Bang Story, just got it but looks great.

  • Ninja Nick

    Need for Speed!

    I’m loving that game as well! Good choice!

  • Larry

    Zombiewood. maybe I’ll check that out.
    I’m still enjoying granny Smith and cut the rope.

  • Angry Birds Star Wars

    My favorite right now is Cogs, from the 25c app sale. It’s a sliding tile game in which you also build machines. Just finished the rocket ship level, which was crazy!

  • ryan buky

    You did mention spirit. I have to try it out. You guys give great game suggestions

  • kevtrinh

    One of the games that was mentioned in the show is ANGRY BIRDS STAR WAR. One of my favrorite games is Minecraft Pocket Edition.

  • Trenton Wilson

    Angry birds star wars

  • Angry Birds : Star wars !! My fav

  • You talked about Spirit HD, for $1.99. My current favorite is Hill Climb Racing 🙂

  • Zombie Wood; My favorite game is Puzzle Quest 2

  • TheWenger

    Angry Birds, Need for Speed, Zombie Wood. My favorite game at the moment is probably N.O.V.A. 3.

  • ryan buky

    Zombie wood is now my favorite game!!!!

  • Bigwavedave25

    ZombieWood was one of the games mentioned. I will say Major Mayhem is more my speed at the moment.

  • sciwizam

    Granny Smith.

    Playing WordHero

  • EMcTx

    I picked up Granny Smith a few weeks ago for 25 cents.

  • Tom Purple

    So, from the webshow, games mentioned were Angry Birds Star Wars, and Zombiewood. My favorite game right now, on my phone is Let’s Golf 2.

  • Granny Smith, zombie wood, need for speed, spirit. Currently my favorite games is ski safari.

  • Jawbone

    Spirit………Trial Xtreme 2 Winter

  • thomwithah

    G smith…I’m playing it now, thanks K!!!! For helping me discover it

  • Angry Birds Star Wars……playing Shadowgun currently

  • Avery Pelle

    Zombie wood. fruit ninja might be old, but its a classic.

  • TrueGentleman


  • Ohiwastedmylife

    Dosbox Turbo – I can play countless old school MS DOS games for hours. Not technically a game but an amazing emulator to relive some of the best games ever!

  • Mentioned Angry Birds Star Wars. I like Where’s my Water

  • Angry Birds Star Wars may revive the title a bit but my heart lies with Minecraft. I just started playing- so fun!

  • Angry Bird Star Wars

  • Need for Speed. Fav game is playing Shadowgun: Deadzone on my Nexus 7

  • Mack

    Angry Birds Star Wars!!

    Would love to get one of those transformers for my mother for business use.

  • giovanny

    granny smith was mentioned and talked about! i am currently playing zombiewood and its good

  • ndog21

    Need for speed most wanted my favorite games are GTA 3 and Need for Speed most wanted

  • Masta Marc

    lol you mentioned Halo 4 a LOT… but if you’re referring to mobile games.. SPIRIT! And the game for 1.99 now…

  • Kazu Omori

    mentioned zombiewood, angry bird star wars, and granny smith. i love granny smith! its my favorite.

  • Zombie Wood. I’ve been playing the Jaws game alot.

  • JustTrollin69

    Angry Birds Star Wars was one of the games mentioned, which Tim is anxiously waiting for. My favorite game is Granny Smith. Kellens love for the game swayed me to buy it and it now consumes my life. More levels please!

  • Angry birds starwars

  • Travis Brown

    Angry Birds – Star Wars!!!!

  • Angry Birds : Star wars .. my fav

  • Scranton Royal

    Angry Birds Star wars
    My favorite is Granny Smith

  • angermeans

    Zombiewood is actually a pretty good game. I like it

  • Angry Birds Star Wars

  • Mentioned: Zombiewood
    My fav: Plants vs Zombies!

  • Angry Birds: Star Wars

  • EvanTheGamer

    Dead. Trigger.

    The Bard’s Tale.

  • Drummer62

    Angry Birds Star Wars

  • Zombiewood……….Strip Teas Holdem Alexis Texas is where it’s at

  • Adanti

    Cautiously optimistic: Angry Birds – Star Wars
    Now playing: Granny Smith = great!

  • Ivan92116

    Angry Birds: Star Wars
    Dead Trigger is my current fav.

  • zombiewood
    My favorite App is still Plague Inc

  • Plants vs Zombies!

  • scott gillespie

    Yours – NFS, spirit, zombiewood. Mine – plague inc.

  • Pablo Bravo

    Zombie Wood,
    Playing Dungeon Village

  • Byron Galvez

    Angry Birds Star Wars and I’m playing Where is my Perry

  • Jerry Barrett

    Angry birds star wars. Angry birds is my favorite

  • KeyLimeDreamin

    Spirit was mentioned, but my favorite addictive game is SongPop

  • Arsenal1204

    Stick tennis has to be my favorite

  • James Nusraty

    Zombie Wood; and my favorite game is Temple Run

  • Ibrick

    Need for speed and just finished up the space levels on Granny Smith.

  • Neal Kendrick

    Angry Birds Star Wars. And my Fav game is Bad Piggies to be honest. I’m addicted to the pigs. Lol.

  • You guys talked about Need for Speed! Favorite game at the moment is Tiny Bang Story.

  • Conartist

    Zombiewood. My favorite of the moment is Bit.Trip.Beat (or any from that series anyways)

  • ChuckDz3

    Need for Speed – Tim. I cant get enough of bad piggies!

  • Stephen Zimmerman

    zombie wood was one of them and right now i am playing a text based game called zombie exodus

  • Franz

    My current favorite game is Super Stickman Golf. I am a sucker for easy, and great golf puzzle games.

    This game gets really hard and challenging in the later levels. Very fun from top to bottom. I also love the 30MB file size.

  • Matt Schepp

    Current Obsession is Granny Smith.. just like you guys 🙂

  • dqw

    Zombiewood ive been playing the heck out of robodefense the past 5 days

  • pd240

    Zombiewood! My game of choice right now is in line with Tim. Granny Smith. Although at midnight it might be angry birds star wars

  • One of the game mentioned was zombiewood.

    Favorite at the moment is Need for speed

  • George

    To enter for the tablet, Eric mentioned the game ‘Spirit’. My favorite games on mobile are probably ‘Air Attack HD’ and ‘Age of Zombies’

  • droidinmind

    Granny smith!!!!! It’s OK but I like KungFu Warrior!!!! Good luck to me!!!

  • bideming

    Discussed need for speed, favorite is GTA-3. Can’t wait for vice city!

  • zombie wood. I’ve been playing the EA Theme Park game. Its fun and runs a lot smoother then I would expect from an EA game.

  • Mentioned: Zombiewood
    Been playing: Virtual City

  • Tim

    Angry Bird Starwars….fav game right now is Dead trigger.

  • Josh Oberg

    You guys talked about need for speed.
    My favorite game right now is… Granny smith.. it is so addicting

  • DrSchlotkin

    Game Mentioned: Angry Birds Star Wars

    One of my favorite games recently has been Cut The Rope. I guess I am just a little late on this one, but I have always been a fan of puzzle games. I don’t have the time to play any hardcore games, but these puzzle games are easy to pick up and do a level or two and get back to work.

  • Need for speed is one of the games you talked about (love the game). My favorite game right now is world of goo.

  • Zombiewood…I’m playing it as I’m watching this!

  • anoneyemou5e

    Spirit was mentioned. Not a big game player, like an easy single player game like tic-tac to the max, a 3d 4×4 tic tac toe game. Count me in for the brand new Asus Transformer Pad Infinity with keyboard dock!!

  • tryptech

    Granny Smith. Need for Speed: Most Wanted is my current fav, both console and mobile

  • thirsch2

    Zombie Wood …. My daughter and I have been playing Temple Run, trying to teach a 2yr old. lmao

  • Osa

    Spirit… I just started playing ski safari which keeps me pretty entertained in class. Can’t get too excited playing need for speed. lol

  • Akilig

    NFS ……..I’m rocking the Granny Smith Hardened Edition! No easy update here son!

  • Masroor Hussain

    you guys mentioned Angry Bird

    my fav game on android ‘Cut the rope’

  • Spirit, Need for Speed, Zombiewood, Angry Birds Star Wars
    Calculator is my favorite…game?

  • Angry Birds Star Wars

    Air Navy Fighters

  • haileunlikely

    zombiewood, and bad piggies for me!

  • Chris

    You guys mentioned zombiewood, and I just bought tiny bang story based on your recommendation. Not sure about it yet tho, but my favorite would have to be Dragon, Fly!

  • Spirit………….tiger woods

  • Julia Minkiewicz

    Favorite game is Angry Birds
    Need for speed was talked about

  • wynbwe

    spirt, need for speed, zombie wood angry birds my favorite game is Plague Inc

  • cheezer88

    You talked about granny Smith. My favorite game is backgammon

  • tharealoc

    why is everyone saying Angry Birds: Star Wars first then posting their favorites?
    Bad Piggies has been my game of choice as of late..i like to think when i game

  • mentioned granny smith and I have been playing a lot of ski safari

  • Mentioned: zombiewood!
    Really enjoying Granny Smith.

  • Angry Birds Star Wars was a mentioned game. And I’m still been playing Temple Run Brave, which has been pretty entertaining so far.

  • Zombiewood!!
    Have been playing Tribez since it just came out for Android. And Angry Birds Star Wars starting tomorrow.

  • rle

    Granny Smith. Love Spirits on my DROID RAZR HD.

  • Ibrick

    Need for Speed, and just finished up the space levels on Granny Smith.

  • DaveC

    Zombie wood. Current fave is Angry Birds Space

  • RichDuellman

    Zombi wood and my favorite right now zombiewood

  • Andy Blystone

    Angry Birds Stars Wars edition… I have been loving Plague

  • Kris

    zombiewood, need for speed, granny smith, angry birds.

    My favorite is so definitely Shadowgun: DeadZone Beta. Cannot wait till the actually game drops. Hope more games come out as great as this one.

  • The dark knight rises!!!

  • jab416171

    TIm mentioned Angry Birds Star Wars.
    Right now I’m playing Granny Smith

  • hfoster52

    Need for speed…. Playing Bad Piggies…

  • Clint O

    Mentioned: Granny Smith
    Favorite Game: Granny Smith lol

  • ZombieWood was talked about and presently playing plants vs zombies

  • mso1

    Zombie Wood
    Been playing Dead Trigger

  • tjb

    need for speed old school tetris

  • Jeff “BIG RED”

    for those of us that are having issues with the new camera app. Any idea’s? any comments appreciated

  • SGLP

    Need for Speed.

    Shoot Bubble Deluxe is what I’m playing.

  • Jonathan


    I just got into Auralux a few weeks ago. Great strategy game.

  • Need for speed most wanted. The game I’m playing right now is Plague inc.

  • Rick James

    Spirit. Fav is iBlast Moki 2

  • Granny smith. Still playing mine craft. Probably download the new angry birds.

  • need for speed, most wanted
    fav gamme is… wait for it, words for friends!!

  • Buckeyes1212

    Zombiewood. Brain Cube Reloaded is somewhat fun.

  • bobbymay1

    Zombiewood! Spirit! and I am playing Granny Smith quite often.

  • Mentioned: Zombiewood
    Currently playing: Virtual City

  • Trey

    Granny Smith – Bad Piggies is the favorite game @ this time.

  • Angry birds star wars, I got to say I really like having Grand Theft Auto at my finger tips.

  • The game I’m mentioning from the show is Spirits.
    My favorite game right now is Game Dev Story. It’s a neat little simulator where you get to take control of your own video game company, release games, hire employees, ect. It’s one of those games that you start playing for only a few minutes, but end up with 30 minutes of gameplay.

  • Need For Speed Most Wanted and my favorite as of now on Android is Ski Safari 😀

  • Zombiewood. Right now, liking Dead Trigger

  • ItsASamsung

    Angry Birds Star Wars! I can’t wait! I love the fact that they revamped it with something worthwhile. My personal favorite game right now is Birzzle. Came out a while ago but it’s really fun. 🙂

  • Zombiewood;
    My favorite ame right now might be FIFA 12.
    Looks great and it’s pretty smooth on my Galaxy Nexus 😀

  • JustTrollin69

    One game that was mentioned was Angry Birds Star Wars, which Tim is anxiously waiting for. My favorite game is Granny Smith. I never really download games, especially pay for them, but Kellex reeled me into Granny Smith and I beat it so quickly. More levels please!

  • PhillipNorris

    Need for Speed most wanted. and ive been playing alot of granny smith

  • You Got Ngata

    discussed:angry birds star wars.
    Now playing: mondern Combat.

  • Angry Birds Star Wars. My favorite current game is Bad Piggies.

  • rle

    Zombiewood. My favorite game is Spirits. Love the artistic renditions.

  • angry birds starwars is one of the four games talked about. My favorite game is still dudgeon defenders

  • adb.push.Freedom

    Eric mentioned Spirit
    Tim mentioned Need for Speed
    Kellen mentioned Zombie Wood
    My Favorite game is Modern Combat 3

  • Angry Birds Star wars and Im playing Where is my Perry

  • Zombie wood and i can’t wait for angry birds star wars!

  • 1. Need For Speed – Courtesy of Tim 2. Pool Break!

  • Jeremy

    Need for Speed was talked about!!! Current favorite game is Tiny Bang Story

  • Angry Birds Star Wars and favorite current game is Dead Trigger.

  • santos

    Zombie Wood! Currently enjoying World of Goo!

  • angry birds;Star wars
    Favorite games currently would probably Shadowgun: Deadzone

  • Mentioned: Angry Birds Star Wars
    Favorite playing: Granny Smith

  • Granny SMith….I like Jetpack Joyride

  • Sven Enterlein

    Need for speed, Angry birds Star wars, Spirit
    I relly enjoyed The Haunt. Love point and click adventures

  • Batman is the best game

  • Zombiewood. My favorite Android Game right now is Bad Piggies.

  • you mentioned need for speed most wanted. as far as games i’m playing i’m hooked on plague inc. and bag piggies.

  • Derek Traini

    You talked about Zombiewood and I have been playing a lot of Shadowgun DeadZone Beta in the past week!

  • Rob Valencia

    Angry birds star wars. I’m playing NFS: most wanted

  • chnsawalex

    Angry birds: Star Wars
    currently playing Spider solitaire most of the time.

  • Spirit was mentioned and currently like Zen Pinball THD

  • Spirit, Zombiewood, Angry Birds Star Wars…favorite Android game is still Golf Extreme! (But I’m still on an original Evo 4G).

  • spirit $1.99 normally $4 or $5
    geometry wars sytle
    draw circles around enemies

    Tim playing need for speed most wanted playing it on the note 2 $7

    kellen zombie woods top down shooter simple controls zombies running around in hollywoods

    tim angry birds starwars midnight release

    I love Granny Smith.

    Android 4 life. The shACow is great guys!

  • Jay

    Angry Birds: Star Wars!
    Favorite game is still Godville.

  • Zach Armstrong

    Zombiewood, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Angry Bird Star Wars, and I’m playing Dead Trigger a lot.

  • vonbane

    Need for Speed Most Wanted. Been playing Granny Smith on my Galaxy Nexus.

  • RandinoTheGreat

    Need 4 Speed Most Wanted……This is one of my favorites as well, I tried Bad Piggies but it was hard. I picked up Aging Booth and it’s fun, not really a game though.

  • Dan DeMagistris

    Need for Speed. Fav game is Minecraft

  • Zombiewood. currently playing slots tycoon

  • Nayners

    Spirit HD. My favorite is Plague Inc. currently.

  • Need for Speed, im playing Zombiewood

  • Juan Losada

    Need for Speed was mentioned.
    My favorite game at the moment is Football Manager 12

  • Jeremy Duncan

    EA -Need for speed most wanted, favorite game is
    Shadowgun deadzone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Timothy McGovern

    1) Angry Birds Star Wars
    2) Jetpack Joyride

  • paul_cus

    Angry Birds Star Wars….favorite game is Ski Safari, though.

  • Need for speed…game Im playing Hill Climb race fun game

  • akazerotime

    Angry Birds star wars was talked about. I like Walking Dead

  • smcdo123

    Need for speed most wanted and my favorite game is granny smith.

  • T4rd

    Angry Birds: Star Wars!

    My fav game currently is prolly Wordfeud still, lol. I’m always on there with other friends I don’t have much time to get into any other games. I dominated Granny Smith in a week or so after release though.

  • SilentSpring

    Granny Smith!!!! Favorite this week has been Plague though lol

  • bearracer5

    Spirit – my fav is FF3

  • HumbleEpyX

    zombiewood, need for speed most wanted…. fav current game COD:BOZ and will be AB:SW after midnight

  • Granny Smith, Need for Speed. one I’ve been loving is Bad Piggies. My daughter is really loving how it works and enjoys how you have to build the contraption just to make it complete the course. Helps with building skills. shes only 6.

  • Haha

  • Mike Gall

    granny smith…temple run

  • James Jun

    Need For Speed: Most Wanted – it’s one of the games Tim talked about, and it’s also my favorite mobile game so far 🙂

  • nyc67

    My current favorite game is World of Goo

  • Zombiewood

  • Kevin Olson


    Favorite game at the moment on android is Dead Trigger

  • yourhackednow

    granny smith, favorite is need for speed shift

  • MrSteve920

    Angry Birds: Star Wars was one of the mentioned games. My favorite game right now is still Angry Birds Space.

  • Tim

    Angry Birds Star Wars….But right now my fav game is Dead trigger!

  • Angry Birds Star Wars:

    Favorite current game is… Umm… I’ll go with Rebuild. Turn based zombie strategy.

  • Angry Birds Star Wars Edition. I really don’t do much gaming. I don’t have much of an attention span!

  • brandito

    zombiewood. Current favorite is Songpop.

  • Im willing to try need for speed, waiting for a non-shooter game thats good

    Ive been playing more dead trigger lately in rare spare time

  • JabroniUNM

    Eric mentioned Spirit. I’ve been playing alot of Plague Inc

  • Spirit, My favorite game is Granny Smith.

  • Rob

    spirit and mine is plague inc

  • tehserver

    Spirit! Favorite game would be Chrono Trigger.

  • Need For Speed Most Wanted. Which is currently my favorite game and I believe it was well worth the price

  • sakebomber77

    Games: Need for Speed. I like Angry Birds Space.

  • haileunlikely

    Zombiewood game, and I love bad piggies!

  • spirit my favorite game right now is hill climber

  • David

    Mentioned Game: Granny Smith.
    Best Android Game: Major Mayhem

  • Granny Smith was discussed and earned you guys a few bucks, lol. My favorite game currently is a classic, NBA JAM… “He’s heating up!”

  • Andrew Sharrow

    Mentioned: Spirit
    Favorite playing: Bad Piggies.

  • Silver Veloz

    Granny Smith. I still have been playing Stupid Zombies

  • jacobgandalf

    ZombieWood.. still enjoying Where’s my water. 🙂

  • zac holley

    Granny SMith you talked about… and I like x-plane

  • Jeff “BIG RED”

    Granny Smith JK… No Need for speed… I have been pretty addicted to batmans “dark night rises.”

  • Jason Rock

    Need for Speed was one of the games and i can’t pull away from swing shot its a fun game.

  • Steven Riehl


    Right now, my favorite is still Granny Smith!

  • Kevin Morales

    Spirit, My favorite game is Doodle Jump.

  • d000d

    spirit – favorite game wordfeud

  • Cody Fred

    Angry Birds Star Wars. My fav game is still Muffin Knight. Have started playing Infinite Monster a bit.

  • Spirit, Need For Speed, ZombieWood – Ski Safari is pretty sweet!

  • giovanny

    granny smith was talked about!! i like zombiewood

  • Preston Richmond

    Sperit, and i Like need for speed on my n7


    You talked about Need for Speed Shift
    My favorite game is Bad Piggies

  • Angry Birds Star Wars; my personal favorite game of late is Plight of the Zombie.

  • necroscopev

    I am excited for Angry Birds Star Wars at Midnight! My favorite game so far is Minecraft Pocket Edition.

  • Bill Slowey


    I am addicted to theme park.

  • Granny smith / Need For Speed Most wanted / Spirit / Angry Birds STAR WARS !!!!

    right now im hooked on ZOMBIEWOOD !

  • angry birds star wars

    madden nfl 12

  • Rebuke78

    Zombiewood! And it’s the one I’ve been playing too!

  • Angry Birds Star Wars… Granny Smith is my current fave.

  • Need For Speed: Most Wanted
    Still loving Shadowgun: Deadzone

  • Jigga_Z

    Angry Birds: Star Wars!

    My favorite game currently is Bad Piggies!

  • Spirit, NFSMW and Granny Smith. My favorite game right now would be probably Hill Climb Racing so far.

  • TheRobotCow

    my favorite is spirit, great visuals and great fun

  • Need for speed, Granny smith, Angry birds star wars, and zombiewood. And my game of the week is Cordy Sky!!

  • Jroc869, Cool story bro

    Need for speed most wanted. Fav game right now Super Falling Fred

  • Keyan X

    Granny smith, or NFS: Most wanted, my favorite game is Shadowgun Mulitplayer beta

  • Spirit is on sale.

    Need for Speed Most Wanted is my favorite game right now, worth every penny.

  • NexusMan

    ZombieWood was mentioned and…favorite current game is The Dark Knight Rises

  • Spirit…. My favorite game is Jetpack Joyride

  • Angry Birds: Star Wars

    Favorite current game: NFL Kicker 13

  • Angry birds Star Wars, current favorite game is Shadowgun

  • Captain_Doug

    Spirit! My favorite right now is Organ Trail.

  • Zombiewood ….. I’m still addicted to temple run and temple run brave version

  • Travis Stanley

    Angry Birds Star Wars…My favorite game is Minecraft: PE!!!

  • Travis Shepherd

    need for speed

  • Hayden7200

    Angry Birds Star Wars. My favorite game is Granny Smith.

  • G_Ret

    Spirit HD!

    My favorite game is Granny Smith!

  • Granny smith rocks!

  • Spirit, Need for Speed, Zombiewood, Angry Birds Star Wars. I LOVE SG DEADZONE!

  • Justin W

    Spirit, Angry Birds Star Wars. Current fave is probably Granny Smith on my N7 (seriously).

  • Spirit – Dead Trigger

  • elemeno

    Kellex mentioned Zombiewood. I’m still hooked on Beach Buggy Blitz.

  • you guys talked about NFS: Most Wanted …….My fav game is Asphalt7

  • Brien Gerber

    Spirit! And I’m loving Granny Smith still!

  • John Simonelli

    Angry Birds Star Wars!!! My favorite game has been Flick Golf.

  • Spirit, Need for Speed Most Wanted, ZombieWood, Angry Birds Star Wars.

    My current favoriate game is Ski Safari

  • Need for Speed! Favorite game right now Angry Birds Space, lol.

  • Angry Birds Star Wars. I’m constantly playing FieldRunners.

  • kellen- zombiewood- hillclimber

  • MasterEthan

    Spirit! Favoriate currently playing is Mini Motor. Favoriate of all time still Game Dev Story.

  • Spirit!

    My fav is Dead Trigger!

  • Zombiewood! Words with Friends is my current favorite!

  • angry birds star wars….nba jams

  • Radgatt

    granny smith is one game
    I like grand theft auto

  • Pmagent2013

    Spirit and my favorite current game is granny smith

  • Kellen – Zombiewood! Currently loving Granny Smith

  • baldypal

    Eric: Spirit; Tim: Need for Speed; Kellen: Zombiewood; Tim: Angry Birds Star Wars Mine: Granny Smith

  • Granny Smith… Which is incidentally my favorite game of the moment. Bravo.

  • Travis Shepherd

    angry birds star wars

  • spirit, i love granny smith

  • tehsusenoh

    Spirit, Need For Speed: Most Wanted, Zombiewood, Angry Birds: Star Wars,

    My favorite game is Osmos!

  • Love you guys and would Love Asus Transformer Pad!!

  • John Simonelli

    The Pad Infinity is my Dream Pad! Please Please!!

  • “It/you just got Nexus Q’d!”

    I’m using that the next chance I get.

  • What if the physical card has an NFC chip in it?

  • Let the puppy give an opinion too! 🙂

  • adb.push.Freedom


  • I want a Motorola Atrix HD on AT&T! Will be my next phone.

  • What’s the IRC info?

  • how do we win the tablets?

  • dqw

    Unsupported video format on my gnex

    • Zach Armstrong

      Use the Youtube App.

      • dqw


  • And… here… we… GO!

  • Jroc869, Cool story bro

    I need something awesome after yesterdays election. Lets do this!

    • I’m with you, I need a break from politics for awhile.

      • That sums up my thoughts on the past few days perfectly.

        • michael arazan

          yay, no more political spam emails!

    • Ohiwastedmylife

      Romney fanboi with an Android phone?

      • Jroc869, Cool story bro

        Honestly neither option blew me away.

        • Ohiwastedmylife

          PHEW. I was going to say… a lot … haha

          • Mack

            It was a “who is the lesser of two evils” election once again. That said, I’m really worried what Obama will do in the next four years seeing as he doesn’t have to worry about re-election. The whole Benghazi thing is pretty disturbing as it is.

          • Ohiwastedmylife

            You mean that guy that was a professional online EVE gamer that we paid to sit in a building and play PC games? Obama did what he could. Threats of attacks like that are most likely happening every single day and there is no way to tell which one is going to come to fruition or not.

          • Jon

            Did what he could? There’s a reason this was swept under a rug and that the hearings were postponed until after the election. It’s disturbing that Obama sat there and watched live video of this happening and did nothing even when he was asked to allow U.S. military assistance. There’s a reason that attack occured, war is not just blind violence. The whole situation in the Middle is is beyond a mess at this point, not that it’s all his fault but e hasn’t helped it.

          • Ohiwastedmylife

            you know what you are right. We need someone to promote war, and ‘close loopholes’ in the tax code…

            We do not need another war, nor do we need to feed ignorant zealots with more fuel.

            GO ANDROID! back to phones, this isn’t a poly sci class.

          • Jon

            Middle East*

      • Big_EZ

        More like anti Obama. Cam Bradey 012

  • I’m so glad I work in front of a computer lol