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Sam’s Club Black Friday Ad Lists Galaxy S3 for $0.96

Sam’s Club is now the owner of the “Best Black Friday Deal Award” for the time being. According to their Black Friday ad, they plan to sell the Samsung Galaxy S3 for 96 cents ($0.96) the day after Thanksgiving. Yes, if you are a part of the club, you can pick up the hottest phone of the year for less than a dollar, as long as you are down to sign a new 2-year contract. Talk about a steal.

They will also have the Galaxy Tab 2 7″ and 10″ tablets for $179 and $299, respectively.

Via:  BlackFriday

  • rudy

    Went to walmart where I bought my phone last week they pricematched this giving me my 160 $ back and gave me $100 gift card, so I upgraded my mom sister and dad ended up paying $1.06 per phone and $400 in gift cards.

  • Aaron

    Got to my Sam’s at 6 this morning and walked out 3 and a half hours later with a sapphire black Galaxy S III. Definitely worth it for $1.02 (including tax). I’m glad I got there an hour early, because the phones went very fast and those who came in at 7 and didn’t have a pull ticket didn’t get a phone.

  • DavidF

    The ad doesnt say, but i assume if you currently have unlimited data, you lose that… Probably not worth it in the long run

  • james

    Is it only for limited people only?? Do i need to go stay in a line in the morning to be able to get one??

  • Susie

    If ur relative is a sams member can u go with them and upgrade ?

  • jane

    do they have the tmobile phones for s3?

  • JMullins

    Not true ninja California state law requires a reseller to charge sales tax on the unbundled price of a cell phone. So you should expect to see sales tax on $699.00. It is still a great buy but don’t think you will get away for $2.00.

  • Ynot

    Should had waited, got mine for $99 and thought it was a great deal last month.

  • Missy

    I called today. It is for all carriers. I have T-Mobile and bought mine there. The husband gets his on Black Friday.

    • Camille Nolte

      do u know if you have to get an upgrade or can you just renew?

  • Charlemagne24

    Does any one know whether or not there is a limit to the number of phone you can get?
    Cause I’m want to get one for me and my sister so on a shared plan.

  • Mike
    • lovelythickness

      Not true I see sprint.

  • WirelessNinja

    I work at the wireless Dept. at SAMs and its the best deal to get for a Galaxy S3. It’s a 2 yr contract for new, add a line, or upgrade. No rebates and your total cost of the phone with tax is no more than $2

    • C.T.

      So I’m available for an upgrade, as are two other lines on the plan. We’re under the Classic plan on TMobile with 1000 minutes and unlimited text but data is limited to 2gb. Does this still qualify? Or is there a specific plan needed to get the s3 at basically $2?

      • josh

        I’m in the same situation. Does anyone have any idea?

        • C.T.

          Hey Josh, so I went on the VIP day and everything worked out fine for me. There is no specific plan you need to be on. You just need data on any lines that you’re getting the phone on and all the lines need to be available for upgrade. I got 3 phones (under TMobile) for $3.15. I was told that the activation fee would show up on this month’s bill and then be deducted off the next month’s bill.

    • Vermillon

      Hey I see at the bottom of the add that the tab is also on sale… does this also need to be signed up for a contract? or is it just for sale as a solo item?

  • dallas

    what about adding a line? to an existing account?

  • Kamina

    Do they sell off contract? If so, what will the price be?

    • Missy

      Off contract at T-Mobile they are $650. Don’t know about other places.

  • RJ

    anyone know what size hard drive this one is?

  • Reggie

    Just called Sam’s Club. He confirmed that this DOES work for upgrades on an existing plan! Also,first come first serve IN LINE: they will be giving out tickets to people for what they want, so no rushing inside. He also confirmed they have limited numbers (of course), but they have AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint phones. DEAL.

    • huichan

      So i can go around 7:00 and wait in line and still get the phone aithout it being out of stock???

  • G-unit

    ladies and gentlemen, although its a dollar, you pay $50 or so on CA tax

    • ibleedbloo

      Wrong!Sams Club only charges tax on sale price. I’ve bought several phones from them for just that reason.

      • nope! bought my phone from them. CALIFORNIA requires sales tax on retail price of phone!!! even at Sams club

  • Cracker Azz Cracker

    Besides which carrier (which is probably VZW) the other important question is do you need to have an upgrade pending or will they allow existing customers to buy on a 2 year contract without requiring that you have a current upgrade available. I’ve tried to buy on some of these deals and it turns out that if you are an existing customer you must have an upgrade available or they charge full price.

    • Missy

      You must be due for an upgrade or add a line.

  • Ricky

    Way too early for this!

  • PhoenixPath

    Ah….more fodder for the Apple, “They’re only popular because they’re cheap” crowd. (Almost as much fun as the Motorola “Cheap plastic” crowd)

    • Vermillon

      Don’t be hating that the Galaxy is now the WORLDS best selling phone.. And if you want to talk about cheap.. the Iphones glass screen cracks like an egg shell. Can’t tell you the amount of people i see walking around with cracked screens.

      • PhoenixPath

        You misread something…or mis-interpreted something. I was making fun of the “hates Samsung because it’s “plastic” crowd”… not joining them.

        Try again. 😉

        • Vermillon

          I COMPLETELY misunderstood your comment.. I thought you were hating on Samsung!! I apologize!!! I will remove my comment! 🙂

          • PhoenixPath

            Heh…don’t worry about it man. Happens to everyone. 😉

  • Droid Burgundy

    WOW, great deal if you dont have unlimited data at stake.

  • Is that for new people signing up, or that’s for people renewing a contract?

    • flosserelli

      The small prints says “With the purchase of a qualified 2 year service agreement and select data plan”.

      Translation: New lines/service

    • Missy

      Good for upgrades and adding lines also.

  • Getatme

    For what carrier tho? A friend of mine what’s this phone but she is on tmobile service.

    • probably Verizon and AT&T + maybe sprint. I know for sure verizon and AT&T are part of sams club mobile. I don’t know about T-mobile.

  • lnimmer
    • Paul

      A GS3 for a dollar is a much better deal though.

  • dang, nice. knowing i was able to keep unlimited data makes it easier to live with paying full price though

    • antinorm

      Would you be able to sign up for a deal like this on a new line, immediately drop that line and pay the ETF, and then just swap SIM cards…or would that kill your unlimited data? The ETF is significantly cheaper than full retail, though I’m not sure I would want to find out the hard way that doesn’t work.

      • I don’t see why not. With VZW though, the radios often muck up plans like this (assuming this is for a different carrier). However, to my knowledge you can activate any smartphone on the line w/o affecting your unlimited data plan.

        • John Boy

          This is what I’m doing. I have two lines, mine, and my g/f’s line. Hers is due for an upgrade, and isn’t unlimited data. Mine IS unlimited data.

          So, as she has the Thunderbolt, and I have the Galaxy Nexus, I will upgrade her line to the S3, then switch Sims, so she and I both essentially get an upgrade from our existing equipment!

        • JohnBoy

          I’m on Verizon w/ unlimited data on my main line, and not on my second line (my girls phone)…

          Hers is due for an upgrade, and my phone is better than hers (she has Tbolt, I have Galaxy Nexus).

          I’m upgrading HER line to the S3, then will switch Sims, so she gets the Nexus, and I get the S3.

          Done and done! Also, it costs $30 for upgrade fee with Verizon, so total cost for VZW customers will be $30.96 + tax…. FYI.

      • chey023

        I have read ways of getting out of losing unlimited by having a dumbphone line on your account. Just do some searching, it seems to be a loop hole.

        • yeah – i believe you can use subsidized upgrades from a different line then activate it on your main line, or at least used to be able to — something like that. i should clarify though, when i said i paid full price, i mean full subsidized price as i had one last upgrade left.

      • Missy

        You cannot switch SIM cards. The S3 has a micro sim and doesn’t fit other phones. It is smaller than my pinkie nail. Also do not lose your unlimited data. The seller put basic on my S3 and I went over the data in 36 hours!

  • flosserelli

    That’s an amazing deal if you are willing to sign a contract.

  • chey023

    I’ve been waiting for this type of deal,no idea it would be under a $1.I know where I will be black friday.

    • Ken

      I assume if you don’t already have a Sams Club membership I’ll have to buy that first, which I think is $40? Still a great deal, but just wondering.