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New Titanium Backup Update Makes Flashing ROMs Even Easier, Restore Apps and Data With Flashable Zips

If you are a frequent flasher of ROMs on your phone, you are most likely well acquainted with the application Titanium Backup. It is pretty much the go-to app if you need to mess around with the data, apps and information on your phone between your new and old ROM. In a recent update, it managed to become even more useful. 

The biggest addition to the app in this update is the ability to “create update.zip containing apps+data, apps only or data only. Both user & system apps are supported and the file can be signed.” This allows you to back up your apps, and flash the .zip in recovery so you don’t have to wait to re-install them all from inside the application. However, that feature is only functional for those who purchase the Pro version of the application.

The update also allows you to upload files to Dropbox, plus it fixes a few small bugs. If you don’t own the Pro version of TB, this might be the time to pony up.

Play LinkTB Play Link | TB Pro Play Link

Cheers Brandon! 

  • gpzbc

    I worry about using this and having it restore system data and apps. I’ve always been told not to restore system data and apps.

    • DanSan

      zip doesnt save system data..

      “create update.zip containing apps+data, apps only or data only. Both user & system apps are supported and the file can be signed.”

      it can save SYSTEM APPS

  • DanSan

    is the best process to flash rom > GApps, reboot phone into android and then reboot into recovery and flash update.zip or just flash them all together then load android?

  • Pat Hamilton

    Been doing this with App2Zip forever. Now I don’t need it anymore.

  • Jacobm001

    I have both Titanium Backup and Titanium Media sync, and as great as the apps are, I really wish they would polish the interface a little. I don’t expect anything amazing, but common give us something that doesn’t look like total crap 🙁

  • John Simonelli

    Finally Figured out how to do this! It’s easy to miss, but after scrolling through a bunch of times I found the option.

    Open up Titanium Back up > Click Batch Mode (in the top right corner) > Scroll down and you’ll find “Recovery mode” “Create “update.zip” from app+data backups”.

    It should be right under the Manipulate data section.

    Hope that helps anyone.

  • Droid Burgundy

    one does not own an android phone without purchasing Titanium Backup!

    • CraigBoyte

      It is known

  • Android4TeMo

    Droid Life, can you please do a how to video on using this new feature of TB? Thanks.

    • John Simonelli

      If you want a quick solution, check out my recent post. And I also just noticed a few hours back in the posts, someone else posted the location of the option as well.

  • So I am always flashing ROM’s on my Gnex. I use TB for restoring my apps, but never system data because it alters the framework between ROMS’s, so I can’t connect to the Google servers anymore. Will this new TB change that? Or will I still not be able to restore system data?

  • Jim Sheeran

    In the past when I’ve used TB to back up my apps, I’ve had lots of trouble copying the TB folder to my computer before I flash the new ROM. This would essentially solve that because it now creates a single update.zip file to easily copy right?

    • My first run and it created a 1.6 GB zip. Guess I need to create separate zips and not one including all apps.

      • eleazar

        Did you try flashing the zip? I went through the whole process, installed rom, booted rom, setup google account to restore wifi networks, etc., rebooted recovery, flashed Ti Backup zip file, rebooted rom. Here is the tricky part, all of the apps were blank. Ti then randomly started restoring data, the phone basically locked up and the restore ended up failing…

        not exactly a great first experience. I was under the impression it would restore apps AND data at the same time when flashing the zip in recovery

        • That doesn’t sound very good… 🙁 Something to do with odex and deodex ROM? A new update was released for that.

  • akazerotime

    Doesn’t jrummy rom toolbox have this feature already?

  • mcblue

    When Exactly do you flash this? So I wipe my phone, Flash new rom and do I flash this at the same time? or do I boot up, set up phone, then reboot into recovery and flash the update.zip? And what exactly does this bring with it? will it re-organize my home screens the way I had them, or is this only for apps? Anyone with a bit more info would be greatly appreciated…

    • Steve Benson

      Before you do anything, go into Titanium BU and create the app update.zip under the batch options. Next, boot into recovery wipe system and factory reset. Next, flash your ROM and Gapps (if necessary). Reboot recovery (just to be safe), then flash your update.zip. Reboot into Android and log in to Google like normal. After the log in process, all of your apps will already be on your phone.

  • matt

    Random question… anyone having trouble buying apps with your Verizon account on the play store? All I get is an endless loop of adding my billing address and accepting the terms it never saves it and begins downloading..

  • ntegnineer

    I’d be willing to pay again for this feature! Luckily, I don’t have to!

  • Justin Everett

    I never could get the dropbox upload to work, which is kinda annoying cause it would be really useful.

    • Steve Benson

      Did you set it up in the schedule then log-in to dropbox through the Titanium interface?

  • Andrew Merewitz

    Last time I wiped my phone and flashed a new ROM it automatically restored all my apps and data.. anyone else? I was pleasantly surprised.

    • Andrew

      I had the same thing happen, but I like having a backup of everything just in case!

  • Andrew

    Maybe I am blind… but where is this in the actual application?

    • If you open up TiBu, go to the Batch section, then near the bottom there’s a section called “Recovery Mode” and the only option should be to create an update.zip. Click run, select the apps you want to back up, sit back and enjoy!

      • Andrew

        Found it. Thanks a bunch!

  • Chris

    If only JRummy’s Ultimate Backup would get this!

    I love his app and bought it because it has the Titanium Backup features, but a great UI. But it does not update often at all =/

    • Mike

      Jrummy dropped support for his apps outside of Rom Toolbox for the most part it seems. I bought rom toolbox, but i also have root tools and that hasn’t gotten an update for literally over a year…toolbox does very often though.

      • Chris

        Seriously? Yeah I just wish he would update it often. It really is a great app.

        Maybe he’ll start updating his apps again soon. I can only hope!

        • Greyhame

          Yeah he’s all about ROM Toolbox. Couple of updates a month at the least. It includes a backup utility and pretty much everything under the sun (think TB, ROM Manager, terminal emulator, and custom kernel settings all in one).

      • brando56894

        Yea I bought Rom Toolbox Pro and it’s a pretty awesome app and I actually started using that instead of TB because the installation/restoration of RT was a lot quicker. Now I’m probably going to switch back to TB because you can have a completely setup phone in three steps (flash ROM, flash Gapps (if necessary), flash backups) and once you first boot into Android everything is setup for you!

    • he’s been updating/re-writing portions of rom toolbox. i got it too during one of the recent sales, partly because it was a few dollars cheaper, and partly because it includes a lot of other tools. i never use the themeing.

      however, i’ve been having a ton of problems with it restoring backed up apps + data on a new rom. it was freezing the phone a lot and/or not showing all the available “missing” apps, so i had to do multiple restores to finally get everything.

      • Chris

        That’s weird. I haven’t had that problem with Ultimate Backup Pro,

        So how does the toolbox work? Is it all of his apps in one app, or does it install the apps at once with separate icons for each part of it?

  • This is the feature that I didn’t even know that I needed but now I know I’ll be relying on it heavily in the future.

  • Creating the zip to hold my apps+data is an awesome feature, makes me kinda wonder why it wasn’t put in earlier 😛 But it’ll definitely help when I try something new, cutting my app-restoring time significantly

    • According to a user on r/android this feature was implemented because he requested it. If you can think of a reasonable and useful feature for TiB then I’m sure they would consider implementing it.

    • brando56894

      Precisely, this is going to axe setting up the account, letting play update apps and sync data, downloading TB and the Pro key.

  • mjmedstarved

    This new feature might just get me to purchase the pro version; pretty awesome!!

  • JetBlue

    Is it just me or is rooting and custom romming getting boring? In the past couple months I’ve actually went into CWM Recovery maybe 1-4 times max but maybe it’s because my phone has no developer support anymore.

    • Xious

      Nah, it’s still pretty addicting. I’ve actually not flashed a new ROM for almost three weeks because I’m waiting for the next version of CNA to come out for my SGN. Hopefully 4.2 hits AOSP on Tuesday and we can all enjoy the new butter!

      • DanWazz

        This is what I’m waiting for. And rooting and ROMing never get old.

    • I have only flashed one ROM on my Droid Razr in the past 3 weeks even though there are tons of ROMS being released constantly for this device! The ROM I use has been updated 5 times and each update has fixed issues and brought great new features plus the ROM runs great so why change? As long as Google Now works and I can under-clock the CPU to save battery I am happy (AOKP includes this feature in the settings which is better than paying for the CPU Set app separately!). Oh and running Jelly Bean on a device that is supposed to be running ICS is a plus as well!

      • Teng Taing

        i used to be in CWM all the time, now that AOKP has almost everything baked into their roms, theres not alot of need to flash anything except when their is a rom update

      • Greyhame


        Support the devs.

    • maybe you’re just getting old 😉

      lack of dev support will do it too.

    • Detonation

      I think the community has just slowed down. The rapid development of features when ICS came out has curbed off and most ROMs are not only fixing bugs and making tweaks for stability and performance. However, I think 4.2 will ignite the fire for a little while again.

    • brando56894

      It definitely isn’t getting old, your phone is probably just losing devs. I was getting bored with the things available for the Rezound (ICS AOSP ROMs came out like 2-3 months ago and everything picked up and now it’s pretty much at a standstill), so I bought a used Galaxy Nexus off of ebay and I’ll have it by sunday. You can never get bored with a Nexus device!

    • ChuckDz3

      I don’t think its boring. I think it is just the fact that Android OS has evolved into such a polished platform that we don’t need to run custom ROMs with added features and system tweaks anymore. Google has listened and is baking in features we used to run custom ROMs for with the added butter/smoothness so there isn’t as high of a need for custom ROMs.

      I am right there with you though. I rarely flash or go into recovery anymore compared to an almost weekly occurrence as I used to.

      Props to Google and where Android is at today.

      • JB

        I hope they listen to Paranoid Android and allow interface customization. Give us back Tablet Mode!

      • steven sullivan

        Yes their OS is great but what is up with the huge delay in getting the OS updates.Just for that reason you need to run a custom rom not to mention hundreds of other reasons.

        • Steve Benson

          That’s your fault for buying an “Android based” phone instead of a true Android (Google Nexus) phone.

          People, if you’re not going to buy some form of a Nexus phone, quit your bitching. It’s getting old.

          A phone released by a manufacturer (not Google) isn’t simply running Android 4.xxx (or whatever). It’s running a wildly modified OS that’s only vaguely based on Android. Sense, Touchwiz and all other “skins” are completely different beasts that manufacturers have proven time and time again, are impossible to upgrade in a timely manner.

    • romma

      Not boring, but there is no ICS Kernel source for my beloved Dinc 2, and that has stalled development of roms. Plus IMO with so many phones out there, devs are spread pretty thin and are focused on multiple phones so some rom updates are put off, or development falls off all together. Hoping for a Verizon Nexus 4 to fall out of the sky soon and surprise us,

    • Steve Benson

      It’s not getting boring at all. Like others have stated, ICS was a huge step forward in terms of functionality and polish within the Android ecosystem, but still left the door open for developers and themers to come up with some really awesome ideas and tweaks. JB on the other hand, while it may not have seemed like much changed, Google once again ramped up the polish and feel with subtle design changes and project butter to the point that stock Android has nearly everything we need.

    • PhoenixPath

      I hear you. Been waiting for something exciting to hit the Nexus for a while now…CM/AOKP variants and clones are boring the crap out of me right now.

      Crazy as it may sound, since ICS dropped for the Spectrum, I’ve been using that as my main device and my G’Nex is now sitting here being used idly as a media-player.

      …there just doesn’t seem to be anything out there I *gotta flash* for this crackflasher anymore. It sucks.

  • SO I just rooted and loaded up a ROM on my Razr but this is my question regarding TB. If I backup all my apps before I flash a new ROM and then restore those apps in the new ROM will Google Play recognize the restored apps and update them?

    • JetBlue


      • Ok thanks! I can now get rid of AppMonsterPro and switch to using just TB!

    • Flyinion

      I believe it will only see them if you have the Pro version which can re-associate them with the market. Just something to keep in mind. It could have changed too but I believe that’s how it used to work.