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DROID RAZR HD Receives Safestrap and Custom Recovery

DROID RAZR HD owners (MAXX HD too), days filled with ROMs and custom recoveries are upon you. Thanks to developer Hashcode, his Safestrap app is now available to download and for all to install. Prepare to “tinker.” 

Safestrap is an app that allows you to partition off sections of your internal storage to flash custom ROMs too. It’s called “safe” because it keeps you from messing up your stock or primary system, which Motorola has heavily secured. With Safestrap, you can create up to four “virtual” ROM slots to flash up to four different ROMs in. This is also the way to flash a custom recovery onto your RAZR HD so that you can flash ROMs (if there are any) or .zip files.

It’s a pretty powerful tool, so if you are new to it, I highly recommend that you read through Hashcode’s site. He explains it all. If you already know how to Safestrap, then grab the .apk below, install, and enjoy.

Download:  Safestrap-3.05.08.apk [Other files]

Via:  DroidRzr

Cheers E and Bobrowitz!

  • Blake Forehand

    Please re-write this part of the article: SS is NOT a way to flash a recovery, SS IS a recovery. I foresee a ton of bricked devices if anyone tries to flash CWM in SS.

  • Raven

    I have an older version of SafeStrap 2.11 on my Droid 4. I really haven’t messed with it since I rooted my phone and got it the way I liked it. Has anyone ever updated an older phone like this to the 3.x version of SafeStrap? Any problems/conccerns?

    • jeesung

      no reason to unless you want to have > 1 custom ROM.

      you’ll need to install on the non-safe side and because of the new structure of up to 4 ROM slots, you will lose your current ROM.

      backups from 2.11 can’t be restored in 3.05

  • Daniel Maginnis

    i imagine this should work for the M as well, right? it’s not listed on his site, but neither is the HD. i just wanna be able to flash those 4.2 apk zips floating around.

  • bananatroll

    where did yall get the logo free razr hd?!?!

  • donebrasko

    I have a RAZR m can I safestrap to the sd card? There isn’t enough room on the internal storage.

  • goodbyebb

    Ummm…I think somebody jumped the gun. This does not work on the RAZR HD or RAZR Maxx HD…I’m able to install the app and install the recovery, but there is no way to enter the recovery. On boot, when the SafeStrap screen comes up, you are supposed to hit the “Menu” button to enter recovery…can’t do that when there is no menu button!

    Kellex do you have a link for a version specific to the HD series, where there are no capacative buttons on boot screens?

    • goodbyebb

      Sorry…I jumped the gun! It’s all touch…you can touch on the Recovery button on boot and I’m into SafeStrap’s TWRP. This is AWESOME! Bring on the ROMs!

  • It crashes when you try to open it…….. Help!!

  • Ivan

    Anyone know where to get that Razr HD wallpaper shown from up in this page? Thought it would be within the wallpaper gallery but it is not.

  • jonathonflores

    This + AOKP = must buy.

  • MKader17

    Foe those not in the know (like me). How close is this to fully unlocked (ROMs and kernels)?

    • FAL_Fan

      Well, with this roms won’t be a problem, I have safestrap on my droid 3 and 4 and it’s brilliant! As far as kernels are concerned…if it’s a kexec rom then you have some tinkering ability if I’m not mistaken but standard cm10 or aokp you can’t, which I am fine with at this point. It’s a Motorola phone so they pretty much have to release the boot loader unlocked…which they may do but haven’t for the D2G, D3, or D4 so…

  • TruEastSydeBoi

    Niiiiceeee: Root, Recovery, and next ROMS

  • Towelyey

    So… App crashes on launch. Caused by JB leak that i’m running?

  • ayyy

    Just wanted to throw this out there. I just got this phone (Maxx HD) and fellas it’s seriously the best phone I’ve ever owned. Compared to the Gnex the build, radios, signal, battery life, etc. is phenomenal.

    • Tony Allen

      Flash Jellybean to it yet?

      • ayyy

        Honestly, I’ve had so many reliability problems in the past I am enjoying this phone just working for now. Plus I haven’t heard much about it yet. But I did win a case from DL =)

        At 50% battery life being unplugged for 15 hours, on 4G the whole time with 3 hours of on screen time and 3 hours of talk time, plus normal use. I know the other phones coming out have quad core or 1080p, but this phone is so polished. Smile!!!!

        • LiterofCola

          Is it worth buying at full retail? I really want it, but paying full price is making me think twice.

  • AranelAlasse

    @hashcode0f is awesome. 🙂

  • Dragonetti Surprise


    Precisely what I was waiting for!

  • C-Law

    Good news!

  • Droid Burgundy

    does doing this present any strain on battery life as compared to just running stock moto blurred android?

    • FAL_Fan

      If you run a custom rom like cm10 or aokp (preferred) then you will have better battery life and your phone will run faster. My droid 4 on stock gingerbread normally had close to 600 mb ram free, when I updated to stock ICS I had normally 180-250 free…with advanced task killer…so I flashed over to the JB aokp rom and I have 520-580 free…it’s much faster when you need it to be and saves power because you have less running behind the scenes.

      • tc

        On a Mobile OS (particularly Android), you want your Ram to be full, free ram doesn’t mean anything, as the phone runs processes, it will automatically attempt to fill up the ram. The more that is stored in Ram, the less the phone has to work. Task Killers actually make Android run worse. I cannot believe after all these years this is still an issue. Please look it up and do some reading.

  • The day I get a Motorola RAZR maxx HD it gets safe strap

  • nightscout13


  • Rob

    I like how you took the verizon logo off the bottom 😛

    • Or maybe just used a picture of the international GSM version 😉

      • michael arazan

        Droid’s are exclusive to verizon only

        • but the razr hd isnt, it is sold internationally as the razr hd

  • droidify

    Nice. This almost makes me want to buy one. I do miss the moto build after having a gnex for nearly a year (and the radios too)

  • Andrew

    hashcode is the man, he’s worked on plenty of motorola phones: Bionic, Droid 3, Droid 4, Razr, Razr M and Razr HD

  • I have a dumb question, but I can’t seem to get find a for sure answer on the Hashcode website. This will not run both ROM’s side by side, correct? Meaning it will not create a virtual space for ROM’s and then run like Parallels or Vmware for Mac right?

    • Nope. It just allows you to dual boot and switch between ROMs.

      • Thank you! I’ve been considering the Razr HD Maxx for a while. Battery life on the Galaxy Nexus seems to be getting worse for me, but I don’t want to leave the customization behind… This seems like a pretty good option!

  • Keyan X

    I’m guessing no M support?

  • spunker88

    The Razr M also has Safestrap available now from Hashcode.

    • donebrasko

      Where I couldn’t find it

      • jeesung

        click on the “Other Files” link in the post and then “scorpion mini”

  • Radgatt

    This is sure to make a lot of RAZR HD owners happy.