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Tuesday Poll: What Kind of Data Plan do You Currently Have?

It has been a while since we asked the DL community which data bracket they fall under. A year ago, the world was set on doing whatever they had to do to keep unlimited data. But now that shared data plans and individual tiers have been around for a while, and a number of new devices have become available, are you willing to give up unlimited to get the latest and greatest on the cheap? Paying full retail prices for phones is not fun, especially when you can get the same phone for hundreds less, as long as you change your data plan. So, a year after the death of unlimited, what plan do you currently have?

What kind of data plan are you currently on?

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  • 21stcenturymobile

    I have unlimited talk, text and data for $49. Haven’t paid a cell phone bill since August of this year. I use a new cell phone company that doesn’t use mainstream media to advertise.

  • mhowerton32

    I work for a VZW agent, and if you have a basic phone or non unlimited smartphone on an account with an unlimited smartphone, I can keep your line on unlimited data for at least another 2 years and get you a new phone at promo price

  • Itchy_Robot

    unlimited on Verizon … grandfathered in

  • imronburgundy

    All of you who are so sure that Verizon can never take away your unlimited data or think it would be illegal have obviously never read your service agreements… This was taken directly from Verizon’s:

    “Can Verizon Wireless Change This Agreement or My Service?
    We may change prices or any other term of your Service or this agreement at any time,but we’ll provide notice first, including written notice if you have Postpay Service. If you use your Service after the change takes effect, that means you’re accepting the change. If you’re a Postpay customer and a change to your Plan or this agreement has a material adverse effect on you, you can cancel the line of Service that has been affected within 60 days of receiving the notice with no Early Termination Fee if we fail to negate the change after you notify us of your objection to it.”

    So, obviously by using your phone after they eventually take the service away says you agree to accept the new service terms.

  • Serpico

    I already have Google Wireless. It’s been around for a while now … duh.


  • BigFonz

    Yeah buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I lost my unlimited data with Verizon when my ex turned off my phone. She thought it was revenge, but really it just cut out two of the worst things in my life. 🙂 Tried T-Mobile unlimited for $30/mo, but the coverage was spotty and slow. I was hoping I could use Groove IP for calls and the 100 minutes a month would work for me, but I couldn’t stay logged in for long and kept missing calls. Switched to Straight Talk for $45/mo, couldn’t be happier.

  • Savan Ghetiya

    with the continued power outage going on for almost 10 days straight now in south jersey.. I am using my unlimited data on verizon to its max potential for tethering 24/7 .. in 9 days, i’ve used up 37.80 GB 🙂

    • Jonathan Ofalla

      Without power, how do you keep your phone charged?

  • gamaliel hood

    the next nexus that has 4g will help me consider what company i go. that is if my unlimited is revolked by verizon

  • kervation

    Still rockin unlimited on my GNex! My contract is up this month but I don’t see any devices that make me want to go out and drop full price for a phone on Big Red. Gotta keep my unlimited data, especially for using Groove ip for my data calls.

  • Clint O

    Grandfather Unlimited Plan on my GNex with VZW. Moving soon to a non service area and verizon wont let me cancel without a ETF..Gonna have to find someone to transfer my accout to.I hate to let it go..But whats the point if I cant use it at home and never upgrade cause I’ll lose it…..My buddy works for ATT and adding me on his emp plan with the Galaxy Note II

  • Chris Pinola

    haha wow, glad to see that most of this community is holding out against verizon 🙂 im just a little apprehensive about buying my next device unsubsidized. seriously considering the razr maxx hd to replace my gnex. really hoping to see a dev community grow around it.

    • kervation

      Considering the Maxx HD as well but that’s the only device I am even remotely interested in ATM.

      • Chris Pinola

        Agreed. I love my GNex to death, but the 1GB of RAM and TI OMAP SoC is starting to show its age. Not the mention the battery life/radios on the Verizon GNex are piss-poor.

        • kervation

          LOL! My GNex’s poor battery life makes me envy any device with all day battery life plus the poor radios makes Moto very tempting.

          • Chris Pinola

            haha i hear ya. Moto is still #1 in build quality and hardware in my opinion (barring, perhaps, cameras lol). reaaaaaaally hope those moto nexus rumors come true!

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    I’m not waiting to dump unlimited data.. Tired of paying Verizons ridiculous prices so I am moving to T-Mobile and its crappy coverage… $30mo makes it sort of tolerable 🙂

  • I have unlimited data, can I keep it past 2 years of I didn’t want to upgrade my phone?

  • Chris

    I will pay full price from now until I die …. Cause those greedy Verizon bastards will have to pry my Unlimited Data Plan from my COLD DEAD HANDS! Last month I used 22 GBs … Before that 20 … It’s beautiful not to worry about overages and have freedom to use what I want …. When I want it! In fact, They say the unlimited data plan is “Tied to the phone number” ….. So as long as that’s not changed I’ll pass it on to my kids… I’m dialing a lawyers number as we speak to start the will 🙂

  • Skidmark

    RAZR MAXX, unlimited, my 4th Droid, and it I’d t the best because of the battery and quality (perceived). I’ll stay with Big Red until that’s gone.

  • chris125

    I have unlimited and my contract is up in June and most likely I will be looking to another carrier. I can switch to att, get more data than verizon’s share prices and pay less while doing it. Not to mention being able to get whatever phone I choose and not deal with verizon bloating up the phones.

  • baldypal

    Unlimited baby! Straight Talk in my area uses Verizon towers. That unlimited 4G is very tempting!

  • shehippie

    Two unlimited and one 2 gig plan.

  • androidkin

    My unlimited data plan is the only thing keeping with Verizon, i’ll stay for another 2 years IF they allow me to keep my plans as is. Otherwise I’m leaving for T-Mobile

  • Cam

    Grandfathered Unlimited. Should I ever lose my unlimited VZW 4G, you’ll see me on MetroPCS 4G unlimited.

  • CrustaceanFreak

    I didn’t buy a smartphone until January, so I’m on a $30 double data package. 4 gigs is plenty for me (I average .33 GB per month). I use wi-fi at work and at home, and I typically use my Nexus 7 for Netflix and YouTube. Plus I like to keep a couple movies on it for when I’m outside a wi-fi network and need to kill some time. I do wish I had unlimited, though. I would love to be able to stream Pandora or use my Google Music cloud library for my daily commute and road trips.

  • Verizon is nuts to think people would want to switch to tiered data on a network that could eat it up in a matter of minutes. I’ll keep my unlimited and pay full price for phones that I want. Most of what they offer is garbage anyway.

  • Unlimited family share plan

  • Matt Gondek

    I’m still unlimited. Suck one Verizon!

  • interstellarmind

    left my vzw unlimited to go to tmo unlimited.

    • Jared Nichols

      how do you like it?? I really wnat to leave VZW, my unlimited plan has become not enough to keep me as a customer and I wish some of the others here on DL would leave them too

  • Emmanuel McDonald

    I wish Verizon will give me an unlimited plan. Verizon is the best 4G LTE carrier in Mississippi, but they do not offer an unlimited plan anymore. I have a 10GB data plan with Verizon and that is still not enough. I think I am about to leave them to join T-Mobile for their unlimited data plan. I’m scared to switch because their coverage is not the best here, and I only want to be with a national carrier. T-Mobile does offer a pretty good HSPA+ network here in Jackson, MS. If Sprint would hurry the hell up and spread their 4G network, I would switch to them. Oh well. U.S. cellular carriers offer great coverage and devices, but the plans are too expensive and rural areas are often forgotten. Come on T-Mobile! Show me how badly you want to go from being a carrier ranked #4 to #1!

    • ROB

      straight talk

  • RoadsterHD1

    Unlimited pays for itself

  • Matthew Merrick

    family share pla. 8 gb for 7 users. my uncle pays the bills, but he and histwo kids are such havy users that me and a few ithers have had to completky turn off our data connection and run our android phones as wifi only. i really, truy hate the plan, and as soon as i can afford it (struggling college freshman here) i plan on leaving for strait talk.

  • arthur2142

    Somehow I knew this site would yield mostly Unlimited Data plans…I love DL!

  • Symbiotx

    I have unlimited right now, but honestly, I’ve only used 250mb so far this month. I would probably be fine on one of the data plans. I’d like to be able to use unlimited when I wanted of course, but I don’t know that I need it.

    • Totally agree, some months are more than others but just knowing that it doesnt matter how much i use is great. Greed on both parties (verizon for wanting more money and customers for abusing the unlimited no-cap) is what killed it.

  • Droidzilla

    Anyone want to buy my 2 line plan, one line with unlimited and the other with 4GB/month? Message me if so; I’m looking to ditch Verizon for a bit (though I’ll probably regret it!).

  • Leaving Verizon this week along w/ my unlimited and switching to Tmobile and still getting unlimited. At least if I have to buy a device at full retail I wont be subject to Verizon’s pricing and limited options. Long Live GSM !!

  • Verizon will have to pry my unlimited data plan from my cold dead hands!

    • Aj

      That can be arranged…

  • Pfff I would die without unlimited. Last cycle I used 68GB. I’m surprised they haven’t tried to throw me off lol. Even the tech support couldn’t believe it.

  • Kenneth Kewatt

    My wife and I both have unlimited which we only pay $10 for.

    • Man, that’s even better than mine, 30 a month unlimited.

      • Kenneth Kewatt

        Yeah, it was a promo on Verizon about a few years back. I’ve been buying our new phones at full price since they cancelled unlimited. Just bought my wife a Razr Maxx HD for her B-day, since she doesn’t care about “that root stuff” and has a habit of forgetting to put it on the charger. Figured the big battery would be of more use than an unlockable bootloader.

    • I’m in the same boat, but I also have my parents and my brother with it too, so its 5 lines at $10/each… and then a corporate discount on top of that.

      I will GLADLY pay the full price for a phone to keep my $1200/year data discount. 🙂

    • nightscout13

      And how do you manage to have that?

  • There aren’t enough options on this poll. Where’s the “unlimited” throttled option.

  • mwalker

    if BIG RED cuts me off my unlimited…i’m out.

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    I had to replace my Thunderbolt.
    I WiFi whenever I can. 4 gig plan for 4 days now.

  • Bigwavedave25

    I got the Galaxy Nexus the day it was released and was able to keep my unlimited plan. Wifey has unlimited on her iPhone4, which she could easily live with a 4gb plan (but not I)

    It will be a tough pill to swallow paying full retail (or used thru Swappa), but I will do this no matter what happens for my next phone. This way I am covered two ways…
    1) I keep my unlimited data (no new family shared crap)…
    2) I am not under new contract, so when VzW goes full douche and puts the ax to my unlimited data plan I have the option to jump ship for another carrier if I so please!

    • FSFer

      In exactly the same situation, but where I live the other carriers have terrible coverage, so my options are limited. on the other hand I haven’t been tempted by any of the new phones yet.

  • Staying on unlimited til VZW forces me off. Then I’ll jump ship to Sprint.

  • fauxshizzl

    I am still on unlimited through VZ. But I plan on switching over to prepaid as soon as the Nexus is available for purchase. I can buy the phone at full retail and pay my ETF for less than the cost of another neutered phone from Verizon at full retail.

  • brkshr

    Pre-paid unlimited/ throttled after 2GB

    • Kyle

      How slow does it get after you are throttled? Is it T-Mobile?

      • brkshr

        Straight Talk on AT&Ts network. Throttled me back to 15kB/s. I had to call in after a couple weeks to get them to remove it. So now I make sure I connect to wifi as much as possible at work & home, & only download/update play store apps on wifi. It hasn’t been an issue since then.

  • Rob

    I still have unlimited but I haven’t upgraded my Galaxy Nexus…and if/when I do I’ll probably pay full retail for it because I can;t see the point of going on a tier when I’ll blow through it in no time. Pay now vs. pay over 2 years…

  • i was genuinely surprised to see so many people still on unlimited. it will be interesting to see if this is the same in another year or two as people’s contracts expire and more new phones come out, but viva la unlimited!

    • Me too. I have 3 unlimited accounts, but have hit Verizon’s throttled threshold I think. I used to regularly get 15-25Mbps, now I get 3-5 Mbps.

  • Emmanuel McDonald

    I wish Verizon will give me an unlimited plan. Verizon is the best 4G LTE carrier in Mississippi, but they do not offer an unlimited plan anymore. I have a 10GB data plan with Verizon and that is still not enough. I think I am about to leave them to join T-Mobile for their unlimited data plan. I’m scared to switch because their coverage is not the best here, and I only want to be with a national carrier. T-Mobile does offer a pretty good HSPA+ network here in Jackson, MS. If Sprint would hurry the hell up and spread their 4G network, I would switch to them. Oh well. U.S. cellular carriers offer great coverage and devices, but the plans are too expensive and rural areas are often forgotten. Come on T-Mobile! Show me how badly you want to go from being a carrier ranked #4 to #1!

    • Bigwavedave25

      Sounds like you are pretty much “free” to switch and shop around (after your contract expires of course). If you had unlimited data from VzW hanging over your head that you would loose if you switched, well that would be a lot to consider… but then I guess you wouldn’t have the data cap problem!
      Just saying don’t be scared to switch. You can always return with no “penalty”.

  • middlehead

    Still have my grandfathered unlimited, but I might actually switch to a 4GB shared when my contract comes up in February. I haven’t used over 2GB since that one season trial of NFL Mobile ended, I’m near wireless that far majority of my time, and even the 4GB plan would save me money.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      I wish it would have been more beneficial for us to do that. The sad thing is we still have three more lines which are just dumb phones (no reason to upgrade them to smartphones) and it would raise the access fee on those devices from $10 to $30 and cost me a fortune more for less data.

  • ayyy

    Unlimited. FYI, if you have a family plan use the other lines upgrades to keep your phones unlimited!! Just activate the phone on the line you are using the upgrade on for a brief minute then deactivate it. Then active the new phone on your unlimited line. That way your data plan isn’t altered and you can keep unlimited. I’m doing this in the next hour with the help of a Verizon employee that actually knows what he is doing.

    4G LTE without unlimited is like a Z06 Corvette with a rev limiter…

    • lesprince

      That’s exactly what I have been doing with no problems and will continue to do as long as I can, I like to keep my phones updated. I rarely go over 3gbs a month on data but I don’t like to worry about it either so I don’t want to lose my unlimited.

  • How i got a subsidized phone and kept unlimited data. I have multiple lines on my account including ones without data. So I upgraded a non data line to a straight 2gb $30 plan with an s3. Then you swap phones by swapping sim cards. Then call vzw and swap your old phone on the other line back to the non data phone and remove the data plan. Then sell your old phone for what your new subsidized phone cost. And don’t forget to scream SCREW VERIZON!

  • motcher41

    Google wireless?

  • John

    if i switched to the shared data plan it would cost me about $40 more than I pay right now with the amount of data I use on the shared plan. SOOOOOO, i’ll stick with my unlimited.

  • Stoker

    I’m on Verizon unlimited but will probably end up having to switch because I just switched employer’s and my unlimited plan is on my old employer’s discounted program. 🙁 Also, my son will be getting a smartphone this year, so he won’t have the option of unlimited data unless we all go with separate plans. Between me and my wife we use less than 2gb/mo anyway. You guys must be streaming and navigating like crazy. LOL.

  • duke69111

    I know this is a small very un-diverse group of users, but I think this speaks for itself.

  • zUFC

    Still unlimited. and I’ve had about four new phones since Tiers went into effect. So when you say ” Paying full retail isn’t fun ” you ain’t kidding. I’m poor but addicted to phones. Thanks Verizon for doing that for us. Wouldn’t want you to make any less than the billion you do. Why would you want to give us a little break. We’re only Verizon faithful’s. The hell with us.

    • fixxmyhead

      there just phones bro. how much fun can u really have with them they all take pixs, record video,etc. pretty sure the second one u bought can handle the same games and apps as the first one.

      • zUFC

        Sorry Jr. But the old “there just phones” doesn’t hold up anymore. They come out of our pockets more than your wallet. What else do you use more of during the day than your phone? Nothing!!!!!!!!!!! And to me it the most important thing I have on me. If i leave the house without it, I go back. If i leave without my wallet, I don’t go back (unless i need money to buy something). It’s a sometimes over $600 piece of equipment that I use non-stop for work and fun. So NO, there not just phones. And i want the newest, best one avaialble. P.S. One thing you forgot, don’t they all make calls? Guess what? Until my Maxx the other ones wern’t that great at it. So if i followed your advise I would still have crappy reception phones that had 20 dead spots(instead of my zero dead spot phone now). Cars all drive down the same roads. So why do you really want a Ferrari? come on!!!!

        • fixxmyhead

          jr? u dont even know me anyways my point was why do u need multiple phones most of these high end ones all do the same things. one is enough or let me guess ur one of those “crack flashers” thats likes to play with new roms. honestly how do u play with a new rom do u just sit there in awe and go “oh, ah, fancy” for hours? i never understood this mentality of people having like 5+ phones and flashing 10+ roms on all of them. if its just for the hell of it u need to get out more

        • yarrellray

          People tend to forget these are not phones THEY ARE HAND HELD COMPUTERS. Better than most laptops quadcore processors, 2gb of ram the time has come for people to realize that when you can video chat on Skype and Google Talk at the same time with 2 different people you are simply ballin. Normal phones will never do that matter of fact only one phone does that today that’s on the market and guess which one that is?????. No laptop or desktop computer can even do that… Strung out on hand held computers YES I AM.

          • squiddy20

            “Better than most laptops quadcore processors,”That’s THE biggest outright lie you’ve ever stated, and you’ve stated some pretty outlandish crap. Quadcore processors on laptops/desktops are clocked at least at 2 GHz, while on phones they’re usually clocked well under that. Most laptops come with 4 GB of RAM, standard, while there’s only been 4 or so Android devices with 2 GB. You are clearly an idiot. Smartphones are pretty powerful, even compared to 2 years ago, but they are certainly not more powerful than even a laptop.

            “No laptop or desktop computer can even do that.” You’ve clearly never used any computer from the last decade or so. Hell, the ability to have multiple applications running simultaneously has been around well before Windows 98 (14 years ago). How stupid are you?

          • yarrellray

            Your simply the biggest THROB on the Internet. Take yoyr crappy 5yr old laptop and stick it up your flat ass.

          • squiddy20

            1. I can’t take a 13″ laptop and stick it up my “flat ass”. It’s physically impossible. Moron.
            2. Maybe if you got things right once in awhile, and weren’t saying such ridiculous fanboy BS, you wouldn’t have people telling you how wrong you are all the time. Ever think of that?
            3. Good job at replying to my comment almost a month after the fact. Do you have nothing better to do with your time than trawl through websites looking for my comments?

  • Aaron

    As a business plan user they let us keep our unlimited data. That combined with FoxFi on my GS3 and I have cancelled my home high speed internet.

    • how slow was your internet at home…..

      • 4G is faster than my home wifi. I’ve just been too chicken to tether everything.

      • Aaron

        I didn’t say what I’m doing now is faster. But it is surprisingly sufficient; Netflix, torrents, live streams, etc.

  • Epell

    1. Get your parents on dataplan
    2. Have one of them buy the phone you want once a year.
    3. Exchange your phone with theirs for contract extension phone price+$100 (or something like that).

    Your parents don’t care as long as they can check email and watch youtube videos.
    If you play your cards right, you can get a new phone contract free for around $150 a year.

    • Some of us are grown-ups, kid 😛

      More seriously though, old fogies can just steal your wife’s upgrades. 😉

      • Epell

        I figured I might get this kind of response 😀

        • my moms wants to keep her unlimited data though

  • Hothfox

    I have an unlimited plan with Verizon. I’m 1 year through my current contract with my Galaxy Nexus. I’m still on my parent’s family plan.

    If I can’t get work to pick up my number when I leave the family plan, I’ll be switching to something like Straight Talk and getting the Nexus that’s out at the time. I typically use just over 2GB of data every month. Most of that comes from streaming Netflix at the gym.

  • Knocks!

    I have unlimited (and plan on keeping it that way). I’m thinking that there will be absolutely NO more unlimited with Big Red after June 28th 2014 because thats when the contracts of the preordered GS3s on VZW are up

  • chewybang

    I have an unlimited plan with Asurion insurance. I had a DX2 that had seen better days. Instead of buying a new phone and losing my plan, I called Asurion and asked them for a replacement for a broken phone. They wanted to send me a DINC2 but I asked for a GNEX. They sent it to me. I should be good for another year or two more until this one breaks.

  • Unlimited and vzw can suck it as I use 30gb+ per month

    • ajavgeek

      30gb. What do u do?

  • im gona stay on unlimited with verizon and buy phones for full price. when they finally drop verizon ill switch to a carrier that still has unlimited. i use way too much to be on anything else. my billing cycle ends on the 22nd and ive already used almost 20 gigs.

  • NicholasMicallef

    um… unlocked xD

  • King of Nynex

    I really don’t see the need to upgrade my phone in the future, honestly. I’ll just keep my G-Nex as my internet connection and use my Nexus 7 for everything.

  • Ravi Rao

    My wife and I use 3-4GB maximum per month. It’s not worth it to keep unlimited data.

    Probably going to drop unlimited data when the right phone comes out (we have an upgrade in 2 weeks, just in time for holiday phones).

    I’d rather get rid of unlimited data and not feel forced to stick to Verizon.

  • TimXer

    I’m on the unlimited CORPORATE plan which VZ let me keep when upgrading a couple months ago

  • Mudokon83

    bought a NEXUS on swappa . COM and it was slightly used and then kept my verizon unlimited plan

    • Ibrick

      Same here, bought a 2 day old GNex on Swappa for $375 I believe. This was right after they switched to tiered so the phone had been out for a bit, but still was a fair price to pay when upgrading from my TBolt.

      Unfortunately I’ll be shelling out full price for the DNA.. Anyone wanna buy a Transformer Prime w/ dock? 😉

  • Justin Everett

    boo ya for having kept the old Verizon unlimited data on my GNex! ^.^

  • Grandfathered Unlimited Verizon! Full retail from here on out!

  • I currently have unlimited w/ Verizon, but I already have my Straight Talk SIM. I’m just waiting for my Nexus 4. 😛 Technically, that’s “Unlimited.” But… it’s not.

  • Kyle Miller

    Grandfathered Unlimited with Big (Difficult) Red.

  • Grandfathered into Unlimited data on both lines. As much as I’d love to keep unlimited data, I don’t think I’ll be willing and/or able to shell out $700 for a new phone. It will either be tiered data or a new carrier in the near future for me.

  • Kyle Miller

    Grandfathered Unliminted with Big (Difficult) Red.

  • I have unlimited but could care less about it since I don’t even use 1gb a month.

  • timbo

    I have the family unlimited plan that was by invitation only a while back… $9.99 for unlimited data per phone!

  • Unlimited data. On day 21/31 for my usage cycle and at 12.723GB, or approximately 18.78GB a month. Looks like I’ll be hanging onto Unlimited for the foreseeable future.

    • KT

      Serious question: what are you doing to use that much data in a month? Just curious…

      • I haven’t done so, but i assume tethering or streaming HD videos could do it pretty easily and fast.

      • I use about the same and I drive truck so I stream Netflix hulu and Spotify

      • Droidzilla

        With phones that have 15+ Mbps mobile connexions, Netflix out of the box (not to mention HULU+, YouTube HQ, etc.), and built in HDMI ports, it’s a wonder that people still ask this. Stream a couple of videos and you’re already well over 1GB. Stream some movies to your TV and you’re at well over 5GB without blinking.

        • Yeah but isn’t that what home internet connections are for?

          • Droidzilla

            Why bother with my home internet connexion if I can do it easier from my phone? Verizon assuming that people will always rely on the ISPs is stupid; they’re missing out on a huge cash cow. Imagine how much they would make if they said, “Hey, why doesn’t everyone just use our unlimited internet service instead of a cable line?” Everyone who’s not already on a smartphone (and that’s a big chunk, though it’s shrinking) would flock to them. If they got the infrastructure up, it would be a huge coup over the landline ISPs.

            So again, they give me a phone with HDMI out, WiFi speeds, and Netflix on board yet expect me to use someone else’s data service for it. That’s just stupid. It makes me think things like, “if I have to have home internet so I can use WiFi, why shouldn’t I simply get a cheaper T-Mobile plan since my speeds at home will be the same as I’ll be on WiFi?” Verizon is not trying to keep me as a customer. Once my unlimited is up or someone takes it off my hands, I’m out.

          • Larry

            We should be able to use whatever we pay for, whether it be home or mobile internet.

      • Redtube br0…

      • tomn1ce

        I tether my laptop every day to my phone while at work. I don’t have the luxury of plugging my laptop to the office wifi since they don’t have any as far as I can tell. I chew up about 18-23GB/month.

      • itznfb

        Just streaming Pandora, iHeartRadio and a couple YouTube videos for 5-6 hours at work will rack up 5+ GB easy. Plus how much I use my mobile data away from the office surfing, downloading, updating apps, streaming Netflix, tethering for my tablets….. it adds up quick. I typically use around 100GB per month.

        • KT

          Wow…I didn’t realize it added up that fast.

          • itznfb

            Yeah. I’m someone who never bothers with WiFi since my LTE service is faster than my home FiOS anyway. I’m paying a ridiculous amount of money (I think $80+ is ridiculous for a mobile phone) for my mobile service…. so I’m going to use the hell out of it.

      • Dorian Brooks

        I average a little over 8GB. Lots of streaming and hotspot use, & my phone is on 3G.

  • I’m doing whatever it takes to keep my unlimited on VZW…I’ll take it to the grave if I can 🙂

    It’s full priced CDMA phones for me from here on out!

    I also signed up for “unlimited” data/text/voice on Solavei to try out the Nexus 4

    Shameless plug: if you want to try it and let me get the money for recommending you, here’s my referral link: http://www.solavei.com/SignUp?un=paladaxar&from=Invite 🙂

  • Pmagent2013

    i got a razr maxx hd on contract and managed to convince the rep to let me keep unlimited data. i was worried i would have to pay full price, i was not giving up unlimited data no matter what.

  • I live in the UK and I have unlimited data through giffgaff.

  • DanWazz

    Kept my unlimited when I upgrade to the GNex. Not planning on getting another phone anytime soon. If VZW tries to take away my Unlimited data, I will be buying a Nexus device off contact and going to T-Mo.

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    I’m on unlimited with VZ. Wife is on the double your data 2gb (for 4gb)

  • Ask me in 2 weeks and it’ll be prepaid unlimited. Nexus 4!

  • Unlimited data or death

  • 1MPR0BUS

    I’ve done the math before. To keep using my same amount of data that I use currently I would pay more than double the cost of an unsubsidized phone over the life of the contract. So I’ll be keeping my unlimited until they pry it from my cold dead fingers.

  • htowngtr

    Unlimited 4 life!

  • CodeToJoy

    My unlimited data is the only thing keeping me on Verizon these days. Jumping to another (probably GSM based) carrier is very tempting at this point.

    • Jeff Boschee

      I agree. I like verizon coverage, but I don’t like their device options as much

      • nightscout13

        or their price.

    • Clayton Anderson

      I wish Tmobile had strong coverage where I lived. I would jump ship on Verizon for HSPA+.

    • Justin W

      I’m jumping ship from Vzw to Straight Talk’s AT&T SIM here next week. Unlimited data and HSPA+, but I’ll still miss LTE.

      • Jarred Sutherland

        I would be careful of that unlimited data thing with straight talk. Some have been canceled after 2GB, while others can go over .. it’s random it seems. Still an amazing value with that cap in place though. I’ll be testing out T-Mobile first with their $30 plan, but ill go to Straight Talk AT&T if the coverage isn’t enough for me.

        • balthuszar

          we used a straight talk phone for navigation…was the worst attempt at google maps navigation i’ve ever used…yes, i know this had nothing to do wtih what you’re talking about…but just saying

      • yarrellray

        Trust me you will be fine. When you find that out you won’t look back. Everyone on Verizon is Strung out on it’s Lte network like they are smoking weed. Verizon and it’s overrated cdma Lte network has slowed down considerable since December 15th 2011 the day the Verizon Galaxy Nexus launched. Today Verizon is a joke and they always have been the poorest carrier in the update game. Tmobile and it’s GSM HSPA PLUS 42MPS network simply blows Verizon out of the water with it’s consistency and perfect reception/signal strength. Make that move and tell Verizon what to kiss…

    • TheCheapGamer

      I just jumped from Verizon’s unlimited to Tmo’s unlimited.

      • Jackson

        How’s it been that’s my plan as well

      • luis

        Me too. I ditched my vzw unlimited data over tmo’s unlimited everything for $79.99. I’m hoping tmo’s coverage will catch up soon. If you’re within their coverage their speed is a no joke.

    • Jackson

      At the end of the month I’m going from Verizon to T-Mobile they have unlimited and I’m just done with Verizon I have unlimited as well

  • Jeffrey Matthews

    I’m on a family plan now. But I’m always near wifi, so it’s cool.

  • I will never buy subsidized and therefore will retain my unlimited until Google Wireless comes out and I switch to that.

    • moelsen8

      god that would be a dream. even if they bought t-mobile or something and started making some improvements, i’d switch.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      You’ll keep it until Verizon says you can no longer have it, which I would imagine is coming down the road in the very near future. You have to figure, people had a maximum of two years when Verizon started forcing people into new plans, once those contracts are up you can renew or you or Verizon can move on.

      • Clayton Anderson

        Verizon can’t force you off of your plan without an upgrade which renes. You can do ESN changes as you like. If they do attempt to do so, I am sure class action lawsuits will ensue.

        • Jarred Sutherland

          You are bound by contract while you are under contract. At the time that you are no longer under contract, Verizon can decide that you are no longer a customer that generates them enough revenue and can drop you just as you can drop them.

          Perhaps you should read the terms of service and the contracts you signed. Mobile phone service isn’t a right, you are free to terminate your relationship with the carrier at any time you choose, and they reserve the right to do this as well.

          • Indeed – and that’s why I’m keeping my eye on Tmobile, or whoever has an unlimited plan. For now though, I’m ok on VZW.

          • Clayton Anderson

            Wow…you’re right. Well I guess I will have to keep Tmobile and Sprint in my sights….since I won’t be under contract any more.

          • Michael Quinlan

            It amazes me how many people don’t realize that while contracts are binding on all parties, the absence of a contract is binding on no one. Carriers have historically allowed out of contract customers to continue month to month or even renew their existing plan even if that plan is no longer available to new customers, but this is done as a courtesy, not ash obligation. They’ve already stopped allowing customers with unlimited data plans to renew their contracts and keep their unlimited plan. the next logical step is to stop allowing them to continue month to month with unlimited data.

            I’m shocked at how many people are willing to forgo a one off device discount in exchange for being able to continue month to month with unlimited data for an unspecified period of time. People doing this could find themselves on tiered data plans six months later, with no recourse.

          • Dropping me would just be the push I would need to live with something inferior but cheaper. As ubiquitous as wireless is these days I might consider a flip phone again and carry whatever Droid I had when they dropped me off contract with as a wifi connective device.

          • yarrellray

            Exactly, That’s why I pissed all over Verizon and kicked their battery draining LTE network to curb for Tmobile back in June and haven’t looked back. Unlimited data reigns supreme on Tmobile and where I reside Tmobile bitch slaps Verizon silly.. Guess Google proved to Verizon that they got to big for their britches by showing them where the Nexus 4 resides…. Bigger isn’t always better that’s for sure…..

        • TheCheapGamer

          They can cut you anytime.
          If they cut you during contract, no ETF for you. (Of course if you cut them you pay)
          If they cut you after contract, they have no obligation to you.

      • Lucky Armpit

        Wife wants the iSheep 5… told her to pay full retail for it so we can keep unlimited. It’s a tough pill to swallow at $850 for the iSheep 5 64 GB, but we’d keep unlimited if we did. To be honest, we checked to see how much data we’ve used these past few months and it’s just below 2 GB combined. So if we did switch, we’d get the 4 GB plan as that’s a nice buffer.
        But still, hate to lose the unlimited data. 🙁

    • Brent Cooper

      Google Wireless is my dream. Unlimited data for cloud storage

      • michael arazan

        Google wireless would be the first carrier where I would want their bloatware on my phone for the first time.

    • nightscout13

      You mean when Google expands FIBER beyond Kansas, and builds a FIBER network for LTE and for Broadband @ home? Yes, that would be awesome. Eventually we will buy food from a Google Grocery store, and pump gas from Google. I can see Google taking over all aspects of our lives, and quite frankly, i’m OK with it. Unless they sell out to the government like Facebook did.

      • JoYu

        They do “sell out” just in a different way. Data mining FTW…

        • Justin W

          The difference is that Google won’t sell our information, they will just use it to target ads. Facebook on the other hand, I’m not do sure they won’t sell your information.

          • michael arazan

            Facebook also claims intellectual ownership over every picture, video, or ideas and posts you make on their site. Not to mention hidden cookies on your pc that tracks every website you go to.

          • Daryl Batson

            they do? i need to go back and read their Terms.. i do not like that at all..

    • itznfb

      I’m definitely done buying subsidized phones. However that also caused me to rethink a Razr HD Maxx purchase. I don’t think I’m going to pay full price for a phone when I’m also paying for a subsidized phone through my plan that I can’t take advantage of. Basically I’m paying for my phone twice at that point.

      As I said in a couple other posts I think I’m going to pick up a Nexus 4 and see if I can live with the TMobile network here in Pittsburgh while keeping my TBolt and unlimited month-to-month on VZW. I don’t see a Google Mobile service in the near future.

    • yarrellray

      I agree 100% unlimited data is here to stay for me. Tmobile has been wonderful with it’s network so I’m not going anywhere UNLESS GOOGLE buys Tmobile. That would be the BEST of both android world’s. I could see this happening in the near future. Their business relationship is so great something is bound to happen….

  • Logan Jinks

    I’m unlimited on Verizon, but I have a bad feeling I won’t be able to keep my plan much longer. I know the day to upgrade my phone will come soon. The question will be “Do I really have enough money to buy a new phone unsubsidized?”

    • nightscout13

      You can also buy a Craigslist phone. Another option, is that you don’t HAVE to renew contract. You can go on a month-to-month basis at current rate. That’s what I did.

      • Jeffrey Matthews

        Yeah, but Craigslist phones don’t usually have warranties, do they?

        • JoshGroff

          I’ve been through quite a few used devices without having to think twice about a warranty this year. When you’re buying them a few months after release and the price drops to ~200-300 you’re saving enough to justify not having the warranty.

          • nightscout13

            This. And if it does break, you can still get most of your money back when you sell it for parts on ebay. But that applies only to newer phones.

        • duoexo

          I got my GNEX from craigslist off some tech dude. Phone is in pristine condition and haven’t had any problems. Its a leap of faith though and i was weary as i gave the dude the money.

        • nightscout13

          a handful of manufacturers honor the 1 year warranty, even if you don’t have receipt. Motorola is a prime example.

      • Logan Jinks

        I got my GNex through Ebay for $500 back in December. But I’m not making enough money to keep buying unsubsidized phones. Besides if I leave I’ll probably end up going to AT&T. Then I could get the Nexus 4. Not too much of a loss i guess

        • 4n1m4L

          Me too, I’ll probably keep my gnex unless vzw gets another nexus. And if they take away my data I’m gone.

        • nightscout13

          How bout wait till Nexus 5? You have the G-Nex right now, solid phone…..

      • moelsen8

        cowboom’s not a bad place either. wifey got hers through that and it was a nice phone.

    • htowngtr

      I have a special plan for $10/month unlimited data ($20 discount off $30 plan) on two lines so if I lost that it would be $40 month difference easily.

  • Murphy

    Long live UNLIMITED!!!!

    • 10-4 to that Ben! I will be on VZW until I can’t have unlimited…then it’s off to ATT where I can buy a nexus from Google and….you know….use it!

  • Wish unlimited was available here. I’m on 6 GB/month.

  • nightscout13

    Smart shoppers know NOT to abandon Unlimited Data

    • djxkxoz

      Lets not forget the voice over Data move.

      • CraigBoyte

        Voice over data will be huge.

        • Clayton Anderson

          In the long run, data prices will probably decline. They won’t be able to maintain these limited caps with VoLTE in place. Just like prices declined for text and voice, we will see it again with data. I just the Tmobiles and Sprints of the world keep the pressure on.

          • itznfb

            VZW needs some better competition. It’s probably safe to assume there is a level of price fixing going on as well.

          • Agreed.

      • Yikes, I forgot about that. If we see another big carrier push unlimited again, I have a feeling VZW might come back to it, and make a big hooplah over it. Eventually 4G will be the new 3G, right?

      • nightscout13

        Many people are not thinking about the consequences when that happens. It will be VoLTE, and also HD-VoLTE when applicable, and that will drain that data bank faster than you can cook breakfast.

  • first