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Samsung Stratosphere 2 Holiday Deal Pops Up at Retailer, Still No Announcement in Sight

According to this ad out of BJ’s, a wholesale club, Verizon plans to sell the yet-to-be-announced Samsung Stratosphere 2 through Black Friday with a $50 discount. What’s interesting, is that the ad actually says that the $50 discount is good from November 1 through November 22, but we all know that you still can’t buy the phone even today, which is November 6. We’re sure that an announcement from VZW is coming, we’re just not sure what they are waiting for. The Stratosphere 2 is a mid-range device with a slideout keyboard – it’s not like it’s the HTC DROID DNA or something.

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  • jen9431

    I have this phone it’s a good phone

  • Max cooper

    I am getting my first phone soon is this the phone for me to start with

  • dcc_tech

    Please Google. Find it in your heart to make a Nexus 4K (Nexus 4 with slideout keyboard).

  • Whamm

    1980 called and they want their keyboard back

  • dave

    Never going back to a QWERTY phone…ever.

  • Droid Burgundy

    I miss the days when there was always at least one solid QWERTY option per carrier…. I just feel like now (at least for Verizon) that any QWERTY phone is so behind in terms of hardware… it took me a while to get used to not using a real keyboard when I first got the Gnex…. but I would get a QWERTY again if it was a Nexus phone or at least unlocked like the OG was.

    • Agreed! If it wasn’t for Swiftkey, the current smartphone lineup would be hard to love. Still, given the choice, I’d pick a hardware keyboard if all else was equal.

    • RoninX

      The Photon Q is unlockable and has decent specs, if you’re willing to switch to Sprint…

  • bigdav1178

    Depending on specs, it may be a better phone than the current Droid 4 (marketed as a high-end qwerty), which will likely be priced higher. Perhaps they are trying to unload more Droid 4’s before making this available?

    • The screen may not be the greatest, but the D4 is an excellent phone. With ICS (JB coming) and Nova on top, its great. Love mine.

      D4 keyboard is far superior as well, this looks like the original Stratos keyboard which is nothing special. If you are going to put up with the extra bulk of a QWERTY slider, why do so for a substandard keyboard?

      • bigdav1178

        I have a D4 as well, but the screen and non-changeable battery were big reservations for me when I bought it – I’m still not particularly happy about either one. I actually slightly considered the original Stratosphere when I bought the D4, and while I didn’t find the keyboard quite as nice as the D4’s, it wasn’t bad; I couldn’t deal with the poorer CPU/RAM specs, however.
        To be honest, assuming this comes along with the rumored S4 processor, 1GB RAM and 4″ SAMOLED screen, if I was in the market for a new QWERTY smartphone, I would probably go with the Stratosphere 2. Better processor, better screen and, hopefully, a removeable battery would sell it for me.

        • Ray Ingles

          Not impressed with screen on my wife’s Droid 4, and it’s time to replace my aging original Droid, so the Stratosphere 2 looks to fit the bill. I’ve got a Transformer Prime for my high-end Android needs, I don’t care if my phone isn’t bleeding edge – it’ll still be a huge jump up from a Droid.

      • RoninX

        I agree. The keyboard is what really sold me on the D4 (along with LTE, dual-core CPU, and overall build quality).

        I’m curious whether the Stratosphere 2 will be a QWERTY GS3 — in which case it would be clearly the best specced QWERTY out there (keyboard excepted) — or just a QWERTY GS2.

  • Hey now, QWERTY users need love too. 🙁