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Glu Mobile’s Contract Killer 2 for Android, Every Bit of Awesome as The First

Last week, Contract Killer 2 hit Google Play. Since then, more than five hundred thousand people have downloaded the game and have given it very high ratings. Pretty good results for a sequel. As you may have taken from the title, you play as a deadly assassin who is highly efficient with a sniper rifle and other weaponry like shotguns, pistols, AR’s, etc. You must sneak your way into areas and then blow away all of the hostiles before they take you out first.

The game is free to play, but for those who like using special equipment and receive extra perks, then you can choose to pay real money through in-app purchases. But, you do not need to pay to win. Go get em’, killer.

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  • The game may be fantastic, but games that rely on “In-App Purchases” immediately turn me off. They are no better than big game developers who shovel DLC down your throat.

    • john huie

      i played the original w/o ever buying anything, you don’t need to buy stuff. but yeah, it is a turn off.

    • to be fair, most games that push dlc aren’t free up-front. i personally don’t mind IAPs as long as they’re not too annoying — partly because I tend to not stick to a given game for very long

      • True, but personally I wouldn’t mind paying $3-5 for a great game up front with all content available at the beginning, but obviously developers using the “free-to-play” model must be making far more off of microtransactions, otherwise they wouldn’t favor such a model.

  • Oaxican50

    Yay First! ……Now what!?

    • ^ Idiot.

      Die in a fire.

    • Spoken Word™

      “Adults” still do that?