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Larger HTC DROID DNA Picture Leaks Through Twitter

If the last picture of the HTC DROID DNA that leaked last week was too small for your liking, then feast your eyes on this big beauty. Nothing new is necessarily revealed, but we do get a closer and cleaner look at the bottom port, red striping up the side, front camera placement, hardware navigation buttons, DROID red eye, and big 5″ 1080p display. It looks nice.

The phone should definitely be a beast, we’re just wondering what HTC is going to do to get customers to buy it over the Galaxy Note 2. Samsung has moved beyond hardware and into fine-tuning their software to help sell devices, however, HTC hasn’t shown yet that it is willing to do that. Sure, the 1080p display is the first of its kind and will likely look incredible, but is a 1080p display enough to win your vote?

Via:  @evleaks

  • ang1dust

    Not saying this will be a great battery life phone but look at the Iphone (i hate to compare to that phone but it seems to do well) it only has 1400 mah battery. 2050 seems like a good boost to compensate for the bigger screen.

  • Jared Nichols

    for me this comes down to a couple of things. I really don’t want to buy a phone anymore that’s carrier exclusive due to the lack of accessories, the accessory line-up for samsung devices is ridiculous which is nice. Second I’m going to wait and see if the bootloader on the Note2 gets unlocked like the S3 did because samsung devices get a lot of dev. attention which is very important to me. These will be my deciding factors as to whether or not I stay with VZW which I am seriously considering for the first time in a long time, as a matter of fact I’m leaning everyday more and more towards leaving because it seems like they do something everyday that pushes me further away, there coverage and my unlimited plan can only keep me there so long. I think I would rather by an N4 unlocked at that price and test drive T-Mo and AT&T to see which is better in east tennessee.

  • skinja99

    Keep your panties on. We don’t know what other advantages this HTC will have besides the 1080 screen. It will probably have all sorts of other selling points in the same way the the Note 2 has a big batter, microSD, and cool software features.

  • CharlesJorgenson

    hmm, i dunno, this is sweet, but i dont think its as nice as the Galaxy Note II. ill have to look at it before i make up my mind though

  • Tyler Casilio

    Gimme gimme gimme!

  • Derrick Anene

    so someone tell me this..i don’t understand where a 1080p stacks up to like retina displays and the other great displays out there? I mean does it being 1080p necessarily mean its going to be the best display out there period? Or is it just better in SOME ways

  • John Mozelewski

    sorry htc i loved my org dinc, but you’ve fallen so far behind since then. The note 2 will be in my hands as soon as i can get it. i believe my galaxy nexus is to small now and the note 2 may be big to start out with, but im sure it’ll be easy to get used to after a few days or a week.

  • At least this phone won’t have hideous Verizon branding on home button…

  • E C

    Waiting to see how out of control these commercials will be. Nothing like using your phone to blast a hole in the wall, to get out of a room that doesn’t have a door, but does have a bed, that you’ve been sleeping in, while watching tv mounted on your wall.

  • HTC, y u no have on screen keys

  • JMonkeYJ

    physical button fail

    • TylerChappell

      Hardly, there is nothing wrong with having capacitive buttons on this device, especially when you realize that even if it did not have them, the bezel would not be any smaller than it is because then it would be asymmetrical, so at least they are putting that bezel space to good use. And why have a high-res screen if you are going to sacrifice a portion of it for a strip of buttons instead of using that space to view the content.

      • JMonkeYJ

        my main quibble with physical buttons is that they tend to not be upgradable. for instance Google added the Google Now gesture to the soft home button. maybe they’ve implemented a similar gesture with this physical home button (or at least i really hope they have), but what if Google adds another gesture? things like that really expose the limitations of physical buttons. also, they just seem so antiquated 😉

        • TylerChappell

          Ah, that is a very valid point, but I would much rather have a device with that caliber screen provided that it gets good battery life than be able to easily access Google Now since I will likely just have it on my homescreen anyway via the widget or app itself. I just wish it was a Nexus. =[ HTC’s skin doesn’t bother me too much even though I am currently running Nova Launcher on my Thunderbolt with leaked Sense ICS.

  • j973

    Waiting to get this phone have always been a htc user owner , currently have GS3 touchwiz is garbage but better than it used to be would prefer sense over it any day or just stock android . I just hope the battery life is good on this new device my gs3 is good in stock form and only has 2100 battery , so I hope HTC gets it right finally .

  • Spike760

    1080p display on top of a Snapdragon S4 Pro with an Adreno 320, 12MP camera and 2MP ffc. I think I’m convinced.

    • eric

      great, now you can make high quality 3″ prints out of your atrocious cell phone photography.

    • Spider210

      who even said 12mp camera

      • Spike760

        Very reliable inside source from Verizon Wireless.

  • William_Morris

    “The phone should definitely be a beast, we’re just wondering what HTC is going to do to get customers to buy it over the Galaxy Note 2.”

    I can think of at least one thing: unlock the bootloader and that might just help sell it to those tech junkies like us.

  • Vulvastix

    Anything to get me away from the pentile screen on SGIII.

  • This is competing with the S3, not the note. It is barely bigger than the S3 despite the larger screen. I would gladly take this over the S3 and have not interest in a Note 2.

  • blootz

    remove that verizom branding on the front, with stock jellybean and Ill buy for sure.

    • Zacharypt

      comments like this are ridiculous. Unless its a Nexus device which (DROID DNA) does not indicate, then why bother? Branding, really? a company that wants their name on a product they have exclusivity for… I can’t believe the audacity /s, Unlock, gain S-Off, and then you can get your stock JB I am sure.

  • asianrage

    Unlockable bootloader please? Once that happen and AOSP/AOKP/CM10 is working, then I’m all yours again, HTC.

  • azndan4

    The clowns at HTC haven’t realized that you have to actually release a phone within a reasonable timeframe if you want to make a sale. With the note 2 coming out weeks before, most buyers in the market for a phablet will have chosen the note 2. And these idiots haven’t released a flagship phone on verizon since the rezound, so htc has been off the radar for a year as far as marketing is concerned.

    • Tony Allen

      So whats your take on the LG Intuition? Lol

      • BSweetness

        Verizon hasn’t given the Intuition much thought, so most people don’t know that it exists. On the other hand, Samsung is marketing the Note 2 in a major way.

    • BSweetness

      Chances are, since this will be a part of the Droid line, Verizon will do some heavy marketing for it on their own. Verizon didn’t do much marketing for the S3, and instead they continued to push the RAZR and RAZR MAXX. Samsung took care of the S3 marketing on their own. My guess is that things will go the same way with the Note 2 and the DNA. Samsung will market the Note 2 while Verizon focuses on pushing their Droid phones, including the DNA.

  • fartbubbler

    waiting on the Verizon Note2 here…

  • Oh look it has the shape of the iphone 5 🙁

  • Okki125

    For me it’s down to battery life; what use is a big screen when the thing is dead. My TBolt was bad; is worse with ICS and I really would like to go back to the days where my phone lasted at least 2 days under normal usage. My HTC phones have always been solid, but the lack of upgrades under android and crappy battery under LTE are making me take a serious look at the GS3.

    • brando56894

      I’m ditching my Rezound for a used GNex until my contract is done (next november) or until the next “superphone” comes out that strikes my fancy. The battery is absolutely horrible on the Rezound, an hour or two of screen on time shortens the entire battery life down to about 4 or 5 hours. Not to mention it has a lot of build quality issues and even with S-Off being achieved ~6 months ago AOSP development is slow.

    • ang1dust

      Get a rezound battery in your tbolt, go back to liquid 3.2 gingerbread and undervolt your settings to 750 (184, 25x, 35x) and you will get 2 days. I get a full day with 3.5 or 4 hours of screen use. Its not truely about the MAH. Its really about the WHR of the battery vs the phone. I got the rezound battery the other day and im thinking about keeping it another year.

  • am i the only one that doesn’t like the stylus of the note 2? winner right here

    • LionStone

      Nope, not the only one…I definitely don’t need to write on my phone. If I need to jot down a note, I’ll just speak whatever note in my Notes app. Don’t need any of the extra gimmicks of the Note2.

  • steve30x

    It will win my vote and money if the battery is right .. in the end im tired of 1,800-2,000 mah batteries and having to rely on wondering if i need to bring a cable charger or charge in my car or first thing when i get home is charge the phone..ughh.. i hope htc does this right.. i dont know if these companies dont get it by now but a big battery is a major selling point like the razr maxx and maxx hd. Also is it confirmed if there is a 16 gig model only .. a 32 gig model would be nice since i like playing games that are at 2-3 gigs big.

    • brando56894

      I’d like to have an 1800-200 mAH battery, the Rezound is only 1620!

      • steve30x

        I have the Rezound with the bulky extended battery i think its 2,750 mah and im just envy my friends razr maxx since he pulls out a whole day of intense use with 70% brightness up and a slim phone at that!

        • brando56894

          I have it too but rarely ever use it because its so ugly and annoying to hold.

  • Rob Schoenfeld

    I had an HTC Sensation on TMobile and a HTC Rezound. Both devices where amazing but had issues. HTC/TMobile (AKA Turd Mobile) let the Sensation be released with massive touch screen issues. HTC Rezound was an amazing but awful battery life with LTE turned on. I think HTC became complacent with the lead they enjoyed with Android in the beginning. Now the choice is laid before them to rise to the days of the Nexus One or fall to the likes of Samsung, Moto, and LG. I hope they brought there A-Game I’m presonally rooting for the little Taiwanese company.

    • JoshGroff

      My problem with the Sensation was FC issues with the stock music player and some other stock apps, never had a problem with the screen. I’ve also had a Thunderbolt (bought after one of the later GB updates rolled out) and Rezound, no problems with either. It’s weird how people can have the same phone and have completely different experiences with it.

  • bananatroll

    the general public will go nuts over this phone. Android tech heads will not…

  • prestone1

    battery life will be the deciding factor.

  • Josh Flowers

    this looks like an iPhone. bad choice, HTC.

    • JoshGroff

      Yes, exactly like an iPhone, I can see it now, the 5″ screen, capacitive buttons, red on the sides, Verizon logo on the front, front facing camera on the left of the screen.

    • Sqube

      Elaborate on how this looks like an iPhone.

      • Dan

        silver ring around it. oh, and it’s rectangular.

      • Spider210

        it has a retina ‘like’ display lol

  • Jake

    I really wish that someone would announce this device officially. We have the HTC Butterfly to extract information from but I’d like concrete specs for this Verizon bound device. The major plot points I looking for:

    1) 2 GB memory
    2) Micro-SD Card Slot
    3) Removable or 2500+ battery

    Things that disappoint me:

    1) No stylus!

    I can deal without the pen but Samsung without question has the win with their Note on that front. The S-Pen is incredible and really that is what makes a phone a phablet. This HTC phone is just that, a BIG phone. Which I love, don’t get me wrong, but it is no phablet.

    Time will tell, but I want to see some benchmarks! With a Nov 20th release date possible, things are a little too silent on the Verizon front.

    • JoshGroff

      You can always buy a separate stylus, they’re pretty cheap. I bought one for $10 at staples for my N7 and G-Nex. I’d say try the two out in store, but the Note 2 will probably win as Samsung has experience in the “phablet* area.

      • zepfloyd

        This exactly, there are a million capacitive styluses to choose from if you really want one.

      • BSweetness

        True, but there’s a world of difference between a capacitive stylus and the S Pen/Wacom digitizer with the Note 2. So much so that it’s not really even a fair comparison.

        • Daistaar

          Exactly true. A regular stylus is a digital (on/off) device whereas the S Pen is an analog, pressure sensitive. Photoshop Touch with an S Pen is dramatically different versus the same with a 75 cent stylus.

        • JoshGroff

          A point I can agree with.

  • chey023

    If it gets a good amount of dev following, maybe. I will wait for awhile on this one. I am still rocking a dinc and am not a fan of sense, it’s very bloated. I’m sure they have tweaked things but sense is no good to me.

    • JoshGroff

      With that hardware, I can’t see Sense as being much of an issue bloat wise though, especially with the ability to disable OEM/carrier bloatware baked into ICS.

  • droidbeat

    Yep, if the battery lasts all day.

  • JayJay

    Yes! This is the one I want. I dont like Samsung’s plastic phones, and that 1080p screen will be gorgeous.

  • ezpotato

    HTC radio>samsung radio
    HTC BatterySamsung Screen
    HTC 5″ screen pocketability (depending on bezel) > enormous 5.5″ pocketability
    HTC Build quality>Samsung build quality
    HTC update history = Samsung update history (both suck)
    Droid RAZR HD Maxx or DNA? Sigh….. choices.

    • r0lct

      You do know = does not stand for “I think”, right?

    • j973

      HTC = Best Radios (about the best thing they have going for them)
      Samsung = Trash Radios

      • eric

        Apparently you’ve never owned a Motorola.

        • j973

          Motorola radios arent that great either better than Samsung I will admit not as good as Htc had a Bionic and a Razr both pulling -103 dbm in my house my galaxy s3 -113dbm in my house and my rezound dinc2 dinc -86dbm and my wifi on my s3 is terrible compared to motorola or htc , i like the samsung besides touchwiz and there radios

  • Butters619

    Hey look it has a lightning connector!


  • Dan

    Looks like an iphone with the silver ring around it…

  • rey

    yes, yes it is =D

  • Mclovin

    Nope. Thunderbolt gave me good enough reason to leave HTC and not look back. Also sense is tired to me

    • Yep

      I also had a horrible experience w/ TBolt…but haven’t completely sworn off HTC yet. I’m still waffling. I threw ADW and WidgetLocker on mine to overhaul the experience. Not comfortable rooting it.

    • ezpotato

      i dont need root. Nova launcher makes my day.

      • Yep

        I’m guessing this reply is meant for someone else, because nova launcher isn’t compatible with an unrooted TBolt…

        • JoshGroff

          It is if they flashed the ICS leak, which doesn’t require root btw.

    • Steve Douglas

      Once I rooted my thunderbolt I am much happier. I’m hoping that the battery life on this phone is better than the thunderbolt. Add in a SD card and I’m sold!

      • JoshGroff

        HTC makes solid hardware but the software, not so much. As long as we gain S-off, it’s all good. 🙂

  • Geoff Atteberry

    If they had gone with on screen buttons, I wouldn’t think twice about buying this phone.

    • ezpotato

      as opposed to that HIDEOUS and stupid button on the gs3 and note2 ? I’ll take this any day.

      • r0lct

        IMO they are equally poor. However this phone in general looks better to me.

        • JoshGroff

          I actually like capacitive buttons, but I must admit software buttons are growing on me after using an N7 and G-Nex for the past few months.

  • Those damn hardware buttons…

    • Kevin Olson

      I hate them…

    • itznfb

      So why does everyone hate the hardware buttons? I have a phone with and a tablet without… I don’t really see a usability difference other than with the hardware buttons you get more screen real estate.

      • MKader17

        It’s purely about customization for me. I like having a dedicated search button since I use voice search all the time. Also, I don’t need a dedicated button for recent apps, a simple hold on the home button is sufficient for me.

        Also, it looks much better by far. An all black front is a thing of beauty

        • Butters619

          I have used ICS since May, and I still find myself missing a dedicated search button. My two main activities on my phone are listening to music and web, both of which greatly benefit from a search button.

          • just use long press home and use google now or use your launcher to set a long press for recents or back to activate voice search or whatever search you want.

        • BSweetness

          Customization is a valid point. It’s one that doesn’t get brought up enough. But still for me, until a manufacturer actually releases a phone with a bottom bezel/chin that’s virtually non-existent, I prefer to have physical buttons and use of the entire screen. If the space is going to be there anyway (and it has on every phone released so far with on-screen buttons), use it wisely and maximize the usable screen area.

      • steve30x

        i agree.. i dont know if i want to see three buttons shining at me on landscape mode playing a game the whole time when that space can be taken up for the game to take advantage of the whole screen real estate.

    • zUFC

      Same here. I refuse to buy a phone with ugly hardware buttons. I’m done going backwards.

      • swagouttheculo

        ” I’m done going backwards.”

        goes to buy Nexus 4 with no LTE. lol

    • brando56894

      I’ve only had on-screen buttons on my tablet and I love it. It always kind of annoyed me when I would pull my Rezound out of my pocket and then have to turn it around to get the buttons at the bottom (#FirstWorldProblems) I’m going to get a GNex for the time being so that issue will be resolved.

    • QuadNexus

      coming from a GNEX to a gs3, i actually prefer the hardware buttons for the obvious MORE REAL ESTATE ON SEXY SCREEN.

  • QQpayne

    It might just be enough for me, also slimming down to only a 5 vs a 5.5 on the note 2 is also a positive foe me. Still undecided which phone I will be purchasing this year, the razr HD maxx is still on the table for me as well.

    • itznfb

      Maxx is still my number 1 if I stay with Verizon. I’m on the fence and I’m going to give the Nexus 4 a shot before I jump on a $700 retail phone. At least I’ll be able to resell the N4 rather easily.

    • Steve Douglas

      If the camera was better on the Maxx, I’d be sold. All the reviews say it’s not good…

      • Tony Allen

        That’s because moto skimps on camera hardware.

        • bako

          Motorola OWNS the Droid brand, so I don’t know what kind of licensing deal Google has with HTC….that might hint something about the software.

        • michael arazan

          My friends Moto photon is an 8mp and shoots pretty nice pics

      • Castortroy

        really?? a camera is your deal breaker?

        • Steve Douglas

          I am Camera Junkie and I use my phone for most of my day to day photos. To have meh pictures for the next 2 years would really really get old.

      • majormudafuckinhun

        It sucks! I tried it in the store.

      • Motorola cameras suck. Have owned only Motorola since the Droid X. Nothing to write home about. Can’t wait to get the Note 2!

    • same here haven’t had so many legit choices on verizon in a while.
      still worried about the dev community.

    • Bionic

      yeah 5 is the biggest i would want. i was looking at my bud’s note 2 and its just too big for pocket

    • BSweetness

      As someone who loved the RAZR MAXX, the MAXX HD would have been a serious consideration for me if it had been released over the summer. But to have released it recently, with specs that don’t even match up with phones that were released months ago, is too little too late for me. That said, it’s a solid device that’s still a great choice for many people. But I can’t help but see the RAZR HD and the MAXX HD as Motorola’s equivalent of the iPhone 4S – an incremental upgrade that offers little over the previous generation. Hopefully that means the next round of phones, ones that will have had far more input from the folks at Google, will really take some major steps forward.

  • lovehate

    if it has good battery life i’d think about it.that is a sharp phone

  • zUFC

    Isn’t 5″ too big? Or is it the same size as phones now (S3) and just a little bigger? the Note looks too big for me so I’m wondering about this one

    • ezpotato

      it’s all about that bezel. that will make or break my decision… looks effin’ sweet though. i love htc hardware. i dont need the slimmest, i just need something solid.

      • swagouttheculo

        “it’s all about that bezel” and the Galaxy Nexus had a small bezel?? FOH bro FOH

    • Joe Palozzi

      It’s .5mm wider and thicker but 5 or 6mm taller. It should feel pretty much like a GS3.

  • BSweetness

    Nope. A 1080p display isn’t enough to win my vote over the software, S Pen, removable battery, microSD slot, and accessories that the Note 2 has.

    • Butters619

      I would probably go with the Note 2 as well, but that Snapdragon S4 Pro makes the choice harder.

      • JoshGroff

        That would be the selling point for me if I decide to stick with VZW. Otherwise, it’s the Padphone 2 or N4 if I feel like being cheap.

      • Actually the Sammy quad core has been outperforming the s4 pro. Especially with the larger pixel count you will probably get the same if not better performance on the note

      • BSweetness

        The S4 Pro is definitely an advantage for the DNA, but it’s still not enough to negate the overall advantages offered in the Note 2 for me. While it’s not quite at the level of the S4 Pro, the quad-core Exynos is still a competitive and extremely capable processor.

        • Diablo81588

          Except for the lack of integrated LTE.

      • QuadNexus
    • I was going to respond with an elaborate statement, but now I’ll just say “What he said.”

  • r0lct

    Well if its $100 cheaper on contact that will surly help. Otherwise no chance, Samsung has built too strong of a brand now in the USA for HTC to compete without a killer feature. While 1080 will be better, I doubt it’ll be killer. However price will obviously be a big deal.

    • Butters619

      The carrier exclusive doesn’t help HTC either. It’s so much easier to market your devices when it’s carried everywhere.

      • Aaron

        This. The GS3 and Note 2 are even on my carrier, the lowly US Cellular. No chance of seeing this phone.

  • Not with that locked bootloader.

  • htowngtr

    Do we know if its stock android or sense?

    • It’ll be Sense. All the HTC Droid devices run Sense and there’s no Nexus branding… so I’ll hang on to my G-Nex until we get an HTC or Moto Nexus with a nice battery.

      • TheMan876

        Yeah, but is it running Android or iOS? 😉

    • slider112

      Can’t imagine it not being Sense…

    • r0lct

      Your question makes no sense. 😉